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Unplanned Vacation in a Nudist Camp

Unplanned Vacation in a Nudist Camp
Unplanned Vacation in a Nudist Camp

Few years ago my girlfriend Mitra and I were on vacation in Greece. We booked a tent at a nice camp by the sea on the Island of Ios. Pictures of the camp were fabulous and we couldn’t wait to get there. However, when we arrived there was a big surprise waiting for us. By the entrance, there was a sign with two words that changed my perception of vacation's forever. The sign read: “Nudist Camp”. When I saw it, my heart jumped. I felt both shocked and a lure of excitement. We all know a nudist camp is something natural and should not be a big thing. However, when you are there unexpectedly with suitcases in your hands, it suddenly becomes a big thing.

After a short debate we decided that we will go straight to the receptionist to explain our problem and ask for help.I know Mitra can be too straight forward sometimes and can get into word fights very easily. Therefore, I proposed that she take a walk by the sea, while I will try to get us an accommodation to another resort. While I was walking towards the receptionist, I caught myself thinking whether receptionist's at nudist camps naked.

As I stepped through the door of the resort, I saw a high counter in front of me. Behind the counter, there was a tuft of blonde woman’s hair. The closer to the counter I got, the more of the receptionist’s body I was able to see. First her face was revealed. She was a young girl, sweet as a sugar. Her wheat-blonde hair was tied back revealing her sharp-featured, adorable face. With another step towards the counter, her beautiful long neck was revealed. A step further I found out that she wasn’t naked after all. She was wearing a tight tank top with tiny straps over her shoulders that revealed an extraordinary cleavage. Then with another step a greater part of her big heavy natural tits was revealed. The tiny tank top barely covered her sharp nipples which wanted to peer out of the thin fabric. Her boobs were full and firm and didn’t need any bra for support. About a centimetre below her left nipple, there was the resort's badge with her name: Tina. This was unbelievable and unprofessional, because if you wanted to know the receptionist’s name, you had to look right at her big swollen titties, which in my case also meant that further conversation with this beautiful receptionist, my hard cock will be present.

Now I was right by the receptionist counter. I looked down and noticed the girl’s chair was so low that she had to look up, if she wanted to have a conversation with me.

“Welcome to our resort Sir, how can I help you?” she looked up and gave me a beautiful smile.

I smiled back and explained to her that my girlfriend and I had made an online reservation through an affiliate and we weren’t informed that this is a nudist's camp only. Tina apologized for inconvenience and told me that she could call a few classic camps on the island and try to arrange us accommodation there. I thanked her for helping a told her that I am happy to wait and see if there is another option. And indeed I was very happy to wait, because the girl dropped her head down, started to look at the monitor and make a phone call. That gave me the opportunity to enjoy the view of her exposed tits. The situation was “cock-hardening”. There was nobody else in the room and all of a sudden I couldn’t think about anything else but sucking on those juicy tits. My cock was hard as a rock and I didn’t hesitate to stroke it a little over my shorts.

After a few phone calls Tina lifted up her beautiful head and looked at me with those piercing blue eyes and told me that the company owns a classic camp about 30 km away.

“There will be a tent for two persons available there in two days. Till then, I am afraid you’ll have to stay at our camp.”

“How far away is this other camp?”

“Please step over here with me Sir and I will show you on the map.”

She stood up, and I was pleased to hear, a familiar cock teasing, sound of high heeled shoes. That’s when Tina’s cell phone started to ring. She bent down towards her purse to grab the phone and while doing this her tits overflowed the tank top. I could feel another surge of blood go to my cock. I wished I could have came right then and there.

“Excuse me Sir, but I have to answer this.”

“Go ahead, no problem.”

I liked that she kept on using “Sir” in our conversation. For some reason it turned me on. She was so young and cute but this “Sir" thing, she pronounced smoothly and clearly, made her sound very mature and determinate. She had a small-talk conversation with her friend about a birthday party next week and while she talked she was walking back and forth behind the counter. With every step she made, her tits bounced a little which made me feel dizzy. She teased me to the limit. I was praying that she would step out from behind the counter soon for me to finally see her legs and the high heels she was wearing.

After few minutes Tina finally dropped the phone and started walking towards the big map on the wall. Now I was able to see her beautiful tanned muscular legs in those porn-starlet looking high heels.

“Sir, please come here to the map and have a look where the other camp is located.”

I started my approach to the map, hoping my erection was not too visible. She didn’t seem to notice anything. She pointed out the camp on the map to me.

“Location seems to be nice but I have to talk about this with my girlfriend, I better go and look for her.”

“Sir, it is none of my business, but are you aware that your cock is fully erect and looks like it wants to burst out of your trousers. Are you sure you want to go out there searching for your wife with stiff penis in your shorts?“

“Yes, Miss Tina, I am aware of my hard on and I can also tell you that the reason my cock is fully erect is because of those breasts you are proudly showing around so generously.” I responded.
“Oh you like my breasts sir?”

“Yes Miss Tina I do. As a matter of fact, when we stop talking here, I plan to lock myself in the toilet and jerk off until my balls are empty. You like that Tina?”

“Oh Sir, now you are turning me on. Sir, I should let you know that my job as a receptionist at this resort, is to make the customers happy and to solve their problems. Servicing your problem would cost you 500 EUR. That means that, if you are interested, we can go in the back room and you can thrust your swollen cock between my juicy tits right now, Sir.”

“I am very sorry Tina, but even if I wanted to do that I couldn’t because my girlfriend could be here any minute”.

“Hmmm, I understand Sir. In this case, because I like you, I will offer you, what I call, a free preview. That means I will stroke your cock up and down 50 times. After this you’re on your own, if you come or not it is your own problem. Do you like this idea Sir?”

“Umm, I am afraid you gave me an offer I can’t refuse Tina.”

“Ok then. Please follow me in the back room Sir.”

Saying this, she took my hand and led me in the room behind the counter. Without any hesitation she pulled down my shorts, took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it.

“One, two three,...” she was counting.

I was so turned on, that after only few strokes I was at the place of no turning back. I knew I was about to blow my load in seconds. I could feel my sperm building up and I moaned loudly. “Are you ready to pop, Sir?” She smiled. I opened my eyes, looked at her cute face once more and started to shoot my sperm all over her hands. Semen pumped through her fingers while she was smiling.

“Oh Sir, you broke this season’s record, you came after only 12 strokes. “

“No kidding, what is the record?”

“I’ve been working at this place since I was 16 and the record goes to a German a few years ago. He exploded by just standing at the reception counter and staring at my boobs. I wouldn’t even known if he hadn’t offer me 200 EUR for the titty fuck a minute after. When I took his pants off I saw there was fresh sperm all over them.”Saying this she took a bunch of handkerchiefs from the box on the table, and wiped up the sperm from my cock and from the floor.

“Sir, I suggest we go back to reception room now and do the check in. After all, it looks like you will be staying here for at least two nights.”

During the checking in procedure my girlfriend came into the reception lobby. Her face didn’t hide how shocked she was about the young receptionist’s generous cleavage. I ignored her grimaces and explained to her that we will have to stay at the nudist resort at least for two nights. To my surprise she looked quite happy about this. Obviously she liked the place after all. The receptionist told her that as soon as she checked us in, she will take us to our tent. It didn’t take long before Mitra and I were following long legged Tina towards our vacation home.

After unpacking the most important things, we decided to go for a walk by the sea. The beach was nice, air was fresh and you could really feel nature surrounding you. However, there was a small problem. We couldn’t get really relaxed because we were the only two people walking around in swimsuits. Nobody said anything to us, but it just didn’t feel right. Soon we decided to go back and lose the clothes. A few minutes and three vodka shots later, we hit the street again. I have to admit that at first it felt awkward feeling my cock swinging freely between my legs, as I was standing in front of other people, especially young ladies. However, I soon realized the feeling was very nice. I’ve never felt so light, free and natural before.

The evening was nice and relaxed. We were sitting in front of our tent and drinking beers when we spotted a group of young girls approaching us. I was praying that they wouldn’t come any closer, because I knew I would have problems ignoring my cock. Of course the girls didn’t care about my wishes and they kept walking toward us. It turned out that this herd of six wild young girls were our new neighbours. Mitra looked at me and rolled her eyes. She suspected the girls will be loud in the evening and she hated this. However, I had other things to worry about when I saw young carved toned bodies of the girls. I felt the blood rushing to my cock and I immediately suggested to Mitra, that we should go to a restaurant and have dinner.

We found a nice quite local restourant, with delicious sea food and tasteful white wine. After dinner, we decided to go back to our tent and hang out there before we would go to bed. I tried to keep things moving with the famous Greek spirit Metaxa, but Mitra wasn’t up for the action that night. We were sitting in front of our tent and only few meters from us our neighbours were playing all kind of stupid drinking games you can imagine. There was a light right above their table and you could clearly see exposed young bodies of the girls. I tried not to look in their direction and rather paid attention to Mitra. The naked bodies nearby, hot summer night, nature and my cock hanging down on the chair made me horny again. I made a few moves on Mitra, slapped her firm tight ass a few times, but she didn’t show any interest. She said she was too tired for anything and that she only wanted to go to the bed. She brought her airbed in front of the tent and laid down. She put earplugs in her ears and fell asleep in seconds.

I wasn’t going to join our neighbours by myself, so I went into the tent to have a sleep as well. When I stepped in the tent, I realized that the entrance was facing our neighbour’s camping table. I took a good look of each girl sitting by the table and my cock started to grow rapidly. They all had nice firm bodies. One of them was sitting in a way that her body was facing our tent. It looked like she was looking into the tent but I knew she couldn’t see me, because she was in the light and I was in a dark. However, it was very teasing to look her straight in the eye and stroking my cock at the same time. I was eaves dropping on the girl’s conversation and soon I learned that girl facing my tent was Petra. She looked very relaxed and a little dreamy. She didn’t even bother to cross her legs. It looked like she was sitting there with her thoughts a thousand miles away. After a few minutes of staring in Petra’s beautiful vagina, a splendid idea crossed my mind. I remembered I brought binoculars with me on this vacation. I took them out of the bag and had a closer look of Petra’s young soft pussy. She had strong firm legs and skin as smooth as a baby's bottom.

I started to pay attention to conversation again. The name of the current drinking game was "moment of truth". The girl who was on turn had the right to ask one of her friends anything she wanted. As one could expect the majority of questions fell in the “sex category”. I heard the girl in a low voice ask: “Petra, tell us if you have had your pussy eaten and if yes, how did it feel and who was the first guy to do it.”I closely watched the reaction on the girl’s faces. Some of them started to giggle but it turned out that Petra was the most uncomfortable by the question. She started to flush and, I noticed she moved her ass up and back a few times on the chair. It was obvious that conversation was turning her off.

“You guys all remember Tobias. He was my first boyfriend and had the honor to be the first guy to eat my pussy. I still remember I had shaven myself right before he paid me a visit. And after an hour of sweet talking, he was thrusting his tongue deep into my vagina. I can still remember how my whole body shook when he gently sucked my clitoris. His saliva was all over my smooth shaven pussy and I can still feel how wet I was. My pussy lips were spread apart and I was opened like a blooming rose.”

As Petra was telling her story, the other girls started to move their asses on their chairs. It was obvious they were all horny as hell. One of them was sitting very close to the table and I could see that she moved her hand to the pussy and rubbed it quickly for few times. After few minutes of this licking discussion I could see the moisture on Petra’s young pussy. Her vagina started to open nicely. She was turned on and ready to be fucked. Suddenly she stood up and went into the camper with an excuse to get a new bottle of wine. As soon as she was out of her friend's view, she started to rub her clit intensively. She was sure nobody was able to see her in the camper, but she was wrong. After a minute of intense clit rubbing she got back to her friends. I didn’t miss her pussy for second and as she came under the light I saw she was totally wet now. She tried to hide her swollen pussy with crossing her legs while sitting down. I pointed the binocular at her face and saw she looked dizzy and absent.

Conversation was getting hotter and hotter. One of the girl's was now describing how hot she was fucked, by a stranger, last week in the camp's shower cabin. Petra sat there for a while, crossing and uncrossing her legs all the time and moving her ass on the chair. Then, she excused herself and went for a walk. As soon as she passed my tent I sneaked out of the trough a back exit and started following her. It was a little risky to walk around with a hard on in the middle of the night but it was worth it. Luckily it was dark and there were no street lights nearby.

Petra took a narrow path down by the sea. After few minutes of walking she stopped at a wide natural fence made out of stone. The fence was about hip high and Petra put her hands on top of it and arched her back. She pushed her perfect ass back as far as possible and slowly started to rub her clit while gazing out on the open sea and moon above it.

I waited a little for her to get wet enough, and then approached her slowly. It was windy and I wasn’t worried that she would hear me. I stepped right behind her, knelled on the ground and sniffed her aroused wett pussy. Then I stood up and started to stroke my cock slowly. Petra was rubbing her pussy too, without knowing that a hard cock was inches behind her. After few strokes I couldn’t control myself anymore. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock deep inside her. She jumped and moaned loudly but she was too horny to resist.

I started to fuck her. She was even wetter than I thought. My cock slipped inside her like warm knife to butter. I grabbed a back of her neck to prevent her from looking at me. I knew I must not let her turn around. This would spoil the moment. She was aware she was so horny that she let a stranger fuck her from behind and that made her feel slutty and needy as hell. I was fucking her hard and she was begging me not to stop. I was holding her tightly and could feel her willing body in my hands. Her body shook with every thrust I made, I could hear the slaps of her ass cheeks shacking.

She was breathing faster and faster. I started to touch her heavy smooth tits and felt her hard nipples. I didn’t squeeze them, but rather cupped them, just enough to feel their weight. In that moment her body started to shake. Because of the massive orgasm, she lost control of her body, her muscles were not able to hold her any more and she leaned her body down on the fence. I grabbed her elbows from behind and kept on fucking her with long strong thrusts.

When her moans became louder again, I ordered her to lay down on the send. She humbly obeyed, arched her back and exposed her pussy once again. I lay behind her and started fucking her again. Then she turned her had towards me and started to kiss me. She didn’t open her eyes. Instead she just pushed her tongue deep into my mouth.

It was then that I realized I am about to come. I tried to pull my cock out of her, but it was too late. I could feel my sperm spurt into her pussy. I hugged her and laid there with my cock still inside her. We were both having post orgasmic cramps.

After a minute she opened her eyes and looked deep into my eyes saying: ”Thank you so much, I needed that so badly”. We stayed on the beach for another hour just to cuddle before going back.

To be continued.

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