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upskirted in halloween

First up skirted experience with sexy Halloween miniskirt costume.

I want to share my first experience being upskirted. It really changed my life. I am a twenty-four-year-old Peruvian, good looking, slim and with long black hair and light brown tanned skin. My height is 1.65 cms, my waist is 62 cms and my size is US 2 and my breasts are a full B cup. My legs are very sexy, as I have been told so much.

I was raised in a girls' Catholic school, and had a very jealous boyfriend who asked me to wear conservative clothing. When we finished high school, everything changed, and now I could dress provocatively and experience, I had never before been upskirted when I went to a Halloween college party two years ago. My friends wanted to dress like slut witches and we all thought it would be fun. We were all single and wanted to be liked by the boys. 

Once the costumes arrived, one hour before the party, we tried them on. Mine was a black outfit, with a blouse that showed my cleavage and a straight miniskirt that was too short, just one inch below my panties. I was worried my panties, which were bikini cotton and all white (I always wear white or pink bikini panties), would stand out and show when I sat down or leaned over, and didn’t want to go down downstairs where the party had started.

I was on the steps, undecided, while my girlfriends all said it wwould be alright, showing my panties would be no big deal, and all the boys would be after me. They said as I was wearing a mask, I could hide under it and nobody would know it was me. We also had some drinks at the stairs to decide. What I didn’t know then was that as I stood on the stairs arguing with my friends, a group of boys that were impatiently waiting for us downstairs approached the stairs from below to listen and had a full view of my legs and my panties. I learned later they even got a close look at my wrinkled panties showing some of my pubic hair showing.

They were so turned on they started fantasize about getting me drunk, asking me upstairs, and gang banging me. Then I came down and could see their horny faces, which got me got horny too. I thought it was just because of my looks and did not imagine I had been upskirted by all of them. Well, their fantasies with me obviously did not happen, but I really enjoyed the party, having all those boys after me, wanting to peek under my skirt everytime I sat down, I felt desired, and it felt good, and all because of the sexy custume.

One of those boys eventually became my boyfriend, and he told me all about the upskirt, and then I felt it really turned me on, and got me hornier than before. He also gets horny when he feels someone else desiring me, knowing it is he who will get to fuck me in the end, no other.

After a jealous boyfriend, it feels so good knowing I can show my legs, encouraged to wear short skirts and dresses, and get horny everytime I watch the face of strangers upskirting me.

Now we love to play a horny game: I dress very short skirts and we take a public bus, go to a park, up the stairs, around a Mall, etc and enjoy how passersby make efforts to peek under my skirt and enjoy my legs. Then we go back to his place, recall what just happened, get horny and have sex.

I have only done this alone once, and it was scary. The man that upskirted me followed me, talking very nasty and on a pedestrian bridge approached me and pulled my skirt up, fumbling with me very quickly. I didn't feel horny, but scared, and will never do it alone. I will share my upskirt stories with you, safer way to get horny and turned on.

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