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Wanna Bet?

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Hubby bets wife she's still hot can turn men's heads!
Brian loves his wife, Teresa. He loves the way she looks. He loves the way she loves him. He loves the way she turns the heads of other men. He loves everything about her.

At 39, she was still as beautiful as the day he met her. At the time, he was sharing a house with a female friend - purely platonic - and she brought a new girl from work home for supper. It was Teresa. For Brian it was love at first sight. He was struck by her petite 5' 3" frame - a tiny waist which emptied into curvy hips and well-toned muscular legs. Most striking were her large-for-her-size breast which measured 38DD. They seemed to be busting at the buttons of the revealing top she wore. Brian was definitely interested!

It wasn't long before Brian asked Teresa out and within a year, they were married. They had three kids over the years but Teresa took care of herself and remained as stunning as ever. Now in their late thirties, Brian was looking for ways to spice up their sex life. They had great sex, but it had become a bit routine. So Brian decided to risk sharing a fantasy of his with Teresa.

Teresa didn't understand how a man's mind works. She thought of herself as "middle-aged" and no longer someone who turned men's heads. Brian knew better, and the mere thought of other men checking his wife out caused his male member to awaken. To put spice back into their lives, Brian wanted to get Teresa to turn more than a few heads by wearing some sexy and slightly slutty clothes in public. He knew this would turn him on and felt it would do wonders for Teresa as well.

Brian decided to do some online shopping for his wife. He found just what he was looking for. He found some "club" type dresses and skirts. He found a skirt made of a sheer material that rode low on the hips and would just cover her shapely ass. He found a top that would allow her to wear a "shelf" type bra to support her ample breasts but allow her cleavage and nipples to be prominently displayed through the satiny material. He made his purchases ... including new lace thong underwear, and made his plans.

Once the package arrived, Brian went to work. He took Teresa out for dinner. She was wearing the black jeans that showed off her ass and his favorite tight fitting ivory colored sweater that showed off her ample breasts. As she got up to use the "ladies room" Brian watched as men watched his wife leave and return. He felt his nice-sized cock become aroused at this. When she returned to the table, Brian said "Is your backside hot?" Teresa looked at him sort of weird not understanding the question, so Brian told her of all the glances as she left and came back ... hot glances of desire. He said "I just wondered if any of that heat made your backside hot." She smiled but said "I think you're imagining things again, babe." She said she was too old to make men hot and horny for her. She was an old maried woman with kids, remember?

That's when Brian went into action. "Teresa, you are much sexier than you can imagine ... would you be willing to make a bet with me?"

"What kind of bet?" Teresa asked curiously.

"I bet that, in the right clothes and the right place, you will have at least three men proposition you in less than 2 hours" Brian confindently replied.

"Really? And what do I get if I win?"

"Well, if I win, I get to be turned on by watching my sexy wife turn some guys on and then be the one to finally take her home. If you win, you get to finally realize how incredibly sexy you really are ... get to tease a bunch of guys mercilessly ... and then get to come home and make me do anything you want for you in our bedroom. Deal?"

Teresa was a little hesitant, but she finally smiled and said "Deal!"

After they finished dinner, they drove straight home. But the night was far from over. Brian made her agree to do exactly as he said. He told her to go take a shower and shave "everything" closely and then come to the bedroom. She did as told and returned to the bedroom with only a towel on. Brian was sitting on the bed with her outfit laid out. She grinned and said "You want me to wear that!?" Brian reminded her that she promised to do just as he said. She nodded in disbelief but agreed.

Brian removed her towel and, as usual, lost his breath as he admired her beauty. Brian said "I'd like you to rub yourself down with this scented oil, babe." Teresa took the oil and poured some in her hands and began rubbing it on her well-tanned legs. They were not overly long but they were shapely and very sexy. Brian stepped around behind her and poured the oil down her back and began rubbing it in slowly. Her skin felt so good under his finger tips. She moaned gently and her nipples began to be aroused. She turned around to reach out and kiss him but Brian stopped her.

"Babe, I'd love to make love to you right now, but we need to see who will win this bet. Now rub the oil on the front, please." Teresa began to get into it. She poured oil down her front and onto her beautiful breasts. The oil ran down between them and trickled down to her cleanly shaven pussy. She began to sensuosly rub the oil all over making her nipples even more erect and her pussy lips moist and slick. The oil produced the desired effect. Her skin glowed and glistened and the scent put off a lusty, delicious aroma.

Brian said "Put the lace thong and shelf bra on, now." Teresa complied. Her breasts looked amazing pushed up and her nipples hard and erect. And the thong was a tight fit barely covering the sweetness between her legs.

Brian asked Teresa to put the skirt and top on now. As he figured, the midnight blue mini-skirt rode low on her curvacious hips, showed lots of leg and barely covered her firm butt. And the black satin top was cut in such a way as to daringly reveal her amazing cleavage while the satin rubbed her nipples and made them even more prominently displayed through the material.

Brian asked her to twirl around the room and show him "her stuff." Teresa was beginning to feel as hot as she looked and complied willingly. As she did, her skirt swayed deliciously revealing more of her butt cheeks and legs. Brian smiled. He asked her to go over to the dresser and act as if it were a bar, and as if she were ordering a drink. She did so and had to bend forward slightly. When she did, the view from the rear was incredible. The skirt rode up slightly revealing the very bottom of her ass. And looking in the mirror, Brian could see that the view from the front was just as titilating. After putting on some slightly slutty stilletto heals, she was ready!

Brian asked her to get in the car and off they went. Because they both liked blues and jazz, Brian had picked out a club that specialized in that kind of music. Brian had a hard time keeping his eyes on the road because he kept looking at his amazing wife! A bulge began to appear in Brian's pants because he was so excited. Teresa couldn't help but notice what she was doing to him and she reached over and began to message Brian's swelling cock through his pants. She was getting hot too!

Brian dropped Teresa off at the door. He told her that she was to go in, find a seat and act as if she were alone, but if anyone asked, she was waiting for friends. She was to be as daring as she wished. Dance with anyone who asked. Accept a drink if a guy offered to buy her one. He would come in later and watch. Teresa smiled and went in the door alone.

As she entered, several men's heads turned her direction. They liked what the saw and let her know it with their eyes. For the first time in a long time, Teresa felt sexy. She liked the way she could make men's eyes light up with desire. She smiled seductively and met men several men's gazes with her own icey blue eyes. They followed her as she made her way to the bar. As she ordered a glass of white wine she was careful to bend slightly forward, just as she had practiced in her bedroom with Brian. The bartender got an eyeful as he handed her her glass of wine, and she could swear that her ass was getting hot from heated stares she knew her backside was receiving. She felt herself beginning to get moist between the smoothly-shaven lips of her pussy. She was enjoying this!

She made her way over to a table off to the side of the stage and dancefloor, her skin still glistening from the oil . A three piece blues band was doing their thing. As she sat down, she could feel the satiny fabric rubbing her nipples and they instantly became aroused. She watched as the eyes of the guitarist made a bee-line for those erect nipples. She felt his eyes as they wandered down to the cleavage amply exposed as well. She sat down and crossed her legs, allowing the skirt to ride up high exposing the tops of her thighs. The guitarist continued his gaze as he played a seductively slow blues tune, apparently just for her.

Suddenly, Teresa felt someone behind her. It was a man, late 20's, on the tall side, dark skin and very good-looking. He was helplessly staring down her top and was startled when she turned towards him. He said "Hi, my name is Jim, and you are absolutely georgeous!" Teresa smiled shyly. She introduced herself to Jim and accepted his offer to dance. As they rose for the dance floor, Teresa caught Brian out of the corner of her eye. He was smiling. Brian thought to himself "Well, that didn't take long!"

Brian's cock was throbbing as he watched with delight the site of his wife dancing with this younger man. As she danced to the fast songs, her tits bounced up and down nearly coming out of that top, and her skirt flew up flashing glimpses of her ass to all the guys who watched intently from the bar. Jim was obviously enjoying the dance as well. After a couple of songs, they returned to the table. Teresa thanked Jim for the dance and politely turned down a drink as she already had one. Jim left. "One down, two to go" thought Brian.

It wasn't but another few minutes before another man approached Teresa. He was blond, athletically built, wore tight jeans that hugged his tight buns, and a shirt that showed off his washboard abs. He said "Hi, I'm Jeff, and couldn't help but notice you were alone, can I buy you a drink?"

Teresa had just finished her wine so accepted his offer. She asked this time for a margarita. Jeff ordered and returned with the drinks. Teresa explained that she was waiting for friends but would be happy to dance with Jeff until they arrived. After a few sips of the margarita, off to the dance floor they went. Once again, her dance partner enjoyed the beauty on display before him. More than once, Teresa's low-cut top flew open a little too much revealing nearly an entire breast. And there was no doubt in the onlooker's minds as to what color thong Teresa was wearing, as her skirt rode up high enough to reveal that information. Brian looked on with glee as his wife exposed more and more of herself. His cock was throbbing from the intensity of this scene. He could tell Teresa was beginning to really get into this as well.

Another slow blues tune began and Teresa and Jeff slowed down the dancing. Jeff's hands roamed all over Teresa's backside as they slowly danced closely to one another. Occasionally, Teresa would throw a glance Brian's way looking to see his reaction. Brian's eyes told her to keep going, he was enjoying the show. With that bit of encouragement, Teresa became more daring. She turned her backside to Jeff and arched her ass into his bulging groin. Jeff nearly came unglued as Teresa's slightly exposed butt pressed tightly into his crotch and as she began grinding herself into him. He grabbed her curvacious hips and pulled her tighter into his obvious erection. The entire dance floor stepped aside as they put on this titilating show. Teresa was getting hotter and hotter and made eye contact her horny husband. Brian was on fire and could've cum on the spot.

Just then, the music stopped and the crowd errupted in applause. The band wasn't sure if it was for them or Teresa. The guitarist thanked the crowd and told them they'd be back for the second set later. Jeff escorted Teresa back to the table. She thanked him but reminded him that she was waiting for friends. Jeff limped off like a whipped puppy, but still a smile on his face. Brian smiled too and thought to himself "Two down, one to go!"

It wasn't long before the guitarist showed up at Teresa's table. His name was Keith. He looked like a bluesman in his tight leather pants and shirt undone to reveal a hairy chest. He approached the table with another glass of wine and a water for himself. He sat down and handed Teresa the wine. She accepted with a seductive smile and said all she needed to say with that smile. She liked what she saw and liked that he noticed her from the stage. Keith told Teresa that he could hardly play watching her amazing dance. Teresa continued to smile at Keith and leaned forward slightly to give him a good look at her tits. Keith smiled. He asked her if she was free after the show. She said "Not really, I'm waiting for friends." Keith looked disappointed but continued to talk with her. Feeling the effects of the alchohol, she threw caution to the wind and intentionally uncrossed her legs, spreading them slightly so as to reveal her baby blue lace thong barely covering her cleanly shaven pussy. Again Keith noticed and smiled. He looked at his watch and told her he had to get back onstage. "Would you come up on stage with us and dance with me?" Teresa answered "Only if you take off your shirt to show off that hairy chest." Keith smiled and winked, then left for backstage.

Keith appeared onstage without his shirt, his guitar strapped over his hairy, bare chest. They played a fast hard-rocking number. Then Keith announced that the next number would be a sexy slow blues tune called "Lady's Too Fine" but he needed a lady to sing to. He looked at Teresa and pointed her way. The spotlight shined on her and the crowd began applauding! Teresa took Keith's hand and, as he pulled her onto the stage, everyone got a shot at her perfect ass ... and applauded all the more.

The band eased into the song, and Keith started singing about the Lady being "too fine" as he hungrily looked at Teresa who had started to sway to the music. Brian watched intently as every eye was on his sexy wife. Teresa began seducing Keith with her tantilizing, giving him "come on" looks as she slid her hands down her body, caressing her bouncing breasts. Teresa danced her way over to Keith and, positioning herself behind him, slipped her arms around him and began rubbing his chest as he tried to focus on the words of the song. The crowd hooted and hollored. Teresa continued to dance to the music, and as the song built to its crescendo, Teresa finally turned towards the drummer with her backside to the audience. She bent forward and placed her hands onto the big bass drum to give the drummer a look at her tits, and give the audience one last look at her sweet ass. Her pussy lips were almost visible through the small thong holding them in and her legs still glistening slightly from the oil as she swayed her hips back and forth. As the band played the last chord, she approached Keith and gave him a teasing kiss on the cheek to the applause of the crowd.

Teresa looked down from the stage and saw that Brian had situated himself at her table and was beeming at her with his big brown eyes. She was hot, and she finally knew it. He'd won the bet! Teresa whispered to Keith that her "friend" had finally arrived but that she thanked him for a good time. Keith nodded and said "You really are too fine, lady."

As they drove home, they laughed and talked about their exotic evening. Teresa could hardly believe what she had done and how incredibly turned on she was by it all. Brian said "I won the bet, babe ... three guys in less than two hours. And those where just the ones who had the balls to approach you. You could've had anyone in the room."

"Yes," said Teresa, "But I'm going home with the only one I really wanted."

Once home, Teresa was still so hot and bothered that she attacked her husband the moment they got inside the door. This experiment in exhibitionism really unleashed the animal in her. They tried things sexually that they'd never tried before. She blew Brian's throbbing cock, and then blew his mind.

Teresa asked Brian to plan another "outing" very soon, and he assured her he would be working on it!
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