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Watch me, please

Straight friend watches thru windows while I jack off.
As a construction worker that traveled extensively for work all my life, I sometimes stayed with other guys in my trade if I was invited and there was space available in their homes.

My friend (and fellow pipefitter) Tom was a wild man; big, strong, and a fierce brawler - a very manly guy by any standards. And he could party! Our strange 'peeking' thing started back in the 80's, (or perhaps earlier?) and continued on and off to the present day.

Whenever working in the Minneapolis area, I liked to stay with Tom. In the early days he was married, and his wife was also a trades-person; mouthy, nasty, and a lot of fun. Back then everybody smoked lots of pot, and pretty much drank like fish. It's part of the life. When I stayed at Tom's house we would smoke and drink into the wee hours, watching porn from his vast collection, eating pizza, and flirting (both of us) with his firecracker of a wife.
I stayed in their little guest room right next to the master bedroom and, after 'retiring' for the evening, Tom and Paula would sometimes have sex, fucking like animals just feet away from me, often describing in very sexy terms (through the thin walls) who was doing what to who, who was gonna cum, and so forth. Of course I would masturbate, which was sort of expected...

'Hey Bob, are you jacking off in there? Paula wants to know!' was a typical comment from Tom, and I would usually answer right back, sometimes even telling them when I was going to get off.

In addition to being a renowned fighter,Tom was very popular with the ladies, due in part to his huge cock (11 inches, per Paula) and also because he was fearless when flirting with women in the bars.

And while he was as masculine (and scary) as they come, he had told me privately once about a weekend tryst with another soldier while he was in the army, back in the 60's. 'Just had to try it once' was his summary of this experiment, and he made it clear sex with men was not for him.

One night after we'd gone to bed, I kicked the covers back and slowly started to masturbate. It was summertime, and very warm . I had the window (and curtains) open at the foot of my guest bed, and a little light on at the nightstand; sex in the dark is not my thing. This bedroom was on the second floor and, as there were no houses behind Tom's, I felt quite comfortable stroking myself as the warm wind ruffled the window curtains. Thinking back, I may have heard a 'bump' once or twice, but didn't think much of it at the time and as jacking off brought me closer to orgasm, I forgot about everything else but the touch of my hot hand on my throbbing cock, and the lovely feel of the lube on my shiny dick. I'm pretty loud and do a lot of wiggling around even when masturbating alone and I was moaning as the heat built in my loins, jerking myself to what promised to be a fine, hot climax, balls drawn up tight, belly rippling and bucking. As I groaned in release and started to cum, thrashing and moaning loudly through my orgasm, I heard another bump followed a second or two later by a huge crash that shook the ground (and the house) outside my window. With my stomach covered in cum, I held as still as I could, waiting for a clue as to what just happened. But there was nothing. Not another sound but the wind. As I gently stroked the last of the juice from my softening cock, it began to dawn on me that someone had been watching me jack off and that someone pretty much had to be my friend Tom. He was feared in his neighborhood and I didn't think anybody would be creeping around outside his house at night but him.

I cleaned up and smiled as I shut off the bedside light and snuggled down to sleep. If my friend enjoyed watching me get off, well, that was fine with me. The next morning Tom seemed to be favoring his side and one shoulder as we had breakfast, not surprising as he had fallen ten feet off a ladder just the night before, but nothing about the incident was ever mentioned.

But as the years went by I always made sure (summer or winter) that my curtains were drawn wide open when I was naked and jacking off at Tom's house and at least once I knew for sure he was watching through the window, no doubt masturbating his big dick as I stroked myself to another astonishing cum. I love loud and messy orgasms, and made certain that my voyeur friend got a good show when I got off and, if he wasn't actually watching, it didn't bother me. Just the thought that he might be was a huge turn on.

Retired now, I'm stopping by Tom's house for an over-night visit late this month, and I'll be sure to leave a light on, and the curtains open, when I enjoy my bedtime cum.

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