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We decide to open a resort

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This is a continuation from my surprise dare stories, just a different name. Thank you to everyone
So I have a little thing for showing myself off in public. I’m usually dared to get naked by my friend, but lately I’ve been thinking about a serious vacation. Just me and Satin, somewhere that we won’t be judged and can be one with nature. Happy the whole time together. So far, over the weeks of searching, I’ve found a couple places that cater to just gay people and some that were just ridiculous with their rules. So I had kind of given up on the idea and just enjoyed being with her in either hers or my apartment. Then one afternoon I was looking around the internet at real estate and came across a website that only had acreage for sale. A light bulb went off in my head and thought, I can make my own campground where couples like us or any open minded people can spend time and vacation however they pleased. As my search progressed, I looked at hundreds of properties and narrowed the choices down to three. One in Florida, one in Maine and one in New Mexico.

When Satin got to my place, I told her what my new plan was and how I had found three great places. She broke down into tears right away and I thought I had done something wrong or offended her, which is the last thing I wanted.

When she calmed down, “That idea is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard and I can’t believe that you would go so far just so we could be together.”

Needless to say, we got naked quick. I showed her the three properties and she threw out the idea of going on a road trip to check them out. I dropped to my knees in front of her right there. She wasn’t expecting it but I was greeted with one of the biggest erections I’ve seen her grow yet. She didn’t let me go too long before she wrestled me to the floor and jumped on top of me. I shot my load real quick with the way she rode me and then sucked her off with all the will I had. I've grown to love the way her cum tastes.

When we recovered and got back to my idea, we called to make sure the properties were still available and could we schedule a showing. They were still for sale and we scheduled the appointments 3 or 4 days apart from each other. This was going to be a fun trip. We rented a travel trailer and made reservations at campgrounds all across the country for this. Only a couple of them were adult only, clothing optional sites, but we took what we could.

The next day at work we each took two weeks vacation. On my way home from work, I stopped and hooked up to a nice little 23 foot trailer, with a queen bed, and pulled it back to my place. Parked it in the lot and ran up to the apartment to see what Satin was up to.

I was happy to see she had emailed me to let me know she was grocery shopping for the trip. She had gotten a bunch of meat and vegetables along with pastas. She hoped she had gotten enough for the whole two weeks. All I could think of is how is she going to fit that in her little car.

When she got to my place and called me to meet her by the trailer to fill it up. I ran down faster than I ever have before. Her little car was packed full but she fit it all in. That’s when I saw the bags from the lingerie shop and I was instantly hard. I told her to grab those bags and get in the trailer.

She was more than happy to grab one of the bags but told me I’d have to wait for the rest. Once inside with the door closed and locked she showed me the contents of the bag and I was a little shocked.

“That’s at least twenty bottles of lube!” I exclaimed.

“Sure is,” she said with a purr to her voice Just before she jumped on me and I carried her to the bed.

She bought the desensitizing lube so we could screw all night and we almost made it too. We fell asleep right away.

“Dammit! We were supposed to be on the road four hours ago.” I yelled. I couldn’t be too mad because, WOW what a night. She unloaded all the groceries and her clothes from her car as I ran up and grabbed my stuff from the apartment. Once everything was put away, we hopped in the truck and headed out. Bound for Maine.

Five miles into our journey, she was in my lap giving me an amazing blowjob. I almost lost control a couple times, especially when she stuck her finger in my ass. She knows exactly how to hit my buttons, and I like it.

At the first gas stop, she went to make us some lunch and I pumped the gas. I went into the trailer and got a wonderful surprise. “You’re naked!” I said a little louder than I should have. I could feel some stirring in my pants from just the sight of this beauty in front of me.

“Thought you’d be able to drive the truck all the way there, if you drove me with a quickie first.”

I dropped my pants, got on my knees and dove in making sure she was plenty wet and ready for me. I stood up and bent her over the counter and slowly started pressing into her. I don’t know how she does it but she has a talent for making me cum because I didn’t last five minutes, again.

Soon there after we were on the road again, headed to our first stop. We managed to find a clothing optional camp ground for the first night and as soon as we were in the spot I got naked.

“I’m not to sure about this. I’m not like anyone else here. We could get kicked out or worse.” I could hear the sadness and concern in her voice and that only made me more determined to find some property.

After I got dressed again, I headed for the office to try and get some info about this area. The lady at the desk was easily in her 50’s and naked. "Not bad for an older lady." I thought.

“How can I help you?”

“I’m curious on your policies as far as your clientele. Is this campground open to anybody?” I asked not having a clue of how to say what I really wanted to ask.

She responded in the sweetest way, “Honey, we don’t care who you are or what kind of lifestyle you live. We love the naturist lifestyle and live it everyday, thank the lord. Now what is it you really want to ask me?”

“My girlfriend, she’s, um, got, um, a, a little, something extra.”

“Oh that’s fine. We’ve had a couple young ladies like her in here before," She responded without any hesitation. "Like I said, we're open to anyone, any age and however you choose to live your life. We don't tolerate ignorance on this campground. So you kids just enjoy your stay with us. But please no excessive displays of affection in public, if you know what I mean."

“Thank you so much. You've just made life long customers.” I said with a huge smile on my face and some tingling in my pants knowing, that in a minute Satin was going to be naked in public for the first time. But definitely not the last.

When Satin saw me walking back to her, I started taking my clothes off again. When I reached her my pants were around my ankles. I guess she figured I just really wanted to be naked pretty badly and was shocked as I gave her a huge hug and started lifting her shirt off.

“What are you doing? People will see me.” She whispered with a shocked tone.

“Good. The nice lady in the office says you’re not the first hot chick with a surprise to stay here and we are always welcome back.”

“Really? I feel kind of strange being out like this with all the regular men and women around. Won’t they stare and judge me?”

“There’s only one way to find out and we shouldn’t care what they think. This is a naturist’s camp like the one we want to start. Nobody should be concerning themselves with us or us with them. And if they do, I’ll get their names, notify the manager and put them on the prohibited list for our place. Now let’s get naked. Oh yeah, sex happens in private here.”

I was happy to see her finally lose her inhibitions and go for it. I had to conceal my hard on as she started taking her pants off and then her panties too. She was finally free and I was so happy for her. God she’s hot. I love her body, especially now that it’s out in the early evening sun.

She was still nervous about it but as people walked by and exchanged courtesies without a second glance, she grew to really enjoy being here and naked. We even took a walk together holding hands and greeting everyone we passed, and nobody cared.

“This is what I want to create for us. Not just a place to go camping, but a place where anyone can be themselves, walk around and not worry about being judged all the time.” I told her as I spun her around into my arms stealing a kiss. We kept walking for a while until the sun was getting low. We headed back to the trailer and I was looking forward to some of that extended performance lube.

Once we were in she went to the rest room as I lay on the bed anticipating what was to come. What I saw was a hundred times more than I expected. I wish I had my camera on me. She walked out in a see through camouflage baby doll and matching crotchless panties. she was twirling a matching g-string in her finger and through it at me.

“Put it on. I want to feel that string on the side of my cock as I make love to you.”

That thing felt so good sliding up around my crotch that I almost came right there.

When she lay on top of me, rolling around, kissing and our shafts rubbing together, I came all over both of our stomachs and chests.

“You’ve made a mess. Let me clean that up.” She licked every bit of my cum off me and then positioned herself over top of me so I could clean my mess off of her. I did my best and when she was satisfied she laid right back down on top of me and we started kissing and grinding again.

Soon she was rolling me over and lubing up a finger. First one, then two and finally a third finger was inserted into my ass. This went on for a couple minutes before she positioned herself, pulled the string aside and gently pushed into me.

“I’m gonna fuck you for hours baby. You just keep up and I’ll get you off with a quickness when I’m done.” And she kept her word. After reapplying the lube every couple minutes, the whole bottle was gone, she finally shot a massive load in me. Once she had shot 6 or 7 times she rolled onto her back. “I want it back. Get over here and feed me.”

I’ve never heard her talk like that but it kind of turned me on so I positioned my asshole right above her mouth let her seed run out and into her mouth. Once she had enough and had licked my ass clean she spun me around and threw me on the bed. She mounted me with her back to me and slammed down the entire length of my hardness. What an expert, how did I get so lucky? Again, I didn’t last 5 minutes.

“Hang on to something for me?” She asked with an evil grin on her face.

“Okay,” I replied not knowing what she was talking about until she had her ass in front of my face. I opened my mouth and returned the favor for her. Once I had cleaned her, she rolled me over on top of her again and sucked all of her cum out of my mouth as we tongued each others mouth.

What a first night of our rode trip. The rest of the way to Maine was all normal campgrounds but we were humping like rabbits in that trailer every night. We’d suck each others dicks, eat each others ass and swap our cum or just swallow as many times as we could.

Once at the property, it was amazing. Trees and fields as far as the eye could see. Even a private lake in the middle. This was borderline perfect. The only problem was that this place could only be seasonal because the drive up here was hairy enough in May. What would this be like in the winter? No one would come here. We thanked the realtor and headed back down the hill to our next campground and another night of lovemaking.

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