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We Have a Game

This time the game went a little too far
We have a game – J and I. He likes it when I flaunt myself in public; I become turned on by his smiles so much I do anything. When we get home it's so, so good; we both fuck for hours. What I never tell him, though, is that I like it best when we are out playing. I struggle to keep myself under control. If he wasn’t there, keeping a lid on it I’m not sure what would happen. I’m not a supermodel, just an ordinary girl, but if you dress in a short skirt and make your nipples almost visible then guys will stare, will come and chat you up, and who knows what would happen then.

Like last month; J was working around a London station and it was his last week before moving on. He had prepared the ground well, sought out all the likely places and the game was the best so far. It started casually in the morning: “Come meet me after work. I’ve put some clothes out under my pillow for you.” It was all I could do not to rush upstairs and examine what he had selected for me. I lasted for around an hour before I just had to see. White blouse, a short black skirt with a large split up one side, black balcony bra, thong and hold-ups completed the outfit. There was a note; wear a coat for the journey and any shoes you think suitable.

The anticipation was terrible; I was supposed to be doing some work at home but my mind wasn’t on it; I was thinking ahead to the evening. I only masturbated once at around 3pm to take the edge off . It didn’t do much to help the butterflies in my stomach and the moisture between my legs.

The train journey was a frustration; trying to read the paper when all I wanted to do was to bring myself off again. Thank god it was short and soon I arrived. J was nowhere to be seen, but my phone bleeped. “There is a Starbucks ahead; take a seat by the window, the modesty board doesn’t work”.

We always started like this; I got a coffee and sat in the window, displaying myself to the commuters until J sidled into the seat alongside; it's amazing at a station, nobody pays any attention and you can almost do anything you like. He quickly chatted me up, then noisily went to check the times of the trains. This gave him an excuse to find a guy outside the window waiting for a train, and pointed out me flashing.

I played my part, making sure my legs were crossed high up on the stool and the patsy could see right up my skirt. J came back in and casually started to stroke my leg, accidentally exposing my stocking tops, making him, me and the poor bloke outside all hot under the collar.

Finally the guy had to go catch his train, the disappointment in his face palpable. In the coffee bar I’m never sure if the palpitations, flushed face and general feeling of sexual excitement is down to the flashing itself or the realisation that something unknown is ahead

With the warm-up complete J took me for a drink at a bar close by. The bar was in the air, up a spiral staircase, walls of glass and in the early evening they were turning into mirrors as the light started to fade. Selecting a table seemingly at random we sat side by side on a bench as I crossed and uncrossed my legs, the skirt riding higher with each action.

J had left nothing to chance, he had obviously been in and checked all the angles. It was one of those booths with two small padded benches and a thin table between; aimed at drinking not eating. Where I sat , my legs directly reflected to one end of the bar, but hidden from everywhere else. Two City guys in suits sipping beers checked me out, smiling at me; Pete and Alex as it turned out.

I did that flirty thing; running my hands through my hair, smiling at them, wriggling my body and shoulders back. With the hook baited J excused himself to the toilet, knowing that the guys were not going to approach whilst he was there. It wasn’t long before the two of them wandered over and made pleasant conversation. J returned and invited them to sit in the bench opposite us.

”Hi, guys, of course you can join us, we were looking for someone who could show us a good time...”

I smiled and undid one button on my blouse, rolled my shoulders and muttered something about it being hot in here. J started the patter we sometimes used: out for some fun, were there any racy bars close by? We were hoping to get to a strip bar later on. Madam here had never been to one and wanted to know what they were like. The conversation started to get sexy and I was getting very turned on. This was shaping up very well.

J got a round in, asking the guys what they wanted. I was really feeling horny now; the guys were very interested, leaning forward on their bench and I couldn’t help myself. I could see bulges in their trousers in the window/partial mirror so I turned my body to the reflection, slipped off my shoes and raised one foot onto the bench. As the skirt fell away both guys got a full view of my thong, stocking tops and the white flesh between. Nothing much left to the imagination and a naughty girl thrill ran through my entire body and I could feel the stirrings of moisture in my pussy.

I should say at this point our games were strictly look-but-don’t-touch; but Pete wasn’t in on the script. He got up from the bench opposite and slipped in alongside me where J had just vacated. This rather threw me and my wide eyed look was misinterpreted as a come on. He turned to one side, slid one arm behind my shoulder and slid his other palm onto my inner thigh.

I stayed perfectly still apart from the tremble of anticipation in my body and the moisture seeping from my insides, my face a mask of shock. Pete smiled but froze too; he probably thought he had gone too far. He waited for J to return, half expecting to be pulled away, but his hand stayed exactly where he had put it.

Alex seemed a little unsure as he took up the conversation, some meaningless waffle that Pete and I did not hear, let alone comprehend. I’m not sure if he could see Pete’s hand on my thigh but it’s warmth felt like an iron ready to scorch

J returned, passed around the drinks and sat down next to Alex as if nothing was happening. I knew he could see Pete’s hand, because as he stood at the end of the table he smiled. I was a little confused to be honest, because we had never even discussed going this far and for him to dismiss what was going on in front of his eyes seemed quite shocking. It was a bit of an “oh my god” moment for me; as I said before I enjoyed the actual playing, more than the sex when we got home.

Often I would fantasise that this sort of thing would happen; having a guy take control of my body, do things to me in a public place; taking me beyond the bounds of acceptable behaviour. Two guys were something I hadn’t even thought about. My loins were starting to get very wet and I suddenly realised I was panting and lightly moaning.

Nothing apart from Pete laying his hand on my thigh had actually happened but that trembling started to come back and I felt myself losing control. I gripped the counter with both hands and closed my eyes and a little whimper came from my lips. I didn’t see the guys lick their lips and beam big wide smiles as my eyes were tightly shut in a world of my own. The invitation seemed to have been given by me; accepted by J and the guys started to take control.

Alex slipped both his hands under the table and grabbed hold of the one leg he could and started a slow journey upwards. Pete kept his arm behind me but the hand on my thigh moved straight to the money. Two fingers slid under my thong and pulled it away from my body. His fingers sought my clit in a circular rubbing motion and pleasure swept over my like a tsumani, wiping away all of my inhibitions. My lower leg swept open wider if possible and Alex’s journey culminated in him slipping one finger straight into my honeypot. Moisture gushed out of me; I can’t remember ever feeling so turned on

Seeing the result of his first finger, Alex added a second and started a twisting motion, rolling backwards and forwards over my g-spot. With Pete still playing with my clit I could feel my world starting to come apart. Red swirls of pleasure flashed behind my eyelids, all thoughts of propriety and normality banished.

Gripping the table harder I started to pant and moan, my hips moving of their own accord. Out of control now, driving my climax onward and upwards the boys kept thrusting and rolling. I could hear the sounds of moisture being churned as the noise in the bar disappeared and my own little whimpers came through. ‘oh my god, oh my god, faster, harder, deeper , yes, yes YEEEEEESSSS’ as I came like I’ve never experienced before. Body slumping, chest dipping to the table expelling all the air out of me. Red dashes in the sky as I realised I had fainted.

I don’t really know how long I was out for; possibly only a few seconds, but in that time it was all change at the table. Far too noisy and every face staring at me; Pete and Alex were back at the bar, sipping and smiling. J was looking after me; arm wrapped around me, how was I, I must have had to much too drink, let's get you to the ladies, let's get you home; diffusing the looks. Making out like they imagined that roar of an orgasm. It worked too, nobody threw us out, nobody complained. I just went to the toilet quietly, then returned to finish my drink and we left.

The boys had long gone. There were few words passed; Naughty girl, yes very naughty I confirmed.

“Want to go for another drink in a bar round the corner?” he said. “Pete and Alex recommended it.”

So we did, but that’s another story...

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