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Welcome to Temptation Island

We play together with another couple in public.
It was our first night at the resort and we decided to get dressed up to go out to a club. My wife is dressed in a beautiful dress that ties around the neck. Her dress is very short and she isn't wearing a bra or panties, just like I requested. My wife’s cleavage is impressive and the dress showed it off tremendously.

The club was packed, the music was bumping and it was a great night to go dancing. After a few drinks, we headed to the dance floor to have some fun. We are pushed very close to each other because the floor is full but we don't mind. We love dancing close and I can feel her breasts against me as I reach around and feel her bare ass through her dress. I occasionally hike it up so I can feel her skin and give whoever is around a peek at her firm smooth ass.

We ended up being next to dancing next to a very attractive couple that looked to be about our age. We occasionally bumped into them and exchanged compliments. After about a half hour, I think the booze and the electricity in the club was getting to us because we were getting horny. My wife whispered in my ear that she wanted to switch partners with the other couple so she could turn me on. I was all for it because my wife is sexy as hell and can turn any man on. Her gorgeous curves and beautiful smile are very hard to resist. I figured it would be fun to watch where this goes.

So we decided to move our way over to the couple and see if they wanted to switch partners. They seemed game for it so it was not awkward at all. My wife decided to put on her best moves and grind on that guy like she does with me. It was so hot and I was getting harder and harder with every minute. His wife was very attractive and was fun to dance with as well, but I think our main focus was on them.

After we were all sweaty and had enough dancing, we left the dance floor and found a table to sit down and formally introduce ourselves. We found that we had allot in common and the innuendos were flying around like we had been friends for years. My wife kept stroking my thigh and my cock under the table and I kept squeezing her ass while we sat and chatted. The conversation turned to sex and we talked about how we enjoyed having sex out in the open and were big fans of exhibitionism.

After about 20 minutes, my wife and I were too worked up and decided we needed some air. We told our new friends that we were going down to the beach to find one of those open-air beds that we had saw earlier in the day. They told us to have fun and maybe they would catch up to us later. We said our goodbyes and ran off to the beach to rip each other’s clothes off.

We walked down to the beach and found one of the bigger beds with no one on them. There were people on some of the other beds, but we were so fired up we didn't care. I threw my wife on the bed and just attacked her. I jumped on top of her and started to kiss her passionately. We love kissing each other and our tongues were playing around in each other‘s mouths. I was instantly hard and my wife could feel it pressed against her. Since her dress tied at the neck I undid the tie fairly quickly and exposed her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were hard and I could tell she was fired up. I could barely contain myself as I tried to disrobe to get as naked as my wife was.

We always have fun when we are making love and tonight was no exception. We kept looking around to see if we were being watched but I think most of the couples were focusing on themselves. I love feeling her body against mine, it is always so smooth, so sexy and tastes incredible. I slid down to suck on her beautiful nipples and lick all over her chest. She had her eyes closed and was just enjoying herself. I moved my way down her stomach and had her spread her legs for me and show me her glistening, smooth pussy. She told me to lick “your” pussy and make me cum cause she was so hot for me. She knows that her pussy is mine so that made me smile and I buried my face right between her thighs and went to work. Her pussy lips are so full and tasty and that clit gets harder with every stroke of my tongue. I love sucking hard on her clit and watch that body squirm. I ran my tongue up and down the outside and inside of her lips to capture all of her juices. Occasionally, I slide my tongue inside her and she nearly gasps every time. Within minutes her moans got louder and she started to explode on my face. I love making my wife cum over and over again.

After her legs stopped quivering she grabbed me and told me to lay down on my back. I know what that means, my turn. She flipped me on my back quickly and started giving me soft kisses down my chest, over my stomach until she reached my hard, throbbing cock. I felt the warm sensation of my wife's mouth on my cock. In one fast move she swallows every inch of my cock down to my balls. My baby loves to take me deep inside her mouth and you will never hear me complain. She starts to work my shaft with her tongue and licks circles around my head. I am in heaven and every stroke makes me even harder than before, if that is even possible. I can feel the cum rising in my balls and I can’t wait to explode for my baby.

I did not want to cum just yet so I told my wife that I wanted to be fucked by her. My wife always aims to please so she straddles me and slides straight down onto my cock. I love when she rides me because I can see her huge breasts bouncing around in the moonlight. My wife was looking around and kept telling me that there were some couples watching us and everyone was smiling. That made me tingle more and I grabbed my wife's hips and started to thrust into her quickly. I reached up and grabbed a hold of her breasts and was massaging them. She was really enjoying herself too and I could feel how wet her pussy was. We get into a good rhythm and just lost ourselves within one another. Allot of heavy breathing, solid thrusts and very loud moans can be heard across the beach and I think we became the center of attention.

We were completely oblivious to our surroundings until we felt the bed move suddenly. We turn to look and the couple we were dancing earlier with was on our bed, naked like us. They asked us if we minded them crashing our bed and we were all for it. We turned our bodies a little bit and gave our new friends some room on the bed with us. They were just as attractive naked as they were clothed so that turned us on more. I look up at my wife and she has a grin on her face that I do not see very often. She is excited that we have someone to watch us so close. I love when she is fired up about something and I know being watched is on the top of her list.

Our new friends went right to work and were getting down and dirty, kissing, touching, stroking each other like rabbits. My wife and I decided to take a break from fucking to watch them, like they had watched us. He had his wife on her back and her shiny skin and hard nipples were very visible. He was sitting over her and you could see his big hard cock ready to fuck her. All of sudden my wife moved down the bed, looked him in his eyes and ran her hand down his chest and grabbed his big cock. I was a bit shocked at first, but my wife likes to do naughty things to get me going so I went with it. She grabbed his cock hard and was rubbing the head of his cock up and down his wife's wet pussy. I think they were both happy by this and was totally cool with her interrupting them. My wife said, "I thought I would help you get inside your hot wife's pussy and by the way you have a great cock!". This sent tingles through my body and I will admit that I almost came right there. She stopped stroking his cock and guided it into her pussy until he disappeared completely inside her.

We angled ourselves so that we could watch them start to fuck. My wife was stroking my cock slowly and I was playing with my wife's clit slowly. I think we knew that we just wanted to tease each other for a little while. It felt very good and I think it made us even hotter for each other. We watched our new friends fuck slow at first and then pick up the pace more and more. Occasionally my wife would reach over and slap his ass and tell him to fuck her harder. That would generate a laugh from all of us.

Eventually the playing was getting to us and we wanted to finish what we started earlier. So my wife moved over next to our new friends and the two girls were both on their backs, shoulder to shoulder. I got between my wife's legs and was in the same position as the other guy. My wife grabbed my cock too and guided me inside her. We started to fuck just like our friends and we must have been a site to see. We all decided out loud that it would be fun to cum at the same time. So the other guy and I started to fuck our wives harder and deeper. The moans coming the from the ladies were hot and made it that more intense. My wife was fucking me back and she and I were staring into each other's eyes and kissing and smiling. I know my wife's body and I could tell she was getting closer and closer to cumming again. She grabbed my ass and told me to fuck her harder, which meant she was close. I was fucking her as fast and as hard I could and my orgasm was growing more and more, I couldn't wait to cum. I think the hotness of the night made me get worked up quicker and I could feel myself getting closer and closer. I looked over to the guy and he was working just as hard as I was.

There we were fucking on the same bed, same position and same rhythm. I couldn't hold it any longer and neither could my wife. We both let out loud groans as we both started to cum on each other. My cock became to throb very hard as I pumped my cum deep into her pussy. Her pussy, in turn, started to grab my shaft tighter as she started to cum too. I think we both came for a few minutes and it felt so incredible. I could hear our friends nice and loud too so we knew they were cumming with us. It felt awesome to know everyone was cumming and that he and I were shooting our cum deep in our wives’ pussies. I slowed my pace a little bit and I could feel how wet my wife’s pussy was and I could feel my cock pulsate every so often giving her every last drop I had. I collapsed on top of her, sweaty and exhausted. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and just gave me soft kisses on my cheek and told me over and over how much she loved me.

Once everyone was done and composed, we sat on the bed and told each other how much fun that was and how hot it made us that we were doing it together. After a few minutes, we decided to gather up our clothes and head back to our rooms. We told our new friends that we would meet them for breakfast the next morning. That was the first night of many adventures on our vacation and we had an incredible time on temptation island.

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