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Well-known Strangers

I gasp as his fingers cheekily slip just below the hem of my skirt brushing against my ass cheeks.
I step off the train, my eyes sweeping the busy platform, then I see him standing there with his gorgeous brown-green eyes locked on me, a warm welcoming smile lighting up his beautiful face. Smiling back, I take a moment to appreciate his lean, muscular physique.

His black t-shirt, tight against his body, clings to the muscles on his upper arms, chest and stomach. My eyes move lower to his legs clad in stonewashed denim.

My chocolate brown eyes return to his face, his smile widening. He knows I've been checking him out. I slowly walk towards him, my short tartan pleated skirt swishing against my thighs as I walk. He comes forward, closing the distance between us, and wraps his arms around my waist in a gentle embrace.

Oh wow, he smells amazing, I think to myself as my arms circle his neck. Stepping back slightly he runs his eyes admiringly over my white shirt, tight against my generous 34d tits, and down to my long shapely tanned legs beneath my short skirt.

"It's nice to finally see you in person, Caitlin." He smiles, his voice husky. My insides melt at the sound of his sexy English accent.

"It's great to meet you properly too, Charlie." My Scottish voice sounds slightly breathy.

"I hope you're not bored of train rides yet, baby, 'cause we're going on another one."

"Not at all, I love the train." I smile.

As we walk to another platform he slips his arm around my waist, his hand resting on my ass. I gasp as his fingers cheekily slip just below the hem of my skirt, brushing against my ass cheeks. My eyes shoot to his face to see him smirking at me. "Mmmm no panties, that's my good sexy slut," he whispers in my ear.

The feel of his fingers on my ass, his warm breath on my neck and the fire burning in his eyes, does crazy things to my insides and I lean against him. Taking a few deep breaths to get control of myself I ask, "So where are we going?"

He winks at me and replies, "Wait and see."

The train is already at the platform when we get there so we board the train and sit down in a busy carriage. We start chatting and he has me laughing at some of his stories. He gazes into my eyes saying softly, "Your beautiful eyes dance when you laugh." Placing his hand on my thigh, gently stroking it, he smiles as a soft moan escapes my red, plump lips. "You like that, baby?"

I nod my head gently. He places his lips over mine and kisses me softly, my lips parting slightly, and he slips his tongue in my mouth. As my tongue meets his our kiss becomes deeper and more urgent. I rest my hand on the top of his thigh and my fingers brush against his erection making him groan.

Knowing that I'm turning him on and he's hard for me drives me crazy. I pull away, breathing hard as our eyes lock on each other. I glance around the busy carriage and look back at him, biting my bottom lip. Knowing exactly what I'm thinking, he smiles. "You want me to fuck you right here don't you, my little slut?" he whispers close to my ear.

"Oh yes," I breathe, my pussy already wet. He pulls me onto his lap facing him, making sure my skirt is covering my ass.

He runs his hand up my thigh and under my skirt , his fingers trailing over my pussy lips. "You're so wet for me already, Caitlin." He gasps as he spreads my pussy lips apart and begins a vicious assault on my clit, rubbing it and pinching it hard.

My eyes close as I try not to moan. He thrusts two fingers deep inside my tight shaven pussy, watching me as he pumps them in and out rapidly. Feeling my pussy tighten around his fingers he kisses me feverishly. My orgasm hits me and I come hard, covering his fingers with my juices as my body quivers.

He laughs softly, pulling his fingers from my pussy and putting them to his lips, tasting me on them. I gasp as I watch him suck my juices from his fingers; I've never seen anything so sexy. I reach down and unzip his jeans, pulling his big, thick, hard cock out and stroking it. "I want you inside me, Charlie," I whisper.

He grabs my hips and lifts me up slightly to maneuvre his cock in line with me. Looking at me he says, "Now remember you need to be quiet, bitch."

He pulls me down onto him fast, his huge cock easily sliding deep inside my dripping wet cunt. I bite my lip to keep from screaming. "Aaawww, baby, you're so tight," he moans as I slowly start riding him.

"Oooohhhh, Charlie," I whisper, "after all this time chatting about it I finally get to feel you deep inside me."

We move together slowly. He then lifts me up slightly until his cock is almost out of my pussy. Looking around to make sure nobody is watching he thrusts upwards, his hard cock going deeper than before. He does this a few times, driving me wild.

"Please, Charlie, please I wanna cum. Make me cum, baby."

He loses control and pounds into me hard and fast. Reaching an arm around me, no longer caring who sees, he eases a finger inside my tight virgin ass. My pussy tightens around his throbbing cock, sucking him in deeper. "Come for me, Caitlin."

His words are my undoing and I release my orgasm, squirting my cum all over his cock. Feeling me squirt over him he loses control and shudders violently as he sprays his cum deep inside me.

I remain on his lap with him inside me as we come down breathing hard. "Well well well, Caitlin, you really are my dirty little slut aren't you?" he says, kissing me.

"I sure am, baby," I giggle. "I'm all yours."

Inspired by CS and CL. Thanks for reading.


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