What happened after I found a dare web site

By 99zx7r

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The story starts as a true story and then becomes a fantasy
I had been sent overseas for work and was bored. Sometimes when I have nothing to do I have a couple beers and open up the internet.

I came across a website about truth or dare and spent hours looking through all the things people do to expose themselves in public. I was hooked. After some time spent searching I came across some more websites with erotic stories and couldn’t stop reading. Then I found this one site where people dare each other to perform dares. Some were kind of lame and others more intriguing.

I decided to do some of the easier ones like taking a naked picture of myself and posting it onto the site or opening the door with nothing on. Then another dare showed up and I was a little worried about doing it. I was in a hotel that opened to the outside walkway. I’m sure there’s cameras all over the place out there.

The dare consisted of first going outside, unzipping my pants and pulling out my manhood. Easy enough I thought so I got up and did it. I snapped the picture and quickly went back into my room. Then part two was to take off my clothes and go back out. Beer courage was on my side so I decided to go ahead again.

My nerves were on edge as I took my clothes off and worked up the courage to open the door and head outside. Unfortunately as I headed outside I started to get a little excited and it showed and there was nothing to hide my excitement. So I took a couple more pictures and almost ran back in the room. I had to take care of some business and had an incredible orgasm all over myself. Now I needed a shower but decided to not get dressed again.

Part 3 of the dare was, what I thought, over the top. I had to open the door and prop it open. Next was to bring up my pictures on the site and set my laptop outside the door to prove it’s my room. Then I had to take pictures up and down the hall to show the lay of the land.

I was starting to get excited again. Next was to walk to the end of the hall naked, try and get a picture that shows both me and the laptop down at the doorway and then do the same at the other end. Let me tell you it isn’t easy getting all of that in a picture. Since I’ve gotten an iPhone so I can see what’s behind me and make dares like this much easier.

So I was at the end of the hall, which happened to be by the laundry room. I could hear washers and dryers turning which made me more nervous. The thought of being caught was horrifying and could possibly cost me my job if the wrong person saw. So I finally got the pic at that end and started for the other side. I stopped to turn the laptop around and the I heard it.

“What the hell is this?” It was of course my colleague and he was laughing at me. I turned to run in the room but he yelled for me to stop where I was. I was afraid of what would happen so I stood there next to my laptop with pictures of my junk showing and my junk standing at half mast. He walked toward me looking at the pictures and then to me and back again.

“John, don’t tell anyone about this please.” I really didn’t want this to get out to work or my wife. Why was I so stupid to do this?

“What the hell are you doing? I was just going out to get a beer and this is what I see. I don’t know how Lou is going to take this.” He said it, I was going to get fired for sure. I grabbed my laptop and went into my room trying to close the door behind me. He blocked the door first and came in after me. I grabbed my jeans and put them on quick.

“John, please don’t tell anyone about this. I can’t afford to lose my job and what if Shannon found out? I can’t lose her for something so stupid.” I was practicaly begging him to keep it a secret. I didn’t know what was going through his mind but he started smiling a very evil smile.

“How did you come about streaking down the hall and taking pictures?” he asked me almost laughing at me.

I explained the whole story of how I got to this point from boredom surfing for porn to walking up and down the outside hallway naked and taking pictures of myself naked.

“So what you’re telling me is you got drunk looking at internet porn and decided to run around naked? Show me this website,” he said pointing at my computer which still had my pictures up.

Embarrassed, I closed the page quick and went to the home page and signed in. He grabbed the computer and started looking through all the dares. He spent almost two hours looking while I sat there and waited. When he finally closed it and turned to me, I was surprised to see that he had a curious look on his face.

“What’s on your mind?” I asked him afraid to know the answer.

“I want to do one. A small one that won’t put me out in the open like you.” I was shocked at what I just heard.

“What are you thinking about? Picture in the mirror or exposing yourself outside? Something like that?”

“No, nothing here. Let's go for a ride. I read one that is easy and shouldn’t have any danger of witnesses.” He pointed at my shirt and went to get his keys.

As we got into his car he explained that he had read a dare to drive up into the mountains and put his clothes in the car and walk for a half an hour naked. I said, “Hell, that’s an easy one. I could do a couple hours up in the mountains.”

“Dare you,” he said quickly. Dammit I thought. Why did I say that.

“Alright but we need to grab some beers on the way if I’m going to do this.” And he pulled into the next 7-11.

Dammit, I thought again. Why did there have to be one right on the way? I turned to him and said, "We should up the dare. You walk in, buy the beer and ask the pretty women hanging out front to join us."

He did and I don’t know what he told them we were doing but they were more than happy to follow us.

As he got to a secluded park about ten miles up the mountain road, he got nervous and turned to me and said he didn’t think he could do it. I reminded him that it was his idea and we weren’t alone now.

I have to mention that John is single and keeps himself in good shape at 6’2” and about 190 lbs so he never has any problems with the ladies but this is a different type of situation. We got out of his car and proceeded to take our clothes off just like the dare said. The girls looked at us in amazement not knowing what was going on. Once we explained ourselves they called us freaks and pervs and jumped back into their car and sped back down the mountain road.

“Bummer, I really wanted to see the blond naked,” John said while he finished throwing his clothes into the back seat.

He hit the lock and hid his key and off we went. I was really uncomfortable being out in the woods alone with another naked man but after a while I got over it. We started talking about work and family stuff forgetting about how we were totally exposed. When we finally started heading back to the car it had been 2 hours and 50 or so pictures for the website since we started out and we were ready for a beer.

When we got back to the car we noticed that the girls car had returned but they were nowhere in sight. John went to grab his keys but they weren’t where he had hid them. I tried the doors to the car and it was still locked. We searched around the area for about ten minutes until we heard a noise. We both instantly knew what it was. The girls were standing about five feet behind us with giant smiles on their faces.

The blond spoke first. “You boys looking for something? I like your suits.” She was laughing at us. “I have some clothes you can borrow. That is if you want to put something on before you go home.”

Then the brunette chirped in stating that I was about the same size as her. Needless to say, I don’t spend any time in the gym. I asked her why we couldn’t just get the keys and leave.

“Obviously you don’t come out here much. The rules are, if you are caught out here after dark, you have to go home in bikinis. We don’t have any regular ones with us tonight and you two don’t have any boobs to fill them. So here’s your choice. Either you wear what we offer or go home like that. Completely up to you.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. So I asked what they had for us. They produced two pairs of see through thongs and two bras that were at least DD’s. Checking out the two chests that were doing this to us, I believed they belonged to them.

“Let us discuss this for a minute ladies.”

After a couple minutes we had agreed that some cover is better than none. We grabbed the little things and slipped them on. I instantly got a huge erection with no way to hide it. They were so soft and just felt amazing, I thought I was going to shoot a load right there. I really liked the feeling of the material riding up my ass too. I decided that I had to figure out how to get the wife to let me wear more of these. I’ll check the internet later tonight. I couldn’t help but notice John also was enjoying the sensation of wearing panties.

We couldn’t hide our arousal from the girls either and they were laughing and staring at us saying we’d have to take care of those before we get the keys back. Blondie noticed the camera and grabbed it from John. She instantly started snapping pictures of us while the brunette put the bras on us and filled the cups with what I hoped was clean rags. We still had raging hard ons for some reason and the ladies told us to get rid of them. The only way I knew of was to start jerking off and John must have had the same idea. All the while pictures were being taken of us jacking off dressed like this. I blew my load quickly as I know the secret to what gets me off. I love to press on my prostate while yanking it. John took another minute and then also finished himself off. All of which was caught on film.

They snapped a few more pictures and then made us stay where we were while blondie put the camera card into her computer and copied all the pictures to her laptop.

When she was done, she handed the camera back to John and informed us that they were going to follow us home and would return our clothes to our doors. We pleaded them to not make us do this but they wouldn’t hear of it and told us to get in the car and start driving.

The brunette told us that they were going to keep the pictures to themselves if we did what we were told, but would post them on the internet everywhere if we didn’t. What could we do? We got in the car and started the long drive back to the hotel. Going over the bumps was causing my shaft to rub on the soft material and I started to rise again.

John couldn’t help but notice and told me to get rid of it. He didn’t want to wear this and have me with a boner walking through a hotel. I waited as long as I could before I had to start jerking off because I was getting more and more turned on. I think I’ll ask the ladies if I can keep them. I shot all over the floor of John's car and he called me an asshole and I was going to be cleaning that tomorrow.

“It’s not my fault we’re out here right now. I was just walking up and down the hallway.”

When we got to the hotel the girls got out laughing at us because we did have to walk through the reception area dressed like this. Again we begged them to let us out of this but they said it’s the custom in this country and it will be fine. Then they started laughing harder.

Whatever, I’ll never see these people again anyway. I started for the door. John wasn’t quite so eager to do this.

“What if I don’t do it?” he asked afraid of the answer.

“Then you don’t get your clothes back and will either have to stay out here dressed like you are and walk in the hotel later. Or, you can get naked again. Choice is yours. Maybe I’ll go find that website that made you do this and post all of these pictures for you. And remember, I have your wallet and will put your real name on it.“

Oddly enough, John got turned on by that and they made him take care of himself again before we’d be going through the hotel lobby. Blondie watched the whole time and I think was getting turned on herself by the whole thing. Once John finished, they walked to their car and pulled our clothes out of the trunk and stood behind us, waiting.

I finally got up enough nerve and started walking followed by John and the girls. I walked in the lobby and luckily there wasn’t anybody in there. I kept walking to the elevators and waited facing the doors. We got to our floor and started to our rooms.

The ladies followed and I reached my door first. I turned and asked for my clothes which had my key in the pants pocket. The brunette asked me for her panties and bra back before she’d give me my clothes and I tried to compromise to just give her the bra back since I came twice in the panties. She told me to cum one more time in them and they were mine.

I asked if I could do it inside and the answer was no. I had a decision to make. I chose to rub another one out because I really loved wearing them. She saw me start and was looking around to make sure no one else was watching but she was also getting wet and I could see her touching herself. I hit my special spot and was blowing another load quick although the quantity wasn’t there as this was my fourth today. I handed her the bra and she handed me my clothes and I thanked her for the privilege of wearing her panties and I will enjoy them for a long time.

Once in my room, I called John but he didn’t answer. I put my jeans on over the thong and headed for his room. When I got there, I could hear him and the blond going at it hard and heavy. Then I heard a third voice moaning. Must be the brunette. Lucky bastard. They are hot and if I wasn’t married, I would be in there with him swapping hot women while wearing their panties.