When I Met Him

By momentsofalexithymia

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He picked me up at the gas station down the street from my house. God knows I didn't need to be seen by my neighbors getting into some guy's car that had never been around before. They would "mention" it in a second flat to my aunt and then my outings would be over. We couldn't have that, could we? I was just starting to have fun.

You see, awhile back my friends and I decided it would be just a dandy idea to join an internet dating site and start going out on doubles. Well, that worked out for a little while, but eventually we all started breaking our pact not to go out alone. Although it could potentially be pretty dangerous, we continued to do it. I think it has to do with that whole "invincible" feeling you have when you're younger. Like everything always works out and there is nothing out there that you can't take on. Which leads me up to this. Walking up to an abandoned gas station to meet up with someone guy I hardly know who had about 5 years on me.

When I got there not a car was in sight. I started to wonder wether or not I was getting ditched. Half of me was relieved thinking that I could still get out of this one, but the other part was really interested in finally seeing him in person. Just then a car pulled into the gas station making the tight turn seem like nothing. I couldn't help but notice how he drove like some street racer right out of a movie. I walked up to his car and he opened up his door. When he got out and I could see that he had over a foot on me. We had only been talking for a short time before I met up with him so I didn't really get a clear picture of him in my head. Just a few profile shots is all I had to go off of. He was tall, well built, and had a gorgeuous smile. His cool blue eyes pierced right through me. This was a recipe for disaster.

He came around my side of the car and opened up the door for me. Oh,yeah, I forgot to mention, he's military. A true gentleman also. Well, I thought he was anyway. Before long I was in his car and we were heading down the road. He turned to me and asked where I wanted to go. He had driven about an hour just to see me which meant he had no idea where he was going. I suggested this park that I always love to visit and he seemed interested so I directed him towards it. The park was on the college campus, but hardly anyone was there most of the time. Perfectly public, with tons of privacy.

He parked toward the back and turned off the car. I looked up at him and he smiled back at me leaning in and kissing me lightly before pulling away. I was in heaven. This gorgeous, sweet guy just kissed me. I opened my door and he met me by my side of the car. He pushed my back against the car wrapping his arms around my waist. He started kissing me and I was loving it. I was wearing jean shorts and a cute blouse picked out for the purpose of showing off clevage. I felt him getting hard against my leg and I started kissing back deeper. He was pressing his body closer to mine making his erection all the more obvious.

I broke away, not wanting to start anything by his car at a park. I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the swings. I got on one, expecting him to get on the one next to me, but he didn't. Instead he stood behind me waiting for me to get situated. As soon as I did, he started pushing my swing. He started pushing at my lower back, but continued to go lower. I jumped off the swing and walked up to him giggling and he put his arms around me with a huge grin across his face. We walked back to the car, knowing it was too risky to be at the park with the way we were feeling. He again opened the door and we were off.

In the car he had his hand on my thigh and I was rubbing the back off his shaven head. My hand stroked down his neck and all of a sudden I felt him start to squeeze my leg. I looked down to see his cock getting hard again. I decided I would take advantage of this. I leaned towards him and started kissing on his neck which in turn had him squeezing my leg harder. I was enjoying this. I nibbled a bit at it and he let out a soft moan.

"If you keep this up, I won't be able to focus on the road much longer," he said smiling at me.

At that moment I realized that I had no idea where we were. We were on some dirt road in the middle of nowhere, but I was okay with it. I started kissing his neck again and my hand moved down his back. His whole body tensed up right away as I softly scratched my nails across his back.

"THAT'S IT! I can't take this anymore," he yelled, shocking me a bit.

He turned off the dirt road into the parking lot of a small church. I looked at him confused and he parked behind the building. There weren't any cars, but I couldn't really tell if anyone was inside. It was a friday afternoon and the windows were tinted. He started rubbing on the outside of my shorts and kissing me hard. I stopped for a second to look around and see if I could see anyone. He grabbed my face and led it back into his kiss. I was his. I no longer cared if anyone was watching I just wanted him.

His car was kinda small with little room to move around. I opened the door and tried to get into the backseat, but it put me in an awkward angle. He climbed in ontop of me, leaving the door open. He pulled down my shorts and slipped his hand under my panties. I was soaked at this point and my clit was dying for affection. Finally his fingers made their way to my sweet spot and started rubbing it in circles. It felt amazing! I took a hand and unzipped his pants. His monstrous cock jumped out at me. I had never seen one so big before and it felt huge in my hand. I started stroking it as he led me over the edge fingering me. My body tensed and I could feel myself contract around his fingers while letting out a soft moan.

After it subsided, he pulled me out of the car and pulled my shorts completely off. He lifted me up pressing my back against the car. He then slammed his huge cock into my soaking wet pussy and I yelped out in pain. He rammed himself into me and it started feeling better and better. There we were, going at in the back of a church. I had never done something so crazy before and with basically a total stranger. He was moaning as his girth forced itself into my tight hole. He started running out of steam and slipped himself off of me. He led me to my side of the car and had me bend over resting against the seat with my ass high up in the air. He grabbed at my long hair, forcing me to back up against him. He then pushed his massive man meat back into me even deeper than before. He was thrusting in and out with such emphasis that I could tell he was going to cum soon.

Moments later he tightened his grip on my hair and muttering,"I'm gonna cum, baby! Get ready! Oh my god you feel so- OH YEAH!!! UHH!"

He shot his load deep into me, filling me. The rush of it all had me cumming again hard even after he had gone soft inside of me. He pulled himself out of me and I stood up looking around for my shorts and panties. I couldn't find my panties, but I was finally able to find my shorts on the hood of his car.

By the time we were dressed it had started getting dark and I needed to get back to my house before anyone noticed I was gone. He quickly smoked a ciggarette and then got back into the car. I shut my door and grabbed for my seatbelt. As we were turning out of the church something caught my eye. I looked back and there was an older man standing towards the side of the church holding up my panties in one hand with a big smile on his face.

OH MY GOD!!! The preacher had been there the whole time and now had a pair of my underwear...