When in doubt, top down

By Rust

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My lover and I put on a show in my convertible for another couple
Back in March I had started dating a young Filipino woman by the name of Jennifer. She was what my father calls a "pistol." Quick to anger or passion, easily turn on and not afraid to express her sexuality anywhere at anytime. Though we had a mental connection, our massive sex drives were what really drew us together.

The first warm sunny California day after several weeks of rain fell on a Sunday. Jennifer and I were lounging on my patio smoking when we decided to take a drive to the beach. We piled into my convertible Mustang and drove through the rolling California hills towards the beach. Jennifer was wearing a short sundress and sandals. As I barreled along the winding highway, the wind whipping over the windshield picked up her dress exposing her thin orange thong and bronze thighs.

Having trouble keeping my eyes on the road I let my hand fall to her thigh. Her smooth skin was soft and warm under my fingers. The feel of it shot shivers down my spin. She parted her legs slightly under my touch and smiled at me encouraging me. She took a drag on her cigarette and ran her nails along my forearm, digging them in slightly. I bit my lip, trying very hard to concentrate on traffic.

After ten minutes or so we reached the bluff above the beach, just as the sun was starting to make it's slow dissent below the horizon. The breeze was warm and salty. She hopped across the car and into my lap, her legs stretched out onto the other bucket seat. She kicked off her sandals and rested her head on my shoulder. I wrapped an arm around her tiny frame and we fell into pleasant conversation as the sun sank lower.

A few other couples had parked their cars along the same bluff, though none of them very close to us. As the sun lowered the wind began to pick up and grow cold. Jennifer snuggled closer against the chill wind. Goosebumps erupting on her arms and bare thighs. I tightening my arm around her pulling her against me.

A large SUV pulled up just five feet away from us. We glanced over to see a couple around our age, a gorgeous young blonde woman in the driver's seat with her rather plain looking boyfriend riding shotgun. I could feel a slight annoyance radiating off Jennifer as she pressed against me, I knew she had just been getting in the mood and didn't like interruptions.

To bring her back to the moment and help her forget our new arrivals I reached down and squeezed her upper thigh while I nuzzled her ear. A quick glance at the couple next to us showed they clearly weren't paying attention. I could see the man's hand on the back of the blonde's head as they were sucking face. Encouraged by this I bite Jennifer's neck just below her ear. As my teeth met her soft skin she moaned squeezing her thighs together in obvious pleasure.

Her hand gripped my knee tightly as she wriggled her ass into my lap, something she knew drove me crazy. I could feel myself growing hard and there was no way Jennifer couldn't feel it through her thin summer dress. "Ha!" she, said in my ear, "I can do that too, you know." My hand slipped to her thigh and I brushed my fingers against the fabric of her panties. "Oh yeah!" I replied as she shuddered at my touch.

Jennifer twisted around to kiss me full on the lips. She flicked her tongue between my lips and teased the tip of my tongue. She ran a hand down my chest then squeezed my bicep letting about a sound that was part sigh, part moan. My hand was now fully between her legs, my finger tips rubbing her pussy through the quickly damping cotton.

For a second my eyes popped open, feeling someone watching us. As I glanced up I saw the blonde and her boyfriend disentangled and watching us. This sent a chill down my spine. I wondered idly if I should tell Jennifer but as her hand began fumbling with my belt buckle I decided against it.

She moved back into the passenger seat, sitting on her knees as she quickly undid my belt and jean button. Soon she had my erection in her hand and was stroking it. Jennifer bent over and kissed the tip of my cock, then took me into her mouth, her expert tongue flicking over my large round head. I bit my lip, the sensation of her mouth shooting waves of pleasure through my body.

As I arched my back against the leather seat I looked back at the car next to us. They were back to making out, the blonde's top off, her boyfriend's hands caressing her large breasts. His eyes were open and I realized he was looking up Jennifer's short dress. I reached along her back as Jennifer's head bopped up and down in my lap and, pushing her thong aside, I slipped two fingers into her tight dripping pussy. My fingers and her sex in full view of the couple next to us.

Jennifer moaned as I finger fucked her. She shrugged one of the straps of her dress off her shoulder and began playing with her nipple. Her hips pushed back against my hand as I thrust my digits into her. I slipped my first finger over the rosebud of her ass, her slick juices aiding as I pushed it in.

I looked over to see the reaction of those in the car next to us. The woman was now facing us, intently watching my hand as I worked my fingers inside my lover. She was kneeling on the seat and her boyfriend was no where to be seen. I realized he must be between her legs eating her out. The blondes breasts where free and hanging down. As she saw me looking at her breasts she reach up a hand and pinched one of her nipples, exaggeratedly licking her lips as she did.

Jennifer was moaning loudly now, I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers as she began to cum. She shook as her orgasm rocked her, my thick dick forgotten in her hand. I pulled my hand from her crotch and stroked her back. "Mmm," she said, grinning up at me, "your turn." She reached down and removed her panties, looking back over her shoulder at the couple in the SUV. She laughed and wiggled her ass at the blonde who was now being fucked by her boyfriend, both of them watching us.

In unspoken agreement we swapped seats, a maneuver that would have been impossible if Jennifer had been any bigger and if my car hadn't been a convertible. She then climbed on to my lap facing me. She grabbed my erection and guided it into her as she lowered herself onto me. Eagerly I thrust up into her as she ground her hips against mine. I groaned, with the excitement of having the couple watching us combined with the build up from Jennifer's expert blowjob I was going to cum fast.

I grabbed the door handle and let out a breathy moan as I came into Jennifer, my whole body shaking with the orgasm. She smiled down at me, brushing my face with her hand. We looked at the couple next to us. For the first time they weren't watching us. The blonde's face was twisted in the obvious throws of her own orgasm, her boyfriend's similarly beautiful and grotesque at the same time.

We traded seats again and Jennifer lit us both Camels from her pack. Satisfied we puffed in silence, both of us watching the couple next to us as they continued fucking. I smiled as Jennifer turned to look at me. "We should do this again," we said in the same instant.