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Whipped Cream at the Store

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I was caught masturbating at a big box store
I’m not one to like public restrooms. I drove truck for many years and was compelled to using rest area’s public facilities. Hence, the reason for not liking them.

However, there are times when one does not have a lot of choices. This was the case recently, as I was shopping a major big box store.

I went into the public restroom, heading to the stall. Wiping the seat down, dropping my jeans and boxers I sat down to take care of business.

As I was setting there, I noticed someone standing on the other side of the door. Are they was peeking in the stall, I thought to myself? No, they are probably just checking to see if it’s empty. However, the feet under the door are not moving. They are peeking in the stall. This is when my voyeurism side kicked in.

They want a show, then get a load of this. I grabbed my manhood and started to pull on it. Soon it rose to the occasion.

Now, I’m not one of those wonder of nature sized guys, but no one has ever labeled me puny either. And I have always been proud of what I have and how I use it for the best pleasure.

So I found great delight in masturbating for my newfound peeping Tom.

Spitting some saliva in my hand, I started pumping hot and heavy on my cock, whipping up a good batch of thick cream for who ever was watching the show. I could hear him breathing a bit harder than normal, and it sounded as he was rubbing his cock through his jeans. My excitement was building.

I then put the middle finger of my unoccupied hand in my mouth like I was sucking a tiny thin cock. Getting it wet with saliva, I reached around behind myself and inserted it in my rectum. This I’m sure must really have turned him on.

Wanting to give him better exposure, I stood up and turn around, so he had a side view. Here I stood, one finger moving in and out of my butt hole and my other hand jacking my stiff rod, balls getting tight and hard.

After a few second of exposing my sexual satisfaction to him, I could hold off no longer. My cock began gushing a long stream of thick white spunk, my finger still digging deep in my brown candy hole. Again another spurt of love seeds spewed forward making my knees soft and me barely able to stand.

I leaned back against the stall wall and dropped my now shrinking member as it dripped the remaining drops of love juices. I reach down and pulled my shorts and jeans up not bothering to think of the guy watching me

I heard shoes shuffle toward the restroom door as I exited the stall. After stopping to wash my hands I left the restroom.

As I quickly moved toward the front of the store, I noticed a couple of customers stop what they were doing to look my way. Wondering if one of these was the man from the restroom, I headed out of the store to my car.

As I pulled out of the parking lot I snickered to myself. I wondered if the man in the restroom was as excited as me, knowing he turned me on playing with my straight stick.

Hope everyone enjoys my exhibition story. Please remember to rate and send me some feedback (good or bad). See you soon with my next story!

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