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Wife loses a bet

Wife loses a bet and must complete her movie dare.
As much as you would have liked to have won the bet, you were happy just the same to lose and have to take up the dare. As you drive to the movie theater you are hoping that 1.) your outfit is right and 2.) you are able to fulfill the dare set forth by your husband. You walk up to the ticket booth and choose the action movie that is playing because you know there will be more men than couples that will want to see the movie. You get your refreshments and head into the theater, heart racing, pulse rising. You can start to feel your thighs getting a little moist due to anticipation of what might occur in the next few minutes.

You are wearing a white silk blouse that buttons down the front, sheer bra with a front clasp and a black skirt. As requested, you are not wearing any panties. You made sure you shaved your legs and your pussy and everything is as shiny as possible, boy this is going to be fun. You go into the theater and notice a row in the back of all guys, you are definitely in luck today. You walk up the ow and make eye contacts with the fellas and they seem to like what you are wearing and are a little confused about why such a beautiful, sexy looking woman is going to see this movie by herself. You choose the seat next to the last guy and pretend to barely even notice him. He squirms around a little bit and looks at his boys who all give him a dirty look cause he is sitting there.

You sit through the previews and just enjoy your soda and popcorn, you look as if you really want to see this movie. The guy next to you looks over at you a few times but you do not acknowledge him. The theater lights dim and the movie is about to start as you uncross and recross your legs, letting your skirt rise up a little bit more up your smooth thigh. The guys notice, of course they do. After a few minutes into the movie, you start your little show. You run your fingers down the seam of your shirt and play with your buttons..pulling on them a little bit at a time, the first button is undone. You feel the cool air hit your cleavage and makes your nipples even harder. You can feel the guys eyes diverting in your direction, the unbuttoning of the button must have sounded like a guy shot to him and his friends, lol. You pull your blouse open a little more to show off the cleavage of your 38D breasts. You run your fingers down the middle of your breasts and your fingers give your skin goosebumps. There goes another button and now your breasts and bra are very visible to the guy next to you, he, by the way, is basically staring at your chest now. You then uncross your legs and spread your thighs just a little bit. You run your fingers up and down your thighs and start to hike it up more and more. The other guys have started to notice too and most of them keeping looking over every time they see movement. You hike up your skirt more and more until they can almost see your shaved (now incredibly wet) pussy. You then move your hand back up to your blouse and undo the rest of the buttons until your blouse if fully open.

The sheer bra does not hide much and the guys can now see your very erect nipples pushing against your bra. You grab your breasts and start to massage them and squeeze them and that makes your own body squirm. Your pussy reacts the same and has become a soaking mess. You can feel their eyes on you and that makes you more and more excited. The guy next to you squirms more in his seat and is rubbing his hand in his crotch. You peek over and see that his bulging in his jeans.

The confidence and the naughtiness has finally hit you full bore and you decide to go for it. You reach down and unclasp your bra and let your breasts fall out of it. Your beautiful breasts are now in full view, your nipples are rock hard and that act makes you almost cum in your seat. All you can see is eyes on your chest and the boys are very happy to see them. You grab your huge breasts and rub them and play with your nipples between your fingers, you lean your head back in ecstasy because it feels sooo good. With one hand you reach down and hike your skirt way up and expose your soaking, glistening pussy for the guys to see.You spread your thighs and start to play with your clit, while keeping your other hand on your breast and hard nipple. Almost all of the guys are now starting to rub their crotches and they are basically drooling at what they are watching. You start to play with your pussy more and more and no longer care where you are and who is watching. You close your eyes and picture me watching you while you are doing this. The thoughts start to get you closer and closer. You move your other hand down to your pussy too and start fingering yourself while you start to stroke your clit faster and faster. You are moving all over your seat and trying very hard not to make too much noise because they are other people in the theater who are actually watching the movie. All of the guys are leaning over watching you, they no longer care for the movie. You are working your pussy faster and harder and it feels so good to you. As you get closer and closer your body starts to tense more and more. Just as you are about to explode, you reach over and grab the crotch of the guy next to you. His cock is about as hard as it possibly be and you stroke it through his jeans as you get closer and closer. At that moment, you finally explode and start cumming. The waves of ecstasy keep coming and coming. Feeling the strangers cock and having your body exposed makes it the most intense orgasm as you have had in a long time. You keep cumming for a full minute before your body starts to calm down. You finally let go of the guys crotch but you can feel that his jeans are a little moist, looks like someone else came too!

You finally compose yourself, pull your skirt back down, button up your blouse and you lean over to the guy and whisper in his ear, "I hope you enjoyed it, you can thank my husband".
You give the guy a quick kiss on the cheek, get up and leave the theater quickly. Leaving a whole row of cocks hard and wanting more. Your dare is complete and your hubby can't wait
to hear about it.
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