Willing Participation

By Art69

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Adventure in a new strip club

Willing Participation

  I was at loose end, so decided to try the new strip club that had recently opened up. On arriving I was informed that the club was strictly “Members Only”, and that the fee for the year was $50. The door fee would be $25. I filled out the application form, and noted a whole load of “The undersigned agrees to blah blah blah” legal mumbo-jumbo, and who reads that stuff? I signed and paid my $75. I was handed a ticket with 24 printed on it.

The show had yet to start. I glanced at the stage, and noted two things: there wasn’t a pole for the dancers, in the middle of the stage there was a chez-long. ‘Different’ I thought. I walked to the bar and ordered a large Bourbon on the rocks and took a seat.

Shortly after I took my seat the house lights dimmed. A total stunner walked on to the stage. She had flaming-red hair tied in to two pig-tails. She wore a crisp white cotton blouse which was tight enough to hint at ample breasts, and a tie with orange and black stripes, and although this was tied with a Windsor knot it was open at the neck. The blouse was tucked in to a dark blue skirt which ended half-way down her thighs. She also wore white socks, which started just below the knees and a pair of black heeled shoes. I was immediately interested and so was my dick!

She walked to the front of the stage the PA announced, “Gentlemen, please give it up for Tania”, which was followed by enthusiastic applause from the half-dozen or so members of the audience, and myself. The PA then announced “Would the holder of ticket number 24 please make himself known”. I looked around the darkened room, but nobody had appeared to move, “C’mon gentlemen, you have to own up, who has ticket 24?”. Oh, that was my number! I raised my hand, and Tania walked off the stage and over to me table. “You’re the lucky Joe who gets the ringside seat tonight” she whispered, and taking my hand she led me to the chair on the stage.

Schools Out sung by Alice Cooper started to play, and as I sat down Tania was dancing to the music. She ran her fingers through her hair, fondled her tits through the cotton blouse, teasingly lifted the hem of ths skirt showing glimpses of the white panties underneath. After about a minute Tania unbuttoned the top of the blouse, stopping with a button just under her breasts. Her hand slipped under the waist of the skirt and she slowly pulled the blouse out. At this point I noticed the music had changed to a lower tempo, but i was way to distracted to pay much attention.

Tania then proceeded to unbutton the rest of the blouse and let it fall open to reveal a well-filled white bra. She was still wearing the tie, which obscured the cleavage and hung down to her naval. As Tania moved the tie revealed flashes of cleavage, which I found very erotic.  

Tania loosened the skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing the white panties hinted at before, and long legs still encased in those knee-length socks.

Tania turned to me and enquired “Like what you see?”. I could only gulp as my heart was pounding and my breath was very short. Very slowly she leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips. She straddled my legs and using her hips rubbed my rock-hard dick. Meanwhile she continued to kiss me hard, and I could feel her tits pressed against my chest. It was only when she stopped i realised this action had so distracted me I did not realise that Tania had undone the fastening to my pants. Tania stood up, leaned forward and grabbed my pants and my undies and with a swift tug pulled both down to my ankles.

Getting to her knees she kissed my ballsack. Then she sucked a ball and licked it. Slowly she ran her tongue up the outside of my dick then let her tongue explore my pee-hole. She wrapped her lips around the member and slowly made her way back down. I just closed my eyes and threw my head back.

After what seemed like hours of this Tania stopped and stood up. She shrugged her shoulders and allowed the blouse to fall to the floor. Reaching behind her she undid the bra, and allowed this to fall to the floor too revelling nice tits with dark brown alveoli. Her nipples where erect so I knew Tania was enjoying this too. Again she leaned forward, but this time bringing her tits close to my mouth. I did not need a second invitation and liked around the nipple of the left breast whilst gently squeezing the nipple of the right breast. Then I placed my lips around the nipple and gently sucked, and scraped the nipple with my teeth.

All too soon Tania stood up again, and hooking fingers through the top of her panties. Slowly lowered them to the floor leaning forward as she worked the material down, then over her socks. “Ready Hun?” she asked, but without waiting for a reply she straddled me again and lowered herself on to my dick, she was well lubricated! Leaning forward so i could continue to suckle her nipples, she controlled the action and slowly bounced on my lap.

“Let’s try another position Hun”, and Tania dismounted. Entreating me to stand up, Tania lay on the chez-long so that her feet still rested on the floor, and slowly opened her legs so I could get a good view of her pussy. I knelt on the floor and inserted my dick, but i couldn’t do this slowly, I was ready! “No, slowly Hun, slow and hard, please”, so I forced myself to slow down. But I couldn’t hold for long, and my breath came is short gasps.

Tania pushed me off her and got me to sit back on the chair. Quickly she tugged at my dick, but i could stand this no longer, and I came. Tania had pulled her face close so my cum shot in to her hair, her eyes, and some in to her mouth. A second explosion came. Tania licked her face, then stood to kiss me again. Another hard kiss, where se swapped some of my cum in to my mouth and some of the cum of her face she spread on to mine.

“Did you enjoy that Hun?”, “Yeah” I stammered, “Good, your performance will be on the website in about an hour”. “Huh?!”, it was then the ripple of applause made its way through to my brain, and as the house lights came up I noticed the two camera men.

Still, I was a willing participant.