Winter Broke!

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What happens in the cabin, stays in the cabin...
Sydney smiled down at Paige, who was stretched out like an all you can eat buffet on the bear skin rug in front of the fireplace of her parents’ cabin. Her pink and white striped cotton boy cut panties hugged the soft curves of her hips. She was topless and seemingly passed out. The two had been stuck for three days past their expected departure due to inclement weather.

The cabin was cozy enough despite the feet of snow that had blanketed the small community of cabins on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. The area had been hit hard with a sudden winter storm, making travel impossible until the roads were clear. Sydney and Paige were in their final year of graduate school and needed the extra time to relax after exams. Paige had bounced off the walls for the first two days but boredom had set in to the point of her current condition.

Sydney used the heavy wooden door to kick snow off her boots. She tried to shake the image of her best friend’s puffy pink nipples standing erect as she removed her layered clothing, hanging each piece carefully on the coat rack. It was the very first time she had seen Paige in a sexy light.

“Where have you been?” Paige had stirred, undoubtedly due to the boot to the door, and interrupted Sydney’s thought.

“I attempted to shovel the sidewalk,” Sydney said as she snapped back to reality and removed her black snow boots.

“How deep is the snow now?”

“At least 4 feet. I wasn’t able to clear much of it. I am going to call down to the cafe and see if anyone wants to make $50 clearing the sidewalk for us.”

Paige’s breasts bounced as she rolled toward Sydney, exposing her ass to the fire. “Wake me up if the guy who shows up is hot.” Her flaxen hair fell neatly around her breast.

“Yeah, right. With our luck it would be a grumpy old man who does a really poor job, but as long as I don’t have to do it, I will be happy. I am nearly frozen!” She scanned the furniture arrangement quickly. Naturally, she wanted to be near the fire but preferably without searing the image of her almost nude best friend into her memory. She chose an oversized leather chair, flopped down and sighed at her view.

Sydney gazed at the perfect pink mounds facing her while dialing the cafe. She had never considered breasts to be sexy before; women were not her thing. These feelings were new to her, but there was something magical about the way the light from the flames danced off Paige’s milky white skin. She had to look away to concentrate on the task at hand.

Sydney was calm, cool and collected at all times, always a lady and more conservative than not. Very much the opposite, Paige was wild, free and very uninhibited. She was comfortable in her own skin and armed with a ready to take on anything, at any time attitude. How they ended up being the best of friends, no one knew but it had worked for several years now.

A brief telephone conversation confirmed local help to remove the snow from the sidewalk. It was worse than Sydney predicted. The sons of the grumpy old man would arrive within the hour to forge a path to the car. Sydney remembered the boys from her childhood, always rude and spiteful, and she avoided them at all cost. An image of two men who would now be in their mid-20s with pot bellies and overalls carelessly slinging shovels of snow saved her from her thoughts of Paige’s nipples, but not for long.

“Well?” Paige once again invaded Sydney’s thoughts.

“The grumpy old man’s sons will be here by 10 am.”

“Are they hot?” Paige sat up abruptly.

“Not sure now but from what I can remember, I think your chances are slim.”

Paige collapsed on the floor, completely defeated and moaned, “Damn, if I don’t cum soon I am going to explode.” She was completely serious in her statement but Sydney laughed.

“Masturbate, you’ll be fine. The road crews should have the roads cleared by tomorrow.”

“It’s not working anymore. I can only survive on my own two fingers for 24 hours.” Paige was a sexual diva, so much so that she had backup partners waiting for her to take the urge for their type of sex. After all, variety is the spice of life.

“I can’t believe you would take a vacation without a toy or two.”

“It was supposed to be a weekend, not a week. Believe me, I will be prepared next time. Had I known that I would be stuck in hillbilly hell with no cock in sight, I would have come prepared with a full armory of sexual devices for my pleasure.”

Sydney laughed out loud and shook her head. She completely understood. Her own needs had grown past the point of self pleasure and now fueled the curiosity and attraction to her best friend. Soon, her thoughts were consumed with the particulars of positions and her imagination began to take control. Paige noticed the silence and studied her best friend’s face. She was no doubt in deep thought.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Snapped back into reality, Sydney quickly jumped to her feet and announced, “I think the fire needs another log.”

Paige rolled over on her back and mumbled, “I know of another fire that needs a log.” Her left leg bent so that her left foot was beneath her right knee, exposing her moist panty-covered crotch and her rock hard nipples.

Sydney giggled at her friend and carefully stirred the fire before she placed another log on top of the pile. The fire grew but its warmth could not compare to the heat radiating from Sydney’s cheeks as she realized that her panties were as wet, nipples as hard and desire just as strong.

“Syd will you hold me? Maybe I will settle down if I could just feel a warm body beside me.”

“Oh no. You forget that I know you as well as you know yourself. You will get me down there and then you will mount me. ”

Paige considered her retort and replied with, “You’re right and you’re so uptight that you’d never be able to put a dent in my need.”

“Uptight?” Sydney still had her back to Paige, warming her still frozen hands by the fire.

“Come on Syd, you know you too and you are uptight. I bet the thought of touching a woman or eating a pussy turns your stomach.” If she only knew.

“You’ve been with a woman?” Sydney was pretty sure that Paige had been with several women but needed confirmation.

“Many times, but honestly there is nothing like a rock hard cock plunging in and out of me.” Paige smiled and sighed loudly.

Sydney had had enough. She stood up, turned around and began her journey up the stairs.

“Did I piss you off?”

Sydney paused, thought for a moment and replied, “No,” before continuing up the stairs. It was one word, said sternly. Paige knew not to inquire further.

The second level of the cabin was an open loft with doors that opened to a full balcony, and the view was incredible. Although it was a small community, it was a beautiful one. Sydney could see the tops of several of the other cabins since the sun was high enough to make the fog retreat. A flicker out of the corner of her eye caught her attention, it was the sun reflecting off of a snow shovel. The guys were here and almost finished. Sydney reached into her bag and grabbed a handful of scarves and quickly returned downstairs.

“That didn’t take long.” Paige was still sprawled out on the bear skin rug. “I wish I could cum that fast.”

“You can, if you trust me,” Sydney stated in a matter of fact manner while moving to stand over Paige with a scarf stretched between her hands.

“Trust you? Wait a minute, Miss AlwaysDoWhat’sRight wants to play with me?” Paige sat up on her elbow and added, “You do realize that I--” Sydney smiled and took in the total look of shock on her best friend’s face. She knelt down and began gagging her best friend.

“Ah, that is better,” she said as she completed the double overhand knot that secured the first scarf perfectly around Paige’s head and bound her mouth.

“I said, do you trust me?” Sydney was calm, her voice smooth and soothing.

Paige nodded. Her eyes were wide and wild, her chest heaving up and down — and she was soaked where she desperately needed a bone. The silk against her face was soft and cool. Sydney picked a satin silk scarf from the heap she had tossed in the chair and began to tease Paige’s face, gently covering her eyes and nose. Sydney smiled to herself and thought, out of sight, into mind, before securing the makeshift blindfold in place there.

Sydney leaned in and pressed her chest against Paige and spoke again, this time whispering directly in her ear, “Are you horny?”

Paige nodded and whimpered as she felt Sydney’s cold fingers glide over her ankle and begin moving toward her hip. A wave of chill bumps began to form in the wake of her touch. Paige reached for her and was met with a silk scarf wrapping around her wrist.

“Do you realize that I know what you want?” Sydney began drawing hearts on her hip. Paige raised her hips and moaned loudly. “You have shared every single detail and thought about every single fantasy and sexual adventure you have ever had with me.”

Paige attempted to absorb the concept that anyone could know her that well. It became increasingly difficult to concentrate as she felt the silk sliding across the tender underside of her arm and around her wrists. She was unable to move more than two inches in either direction and found herself holding her breath in anticipation of what was next.

Sydney whispered in her ear again, “Do you still want cock?”

Paige nodded frantically and arched her back off the bear skin rug, spreading her legs wide. She was using her entire body to beg Sydney to touch her. Sydney placed two fingertips flat against Paige’s breastbone and began dragging them slowly down the center of her body, with no hesitation. Just as she reached the waistband of her panties, the doorbell sounded loudly.

“The guys are here to plow the sidewalk....mmm’d like to be plowed, wouldn’t you?”

Paige grunted through the gag and sighed loudly, relaxing her body against the rug and the doorbell rang again. She surrendered just that easily.

“One sec,” Sydney called out. She pinched Paige’s nipple, stood up and made her way over to the door. Just before opening that door, she looked over her left shoulder and gazed at the most erotic scene she had ever seen and smiled.

“Hi, may I help you?” Sydney only opened the door halfway.

Paige felt the cold air sweep over her body. Her nipples were so erect that it was painful, “hurts so good” painful. She could barely hear the conversation at the door, she didn’t care to hear it. Just pay the fucker and finish me. She was ready to cum two days ago and so far this was way better than any fantasy.

Sydney tried her best not to fall into his big brown eyes. Before her stood a very clean cut and handsome man, his dark hair matched his eyes and the solid black jacket framed his face. A chiseled chin and dimples were the quickest way to her...wait a minute...

“Chad Williams?”

“Yes, do I know you?”

Sydney cackled, “Sydney Taylor.”

“No Way! Wow, has time been good to you.” His teeth began to chatter. It was under freezing, despite the bright sun. Sydney handed him three twenties.

“I think I have change but my hands are frozen at the moment.” He shrugged and grinned, half blushing.

Before thinking, Sydney stepped to the side and invited him in. He took a step before he called out to his brother, “Come in when you get finished Drew.”

Drew mumbled something, however inaudibly. Chad stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

Every muscle in Paige’s body tightened at once. The door shut with a thud. She could plainly hear a male voice inside the cabin and became increasingly excited at the thought being fucked by a stranger, while Chad and Sydney chatted casually about their lives so far and how great it was to reconnect. Paige lay quietly in wait, in nothing but panties with a soaked crotch and scarves. It wasn’t until Drew burst into the cabin that Chad became aware that she was even there.

“Dude! What the...”

“I know! Did you know we were doing Sydney Taylor’s house?”

“Uh, no — but what’s with the naked girl on the rug?” He spoke to his brother without taking his eyes off the bound beauty on the floor. Chad followed his brother’s gaze as Sydney explained.

“That is my best friend in the whole wide world, Paige Thompson. She didn’t pack very well and is super horny as a result. I was trying to help but I’m afraid she needs something that I do not have.”

Drew didn’t take his eyes off of her but landed a perfect chest slap on Chad and said, “I have what she needs.”

“I’m so sorry Sydney, I don’t know why he is being so rude. Let me get that change. Drew, please go to the sled.” Chad appeared to be truly embarrassed by his brother and began to blush again.

Drew began to object but was interrupted by Sydney. “I realize this is very spontaneous and in a lot of ways crazy but if he thinks he can, why not? Of course, Paige will need to agree.”

How could Chad say no to those big brown eyes? The naked girl held no appeal for him but Sydney had taken his breath away. He shrugged and sat down on a bar stool. Sydney smiled, sat beside him and nodded at Drew.

Drew grinned, rubbed his hands together and left a trail of clothes on the floor as he made his way to Paige. First his jacket, then sweater and finally his coveralls. Each piece seemed to be shed in one motion. He dropped to his knees beside Paige, in the same movement the faithful use to fall before their God.

“Hi, may I touch you?” Paige nodded once. He went straight for her perfectly erect nipples. Gentle at first, increasing as her body responded positively, in eruptions against him. His rough hands quickly felt the body of the goddess bound before him. She rose and fell by the twist of his wrist.

That was all the confirmation that Sydney needed. She took Chad by the hand and quietly led him upstairs.

Paige’s body trembled beneath Drew. His grip attentive and firm, the need for satisfaction quickly approached the primal stage. She used her hips to guide his hands to her panty-covered mound. He knew what she wanted but withheld it as long as he could. He enjoyed being begged and took his time. Finally, he rubbed her pussy through her panties, from the top straight down the crease in the middle, back up and a circle around her clit. Paige moaned loudly in ecstasy while she bucked her hips against his hand.

“Is this what you need?” Drew’s lips brushed her ear as poke and his hand slipped into her panties. He sunk two fingers straight into her, all at once and knuckle deep. She gasped and groaned while grinding against his hand. Her body shook as he fucked her with his fingers. He loved her reaction to him.

She was covered in sweat and began to pant, three days without and a stranger tending to her was too much. Her body began to shake and -

“Cum for me,” his raspy voice commanded. He removed the scarf from around her mouth as she began to cum. He wanted to hear her sexy sounds without being muffled by the gag. Paige didn’t produce much more than grunt as she came in a single squirt, coating his fingers and his hand. He kissed her deeply as soon as the scarf cleared her lips.

The world completely stopped turning for Paige, she was stuck somewhere between heaven and hell and she never wanted to leave. Her body shook, chills consumed her, her thighs trembled. It took several minutes for her heart to stop pounding in her ears. Drew watched his beauty collect and relax .

Paige smiled and moaned, half biting his bottom lip she finally answered his question, “Yes, that is exactly what I needed.