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Working From Home

Coming home early to work can have some exciting advantages ...

It had been a very busy day. I started early with a client and ran full throttle until I dropped him at the airport around 2:30. For a while I considered going by the office, but knew that you would have been very busy wrapping up your business for the week and I would only slow you down causing you to have to work later. So with that thought in mind I left the airport and drove home after notifying my assistant that I would be checking email at home and would see her on Monday.

Once home I changed into something comfortable and took my laptop out onto our patio so that I could relax while catching up on what I knew would be a ton of messages. Around 5:45 I heard the sliding glass door open and took my eyes off of my computer screen for the first time in two hours. You walked out the door giving me a big smile followed by a wonderful kiss.

“I thought I might find you out here,” you said. “Your message said you were going home and I figured that you would be working. But I was hoping that maybe I’d find you waiting for me in bed.”

“I’m sorry, darlin’. I was just gonna check my email and relax a little, but that was about two hours ago and I lost track of time,” I told you.

You kissed me softly and said, “Why don’t you start finishing up and I’ll go inside and fix us a drink. I’m certain you could use one now. Do you want scotch or wine?”

“That would be great,” I said. “I think that scotch would be what I need. And you might as well make it a double.”

You gave me another long slow kiss and turned to walk back into the house. Five minutes later as I was once again engrossed in email I heard you open the door, walk beside me and set my glass down on the table beside my computer. Again you leaned down, gave me a kiss and suggested that I try to close the computer down. You mentioned that you were going back to the kitchen to find us some munchies. As you turned to go I turned to see that you had taken off the pants you were wearing when you got home. I watched as you walked back into the house wearing the same blouse and shoes you had on when you got home, but other than that, the pants were gone leaving you wearing a beautiful pair of coral Victoria’s Secret thong panties that I bought for you last year. I chuckled to myself, took a drink of the scotch and turned back to my computer to try to finish the message I had remaining.

A few minutes later you reappeared and set a dish on the table. I glanced up to see what you had brought and was just a little surprised to see that you had removed your blouse and were now wearing the coral thong panties, a matching VS bra and your heels … nothing else. Before I could say a word you wheeled around heading back into the house saying something about you forgot to bring out napkins. I turned and watched you go back inside to be certain that I had actually seen what I thought that I had seen. Indeed I had and you looked fantastic. I turned back to my computer to quickly shut down what I was working one only to find I had one more email that needed to be answered.

As I was quickly typing a response you came back out the door. I looked up to see that now the bra was missing and the only things you had on that marvelous body were your shoes and panties. Again as I was about to speak you said, “Damn it. I need one more thing,” and quickly turned and went back into the house. And again I turned and watched you go while thinking, “I’ve got to get this computer turned off.”

I finished the email message and had started to turn the computer off when you came back onto the porch. As I shut the laptop you stepped in front of me. I looked up to see that now you were completely naked … except for the shoes. I pushed the computer back on the table and sat back in my chair. You walked between me and the table and then slowly turned to face me.

You lightly leaned back on the edge of the table and spread your legs open so that the inside of your knees were just touching the outside of mine. You sat there for a while without speaking, just allowing me to look at your nakedness. Finally you said, “While I was at the office this afternoon I stumbled on a message you sent me over a year ago, back before we were living together. In that message you described the things that you wanted to do me when we were ever alone. By the time I finished reading it my panties were dripping wet and it was all I could do to keep from touching myself.”

You dropped your right hand down over your belly and said, “I wanted to do this so badly that I could hardly stand it.” With that said you moved your hand down between your legs and began to softy rub yourself. “I was thinking how much I wanted to slide a finger inside my pussy and then put it into your mouth and let you suck on it.”

I watched as you pressed one finger into your sex. You slowly pushed it in about knuckle deep before slowly removing it. You leaned toward me and put the finger into my open mouth. It tasted wonderful and I sucked it hard. You closed your eyes and acted as it was sinfully delightful. “I didn’t do it,” you said softly, “But I wanted to.” You moved your hand back between your legs and softly stroked a few more times before you once again slid a finger deep into your pussy and once again pressed it into my mouth. As I sucked on your finger and watched for your reaction I saw that your nipples had become a darker color and were very erect.

You opened your eyes and said, “On the way home I was thinking about the times we would sit in the parking lot and you would slide your hand inside my pants and into my panties and finger me until I would cum. You would sit there like nothing was happening in case anyone looked into the car. And you always made me cum and you always made my panties so wet that I felt like I needed to take them off to let them dry out.”

For the first time I spoke, “Then maybe I should remind you how my magic fingers work.” I lifted my left hand and slowly moved it up the inside of your thigh. Just before I reached the top of your leg you moved your hand away, put both of your hands beside you on the table top and leaned back. You opened your legs a little more so that I could see straight into your dripping wet pussy. Without hesitation or teasing I pushed one finger into you as far as I could go and listened to the gasp that came from your mouth. As I was seated and my hand was essentially palm up it was easy to glide my finger in and out of you while touching your G-Spot.

You let me finger you slowly for several minutes without saying anything or making much noise. Your head was back and you appeared to be simply enjoying the sensation. I pulled my finger out and heard you make a noise like you were disappointed, but before you could say anything I filled you once again, this time with my thumb. Again I got the pleased reaction and could tell that you would like for me to move a little faster and a little harder. But now it was my time to surprise you. I withdrew my thumb and placed in on your clit while reinserting my finger deep into your pussy. Now I could rub your clit while fingering you and touching your G-Spot. This was obviously a good decision on my part because then you really came alive. Your breathing became quite heavy and you were trying to move your ass against my probes.

Sitting in the chair I was almost just an observer. I could watch every expression on your face. I could see your breasts swell and your nipples harden. I could even see how much wetter you were getting and could see your juices coming out of you and covering my hand. As I could feel the pressure building inside you I quietly said, “Come on, Baby. Watch what I’m doing. Open your eyes and watch me fuck you with my fingers. Just like when we were in the car and I used my magic fingers to get you off.”

I watched as you slowly opened your eyes and turned your head so that you could see between your legs. Your eyes got wider and took in what I was doing to you. We could both hear those “slurpy” little noises as my finger moved in and out of your very hot and wet pussy. I know that you could see the gleaming sheen of your wetness on my hand. My thumb moved back and forth over your clit while my finger repeatedly drove into you and back out again. I watched you intently as you watched my hand until I could feel your body start to tighten and knew that you were close to orgasm.

I wanted to unzip my pants and take out my cock. It was so hard that it almost hurt. I wanted to stroke you into orgasm with my left hand and then cover you with cum as I jerked off with my right hand. That’s what I wanted to do, but I didn’t want to take a chance of breaking the spell that you were in because I knew you were about to pop.

“Watch it, Baby,” I whispered. “Watch it and then cum for me.”

A tiny little voice came from inside you that was more of a whimper than words. “Oooh yes. Oh god yes. Give me more. Harder baby. Faster. I’m cuming. I’m cuming. Oh god.” Then with no shyness or worry of our neighbors your voice opened up and let out the tension that you had been feeling on your way home. “Oh God Yes!” you shouted. With your eyes glued to my hand pumping in and out of your pussy you said, “I’m cuming . Oh, Baby . God!” Your body shook in waves of orgasm as I continued to stroke your clit. Your moan was loud and long until suddenly your hand covered mine and you gasped, “Stop!”

I stopped moving my hand, but left a finger buried inside you. You were so very hot and wet. I waited a few seconds and then moved my finger over your G-Spot and you jerked and held my hand tighter. “Are you certain that’s all you want?” I asked.

“No,” you answered with a little smile on your face. “I want a lot more, but I need a little rest now.”

I stood up from the chair I had been sitting in and got you to move off of the table. With my hands on your bare shoulders I turned your around and pushed you down onto the chair I had been using. “You can rest right there,” I told you.

You relaxed in the chair and I handed you your glass of wine. You took a couple of small sips and smiled at me. “Should we go inside?” you asked.

“Not just yet,” I responded and moved myself in to basically the same position that you had been in earlier, standing in front of you as you sat in the chair. As I stood there I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and noticed that you watched closely and sipped your wine. When the shirt was fully opened I unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the floor. And there, literally right before your eyes was my angry, rock hard cock. There was even a bud of clear precum on the tip. Again your eyes grew wide as you stared at it. I saw you lick your lips and guessed that you would like to take it all in your mouth at once.

You looked up at me and said, “Now am I going to do for you what you did for me?”

“I don’t think so,” I answered. “I think it’s going to be like it was when we were in the car. You are going to take it into your mouth and make certain it is ready and then I’m going let you watch me jerk off. I know that you like to watch me cum and in the glory of the daylight you are going to get to watch it right now.”

I put my hand on my cock and stroked it once slowly from the base to the tip making the clear bud much larger. You quickly leaned forward and took the head into your mouth and ran your tongue around it sucking in every bit of my juice. You leaned back in the chair and said, “I love it in my mouth. I love the way you taste.”

I leaned back a little against the table a spread my legs so that my knees were inside yours. With my legs wide and my cock no more than two feet from your nose I began to stroke it slowly, watching as your eyes became glued to my hand and my cock. I knew that you could see my balls swaying back and forth as I stroked myself and could feel your arousal as well as see it. As I stroked I could once again see your nipples harden. The way that I had your legs held open with mine I could see the beginning of a new wetness on your pussy and I could hear your breathing getting heavy and deeper.

Had I not been thinking about you and your reactions I probably would have cum in under a minute because I had been so excited even before I started. I hadn’t really known what I was going to do, but it now seemed very clear what I needed to do to drive you crazy. I saw another drop of clear liquid forming on the head and I stopped stroking, leaned forward and said, “Take me in your mouth, darlin’. Suck that juice out of me.” You only had to move your head about six inches because my hard cock was almost in your face. You took about half of it into your mouth and moaned as you sucked on it.

I put my hands in your hair and whispered, “I fucked your pussy with my fingers. Now maybe I should fuck your mouth with my cock.” Holding your head by your hair I began to pump my cock in and out of your mouth and you continued to make sounds of pleasure. I continued to do this until I began to feel like I was nearing my climax. I pulled out of your mouth and using your saliva as a lube began to stroke my cock again harder and faster. I leaned back against the table again so that you could watch it all. Faster and harder I stroked and more of my juices came streaming out of me making my skin slicker and easier to stroke.

Your eyes were glued to my cock and you said, “Don’t you want to cum in my mouth? I wish you would.”

“I always want to cum in your mouth, baby,” I said in a strained voice, “But not right now. Right now I’m going to let you watch me cum. And I’m going to shoot my hot cum all over you. Are you ready?”

Without moving your eyes you simply nodded your head and waited for the climax. “Put your finger in your pussy for me, baby,” I said softly but as an order. “Let me see you finger yourself and it will make me cum.”

Your eyes didn’t move, but your hand quickly moved between your legs and I watched you slide a finger into yourself and then your finger began to move in and out of you at the same pace that my hand was stroking my cock.

You began to make a little whimpering sound in anticipation and I didn’t make you wait. Watching your finger moving in and out of you pushed me over the top and a jet of hot cum exploded from the end of my cock and hit you squarely in the chin. You made a sound of pleasure as a second jet fired out of me and hit you in the chest, followed by a third that covered your left breast. Before the next stream of cum could fly you had covered my cock with your mouth and moaned as more and more cum shot out of it. For a second I thought I wasn’t going to stop, but finally it did and you slowly let me slide out of your mouth.

You leaned back with a wild look in your eyes. With one finger you wiped the cum off of your chin and put that finger into your mouth. “I want more,” you said softly. “I need more.”

I put my right hand into your hair and my left under your arm pulling you to your feet. You wrapped your arms around me, kissing me hungrily and running your hands over my bare skin. With my hand still in your hair I pulled you to me as if to never let you go. We both moaned with pleasure and excitement as our tongues touched and ran madly though the other’s lips. I could taste the essence of me in your mouth and could feel the wet cum that was on your breasts as you rubbed them against my chest.

You ran your hands down my back and grabbed my butt cheeks, pulling me hard against you before you repositioned yourself so that my still hard cock was between your legs. As you kissed me you pulled me with your hands and moved against me so that my cock was sliding over the opening of your very wet pussy. You tightened your legs around it to hold it in place and moved faster and harder. You pulled your mouth away from mine, looked into my eyes and said, “I need that inside me, baby. I want you inside me.”

You had that wild, wanting look in your eyes and it excited me. There was no reason for me to have remained hard, but I knew it wasn’t going to get anything but harder as I looked at you and could feel the desire in you. I pulled your hair to hold your head back and said, “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you inside me,” you said again.

“I know that,” I said in something that sounded to me like a low growl. “Tell me what you want.”

I saw the fire in your eyes and you hesitated a second before saying, “I want you to fuck me. I don’t want you to make love to me. I just want you to fuck me hard and fast. I want to feel how much you want me. My pussy is on fire right now.” You reached down and took my cock in your hand and squeezed it hard. “Only this is going to put out my fire.”

I pulled you to me and kissed you hard, broke the kiss and put my hands on your shoulders, turning you around to put your back to me. “Lean over and grab the back of that chair,” I told you. When you did I leaned over you and in a loud whisper said, “Spread those long legs for me, baby. I’m going to start giving you what you want right here.”

You followed my instructions and waited for me to take you. I took my hard cock in my hand and guided it to the opening of your pussy. The head of my cock found you very hot and very wet. I placed the head at your opening and in one move pushed it in until I was completely buried in you. My reward was hearing you say, none too quietly, “Oh yes, baby. That’s what I want.”

Slowly I pulled my cock out of you and looked to see it coated in your juices. Again I plunged it into you and was again rewarded with your moan of pleasure. Twice more I removed it slowly and plunged back deeply into you, each time hearing your sounds of your total enjoyment. But the fourth time you pulled away from me slightly and then shoved your butt back into me. “Now fuck me,” you growled.

I put my hands on your hips and began to give you want you wanted. Each time I pulled away, you pushed back against me making me bury myself completely inside you. With each stroke you seemed to get a little wetter and soon we could both hear the sounds of our bodies, the sound of my skin slapping against your ass, the sound of my cock sliding in and out of your dripping wet pussy and the sounds of our breathing getting heavier as the pace picked up. “Is this what you wanted, baby?” I asked.

“Yes. Oh god yes,” you replied. “Just don’t stop.”

Since it had been less than five minutes since I had finished a massive orgasm, I wasn’t thinking about stopping. In fact, I wasn’t feeling a lot other that being totally excited and involved in what I was doing to and for you. For once I was glad to be practically numb and could give you all that you wanted without be concerned that I would climax too soon.

I heard a noise and looked toward the sliding glass door. What I saw was a mirror of us. The diming outside light had turned the door into a mirror. “Look at the door, baby” I told you. “Who needs to watch porn?”

You turned your head and looked into the mirror for a few seconds and said, “Oh yeah, baby. I like watching you fuck me. Maybe we should make a film of us together.” Then you turned your head away and began to make those lovely noises of pleasure that just drive me wild.

Then I heard another noise that sounded like it might be coming from next door. “Baby,” I said, “We might be putting on a show for the neighbors. Maybe we should go inside.”

You stopped moving, stood up and turned around looking toward our neighbor’s house. “OK,” you said, “But I get to pick the next spot and the next position. I’m not through with you yet.” You turned quickly, walked into the house. When I got inside and closed the door you were standing by the couch and as I walked up you said, “Sit here and I’ll get on top of you.”

I sat on the couch and you positioned yourself on your knees and above my cock. You kissed me and slowly lowered yourself until the head of my cock was inside you and then you let your body drop. “I love the way you feel inside me,” you said and began to rock back and forth. I cupped your breasts with my hands and sat fairly still letting you do the work. You looked into my eyes and asked, “How can you still be hard?”

“It’s you,” I said. “You drive me insane. I want you constantly. That sweet pussy was made for me.” If you had been a cat you would have purred at that moment. You put your head down and began to move with more force. Once again I heard the noises of pleasure. I leaned forward and sucked each nipple into my mouth one at a time, each time running my teeth over them. You leaned forward resting your forehead on my shoulder. I thought that you might be watching my cock moving in and out of you. I certainly knew that if I could get into that position it would be what I was doing. Still holding your breasts and putting some pressure on your nipples I whispered to you. “Show me what you want, baby. Show me how you want it. Do you want me to roll you over and make love to that sweet pussy with my tongue?”

“No,” you said softly, “I want your cock in me, it feels so good.” You turned your head and put your mouth on my neck, kissing it and biting it, all the while moaning with pleasure. You moved your mouth to my ear and lightly bit my ear lobe then whispered, “I love you and I love what you do to me. I know that I am going to cum again, but I want you on top of me when it happens. I want to feel your weight on me and feel you thrusting into me. Can we move to the bed now?” You kissed me long and hard all the while continuing to rock yourself back and forth over my cock. Finally you broke the kiss and moved up on your knees, letting me slide out of your pussy and pushing each of your breasts against my lips one at a time. Slowly you backed away and stood up. You held out your hand, taking mine and said, “Take me to the bedroom?”

We walked into the bedroom hand in hand. I went to the bed and pulled back the covers, turned to you and said, “Lay down across the bed, baby, and open those long legs for me.”

You crawled onto the bed letting me have a long look at your naked body before you rolled over on your back and pulled a pillow under your head. You opened your legs and touched your hand against your pussy saying, “Here, baby. Put it in me right here and fuck me ‘till I cum.”

I crawled onto the bed after you, dipping my head between your legs to quickly run my tongue over your clit. I fully covered your body with mine and began kissing your mouth with all of the fire and lust that I had when we started. As we kissed you wrapped your legs around me and pulled me into you. I slid inside of you and again marveled at your wetness and heat. You locked your legs around mine and thrust up into me urging me to take you over the top. Pulling your lips and inch away from mine you put your arms around my neck and said, “Ride me, baby. Ride me hard. Make me cum, baby. Please make me cum.”

We became one body. We were working together like a well-oiled machine, both taking all we could as fast and as hard as we could. My cock was a piston driving deep into you with each stroke and your legs were pulling me into you as your pussy moved up to join and swallow me with each stroke. The noises coming from your mouth and between your legs were driving me insane with passion and lust. Each thrust drew a new sound of pleasure and a new encouragement for more. I moved my face down and sucked your right nipple into my mouth and sucked it hard before putting it between my teeth and lightly biting it.

You gasped and tighten your legs around me. “Oh God!” you said loudly, “FUCK ME, BABY. Oh God. Don’t Stop! Please, Baby, Please! I’m Cuming. Oh God! Please Make me Cum!” I slipped my hands into your hair a pulled it as I gave you everything I had left in me. Your legs locked around me tightly and it was difficult for me to continue to pump into you. Your body went ridged and then began to shake all over. Your eyes flew open and you dug your nails into my ass as you pulled me even deeper into you.

As your nails dug in I realized that I was so intent on giving you what you wanted that I had paid no attention to the fact that I was about to explode once again. I continued to pump my cock into you as hard as I could. You must have recognized the signals and said, “Cum for me, baby. Fill me up.” Lights went off in my head as cum shot out of me. I continued to pump into you and the juices flowed as you pulled me into you over and over again until I was absolutely unable to move.

We lay there with me still on top of you and both of us breathing hard. Two minutes passed and we continued to hold each other tightly … still listening to each other’s breathing … still one body. I moved my mouth to yours and kissed you softly. You opened your eyes and looked at me, giving me a soft smile. For the first time since this started the “wild look” in your eyes was gone. “Thank you, baby,” you said very softly.

“Thank you,” I whispered against your lips.

My last thought before drifting off to sleep was, “I hope my next door neighbor doesn’t own a video camera.”

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