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You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Yours

4 friends decide to do some showing off.
Carolina and her three friends stumbled tipsily into her bedroom; all soaking wet from their previous midnight swim. Her parents were gone for the weekend, so Carolina decided to have a few friends over for a little get-together. They were all seniors in high school, about to graduate, so it’s not surprising the four of them found their way into her father’s liquor cabinet for a little drink here and there. None of them were drunk, but had just enough to get a giggly buzz on. Surely to make things interesting with four hormonal 18 year olds.

They were quite an attractive bunch. There were two girls (Carolina and Rachel) and two boys (Grant and Jude). Carolina and Rachel were very similar in body type, slightly differing in looks. They both were tall and slender, with very curvy hips, tone legs and stomach, and firm D-cup breasts. Carolina had long, straight blonde hair and vivacious emerald eyes, while Rachel had long, curly brown hair with crystal blue eyes. They both had bright, white smiles and were very appealing to the two boys.

And the boys were very appealing to Carolina and Rachel, as well. They were both very tall (Jude being the taller one) and skinny, but very tone and cut from being on multiple different sports. Grant had shaggy, blonde streaked dirty blonde hair from the sun that brushed over the tops of his dazzling blue/green eyes—which stood out brilliantly against his tanned skin—and the biggest smile that could warm up any girl’s heart. Jude, on the other hand, was slightly paler than Grant, but just as attractive. His blonde hair was shorter than Grant’s, but still rather shaggy, hanging down his forehead. Jude’s most distinct feature was his misty gray eyes that almost every girl lost her mind over. None of the friends were dating one another. They preferred to be uncommitted, in case anything was to happen. And tonight, it felt like something might.

The boys tore off their wet shirts and sat down on the floor of Carolina’s room. Getting the idea from them and loving to tease the both of them, Carolina and Rachel giggled as they stripped down to their underwear; Carolina wearing a bright pink push up bra and white lace boy-short panties, and Rachel wearing a cheetah print push up bra and black lace thong. As they sat next to each other, arm in arm, on Carolina’s bed, they laughed at the stares of their two boy toy friends.

“Well, you guys took off your wet clothes, so why shouldn’t we?” Carolina asked in an innocent voice.

“Trust us, we’re not objecting,” Grant replied. “We just didn’t know what you were doing.”

“Yeah,” Jude chimed in. “We thought we were gonna start gettin’ some!”

Grant and Jude laughed and high-fived each other. Her judgment clouded and feeling a little frisky in just her underwear in front of all these people, Carolina decided to push this a bit farther.

“So you would’ve liked that, huh?” she inquired mischievously.

“Uh, duh!” Jude replied.

“Well maybe we don’t want to do something with you two, but I bet there’s something else that you’d like even better…”

Grant and Jude looked at each other confused. What could possibly be better than getting it on with those two ladies up there? Rachel, on the other hand, exchanged a knowing glance with Carolina, knowing EXACTLY where she was going with this. And boy was it going to be fun.

“Oh yeah,” Rachel chimed in with a sexy slur. “There’s definitely something you’d like better that we’d enjoy doing a great deal more.” As she spoke, one of her dainty, manicured hands started to stroke the inside of Carolina’s thighs.

As if a light bulb simultaneously went off above their heads, Grant and Jude’s faces lit up like little boys in a toy store. Carolina looked at them and giggled at their faces, and then turned back to Rachel. Her face was inches away from hers. Her blue eyes stood out against her tan, Brazilian skin. She bit her lips sexily. Hooking up with this girl was not going to be a struggle at all. With that, Carolina closed the distance between them and gently kissed Rachel. Eventually, their tongues met, wrestling each other, darting down throats. Carolina’s hands were woven through Rachel’s tangled brown hair, and Rachel’s hands were occupying themselves with Carolina’s huge tits. Slowly Rachel’s mouth moved from her lips to Carolina’s neck, kissing and licking in all the right places.

Grant and Jude were beside themselves with ecstasy. Two of the hottest girls at their school were hooking up. In front of them! Grant looked down at his pants to see a huge erection had, not surprisingly, shot up. Jude was in the same boat. But the two couldn’t do anything about it. Jacking off side to side? That’d be so weird. No, they’d just have to suffer through it. I mean, what else could these girls possibly do? Grant and Jude could control themselves, no problem.

Or so they thought. Just as Grant had silently decided this in his head, Carolina and Rachel unleashed the other’s massive breasts. The two sets of D-cups jiggled out of containment, nipples hard as little diamond studs. The two girls rubbed and kneaded the other girl’s boobs, giggling and kissing while they did so. They were so ridiculously hot; Grant had to sit on his hands to stop himself from grabbing his hard cock. He looked to his left and noticed that Jude was facing the same dilemma, biting his lip but eyes still wide and glued to the topless one-time lesbians.

Carolina stood up and noticed that the two boys had neglected touching themselves. They seemed to be restraining; seeing who could hold out longest. Well, Carolina thought to herself devilishly, I’ll soon break them of that. She grabbed the bottle of massage oil off of her side table by her bed. Rachel and her slipped out of their laced panties, revealing their perfect, shaved pussies. Sensually and slowly, the girls rubbed oil over each other’s slender, tanned bodies. Once they were all oiled up, they climbed onto Carolina’s bed, Rachel on the bottom. Carolina lined up their giant tits and rock hard clits, and began to grind her pussy into Rachel’s. Their huge boobs were flopping and rubbing all over the other one’s boobs; slipping in kisses every now and then between moans of pleasure as their wet little clits throbbed with lust.

Grant’s head was spinning. He was having trouble focusing on the tanned, naked, oiled beauties in front of him as they bumped and grinded onto each other. Every aspect was working against his goal of not touching himself while sitting next to his best friend: their perfect bodies, the oil causing their huge tits to squish and slide all over each other, and the delicious sent that was arising from their wet, grinding pussies. And their moans; oh, their moans. As Rachel let out a particularly low, throaty groan, Grant was almost about to give in. But just as he thought this, he looked to his friend and realized that Jude already had. Jude’s pants were down around his ankles and his hand was flying furiously up and down his rock hard shaft. At this, Grant gave in, too, yanking his basketball shorts down and roughly yanking at his throbbing dick.

Rachel opened her eyes that were closed from the pleasure Carolina was sending through her body. The two boys had finally given in! The sight of them wanking on their long, hard dicks sent a wave of ecstasy through her body that sent her significantly closer to her climax. But just as this happened, Carolina yelled at the boys.

“Bet you guys cum before we do!”

“O-o-ohhh,” Jude managed to stutter out. “You’re on.”

As Grant and Jude really began to put on a show with their moans, causing both the girls to become significantly more turned on, Rachel sat up from under Carolina. There was no way they were going to lose this! So, Rachel flipped Carolina onto her back, her long legs and pussy facing her. Then, with a rough ram and grind, Rachel began scissoring her best friend. Carolina moaned out in pleasure, gyrating her hips and grinding her wet, hot pussy back into Rachel’s. At this point, the competition flew from her mind.

The two girls started grinding so hard into each other’s pussies that their boobs were bouncing and slapping against their chests. Rachel’s screams of ecstasy echoes through the house. Just as Carolina was about to squirt her juices directly into Rachel’s tight hole, she heard a long grunt from the other side of the room.


The two girls looked up in time to see Grant shoot rope after rope of his creamy seed across the room and onto Carolina’s bedroom floor. Jude followed soon after. The sight of the two sexy boys shooting their sperm all over the place was enough to cause Rachel and Carolina to go off. Rachel’s warm juices leaked slowly all over her and Carolina’s pussy, but Carolina, being a squirter, whipped her legs out from the scissor lock, squatted on the floor, rubbed her clit furiously, let out a scream and showered the two boys with her warm, sweet spray. She then fell to the floor, exhausted, as Rachel got off one more time from the sight of Carolina squirting.

The four friends lay exhausted and endorphin-full: Rachel on the bed, Carolina on the floor, and Grant and Jude leaning against Carolina’s dresser. Carolina looked around at the mess of sperm spewed on her hardwood paneling.

“You two are going to have to mop that up, you know.”

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