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Yumi and Me on Campus

Yumi liked the thought of people watching her
It was the day after my first "special lesson" with Yumi and I was scheduled to meet with her and a few other students on campus. We met in the library and went over everyone's homework. (I volunteer as an English tutor to foreign students at a local college.) Yumi looked absolutely gorgeous, as usual. Yumi was an amazingly sexy Japanese girl who was probably just over five feet tall and had a tight compact body. She was wearing a white button up shirt that seemed to have been tailored to highlight her small perky tits, a black skirt that almost seemed to be painted on her perfect ass, and black high heels which held her ass up and out, making it absolutely impossible to ignore. She always dressed very classy, always covering everything, but also very sexy.

After I had helped them all with their homework we all sat there and talked, it was good practice for them in speaking and listening to English. Yumi was acting shy and quiet again. She usually behaved like your stereotypical shy Japanese girl, but after last night I knew that this was just how she acted in public, in private she was completely different. During the conversation I had to keep encouraging her to speak, and every time I did I couldn't help but think what a brazen slut she had been the night before. My cock was hard during the whole tutoring session.

Finally we were done and we all headed toward the entrance to the library. I made sure to walk a few steps behind Yumi so I could watch her ass sway back and forth as she walked. She knew I liked watching that tight ass and had told me it turned her on. When we got to the entrance everyone started saying their goodbyes and filing out the door. Yumi held me back.

"Come with me, I want to show you something." She said to me with that devilish glint in her eye.

She took my hand and headed toward the back of the library. Along the way we passed Ashonay, Yumi's beautiful African roommate, who was heading towards the library entrance with two other very attractive girls. Ashonay smiled at us and winked. The other two girls gave Yumi a strange look and eyed me up and down.

She lead me to a back stairwell and began heading upstairs. I walked below her a few steps so that her ass was right at eye level. With each floor we passed she hiked her skirt up a little more until I could see she wasn't wearing any underwear. Her pussy was glistening with moisture. As we passed the top floor and started heading to the roof level she hiked it up past her waist so that her skirt was more like a belt than anything else. Her wonderful naked ass was staring me right in the face and I was staring right back. Her moist shaved pussy was beckoning me to fuck it.

She opened the roof access door and walked through. "They never lock this door. I like coming up here because no one else ever does." She was unbuttoning her shirt and walking purposefully toward the railing.

When she got there she nonchalantly let her shirt fall to the ground and looked over the railing, she wasn't wearing a bra. I joined her at the railing and looked down. We were right over the Quad and it was full of people. At this point Yumi only had on her high heels and her skirt which was hiked up all the way past her waist. We were only four floors up, anybody who looked up would have a great view of her amazingly sexy body.

"I have always wanted to be fucked up here. I like that someone might see us." Yumi said, fingering her wet pussy.

She dropped to her knees and undid my pants, pulling them and my underwear down to my ankles. Released of its constraints, my hard cock stuck straight out at her. She moved me towards the railing and turned us to the side, making sure we were visible from below. She pulled my foreskin back, revealing the head, and gazed appreciatively at my cock. She had a hungry look in her eyes.

She kissed my cock all over, first on the tip then all down the shaft, finally sucking my balls into her mouth. She sucked on my balls for a bit, making my cock even harder, then licked all the way up the shaft to the head. Her tongue flicked around the ridge at the base of the head. I am extremely sensitive there and my cock twitched at her touch. This made Yumi smile and she wrapped her lips around my cock and slowly slid it all in her mouth. I could feel it enter her throat and she held it there, tightening and releasing her throat muscles.

"Oh fuck Yumi, that feels so good."

She looked up at me and responded "hhmmm?" with my cock still stuffed down her throat. I could feel the sound vibrating all around my stiff member.

I interpreted the "hhmmm?" to mean, "you like this?" and said, "Oh yes, you are an amazing cocksucker."

She winked at me and began working up and down on my cock, pulling all the way up so her lips were wrapped just around the head, her tongue swirling around it. Then all the way back down so my cock was in her throat and my shaved balls were on her chin. She reached up and started playing with my balls as she worked her mouth steadily up and down on my cock. Spit was dripping down, covering my cock, my balls, and her hand.

"God, that feels good. You look so good with my cock in your mouth."

She slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth, spit hanging between my cock and her lips. "I'm glad you like it. I love sucking your cock."

She spit on it, getting it nice and wet and then buried my cock down her throat again. She was blowing me with gusto now, forcing my cock down her throat hard and fast, her tongue swirling all around it. Spit was dripping everywhere and tears were streaming down her cheeks.

"You are such an amazing slut Yumi." I wrapped my fingers in her hair and began fucking her face hard. I forced my cock as far into her throat as hard and deep as I could over and over. She gagged a little a few times and the feeling of her throat constricting around my cock was amazing.

She enjoyed having her face fucked and began moaning "mmm hmm, mmm hmmm," over and over which I could feel vibrating around in her mouth.

I shoved my cock deep into her throat and held it there. She gagged a bit, but I just kept my cock deep in her throat, holding her head firmly in place. Spit was bubbling out the sides of her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and licked my balls. That was amazing, her licking my balls while I stuffed her throat. I moved her head back and forth and in circles, feeling her throat move around on my cock.

I finally pulled my cock out of her mouth, spit dripping everywhere.

Yumi coughed a bit and caught her breath. "I love it when you use me like that," she gasped. "Treat me like your dirty little whore."

"Don't worry, I'm gonna use you, but now I want to use another hole. Stand up and bend over."

She stood up and bent over, not with both hands on the railing facing over like I expected, but instead looped one arm over it with the railing running down her side. She wanted everyone below to have a perfect view.

I lined up behind her and just took in the view. This incredibly sexy Asian girl bent over with her hot ass in the air, her moist shaved pussy exposed and waiting for me. I looked down at all of the people in the quad, wondering what they would think if they looked up and saw us here. The thought made me even harder and hornier. I pressed the head of my cock up against the opening to her pussy, coating it with her juices. I slapped my cock against her clit, making her moan.

"Oh please fuck me! Stick that hard dick in my pussy!" Yumi moaned, waving her ass at me. She bent down lower, one hand looped on the lowest rung of the railing, the other grabbing her ankle. Her head was between her ankles and she was looking up at me. "I want to watch you slide that hard cock inside me. I want to see it disappear into my tight pussy."

How could I refuse? I slid my cock all the way into her pussy, burying it up to the hilt. Even though I had fucked her just the night before, I was amazed at how tight she was. Her pussy seemed to hug every curve and ridge of my cock.

"Oh yes! That looked almost as hot as it felt," she said, her eyes glued to where my cock had disappeared into her.

I began fucking her with long, slow, deliberate strokes. I wanted to feel every little bit of her wet cunt sliding along my cock. As I worked in and out of her, I moved my hips around in a circle, making sure I hit a different part of her pussy with each thrust.

"Damn that pussy feels good girl."

I grabbed her ass and started pulling her back and forth in time to my thrusts. She was bent basically in half, with her head between her ankles, and seemed to pivot like an upside down pendulum, her pussy bouncing down hard on my cock at the end of each arc. I began slapping her ass over and over.

With each slap she would let out a little yelp and moan "Oh yes! Fuck me! Use me!"

"You like being fucked like a little slut?" I built up speed, driving my cock into her harder and harder.

"Oh yes! Fuck me like a little slut!" She reached back and started playing with her clit, occasionally reaching farther back to grip my balls.

"Whose slut are you?"

"I'm your slut! I'm your slut!" She cried out, bucking her hips back into me.

I buried my cock in her pussy, forcing it in as deep as it would go, holding it there. Grabbing her by the hips on both sides I moved her around and around on my cock.

"Show me how much you like this cock. Work that ass and fuck me like you dream about while you're playing with yourself"

At that she started wiggling her ass around in circles as she pounded back and forth on me. Her perfect little ass was moving every direction, and her pussy was moving along with it, all over my cock.

I licked my thumb and slid it in her ass. She let out a little gasp and started fucking me even harder.

"Oh yes! That cock feels so good." Yumi was gasping and shuddering. "I love it when you play with my ass while you fuck me!"

I pulled my thumb out and slid two fingers in her ass.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!" She was moaning. Her body was tensing and her pussy clenching even tighter on my cock.

I slid a third finger in her ass and buried all three to the knuckles as I pulled her back on me so my entire cock disappeared into her pussy.

Yumi bit her knuckles to stifle the scream that escaped her as she came all over my cock. Her juices were running down her thighs and dripping off my balls. Her already tight pussy started spasming on my cock, clenching and unclenching, practically rippling as her orgasm carried on.

"Oh God Yumi! I'm gonna cum!"

As soon as I said that Yumi spun around and swallowed my cock, taking it all the way down her throat. She sucked my cock deep and hard, fucking my cock with her face. Spit was hanging down in long strands, dripping on her tits and making her body glisten.

She my cock out of her mouth just long enough to say,

"Are you gonna cum for me baby? Are you gonna fill my mouth with your load?" And then she would force me deep into her throat again. One hand was massaging and tugging at my balls, the other was stroking my cock in time to her bobbing lips.

"I've been a good whore haven't I? Can I have your cum? Haven't I earned your cum in mouth?" She looked in my eyes as she pleaded with me.

"You want my cum?" I asked her.

"Oh yes give me your cum." She licked all up and down the shaft then wrapped her lips around the head, still tugging at my balls. "I've been a good little slut for you. Please cum in my mouth. I want the people down there to see."

I forced my cock down her throat again, holding it there as I said, "I'll cum in your mouth for you. But only if you promise not to waste a drop." Truth was that I was getting damn close to cumming and couldn't have stopped it anyway, but she didn't have to know that.

"I promise I won't spill a drop, sir." She looked so hot. Down on her knees. Sucking my cock like the champ that she was. Coated in her spit that was dripping off my cock.

I could feel my balls swelling and my legs getting stiff. She must have felt it too, she had a hand on my balls the whole time she was sucking me off. I could feel the cum swelling inside me, building up pressure, until it let go like a dam breaking.

"Oh fuck yes Yumi!" was all I managed.

She held just the tip in her mouth with her lips wide open so I could see the cum erupting from my cock and landing on her tongue. My cum formed a little cloudy white pool in her mouth. I shot load after load into her open mouth until it started trickling out the corners of her mouth and dripped off her chin.

She opened her mouth wide to show me all of my cum in there, winked at me, and swallowed it all. Then she sucked my cock back into her mouth and started licking me clean. Power sucking every last drop of cum out of me.

"Damn Yumi! You fuck me so good."

"I told you. I am your slut. Isn't that what a good slut is for?" And she licked all around my head, making me convulse and shake.

"Oh yes. And you are a perfect little slut." I reached down and wiped some of my cum off her chin and cheeks, "but you did waste some."

Yumi licked my cum off my finger, "you will just have to think of a good way to punish me then." And she reached up and wiped my cum off her tits with her finger, then stuck it in her mouth and sucked it dry. "You are the best tutor I have ever had."

"And you are by far the best student I have ever had."
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