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A Date With Priapus Pt 2

Married couple observe the power of Priapus, she in close up, he in despair.

At that moment Jake had just undergone not dissimilar treatment. For a long time, the two nymphs had sat at his feet, gazing up at his limp cock. Their old/young faces showed no emotion. They had just stared as Jake worried about the silence from the room where he didn't want to imagine what indignities were being heaped on Hesta.

But then, the moon had loomed from beyond the trees, and the moment the hall became bathed in its light, the two nymphs had moved towards him. Each reached out a hand to stroke at his flaccid cock. They got no reaction. Jake was relieved that his present state of worry about Hesta moved him a long way from getting an erection.

His scrotum was stroked gently, pulled roughly, without any result. Both hands stroked his cock with infinite gentility. One moved in, took his limp member, placed it in her mouth and began sucking on it, almost frantically. Jake was proud of himself, and maybe, just a little surprised, that his cock did not respond. But his mind was just too full of fear for his wife. Who could respond in such circumstances?

One of the satyrs called out and although their language was distorted from the Greek he knew, Jake could tell he was inviting the nymphs to service him instead. Ignoring the satyr, the two nymphs drew back from Jake and whispered together. Then one of them darted away towards where Hesta was being imprisoned.

Watching her go, Jake had looked across the hall area, and, despite his distracted situation, he saw that the rising of the moon must have triggered some kind of general orgy. To his right two large satyrs standing upright were ramming into a nymph, one front, one rear. On her face was a beatific smile.

Jake worried about what the nymph might be doing in there, but within seconds she was hurrying back, clutching a small jar. There was a big grin on her face. Her partner wriggled closer to Jake until she was looking up at his scrotum. As the other settled beside her, and they each dipped their fingers into the jar.

Jake could see, over in a far corner, a nymph had her gown thrown over her face, as she was held down and three or four goat satyrs were being encouraged to poke their mini erections into any orifice they could find. Howls and giggles rose from that corner. But worriedly he saw a yellow substance on the fingers of his nymphs, as they sat level with his cock. Their fingers began smearing the strange paste all over his cock and scrotum. They rubbed until none of the paste could be detected on him.

Both leaned back and watched him, or rather watched his cock. 'What the hell was the game here?' Almost concurrent with that thought, he was aware of his scrotum heating up, the way a muscle ointment will heat up the skin. But then, within seconds he could almost feel the blood pounding into his cock, and without any lapse of time, it moved through semi-erect to a full, hefty erection, the kind that Hesta had been so proud to produce in him. Maybe more so, for it felt to be pointing to the skies for attention.

Without further hesitation, both nymphs were clutching at it eagerly, laughing with delight, as they ran their lips and tongues up and down his whole length. To his disgrace, he felt grateful for their attention. In no time one of them closed her mouth totally around his cock and sucked him right to the back of her throat.

God, so deep, even Hesta hadn't managed that kind of acceptance of his length. The other one pushed her companion aside and took him slowly back into her throat, while her tongue lavished his length. Impossible, bu, he longed to have his hands free to pull their heads onto him further.

All around the hall, couples, satyr and nymph, were actively servicing each other. Nymphs straddled rampant satyrs, sucked at their large erections, or lay under a satyr, being moved backwards by his thrusts, while another satyr waited his turn. By the entrance area, one nymph was taking three large satyrs, all at the same time.

His two nymphs played and sucked him for a long time, taking his cock from their mouths to lick the head, and poke their tongue into the little slit. At one point, one of them had him way down her throat, while the other was mouthing his balls. Jake wondered if he would ever ejaculate. He was shamed by the utter pleasure he was having. Suddenly, he became aware of the very familiar pounding in his scrotum, feeding into his throbbing cock, and with a cry, muffled by his gag, he was pouring out down the throat of one of them, who instantly removed his spurting member to pass to her partner who took it deep, sucking and sucking.

Jake couldn't imagine how he could have so much to give, as his cock was passed like a baton between the two, and they each took ready shares of what his dear wife would have called his 'white stuff'. They took it in the mouth, in the throat, where it was swallowed into the belly, and in exchange, it trailed across their faces

At last, his cock slowly sagged and dropped from the mouth of the current recipient. The two old/young faces exchanged disappointed looks, wiped their faces on their gowns and turned as the two guards on either side called to them. Without delay, one went to the left and took the large cock in her mouth, while the other moved to the satyr on the right.

He doused his torch and lifted her onto his erection, where she bobbed contentedly. Jake took in a shuddering breath. All around him was a scene of utter debauchery, and he had been part of it

From somewhere there came a weird horn sound. Something was about to happen. All around him there was rapid movement, mostly attempts to complete the intercourse that had been taking place. On his left, the nymph drew her mouth back from the satyr's cock. White dribbled from her chin and was still spurting from the satyr's end. Jake felt sick. But knew deep inside that what was about to happen would be much harder to take. 'Was he going to be able to watch this?'

Two small satyrs appeared and looped some rope through rings on each corner of the dais. Then they went and stood at the opposite corners at the back. They turned their heads towards the rooms. Waiting. Inside, the three nymphs stood up, and Hesta saw them hesitate until a rough call came from across the corridor.

They nodded at the two satyrs, and Hesta felt herself being lifted, under the shoulders and behind her legs, before being hoisted above the heads of the two creatures. She was carried from the room, and out into the bright moonlight. Her head turned to where she knew Jake was tied. She wanted to cry out to him, but she knew that would upset him. This terror had to be met on her own. Yet her whole body simmered with an unwilling urgency. Her insides pulsing beyond her control.

Jake watched as the procession came through the door. Two nymphs in front, one at the rear, and between them, her naked body held to the sky by two satyrs, his darling wife. He saw her look, her face distraught, but she didn't call out. She must know what awaited her. Such a brave lady. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

As the procession reached the dais, the two satyrs lowered Hesta into a sitting position on the edge. As one of them parted her legs, and the other laid her back holding her hands over her head, the two small satyrs came forward and bound her ankles to the rings. The satyr standing between her legs stepped to one side, without ever taking his eyes off what he had exposed. Jake was sickened to see her sex totally open to all eyes.

Both small satyrs took a quick peek before scuttling on goat's legs to the rear where each took an arm from the satyr holding them. In the end, Hesta was completely spread-eagled, her ankles tied, and each arm held wide by a small satyr. The stage was set. Seeing his wife completely bare and available to whatever indignity might fall to her, had Jake struggling desperately with his bonds. All so useless.

From somewhere there must have been a signal, for in a second all the remaining torches were extinguished, and the scene was lit only by the power of the full moon. Had that light source ever been so revealing?

Hesta's emotions were in turmoil. Foremost, was the terror of what she had faced and would be facing. There was the despair that Jake would suffer just by seeing this, and the shame of having her body so exposed, epitomised by the expression on that satyr's face as he parted her legs for a second time, and looked as though he'd like to bury his face in her. It was a look that cried, "I've tasted your juices." Even the small satyrs had stared at her opening.

Yet despite all these hateful humiliations, her body, her skin, her cunt were screaming for fulfilment. This was wrong, but she had been treated to have this feeling. There was nothing she could do about it.

When the torches were extinguished, she knew that her time had come. There was a deathly silence. Clearly, all satyrs and nymphs present knew the significance of this moment. A single torch, held by a tall satyr suddenly appeared from the direction of the rooms. Turning her head, she saw the tall dreaded figure emerge through the doorway. Wide of chest, decorated in floral and vine drapes, he stood there, that enormous member, pointing, Hesta was convinced, directly at her.

Priapus turned to face the moon, held out his arms and roared loudly and triumphantly. Then he strode strongly and purposefully towards where Hesta was spread for him, and as he walked he was chanting, "Hestia, Hestia."

With his first view of Priapus, Jake had choked on his gag. He had read tales, had heard talk, seen pictures, but this massive cock was beyond anything within his imagination. In absolute anguish he watched, knowing, for certain, that he was about to see his darling wife die, skewered on this impossible erection.

Through the gag he tried to cry out, "She is not your Hestia. She is my Hesta."

Hesta had wanted to close her eyes as Priapus came nearer. But this could not be shut out, and the nearer it got the more threatening that gross phallus became. It was like a huge gnarled tree trunk. He stood close to her head, allowing his member to fall across her throat, as one hand stroked over each breast, and he kept up his murmuring, "Hestia, Hestia."

With the state of her skin, the touch of his coarse hand on her breast was devastating, as his fingers played with her nipple. This was wrong, she shouldn't be having these spasms of joy. These sensations were for Jake alone. Now his hand held his member in front of her face. Terrified, Hesta could see the huge girth of it, a monstrosity of malformed proportions, and the purple/maroon of the head, pointed, almost like an arrow, was the broadest part of the whole thing and filled her with dread, yet an unwanted curiosity.

He leaned over her now, and his thick lips set in an almost handsome face, sought hers. Hesta knew she should be turning away, but there was something, was it just the lotion that covered her, drew her on, and her tongue was mingling with the incredible roughness of his. Her head spinning, she managed to pull away, but there was a smile on his lips.

S'agapao, Hestia," he said, as he reached out and took her right hand from the satyr.

Hesta's heart turned over. This is what Jake often said to her, during their time together, "I love you." And wasn't he now holding her hand like some lover?

For Jake, watching in a mix of fear and confusion, it was just unbelievable. This monster was actually making love to his wife. He had kissed her, and worse, she had appeared to enjoy it. He had held her breast, which she didn't appear to resent, and had uttered those magic words that he had translated and used in their most intimate moments.

Now he was holding her hand, or was he? For even as Jake watched Priapus had placed her hand on his gigantic member and was encouraging her to move it along the whole length. 'Stop this!'

Hesta froze at the moment he placed her hand on his erection. Under his guidance, she was feeling the whole rough power in it, was aware of the blood pounding through it. Now she was really uncertain of what to do. 'Keep him happy, was that a good idea? Go along with this whole charade'? Already she had found that her hand could not give a total grip around this thick rod, and as she was pondering her next move, Priapus bent and started kissing and licking her breasts.

Now, this was dangerous territory for her. Already her skin was aflame. His tongue was rough in the way a cat’s tongue is rough, and the sensations it was giving, as he licked at her nipples were frankly frightening, because she knew deep in her heart that she should not be feeling this euphoria.

Jake was in purgatory. Seeing Hesta stroking that thing, he could at least tell she was uncertain. But when Priapus kissed her breast, even in the moonlight he could recognise that look on her face, that look of rising passion when he was stimulating her.

Hesta felt Priapus take her hand off his member and pass it back to the satyr. He raised himself so that his cock once more lay at Hesta's throat. He half turned and spoke to one of the nymphs, and she moved beside him, took hold of the erect hardness and kissed it firmly around its arrow-shaped, yet bulbous head. The nymph's tongue licked with a wide tongue all around that huge head. After performing that act, the nymph's next action horrified Hesta.

The head of the erect giant cock was held to Hesta's lips. No, she couldn't perform this act. This was the act that only Jake had rights to. But the nymph was looking at her with pleading eyes, and she could almost read her mind. If Hesta did not repeat what she had just done, then the nymph was going to suffer in some way.

'Don't do this, please, Hesta.' Jake knew that his fears could not reach her, and he saw her hesitation, but then there seemed to be looks exchanged between Hesta and the nymph. In utter disbelief, he saw Hesta place her lips on the head of this torpedo of a cock. Something close to fury hit him when her tongue quickly followed and repeated what the nymph had done. 'Don't take it in, it will kill you.'

But that wasn't going to happen, for he heard Priapus say out loud, "S'agapao akomi."

She would recognize that, wouldn't she?

Having his cock head under her tongue had not been the best of experiences for Hesta. There had been a strange indefinable taste. Anyway, she had done it, proved by what he had said next. That was something Jake would say jokingly to her when she had made some minor mistake, like burning the toast or forgetting to buy his favourite sweet, he would say it, and she knew it meant, "I love you still."

Priapus was really into making love. This, so far, had been no assault, and inside her lower body were unfulfilled longings, that she would normally only have for Jake. She kept telling herself, this was because of the unguent that she had been treated with, rather than any fancy for Priapus.

But at that very moment, he was allowing his rampant cock to trail over her breasts, and it was electrifying. Twice he did it, clearly knowing the effect it was having on her. Then his cock continued a journey down over her belly until it was lying across her bush like some great steam train waiting to enter a station.

Hesta couldn't believe that his actions had made her want her hands free to reach for him, or maybe for anything. For, he had stepped around where her left knee was tied, to stand between her gaping thighs. Raising her head, she saw him looking down into her and licking his lips. He knelt and placed his lips and tongue where her clit must have been clearly standing out, for he hit it immediately, making her whole body jerk upwards, and just for a moment one of the satyrs lost his grip on her hand. A grip which he quickly regained.

Hesta was almost delirious with need. She felt like she could take the whole world up into her cunt. Yet, in thinking that, part of her brain was telling her that this might be her very last sensation.

Priapus had licked along her whole crevice, and his tongue had poked, tantalizingly into her entry. God, Hesta knew that her inner walls were so heated, so desperate that they had tried to suck his tongue deeper.

Now, he stood up tall looked up at the bright moon, and back down to Hesta, before muttering, once more, "S'agapao, Hestia."

Jake was watching fearfully. This was the moment. This was the point he had dreaded. It had been hateful watching Priapus run his cock over her delicate body, seeing him crouch to lick out her precious area. Her willing reactions had angered him at first, but then he had realized that, whatever had been used on his cock, something similar may have been done to her, and that made it irresistible for her.

But now they were at the point of no return. Priapus was preparing to enter his darling Hesta. There could be no escape. She could never survive that kind of onslaught. Jake estimated that the size of that cock would drive it through cervix, through womb, certainly into mid-belly. There was no survival against those odds. Jakes tears started again, and he didn't want to see but felt he had little choice.

Hesta didn't know what she should be feeling. Fear, most certainly, that thing of Priapus was probably going to tear her insides apart. Yet, desperate pulling sensations inside her had not gone away. Her whole body trembled as they went into this final act.

Priapus stroked his own colossal organ proudly, before signalling to the three nymphs who had stood aside the whole time. They came forward apparently well aware of their duties. One took over the holding of Priapus's swollen appendage, while the other two, one on either side, reached out to pull apart Hesta's already gaping entry, to reveal more clearly her wet, heated and ready hole.

The nymph holding Priapus pointed the arrowhead and moved him forward to Hesta's entry. Hesta closed her eyes. Wanting desperately, yet dreading it. Here it came. She felt the first hot touch at her entry, then the pressure as Priapus produced the first thrust. Agony, instant and appalling, as the vast head broke through the tightness of her opening.

Hesta was aware that she had cried out at the pain of it. 'But he had been reasonably careful, hadn't he?' Much worse than that moment she had lost her virginity to Jake, but more importantly, he was inside her, and she could feel her inner muscles already working at what they had been longing for. His second gentle thrust brought only delight.

With the third stroke, he was well inside, filling her, immense, but gorgeously hot and her own juices ran once more, as she felt him push on further, and her eager cunt sent out its own welcome messages. With one more stroke she felt him strike against her cervix, and although that sensation was terrific for her, she was wondering what would he do now?

What he did was pull back, hold it, which tantalised her walls into contorting and heaving at this monster. Then Hesta gasped as he pushed once more to her cervix. Suddenly, Hesta was gone from this world and was whirling in a space that floated her above all care on a wild tide of pleasure. His movements were so measured now. Thrusting in, drawing back, while Hesta's insides heaved at this massive intruder, this massive, so welcome, intruder.

Thrust after thrust, her pleasure heightened. She had never known such ecstasy. Not even with Jake. And thoughts of Jake brought on a brief moment of guilt, which was instantly swept away by the next thrust. Having this monster inside her had her moaning for more. Through her euphoria, she heard Priapus issue an instruction, and the next moment she was aware of fingers unfastening the bonds on her ankles.

This was ideal for her. With her legs free she could lift her pelvis to meet every stroke he made, and she was able to clench herself tightly around the heaving pole that filled her. Sensation after sensation ran through her whole lower body, her raging core was only a starting point for wave after wave of delight. She heard a female voice screaming out a demanding cry, but in ecstasy, and realised it was her own voice.

She looked up into his face, and it looked bloated, full, both wild and puzzled. Something was going to happen. Something had to happen. Trembles were racking her body. She was going over an edge, that would plummet her into a wonderful oblivion, but as her walls gave another upward heave on his throbbing member, he thrust hard against her cervix, too hard really.

She pulled her hips back, before she heard his grunting, and felt him pulsing, pulsing inside her. Hesta heard his triumphant roar, and knew, with total surety, that his white stuff was pouring through her cervix, and that alone was enough to drive her over that edge into rapturous elation. She was floating, squealing, lost in total orgasm.

Her tortuous, frantic twisting tore her hands free from both satyrs, but she was too far gone to take any advantage from it. She could only lie, vaguely aware that Priapus's large erection was still moving inside her. She knew Priapus had only given her a section of his monster, but it was so rapturous.

More threatening, suddenly, out of her salacious state, she realised that her legs were being lifted onto Priapus's shoulders. Although still misty from what she had just experienced, she knew something about this position. Jake and she had tried it a few times, and it was, she was certain, for maximum penetration.

Suddenly alarmed and aware, she pushed herself up on her elbows and looked into the face of Priapus. His erection, that permanent erection, was active inside her, and he was drawing it back, and back, readying for his full-length push into her insides. 'Was that really going to happen to her?'

That one look into his face told her it was. His head nodded as though in agreement with her assessment, but it was the dark eyes that really told her. They were regretful, sad, strangely red in the moonlight, and bore the look of someone who doesn't want to do what his reputation demanded. He had placed his rough hands on her hips, all set to pull her forcefully into a special deadly agony. Struggling was pointless. Satyrs were nearby eager to put their hands on her. In despair at the utter futility, she closed her eyes.

Jake could not come to terms with the action he had been watching. Hesta, his beloved wife, had been violated, or so it had seemed at first. He had cringed at that first cry of pain as the monstrous cock must have ploughed into her. After that, all he could see were her spread legs and the muscular buttocks of Priapus. But Jake could tell by the movement of those buttocks, that the thrusts into his wife were controlled thrusts.

Then two nymphs stepped forward on either side and began loosening the ropes that tied Hesta's ankles. Instantly freed her knees raised and appeared to grip on either side of Priapus. There were two sounds, that Jake could make out, one was the grunts from Priapus. But that other sound deadened his spirit, the noises that he knew so well. The whimpering gasps from Hesta as she neared orgasm. She was being pleasured he could tell. But even that did not hit him as hard as what he heard next.

Priapus had raised his head to the sky and given an animal roar, as his buttocks flexed rapidly. 'Had he come inside her?' The sheer frustration seeped into Jake's soul.

On either side of Priapus' buttocks, Jake could just detect the wild movement of Hesta's hips and saw the two satyrs stagger back as her passionate spasms tore her hands free. Now she was had stopped, but Priapus's buttocks still twitched. But what he saw next had him yelling behind his gag.

The two nymphs had each taken hold of Hesta's ankles and had placed them on Priapus's shoulders. Jake knew exactly what this was for. Deeper penetration.

As if confirming his great fear, one of the nearby satyrs told the other one, "He has given her love. Now he must pay her to Zeus. She will take all of it."

Anxiety crushing him, he, at last, had a glimpse of Hesta's face as she sat up to look at Priapus, and what she saw there had made her close her eyes in despair. Jake saw Priapus's buttocks draw back, ready for that killer thrust. 'Oh, God, no!'

Could it have been fate? Chance? Luck? Yes, definitely some of that. Who could say? But it was at that precise moment, as Priapus was poised to skewer Hesta on his monster prong, that a dark cloud moved over the moon. There was only total blackness.

Hesta's whole body had been clenched awaiting that final agony. But, suddenly, her legs dropped down, unsupported. The cock that had been filling her, was no longer in her, which now felt strangely empty, deserted. Opening her eyes, she could tell the moon had disappeared and at first, she could see nothing in the total darkness. She sat up, blinked her eyes to adjust to the dark.

Nothing was within her sight. No satyrs, no nymphs, no Priapus. Getting to her feet she was asking herself, had she dreamt it all? As she moved her legs, the sheer discomfort in her lower body told her it was no dream. Something fluid ran down her leg. Blood? She scooped with one finger and brought it up close to her eyes. Not blood, it was white. His stuff? Her body trembled, as she felt the first drops of rain touch her skin.

Then, her senses becoming more alert, she peered through the darkness to the opposite wall and saw the vague white figure spread there. Jake! She moved to run to him and called his name. Running was not easy, it only emphasized the soreness between her legs. Jake hadn't answered. Was he -?

Hesta quickened her pace. 'Damn you, Priapus. Damn you, for everything. For filling me with fear, for filling me, full stop. For making me enjoy it, damn you.' As she fearfully approached Jake, she saw his head move. Thank God. Closer and she saw the gag.

Then she was against him, naked body to naked body. "Oh, Jake, is it over? Is it really over?"

His muffled response reminded her that he was still gagged. Her mind still wasn't functioning rationally. She removed the gag, and Jake smacked his lips together, before asking, "How are you? Wait. Just untie me."

With fumbling intensity, she unfastened his bonds, all the time wondering, what he had seen. 'Had he observed all her shame? How was it going to affect their relationship?' The moment his last bond fell free, Jake bent, pulled her up, and held her. She was sure that it was affection in his eyes, and standing close together, in normal circumstances, both naked, skin on skin, it would have been the precursor to lovemaking. Now, they just stood together, savouring the security of the. moment.

"What happened?" she asked, at last. "Where did everything go?"

She felt Jake shrug, "I can only think it had to be the moon. They needed the light of the moon, and when that disappeared so did they."

"But they were mythical creatures. How did they -"

She heard a bitter chuckle from Jake, "Oh, don't ask me. Did they feel mythical to you? I've always thought that myths might have some basis."

Hesta wondered if there was anger in his voice, but then he said, "Let's get dressed."

Rain was still just an occasional drop, but flashes of lightning and distant thunder indicated there would be more. Without too much bother, they found their clothes inside the twin rooms and put them on. By the time they'd done that the rain was falling seriously.

"Across the corridor," Jake told her. "Remember there's a portion of roof remaining." Thunder sounded closer, as they sat huddled close together under the shelter of the meagre roof remnant.

"Jake, I need to talk about it. Talk it out of my system," Hesta had thought about this, wanted to know that everything was going to be all right between them.

"Wouldn't you rather rest?" When she shook her head, he hugged her, and went on, "Then tell me about what happened in here. The other- " He paused, "—we'll leave for later." He wanted to add 'much later', not sure he wanted to hear her version of that part at all.

Head on Jake's chest, Hesta began talking. At times Jake came in with worried questions, especially when she mentioned the satyr guards. She reassured him that apart from their eyes they had not bothered her. He didn't like her description of the five young satyr attack, or the reaching into her by the hand of the nymph. And he was furious at the image of the satyr licking at that hand.

Eventually, with the rain pouring down and lightning flashing followed by clashes of thunder, Jake suggested they get some sleep.

"First thing tomorrow we'll start back."

Hesta was sure she would not be able to sleep, fearing that if the storm passed the moon might return. Jake reassured her that it was after midnight. Relaxed by that, Hesta closed her eyes. Jake snuggled her into him, still bothered by what he had seen her going through, but soon, they were both asleep.

Next morning, they descended much quicker than they had climbed, and they reached the village before noon. In the tavern, Sakis was keen to know what had happened to them. Jake got away by saying they got lost, and had found shelter.

All Hesta wanted was a shower. She stood under the water, and soaped herself thoroughly, concentrating between her legs. It was still uncomfortable down there, and she was just a little concerned about the unusual churning low down in her belly. Had some damage been done? But that giant cock had not been as deep as it might have been.

Back in the room, she dropped the towel that covered her, "Were you terribly disappointed in my reactions, Jake. That ointment, or whatever it was, had such a strange effect. I-"

Jake was naked too, having been preparing for his shower. He went to her now, and put his arms around, and placed a finger over her lips. "Shh—I know all about their lotions."

And he told her about the nymphs and what they had done to him.

Jake had debated with himself whether he should tell her what she had yelled when she was on the verge of orgasm. Maybe someday. That kind of information might make her feel guiltier.

Mid-afternoon, they were driving away from their desperate experience in Priax. Hesta had been grateful, in one sense, to hear that Jake knew what that ointment could do, but at the same time, she hated the idea of others tasting him. 'But these others weren't actual women, were they?'

Then Jake said something really sensible, "Someday, well into the future, we will talk about all the things that happened last night." He smiled at her, “And even we won’t believe it.”

Only two things remained on Hesta's mind. Why did she have this strange quirkiness deep in her insides? And what would things be like when she and Jake next made love?



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