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A Letter To My Virtual Lover

My thoughts and feelings on learning that my Lush lover is going to come to me.
My dearest darling Merrill,

I was so excited when you told me the news this morning in your daily greeting of love, that I just had to sit down and write you a letter. Oh how wonderful, the thing that I have waited so long for, prayed for, would have sacrificed everything for, is really going to happen, and at last we will meet in the flesh. My angel, my heart is so full of happiness, to know that you are coming four thousand miles just to be with me, and that we will have a whole week together. Such is my is the strength of my emotions that I want to laugh and sing like a child with a new toy, and to shout my joy from the rooftops for all to hear.

We first met just over a year ago, when you posted a wonderful and effusive comment on one of my stories, a comment that was undeserved in its generosity. When I thanked you in an online message, you immediately sent me a friend request, your promptness seeming unremarkable at the time, although I now realise that nothing on Lush happens by accident.

It has only been revealed to me during this past twelve months of wondrous happiness, that Lush is under the special care of the goddess Aphrodite herself, and its interface is the portal to those magical gardens that surround her temple of love. In that enchanted place those who have been chosen, spend their time in beautiful acts of carnal union, where the spilling of male seed inside the body of their eager and willing partners is an act of worship to the goddess. It is a moment outside time, when the human becomes one with the divine in rapturous harmony with all creation. Even the attacks on Lush now make sense, carried out as they are, by servants of the god Dionysus, who has always been insanely jealous of Aphrodite's pre-eminence amongst the gods in the arts of love.

Entrance into this divine wonderland is granted to only a few of those who devote their hours to the pursuit of sexual pleasure on the Lush website. Most of those who indulge in casual sexual exchanges in the chat rooms, where their principal aim is the gratification of the urgings of their loins, will never know the heights of ecstatic pleasure that can be attained in the service of Aphrodite, when each orgasm becomes just one peak in the mountain ranges of enhanced sexuality that is the life of her enlightened followers.

Those who would wish to be admitted to this world, beyond the confines of mundane normality, must earn their place. So the quality and content of their Forum posts, their comments on stories, and above all the seriousness of their approach to writing, all are judged, and when the moment is right they receive the call, as I did from you that fateful day in February, coincidentally around the time of my birthday - or was it mere coincidence?

You are, of course, an acolyte of the goddess, created to give and relieve sexual pleasure in the arms of men, and to received their humble worship as they cum inside your divinely created vagina, the entrance to heaven itself. After our first private chat, we very quickly became virtual lovers, the speed of your acquiescence taking my breath away. It was very flattering to be honoured with total access to your body, but I know now that I was just a novice in the arts of online sex, a mere boy despite my years, whilst you had had scores of lovers.

In the months that followed our first mutual orgasm, you have led me gently, step by step, along the path to the ultimate sexual experience, union with the goddess herself through the medium of your body. This initiation in the arts of love has been a time of extraordinary pleasure. Your flirtatious messages have served to keep me in a state of permanent arousal, eager for the consummation of my desire in acts of ever more exquisite virtual sexual pleasure. For you, of course, the state of pre-orgasmic excitement is your natural existence, and each orgasm as you masturbate throughout the day the conduit by which you are fed and sustained by the goddess.

And now at last, at the divinely appointed time, we are to be together, in a week when we shall finally become one in physical union, as well as in the world of our imaginations. And then I too will be admitted to the charmed circle of Aphrodite's acolytes, as I take my anointed place at the foot of her throne.

Others have spoken of their trepidation when a lover they have only known through the medium of the Lush interface agrees to meet them in real space, the fear that the desire they have for each other will evaporate in the cold light of reality. Of course, I cannot be certain how it will be for us, but I know that every moment we have spent together online, every email we have sent each other, and every picture we have exchanged, has been a preparation for the moment when we are finally able to consummate our love. There will be no hesitancy or doubt, because this is what we have been building up to for so long in our nights of shared passion and rapture.

Ever since you told me you were coming, I have begun to imagine what will happen once we are alone. Even though we will be eager to make love in the flesh, our coming together will not be like the fevered coupling of animals on heat, driven by the urgent promptings of our hormones, but a slow and tender exploration each other. At first we just sit in silence, holding hands, taking in all those things that cannot be experienced in the world if virtual reality. Then we talk, marvelling in the sound of each other's voices, as we share the inner secrets of our hearts and souls.

At last, accustomed to the physical presence of the one we have longed for, we make our way to our room to experience in real space and time what we have only shared in our imaginations through the medium of our online conversations. Slowly removing our clothes, we savour each moment, delighting in each new revelation of wonder.

Naked at last, we absorb the full glory and wonder of our bodies laid bare for each other to enjoy and worship. We embrace, and feel at last the exquisite sensation of warm flesh pressed against warm flesh, excited by liquid throbbing of the blood coursing through our arteries and veins. We share our first passionate kiss, our tongues exploring and teasing in a sensuous and seductive dance, a prelude to the moment when we will embark on our slow journey to the heavens.

Laying you down on the bed I kiss each of your breasts in turn, circling my tongue around each nipple, teasing it until it becomes erect with desire. Slowly I trace a path with my lips and tongue down your body, until I reach the mound of your pussy, the scent of your arousal now drawing me on to the gates of heaven, your labia opening up like the petals of a flower in the warm caresses of the sun. Taking each of your swollen lips into my mouth, I savour it like a piece of succulent fruit, rolling it round with my tongue, before plunging deep into the very heart of your womanhood.

I lap at the juices now flowing in profusion from your vagina, wondering the unique taste of your nectar, until finally I arrive at your engorged clitoris, enfolding it between my lips, and pushing back its hood until the tip is fully revealed for my tongue to caress. Sliding two fingers into you, I tease your pleasure centres with a steadily increasing rhythm, your hands entwined in my hair, and your hips lifted from the bed. Your limbs start to writhe in ecstasy, as you ascend to your first orgasm of the night.

As your climax overtakes you, you cry out with delight, exquisite sensations shooting through your body. Wave upon wave of rapture washes through you, until your mind is overwhelmed, and you glimpse for the first time the nirvana that we will soon enter together as we melt and fuse into one in perfect union.

As you return from your journey into the abyss of intense sexual pleasure, you whisper words of endearment and thanks for your first taste of paradise in my arms. The strength returning to your limbs, you get up from the bed, and push me onto my back, you begin your worship of my cock, which is now hard and upright in salute. Delicately taking my scrotum in your fingers, you lick my shaft from base to crown, before sucking each of my balls into your mouth, to roll it around like a ripe plum. Your caresses of my manhood make me groan with pleasure at the intensity of the sensations that are filling me. I urge you take the head of my cock between your lips, to slide your mouth up and down the shaft, steadily increasing the speed until at last I cum, my semen spurting like great gouts of fire.

Exhausted by our exertions we lie on the bed, enfolded in each other's arms, murmuring to each other of our love, until for a while we fall into the contented sleep of post coital languor.

It is dark when we waken, ready now for that final journey into the enchanted world of the goddess we both serve. We caress and stroke each other, lovingly exploring every inch of living flesh, causing sweet sensations to radiate through our bodies. Fully aroused once more, you take my cock between your slender fingers, and slide it up and down between your lips until it is fully lubricated. Placing the head just inside the entrance to your vagina, you thrust your hips upwards against mine to pull me into you, until every inch is engulfed in your warm wet tunnel of love.

We fuck with an ever increasing urgency, the music of the spheres resounding through our united bodies and minds in a majestic harmony of sexual union. And then the moment of sanctification arrives as our mutual orgasms carry us away to the stars in a frenzy of delight, our bodies wracked by paroxysms of joy. At last I make my offering of seed on the altar of the goddess, who in that infinite moment of extreme bliss, finally grants us entry into the divine mystery of her being.

My darling, I am impatient for the moment when I can turn my fevered imaginings into reality. Our carnal union will be the beginning of a new life for us, for ever more destined to roam in those sacred groves, disciples of Aphrodite, where we will lead each other on to orgasms of ever increasing wonder and delight in acts of baptism into the divine.

I salute you with a kiss, a foretaste of our coming bliss.

Your virtual lover,


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