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A Man of the Night

The kiss of a vampire is enchanting...
Eline sits alone in the quiet of a farm cottage surrounded by fields. The lights are dimmed low while music seduces her as she listens to the rise and fall of the piano. Lying back on the sofa, she rests in a nightdress. The lace frames the swell of her breasts while the silk skims her curves. She sips at the wine in her hand, enjoying the taste of the fruit on her tongue. She rolls the liquid around her mouth. She savours the aroma while tilting back her head. Putting the cold of the glass to her nipple through the silk. She gasps softly and moves a hand between her legs to press her palm over her feminine mound.

Leaving the wine on the side, she lowers the nightgown to flaunt her full ripe breasts to the room. Her mocha coloured areolas enhance the curves of her breasts while her nipples harden in the cool air. Begging for her fingers to pinch them which she does with a quiet moan. Lifting her knees, the silk slips down to pool across her hips and expose the delicate folds of her intimate area.

The night air touches the wetness of the nectar collected in her flower. Running a fingertip over her labia, she splits herself like a fig. The pinkness of her inner folds visible should someone gaze upon her. The manicured red nail tickling her sensitive nubbin with a sigh. Caressing her breasts, she teases herself into excitement. Her cream forms a pearl within her flower which she bursts by sliding a finger into her tightness. Her breath catches in the still air and she pushes deeper into the heated snatch of her body, feeling her muscles flex-

A single knock sounds in the house and she freezes. She is not expecting anyone nor would anyone usually arrive entirely unannounced. Covering herself in a thickly knitted long jumper, she creeps to the window and peers out into the darkness to see a tall figure at the door. As if sensing eyes upon him, he turns and reveals a handsome face partially concealed by the shadows. She wonders if she tricks herself into seeing the flicker of a smile cross his lips but is certain that he knows she is watching.

There is considerable wind howling outside the cottage and rain has begun to lash down as if on demand. She can see the raindrops on his skin with the moonlight adding an otherworldly sheen to his features. She answers the door but keeps the latch on. The man of the night is beautiful and has an enchanting face but she remains wary.


“Good evening Ma’am. I’m afraid my car has broken down and due to the weather, I can’t get it towed until the morning. I noticed the barn across the way from here, might I wait out in there?”

“You can come in here, the barn is freezing.”

She steps back from the door and lets the man enter. She notes how his large frame seems to dwarf the hallway and feels increasingly delicate beside him.

“Thank you for the kindness, I hope I’m not intruding on your evening.”

“You’re welcome, come to the kitchen and dry off. You’re drenched.”

She knew as she led him to the kitchen and directed him in front of the Aga stove that she was also drenched. Arousal radiated through her as his presence took its effect. He regarded the womanly curves concealed beneath her clothes while perceiving the flush of blood in her cheeks. She was beautiful, young and her sweetness was tangible in the air. It was a musk to fuel his hunger as he looked upon her with a ravenous urge to taste her. He took off the coat and let her hang it to dry. She noted the well-tailored suit beneath which was also wet from the weather. He stripped off his jacket and waistcoat to stand in a shirt and trousers which showcased his muscular physique. A pearl of cream streaked down her leg, she could do nothing but feel the slickness between her thighs.

“There is a guest room you can stay in, my name is Eline.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Eline. My name is Marc.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Marc.”

She found herself hypnotised by his grey eyes and had to break the gaze in order to clear the haze in her thoughts. Marc looked to the pulse in her neck while offering his hand. She accepted and they shook before he raised it to his lips. Kissing her knuckles, he inhaled the pheromones wafting from her skin. She swore she felt the tip of his tongue flick against her skin but dismissed it. Falling into easy conversation as she felt herself become intoxicated with the effect of his charisma.

Marc tailored the conversation to charm her, making her laugh proved enjoyable while the rosy hue of her skin drew him closer. Letting her legs rest across his lap, he played his hands over her knees. He tickled the sensitive skin beneath her knees to illicit the breathy giggles he knew would follow. Then ran his hands over her legs with the thin silk heightening his touch. He worked his hands higher until she gasped as he brushed against her labia.

Their eyes locked and Eline felt the heady rush of arousal overwhelm her with lust pumping through her body. Leaning towards him, her lips collided with his and passion sparked between them. Kissing feverishly, she felt his hands caress her chest and ran hers over his shoulders. His mouth placed kisses along her jaw and down her neck. Eline felt his tongue flick against her skin and shivered. The kisses became harder, his lips forming a seal on her neck as he sucked a love-bite onto her. She moaned with pleasure before gasping at his bite. He groaned as the sweet heat of her blood met his tongue and fed his desire.

Eline moaned and clutched him to her as exquisite pleasure flooded through her body. He fed from her, leaving the pink flourish of a kiss on her neck. Kissing across her chest he licked her nipples. Fondling her breasts before kissing further down her stomach to gaze upon her hidden treasure. Lifting her with ease, he took her to the bedroom she indicated and lay her down. She was beautiful as she reclined on the bed, he admired her before turning his attention to the heated snatch between her legs. Spreading her blood filled labia, he ran his tongue between her lips to catch the cream there. Lapping at her, licking and sucking before biting gently on her labia.

With a deep moan, Eline pressed her thighs around his head and bucked her hips as he pleasured her. Moving his mouth to bite her inner thigh, she felt the sharpness of his teeth followed by a wave of pleasure rippling over her. Marc looked up to her, seeing her face enraptured in pleasure brought him a new feeling of contentment. Stripping his clothes, he pulled the silk off her completely and moved them beneath the sheets. It was not his first time with a mortal woman but it was a new experience. Although his kiss held a potent spell which could easily enchant, he wanted her to feel love and not just infatuation.

Eline could not believe she was doing this but did not want to stop. She caught her breath as she watched him disrobe. His body was sculpted beneath smooth porcelain skin. Her eyes went to his contrasting dark nipples before regarding his manhood as it stood prone from his body. Each part of him was perfect and as he moved between her legs, she readied herself to receive his flesh. Looking upon her, he noted the excitement of a mortal woman in comparison to an immortal and enjoyed the lust in her eyes.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Eline."

She blushed and hunger filled him on seeing the blood rise in her cheeks. He felt his teeth prick her lips as he leant to kiss her whilst gliding his flesh within her heated body. They moved together passionately. Initially, slow strokes making way for fast, frenzied thrusts as she clutched him to her hips with her legs encircling his waist. Her nails scratched down his back, drawing beads of blood from his skin while her teeth sought out his neck.

Licking and sucking a love-bite onto his porcelain skin. Her teeth nipped at the tender skin of his throat and he felt a surge of lust. Thrusting deeper into her very core, they moaned and ground their hips together. Cleaving his manhood inside her tightness, he felt her muscles clench and hips buck in response to his thrusts. Orgasm impended and as his teeth found her neck again. The pleasure increased until with a crescendo, her body exploded with erotic delight.

A sheen of sweat coated their skin as they lay together, her heart rate calmed while he regarded her with ease. Drawing her close to him, he spooned himself against her. Wrapping his arms around her curved figure and kissing her neck. She fell asleep quickly with satisfaction quelling her arousal until the morning. Marc let himself relax beside her but could not ignore the flutter of something new which resided where his heart once was.

The kiss of a vampire is known to be erotic and toxic in equal measure however the attraction to a man of the night has always run deeper than the blood.

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