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Alone He Stands

Alone He Stands

She's quintessential beauty and he must tame her.
She was extraordinary!

She was special. She was the type of woman that attracted everyone’s attention when she walked into a room. I knew a beautiful woman when I saw one. Working in Atlantic City, I was constantly surrounded by women of beauty and elegance. A big perk that accompanied the job. I had seen all kinds of people from the rich and arrogant to the destitute and hopeful. Here in the casinos, they didn’t care about your appearance or attire, that you showed up and spent your money was all that mattered.

I have always noticed things. Recognizing subtle clues and indicators helped me when I appraised a person and their personality. If I didn’t have that ability, I wouldn’t be working as interior security at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. At Atlantic City's premier destination and New Jersey's largest hotel, they only hired the best for security. As the city's sexiest spot for partying and gambling, we were always busy.

I was continuously moving and watching. I observed and identified everything, which was why I was one of the best. I wasn’t an imposing gentleman. A little below average height and not excessively muscled, I blended in. My biggest problem remaining unnoticed was my appearance. I was blessed with a very handsome face. The ladies especially noticed and appreciated me.

Our apparel is supposed to let us blend in. It didn’t. We dressed in dark slacks and short sleeve shirts with light blue ties. Most of the security personnel wore reflective shades. We looked like the agents from ‘Men in Black’ on vacation.

There was a living wet dream of a woman that had been walking around the casino for almost two hours sipping a flute of excessively expensive Champaign, Champagne Salon 1995 vintage was what the cocktail waitress had said. She played some Black Jack and Craps doing very well on both. I had spotted her for three reasons; she stood out from the other patrons the way a cheetah stands out in the herd, she was doing too well on the tables and might not be on the up-and-up, and she was drop-dead gorgeous, a Stana Katic, à la Kate Becket, clone.

She stood a couple of inches taller than I. Long dark-brown silky hair hung down to just below her shoulder blades. Her sparkling emerald eyes were filled with intelligence. Those eyes highlighted a gorgeous face featuring a cute nose and kissable lips. Her breasts were firm, about 35C, and she had an ass to die for. Her sexy figure appeared soft and cuddly while still looking tight and athletic. This lady had a presence about her of confidence and desirability. She exuded sex appeal and charm. When she passed nearby, I felt something, an exhilaration that flowed along my body, definitely sexual but much more than just that. She was one hot piece and knew it.

I recognized that sensation and understood what it meant.

She wore a dark Burgundy red bustier-like dress. The material of the dress shimmered and sparkled as she moved. The outfit was backless and strapless with a slit up both sides to her hips and was completed with an easily visible black garter belt, sheer black stocking, a matching red thong and red four inch fuck-me heels. If you researched erotic in the encyclopedia, this ensemble would be pictured. When I first saw her, the memory of Jessica Rabbit crossed my mind. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I thought, ‘I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.’

I kept track of her in the casino during my six hours assigned there. I spotted her looking at me several times. I just shrugged it off as coincidence.

My last two hours on duty, I patrolled Tropicana Square where the specialty shops were located. Here I had to shift emphasis from cheating to shoplifting. In less than twenty minutes, I felt that familiar shiver up my spine. Turning I glimpsed her watching me. When she caught my gaze, she smiled and walked into a shop.

During the rest of my shift, I kept bumping into this beautiful woman. She had a mischievous smile and an impish gleam in her eyes. Was I being stalked? I hoped so.

My shift ended and I departed out the employees’ doorway. I said goodnight to the security guard on my way out.

He gave me a little salute, then pointed towards the parking area and said, “Evening Nate. I think someone’s waiting for you.”

She was standing at the end of the walkway. As I approached her, my cock stirred as I felt that shiver of anticipation I was expecting. She was the kind of woman I dreamt of and had searched for ceaselessly. She was looking me over, top to bottom. I was being assayed as the eyes of the predator devoured me. The difference was the prey wasn’t normally looking forward to the predator’s onslaught.

She stated, “I’ve never seen such a handsome man in such a small package. It must concentrate the attractiveness.”

I saw the grace and beauty of this mystery woman. This was going to be very interesting and hopefully pleasurable too.

“That’s very nice of you,” I said.

She replied, “I’m very nice in so many ways.”

I had to smile at that, she was very nice indeed. I stopped a pace from her.

This sexual goddess of beauty inquired, “What is your name short, slim and handsome?”

“Nathan Quince,” I responded as I extended my hand.

Instead of a handshake, she lifted her hand to me, palm down. I took it and instantly discerned what seemed to be an energy that flowed between us. She was the one; there was no longer any doubt in my mind, but I needed to be sure. I brought her delicate hand to my mouth and brushed my lips across her knuckles, my eyes never left hers. Her smile broadened and her eyes shone with excitement. When I released her, she cupped her hand along my jawline and then slowly drew it down the side of my face until only the tips of her fingers prickled along my skin.

She said, “I’m Claudia de Lioncourt.”

I felt goose bumps dance along my skin and a tingle emanated from my hardening cock.

“May I ask another question?” Claudia queried as she moved closer.

“Yes, of course,” I answered.

She continued forward until her covered pussy was pressed against my hip and said, “Would you like to have some… fun?”

I ran a hand through her hair, as I looked deep into her lust-filled green eyes and replied, “Yes.”

Claudia pulled me to her, sliding her breasts across my chest and nuzzling my throat. Her hard distended nipples were very evident. Her hot breath surged across my neck bringing my entire body to life and her intoxicating perfume fashioned visions of vigorous fucking in my imagination. Her hands moved to my face, lifted it, and then she kissed me with her full supple lips. My world narrowed down to my burning desire for this incredible woman.

“Come home with me Nathan,” she murmured against my lips. “We can have so much wicked fun.”

“Then by all means, let’s be naughty,” I whispered back.

She took my hand and steered me towards the parking lot. She gestured and a limousine pulled up. An impeccably dressed man got out of the driver’s seat and opened the door for us.

As we pulled away from the casino, she poured us both some Macallan twenty-one year old Fine Oak Scotch Whisky. This was the good stuff. She watched me from across the limousine. Claudia studied me as I searched her with my eyes. No guns or knives on her, but she didn’t need any. She ensured that I had a good view of her legs up past the stocking tops.

After ten minutes of quiet travel, she emptied her glass and moved across to be seated next to me. Claudia snuggled up close and ran her hand up and down my thighs letting her hand come to rest on my ample cock. My body predictively responded to her actions swelling and lengthening under her ministrations.

I took her in my arms and we kissed intensely. Our tongues danced. I licked across her teeth and nibbled at her lips. We kissed with unbridled desire and passion. Her breathing was coming faster as was mine. My heart beat fast and strong.

I moved a hand and cupped one of her breasts. She was braless and I felt her stiff nipple. I lightly pinched and pulled on her nipples through the material of her dress. Claudia responded with the increased intensity of her kiss. I lowered the front of her dress to expose the pink beauty on her aureoles. I ran my hand beneath her dress and felt the dampness of her covered labia.

She pulled my hand away and moved her face against my neck. Claudia ran her tongue up my neck and then nibbled at my earlobe.

She whispered into my ear, “Not yet. The fun will start when we reach our destination.”

Claudia shifted away from me but continued visually to dissect me. She saw the rise in my dark pants and knew my intense craving for her flesh. She believed herself the predator. I thought differently. I was convinced that I was the hunter. Soon we would find out what happens when the lioness meets the lion; but I did have an advantage, she didn’t know what I was.

We traveled out of the city along an ocean-side road. We didn’t speak or touch again during the trip. The limo was filled with sexual tension and anticipation.

We arrived at a large and impressively expensive mansion on the beachfront. We stopped at the main entrance and the driver opened the door. I followed her out of the limousine past her servant. Claudia took my hand and led me to the huge ornate front door. I sensed the driver’s eyes following me.

We entered and moved down the hallway to a spacious luxurious den. It was elegant and tasteful. It contained two large loveseats and a matching dark blue couch. They all faced a lit fireplace. The floor was flawless white marble with a slight bluish-grey tint, probably Carrara marble. By far the most amazing feature of the room was the east wall facing the ocean. The wall was almost entirely composed of glass with a sliding glass door at either end of the wall. It was beautiful and provided a spectacular view of the ocean. I couldn’t help but think how impractical this was for a woman like Claudia.

As I regarded the breathtaking view out the window, Claudia used a remote to activate several muted sconces around the room and then opened both sliding doors. A cool breeze wafted through the room carrying the fresh salty fragrance of the ocean. It also allowed the primal rhythm of the breakers assaulting the beach to engulf the room.

Then Claudia moved behind me. She pulled me back against her, reached around me encircling my chest, and then slid her hands down to the front of my pants. She stroked the length of my cock, her fingers moving to the surging rhythm of the surf. My body couldn’t help but to respond.

I had to be careful where she placed her hands, so before she explored more of my pants, I turned and drew her tightly to me. There were secrets I needed to keep until later.

Claudia swayed side-to-side rubbing her soft curves along my body. I showed my appreciation making an animalistic noise low in my throat.

Finally, I fulfilled the burning desire I’d had since first hearing her voice in the Tropicana parking lot. I reached behind her and unzipped her dress. She moved back from me allowing her dress to fall and pool around her feet.

I stepped up to her and we kissed. Her naked firm breasts pressed tightly against me. We were wild, frantic and full or shared lust. I ate at her mouth trying to consume the heat between us. I ran my hands down her sides pulling my thumbs across her tits until I reached her hips. As I nibbled on her earlobe, a shiver danced along her skin and down her spine. I heard a moan escape her.

Claudia whispered into my ear, “It is time to play, Nathan. Now it is time to fuck.”

I pulled back slightly and our lips were almost touching as I said, “Yes, now is the time to fuck.”

Nipping at her lower lip, I asked, “What do you want?”

“I want to feel your hands on my body and your mouth on my skin. I want you to kiss and lick every inch of me. I want your cock buried deep inside me. Fuck me until I can take no more.” She murmured.

My heart raced with the promise of lustful desires fulfilled. This was why I was here. Soon it would be over, but I was going to get everything out of this that I could. I needed to excite her past her caring for anything except the sex then I should find the last sign I was looking for.

I gazed at her beauty. Claudia was firm and svelte with flawless pale alabaster skin. She had the body of a goddess. Everything about her was gorgeous.

I dipped my head and used my mouth to tease and excite her luscious tits. A kiss here, a nibble there and she moaned in abandoned delight. Her arousal was obvious; as she withered and raved, I used my skills on her body to drive her towards sexual rapture and bliss. A hissing escaped her clenched teeth as Claudia grasped my hair in both hands. With her fingers clenched in my hair, she urged my head downward.

I kissed my way down her taut abdomen stopping to taste and nibble on her soft tender flesh. I felt the potency of her carnal desire as she gave a whimper when I kneaded her tits and steadily moved down to her most precious treasure.

She may have felt in control at the started, but I was going to rule by the end. Claudia was going to learn who the true predator was, more completely than she would have ever guessed.

Shifting my hands to her hips, I grabbed her thong and drew it over her garters down below her knees. She pulled one leg free of the sexy red apparel and with her other leg, flipped it across the room where it rested on the marble floor. I rubbed my hands along her legs and thighs to heighten her excitement.

She pushed my body down while thrusting her hips forward and tilting her wet pussy towards me. Her scent of her arousal was thick in the air. I feasted on her pussy satisfying her every desire. I licked along her moist slit until I reached her tasty nub.

I sucked on her clit and worked two fingers into her eager pussy. As her nubbin pushed out of its hood, I used my tongue, lips and teeth to stimulate it to the height of true bliss. Working her pussy with my fingers, I caused her to squirm in delight. I positioned my fingertips at her most sensitive spot at the front of her love canal and then I tenderly stoked across it repeatedly.

Claudia arched her back, moaned and made unintelligible guttural sounds as she trembled and shook in ecstasy. Her sweet nectar flooded my hand as I took her to the height of pleasure. I controlled her as she rode the wave of her intense climax.

I didn’t let her rest until she climaxed a second time just as powerful as the first, and only then did I allow her to pull my head upward.

She led me over to the couch and dragged me down to set next to her. Buttons flew through the air as she yanked my shirt open. I quickly removed the remains of my shirt as Claudia rolled over between my thighs pushing them wide. Claudia started working on my buckle, but I pulled her up to me before she could find out that something long and rigid was hiding in my pants. She stretched upward as our mouths met. She was no longer in control. She had only her own satisfaction in her thoughts. Her only desires were to please herself and me.

It was time to end this; time to take it to the final level. As her hungry mouth consumed me, I reached my eager hand into the side of my briefs and grabbed what I needed. I pulled back from her and starred into the emerald green beauty of her eyes. They shone with yearning.

Her needs were palpable. She ran a hand along the side of my face her hunger evident and real. That is when I saw them sharp and deadly. It was the last test. I had proved to myself who she really was.

“You have no idea what I want to do to you Nathan.” She whispered to me causing me to shiver with the promise of her words.

I felt her power surging, beating at my mind. She never understood why she couldn’t control me as she had so many before.

I lived for this moment. This was the moment her needs overcame her and she forgot who and what she was.

Her eyes stayed locked with mine even as I prepared myself. Like lightning, the hand at my side slammed upward. She gasped fully exposing her fangs.

“Actually, that is my line Claudia,” I said as I plunged the thin silver stake into her, below her breast and up through the vampire’s heart.

I recognized understanding in her dying eyes. The malevolent power that possessed the vampire rapidly drained from the body. Almost immediately, the body had begun deteriorating. Within a minute, it would look corpse-like. Within two, it would have disintegrated to a powdery dust that the breeze would easily disperse.

Nathan Quince had once again proved to be the true predator. My great-great-grandfather, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, would be proud.

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