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Bianca meets Diamico - part one

Bianca meets the lonely angel, Diamico in a sex bar.
I met him in Sweet Temptations. I didn't know where my friend was. She ditched me and left me drinking strawberry tequila. I was watching others dance then head to the sex rooms. I was curious as to what happened back there. I noticed him staring at me from across the room and he blushed and looked away when he realized he'd been caught. I walked over and introduced myself. "Hi. I'm Bianca. What's your name?"

"I-I-I'm Diamico. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare. Would you like to dance?"


Just then I realized a slow song came on. He led me to the dance floor and we danced for what felt like forever.

"It's only been a couple minutes. Are you alright?"

"What? How do you what I'm thinking?" I was alarmed.

"Come with me. We need to be somewhere more... private." I didn't know this man yet I was willing to do anything to be with him. We walked briskly down the hall towards the alley. I stumbled and he lifted me up and carried me outdoors. I felt as though I was in a trance.

"You are. That's why you must leave me and forget all that has happened tonight. I shouldn't have come here." He turned to leave and I grabbed him stopping him.

"Where are you going?" He pulled away and I saw his wings unfurl. I was shocked. I saw him running towards me and then I blacked out.

Oh woke up in a room I didn't recognize. I looked around for Diamico and saw him talking to somebody.

"...saw her standing alone. I didn't know what to do. I got caught staring. I think she's the one. I know I should have excused myself and left. I just couldn't."

"You should have tried harder.Why do you think she's the one?"

"I don't know why. I just do." What do they mean by the one? I guess Diamico heard my thoughts because he turned around looking very shocked. He still had his wings showing. How had I not noticed them before the alley?

"Because I had them hidden, and yes, I can hear your thoughts. How long have you been awake?"

"Not long. What's this whole 'one' thing about?"

"Let me explain what happened in the bar and alley first. I was in that bar because it is for angels and other heavenly beings. How you got in there, I would like to know. But before you answer, let me finish. I was there watching my brother, of sorts, dance with a younger angel. I saw you standing there watching a red haired woman. Who is she and how did you meet her?"

"Her name is Ariella and we met through work. Why do you need to know?"

"She's no human but another angel. I must find her. When we went into the alley, I tried to be spell you and send you home to forget her, me, and last night. It didn't work thought because you grabbed me. I pulled away and unfurled my wings to fly away. I was about to take off when I saw you start to fall. I caught you before your head hit the ground. I brought you here to my home. My brother returned shortly after I did. We are angels who watch over Earth and protect chosen people destined to do something great. The "One" is part of a prophecy, said to mate with an angel, be protected by another, and bear the saving grace in Her heart."

"You think it's me just because of Ariella? You got another thing coming, buddy. I barely know her. She ditched me last night to dance with some dude wanting in her pants." I started to feel dizzy and saw Diamico and the other angel, I think it's his brother, both shoot forward towards me. I black out once again.

When I came to, this time, I was naked. No dress, no thong, no bra. I began to wonder where everyone had went and where my clothes were when Diamico walked in, naked as well.

"Ah, I see you are awake again. Your clothes were removed because I love looking at your sexy body. They were making your body temperature rise to unsafe temperatures also." He bent down and kissed me on the lips. I felt his cock rub up and down my stomach. He broke the kiss and I was breathless. He moved down between my legs and started to finger my pussy and suck on my clit. I moaned out and he added another finger inside me.

"Oh, god, yes Diamico! Please be careful though. I'm a virgin." He stopped and looked at me.

"Really? I thought someone as gorgeous as you would have surely have had sex before." He leaned back down and started fingering me again. I continued to moan. He stopped fingering me right before I reached climax. I looked down and seen him lowering his mouth onto my pussy and started licking me. I had never felt this amazing before and I didn't want it to stop. I felt my orgasm hit and it sent me into spasms. When the sensation subsided, he came up and slid the head of his cock in my mouth and I was surprised. I sat up and gave what I hoped to be one hell of a blow job. I guess it was because he came shortly after I started and he moved back to my pussy.

This time he inserted his cock in my vagina. He did it slowly at first and then I felt the pain of my barrier break. I cried out in pain and he stopped and pulled out. There was a little bit of blood on the end of his cock. He looked scared.

"Why do you look scared?"

"I thought you were kidding. I've never taken women's virginity before." I guided him back into my opening and said, "It's okay, I knew it would hurt. Keep going it was starting to feel good." He plunged back inside me and I came again. It wasn't long before he was cumming too. I remember him asking if I was okay before I slipped back into darkness.

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