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Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Episode 5

Sleepovers are More Fun with Toys! Deadly Fumes in the Night!

"All characters participating in sexual activity are age 16 or older."

[Opening Theme: "Violet Skies" by In This Moment]

The doorbell rang. Jennifer hurried to the door and opened it, revealing a smiling Theresa. Both girls squealed with excitement. "Get in here, you," Jennifer said, grabbing her arm and pulling her inside. As soon as she got the door closed, Theresa pushed her against it and kissed her. Jennifer returned the kiss, and said after Theresa finally pulled away, "Not so shy about what you want anymore, are you."

Theresa smiled again. "Thank you for inviting me over to 'study'. Now take me to your room or I swear I'll rip your clothes off right here."

"Mmm, that's tempting, but it's this way." Jennifer took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom. Theresa closed the door behind them and the two of them shed their clothes on the way to falling onto the bed together. They resumed kissing, and their hands roamed everywhere, feeling and groping each other's breasts, legs, asses, and pussies, moaning into each other's mouths as their excitement grew. As Jennifer's fingers rubbed across Theresa's moist cunt lips, she noticed there was a lot less hair than before, only a small, neatly trimmed patch remained. "Oooo, you shaved," she cooed.

"You like it?" Theresa asked.

"I love it," Jennifer replied, then pulled away and headed straight for it. She immediately started moving her tongue through the folds of Theresa's pussy.

"Oohhh, God yes," Theresa moaned. She reached for Jennifer's leg and pulled it towards her. Jennifer repositioned herself above Theresa for a sixty-nine, and started moaning herself as she felt the other girl's mouth against her own dripping wet slit. The two girls teased each other's cunts briefly but soon moved on to mutual licking and sucking of their clits.

Theresa was the first to cum, her head fell back away from Jennifer's pussy as she yelled out in pleasure. As soon as she caught her breath, she dove back in, intent on returning the favor. It wasn't long before she was successful, and heard Jennifer screaming down between her legs. They kept at it until they had both reached orgasm a second time, then Jennifer reversed herself and the two girls kissed again, their lips and faces wet with each other's juices.

Jennifer pulled herself free from Theresa's arms and slid off the bed. "Mmm, don't go," Theresa pleaded.

"A while back, I was snooping around in my dad's room, and I found this box of Mom's old stuff buried in the back of the closet. I took it, and Dad never said anything," Jennifer explained while sliding the box out from under the bed. Theresa heard a click and then a hum, then Jennifer climbed back into bed holding a vibrating dildo. "So now I get to use this on you."

"Oh shit, you have sex toys? I've had to make do with my hairbrush handle and a back massager," Theresa said, then she moaned as she felt the trembling phallus against her clit. "Aaaahhh, oh fuck, yes, that feels incredible." Jennifer slid the vibrator down along Theresa's pussy lips, and then pushed it slowly inside her, increasing the volume of the girl's moans.

She moved her fingers to Theresa's clit and rubbed it vigorously while she moved the vibrator in and out of her pussy, shoving it deep inside. "Oh God, oh God, I'm cummiiiing!" Theresa said, and screamed while her back arched against the bed. She panted and moaned while Jennifer left the vibrator buzzing away inside her, and gave a long sigh when she finally pulled it out.

Jennifer vanished from the bed again, and reappeared with another dildo attached firmly in position between her legs. "I didn't think I'd ever actually use this, but now I'm gonna fuck you good."

"Holy shit, your Mom had a strap-on? Who did she use it on?" Theresa wondered.

"No idea, and don't kill the mood by making me think about it," Jennifer said, taking position over Theresa. She aimed the artificial dick at the other girl's sopping wet pussy and pushed it inside. She thrust her hips, ramming the dildo in and out of Theresa's snatch, making her moan loudly. "You like that? You like my cock, baby?"

"Oh fuck yes, I love it, give it to me," Theresa encouraged. Their lips met and they kissed while Jennifer pounded her.

Then Jennifer pulled out and said, "Turn over on all fours. Time for you to take it doggie." Theresa did as instructed and looked back over her shoulder as Jennifer got into position and reinserted the fake cock deep into her. She slammed it in and out, steadying herself with one hand while she reached forward with the other. She squeezed one of Theresa's breasts, then the other, then moved her hand slowly down across her belly until she finally reached her clit and started teasing it. It wasn't long before Theresa erupted in another orgasm, yelling loudly, and then collapsed on the bed. Jennifer got down beside her and snuggled with her.

After a few minute's rest, Theresa reached down and took hold of the cock, still wet with her juices. "Do I get to use this on you now?"

"You damn well better," Jennifer said, kissing her again. Theresa unbuckled the harness and slid it down Jennifer's legs, then stood beside the bed while she put it on and fastened it. Jennifer quickly moved in and took the faux penis into her mouth, performing an erstaz blowjob while Theresa looked down at her.

"Oh, you're a good cocksucker, aren't you?" Theresa teased.

"Mm-hm," Jennifer replied with her mouth full.

"You want it in your pussy? Ready for me to fuck you hard?"

"Mm-hm," Jennifer repeated. Theresa pushed her back onto the bed and climbed on top of her. Jennifer grabbed the dildo and guided it into her pussy. Theresa thrust with her hips slowly at first, but her speed grew with her confidence and lust as she groped Jennifer's tits and kissed her deeply. Jennifer moaned into her mouth with increasing volume until she finally screamed and thrashed from orgasm. Theresa lifted her head, and Jennifer smiled up at her, then pulled it back down into another kiss.

- - -

The door creaked slightly as it opened a few inches, just enough space to admit a plush alicorn. "Jennifer!" whispered Princess Sugarshine as she landed on the bed. The two girls were sleeping, still naked, with Jennifer spooned against Theresa's back. "Jennifer!" Sugarshine quietly called again, while poking her in the back.

Jennifer groaned, and said, "What is it? Go away, we're sleeping."

"A monster has appeared. You need to go."

"Ohhhh, dammit, why tonight? Fine, I'm coming." Jennifer gently pulled away from Theresa and slipped off the bed. She walked to her window, opened it, and removed the screen. She climbed up and perched, still naked, with her feet on the windowsill.

She looked back to make sure Theresa was still asleep, then whispered "Gimme a V! I! C! T! O! R! Y! What's that spell? Victory!" On the final word she leapt out the window, and the charms flew off her bracelet and circled around her, turning into a swirling cloud of golden sparkles.

The rush of sparkles tickled against her skin, especially her tits and pussy. A sports bra and thong formed around her body. The striped braid appeared, starting from her shoulders and meeting in the middle, then the shell formed moving downward over her breasts, stopping with the lower braid. Bloomers formed over her thong, and the skirt pleats appeared, spinning around her body, drawing closer to her until they attached at her waist.

Ankle socks and boots formed around her feet. Her hair blew wildly behind her, then came together and wove itself into a single braid down her back, secured with a red hair tie. A yellow glow appeared over her nose, then split into two that moved up and back, creating the visor. From the top of the visor and around to the back of her head, the helmet formed. A final flurry of sparkles moved over her chest, leaving behind block letters that spelled out "Cheer". Then the sparkles dissipated as she landed outside.

She immediately performed a round off back handspring full twist layout, and landed to find herself surrounded by dense fog. "That's weird, it wasn't foggy back home," she mused aloud.

"Nor is it anywhere else, just here," said Matt's voice in her ear.

"Matt? Are you here?" she asked.

"Just arriving. I'm setting down at the edge of the fog. Where are you, can you see anything?"

"Not more than a couple feet in front of me," Jennifer said, reaching out with her arms and taking a few slow steps forward. The fog was faintly illuminated by several nearby light sources, but visibility was near zero. "Where are we?"

"Parking lot. Bensonville Plaza. Plenty of room to move around, so don't worry about that. Just don't smack into any of the lampposts." That was the strip mall, the town's other main shopping area besides downtown proper. Matt could see that the unnatural fog hung thick over the whole area, and was spreading wider. It started to engulf Panther's feet. He heard Jennifer cry out. "What? What is it?"

"Something cut me, on my arm. It went by me very fast," she responded. She pulled a bloodied hand away from her upper arm and examined it. There were three parallel gashes. "Are those claw marks?"

"Claws? How deep? Are you okay?" Matt asked.

"It got me pretty good, but it should heal when I change back, everything else always has," she answered. "Pom-poms," she added, summoning the magical weapons. Then she yelled again, louder this time.

"Jennifer!" Matt exclaimed.

"I'm okay. Fucker got me in the back this time and knocked me down." Jennifer stood and winced at the pain from the wounds on her back. She felt her bra slipping off her tits, obviously the creature had sliced right through both her uniform shell and the bra.

"Something in the fog is messing with Panther's sensors. He's analyzing it and trying to compensate, but right now I can't get a fix on you. You should get out of there," said Matt.

"Hush!" Jennifer said.

"I'm serious, fighting this one blind may be too dangerous!"

"I'm trying to listen!" she insisted. Matt wisely shut up. Jennifer closed her eyes and concentrated on the sounds around her, pom-poms held at the ready. She heard rapid footsteps moving across the parking lot. She waited until the direction to the sound held steady, no doubt the monster had turned to make another charge at her. "Fighting Spirit Fiery Burst!"

"Jennifer, wait!" Matt shouted. The fog exploded. Panther's cockpit shook as the blast roared past. "Jennifer!" Matt shouted again.

"Owww, Goddammit," she muttered, while picking herself up off the ground again.

"Panther just now worked out that the fog is explosive, but I guess we found that out the hard way too. I can see you now, are you okay?"

"A little singed. I've had worse. You?"

"Panther has some ankle damage. The gas was getting into the joints, and I bet the shock wave built up a lot of power as it got out this far. You probably got the lightest hit being in the center of it," Matt said. "Oh shit, there he is!" Jennifer turned towards the mecha and saw the creature running towards it at a speed rivaling that of large four-legged animals, and generating more of the fog behind it as it ran. It slipped between Panther's feet, striking with its claws, and they became engulfed in the mist once more.

The damage indications for Panther's left ankle increased, until Matt felt it nearly collapse. He shifted his weight to Panther's right leg, but the monster naturally was attacking that ankle now. "Shit. Shoo, get away," he said, while trying to kick at his right foot using his useless left foot. It didn't do any good. The right ankle gave way completely and he went down hard on Panther's back.

"Matt!" Jennifer shouted.

"Fuuuck. I'm okay, but Panther's repairs will take a little while, and I don't think this thing is going to give us any breathing room," he said. The creature had already sped away, spreading its cloud over the parking lot. Jennifer was once again in the thick of it.

"Jennifer! I saw the explosion and Matt going down. I'm almost there. What's going on?" said Princess Sugarshine in her head.

"Sugarshine, we have a tough one tonight. Can you see anything other than the fog?" Jennifer asked.

"No, nothing," she said.

Jennifer grunted in frustration. "If only there was something to blow this fog away."

"Yeah, too bad it's calm weather tonight," Matt said.

"No, I mean like the wind from a helicopter or something," said Jennifer.

"Rotor wash," said Matt. "Panther, how much downward air flow does the hoverwing create? Good. Okay, Jennifer, we're going with your idea, but with a twist, since that thing still runs too fast to attack from the ground. I heard you say Sugarshine is here, right? Have her fly over the fog and verbally lead you out of it. Get clear and then keep going. I'll send the hoverwing down to pick you up. Panther, set up remote manual control of the hoverwing for me."

"Sugarshine! Guide me out of this fog. We have a plan," Jennifer called out, while slipping her now useless bra out from under her top and tossing it aside. With the pony's help, she was able to quickly exit the fog bank. She ran another two blocks away, clutching her breasts with her hands to compensate for the loss of her bra, and saw Panther's large aircraft coming down to meet her.

"The repair nanites have created a harness for you. Get your pike ready and latch in," Matt said.

"Baton!" Jennifer called, while putting her hands together and drawing them apart again. After the baton formed, she started it spinning and tossed it into the air twice. "Spinning… Ignition… Burning… Pike!" With a burst of sparks, the baton completed its transformation. She clutched it in her hands and ran under the hoverwing. "Fuck, this thing is huge up close. Okay, I see the harness. Time to be aggressive. B, E, aggressive." She let the mechanical straps take hold of her and pull her up to the underbelly of the hoverwing. Then it lifted off.

"Here we go," said Matt. "None too soon, either. Panther's armor is taking hits from the monster again, and the damage is really building up." The hoverwing flew low towards the Plaza, and when it arrived the fog was immediately blown away from it, revealing the slightly battered mecha. The monster ceased its attack and fled.

"It's working! I can see you! And the creature! It's on the move!" Jennifer shouted over the noise of the engines.

"Keeping with it," Matt responded. The hoverwing stayed above the creature as it ran across the parking lot, its fog blowing away uselessly as soon as it was created. "Get ready to release."

"What? You didn't say you were going to drop me oh shiiiiit!" Jennifer yelled as the harness let go and she fell towards the monster. She quickly reoriented her pike to point downwards and held on tight as it plunged straight into the monster's back, impaling it all the way through. The creature hit the ground and skidded to a stop while Jennifer rolled with her forward momentum away from it. She jumped to her feet as soon as she could and called out, "Megaphone! Roar of the Crowd Scorching Sonic Blast!" The megaphone appeared in her hand and unleashed its power onto the defeated creature, destroying it utterly.

- - -

Jennifer crept towards her window and grabbed onto the sill. She whispered, "Final score, game over!" Her uniform burst into a cloud of golden sparkles that swirled around her and reformed into the charm bracelet as she pulled herself inside, once again naked. She left the screen out for the time being so that Sugarshine could get back in, then yawned and returned to bed next to Theresa. She settled into her pillow and closed her eyes.

"So… were you going to tell me that you're Cheer Raider?" said a clearly not asleep Theresa. Jennifer cringed and cursed silently.

[Ending Theme: "Mechanical Love" by In This Moment]

"Debbie Woods here, reporting live from Bensonville. Uh-oh! It looks like the cat is out of the bag, but these girls definitely know what to do with a loose pussy! Join us next time, when an extra girl means extra hot sex, and an extra large monster means extra trouble, on Cheer Raider and SABRE Panther, Episode 6: 'You Want to See My Powerful Colossus, and Also My Giant Robot? Bigger is Badder!' Go! Fight! Win!"


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