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Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Episode 7

The Tsarina Appears! I'll Do Anything To Save My Grade!

"All characters participating in sexual activity are age 16 or older."

[Opening Theme: "Violet Skies" by In This Moment]

Jennifer sat in her room, typing on her computer. The monsters had been particularly active these past couple weeks, and the timing couldn't have been worse. There hadn't been anything new attacking, it was all creatures of types they'd defeated before, but it still took time she couldn't easily spare. She had two huge reports due nearly at the same time that were both major portions of her grade for their respective classes. She'd managed to get the first one done somehow, but now she was up against the wall on the second. It was due the next day. She wasn't planning on getting any sleep that night.

Princess Sugarshine, on the other hand, was dozing peacefully on the bookshelf. Naturally the quiet didn't last. She suddenly awoke with a start, and said apologetically, "Jennifer…"

"Fuck! Please, not tonight," Jennifer whined.

"Maybe Matt would be able to handle this one on his own?" Sugarshine offered.

"No, I'm the Goddammed guardian, it's my responsibility. Hopefully this won't take long," Jennifer said while opening her window.

She climbed outside and called out, "Gimme a V! I! C! T! O! R! Y! What's that spell? Victory!" On the final word she thrust her fist into the air, and the charms flew off her bracelet and circled around her, turning into a swirling cloud of golden sparkles. She levitated off the ground, and all her clothes vanished, leaving her completely naked. The rush of sparkles tickled against her skin, especially her tits and pussy. A sports bra and thong formed around her body. The striped braid appeared, starting from her shoulders and meeting in the middle, then the shell formed moving downward over her breasts, stopping with the lower braid. Bloomers formed over her thong, and the skirt pleats appeared, spinning around her body, drawing closer to her until they attached at her waist. Ankle socks and boots formed around her feet. Her hair blew wildly behind her, then came together and wove itself into a single braid down her back, secured with a red hair tie. A yellow glow appeared over her nose, then split into two that moved up and back, creating the visor. From the top of the visor and around to the back of her head, the helmet formed. A final flurry of sparkles moved over her chest, leaving behind block letters that spelled out "Cheer". Then the sparkles lowered her to the ground and dissipated.

She performed the round off back handspring full twist layout and found herself downtown. However, there was no monster. "Matt?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm just coming up on the portal site now. Everything seems quiet. Where are you?" he responded.

"Downtown. Nothing here either. Do you think it's a false alarm?"

"From Panther and Sugarshine both? Doesn't seem likely. Hold on, I'm not too far from you, I'm coming over." Less than a minute later, Panther and the hoverwing decloaked and set down close by. "I'm still not getting anything, even on a wide scan. This is unnerving," Matt said.

Jennifer gazed out over the nearly empty street. Only a few cars were still out and about at the late hour. She saw a shadow pass under the light of a streetlamp, and was just starting to make out the sound of footsteps from that direction. "What's that?" she said, pointing.

"Panther, magnify that for me," Matt ordered. "What the… Is that a woman?" The figure walking towards them at a calm pace looked decidedly like a very beautiful human female with black skin. Not African black, but coal black. Hexadecimal color code #000000 black. She wore a purple garment that just barely qualified as a strapless dress. It amounted to two strips of fabric that reached down to her ankles, held together around her body by laces that criss-crossed the wide gaps on either side, ending high on her hips so that the dress flowed freely between her legs. Her large breasts were not covered very much by the arrangement, and it was clearly visible that she wore no underwear beneath it. Her stiletto heels, long hair flowing down her back, fingernails, lips, and even the irises in her otherwise totally black eyes were the same purple color.

"Well, if that's our invader, she's a lot different from the other ones. Pom-poms," Jennifer said, readying her weapon. Matt did the same, pulling the axe from its place on Panther's back. Jennifer waited until the strange woman got closer, then finally said, "Alright, that's far enough."

"And what the fuck are you supposed to be?" the woman demanded.

"I'm Cheer Raider, my friend there is piloting the SABRE Panther. We are the defenders of this town," Jennifer replied with as much bravado as she could muster.

"This is what has been giving my minions such trouble? A girl playing dress-up and an oversized tin can? Ridiculous," she sneered back.

"Shit, she said 'my minions'. She's the big bad, the one in charge! Be ready for anything. This is not going to be an easy fight," Matt warned.

"Don't underestimate us. We've defeated everything you've sent here. Now it's time to be aggressive. B, E, aggressive," Jennifer said defiantly.

The woman laughed mockingly, and said, "You insignificant fools. You'll find me a bit more formidable than those idiot creatures with their penchant for mindless destruction. Now you face the Tsarina, and you will be the first to bow to me when my legions flood this world!" At that she thrust her arms forward, and a stream of electricity shot from her hands to Jennifer, who was thrown from her feet as her muscles spasmed from the shock.

"Jennifer! Shit, lightning powers," Matt said, stepping forward and swinging his axe towards the self-proclaimed Tsarina. She turned her electricity on the approaching blade, and the plasma edge of the axe puffed out. She leapt back, out of the way, as the metal smashed into the pavement with a loud clang.

"Fighting Spirit Fiery Burst!" shouted Jennifer, shaky but on her feet, shooting a fireball at the dark woman. The Tsarina flicked her hands and sent a cloud of sparks at the oncoming conflagration, which quickly snuffed out as the two met.

"Shoulder cannons!" Matt commanded, causing them to emerge and open fire. The Tsarina raised her arms, palms forward, in a vaguely defensive posture. The energy bolts never reached her, merely deflecting away in opposite perpendicular directions, one blast hitting the bank, the other the auto repair garage, and dealing severe damage to both. When the barrage ended, she pulled her arms back and thrust them forward again, unleashing a large bolt of lightning that hit the core of the giant robot.

Electricity arced through the cockpit, and then all the screens went dark, leaving Matt in total blackness. "Panther!" he screamed, then paused as the data feed resumed in his brain. "Okay. How long? And skip weapons, just focus on getting us moving again." As he waited for Panther's systems to reinitialize, he tried to work through the problem. "Alright, lightning powers. Massive streams of electrons. Plasma is ionized gas, add electrons and it becomes just plain gas. Negative charge, same as the anti-alphas, stupid me, of course they are going to be repelled. And apparently the electric field can disrupt fire, too. Gotta improvise. So think, electrical safety: lightning rod, Faraday cage, insulators, plastic, rubber, that's it!"

Outside, the Tsarina had turned her attention back towards Jennifer, who was doing her best to keep ahead of the lightning shots being thrown at her. "Matt, get your ass moving, this is not going well," she said desperately, hoping he could hear. She ran back and forth past the front of the shops, hearing the crackle and seeing the bright flashes as the electricity struck just behind her several times. As she passed by the damaged bank wall, one of the bolts finally hit its mark, and she hit the wall, hard. The bricks crumbled and collapsed on top of her.

"Jennifer!" Matt screamed, running over in the once again ambulatory Panther, clutching a bundle of large pickup truck tires in each hand that he'd pulled from the auto garage after smashing through the broken wall there. He dropped to his knees behind the Tsarina and slammed one fist and then the other down over her, cocooning her upper body in a stack of tires.

"What?" shrieked the Tsarina in surprise, and then she growled in frustration as she struggled against her bonds. Matt picked her up, stood, and hung the tires on a utility pole. "Coward! You think you've won?" she snarled, and unleashed a burst of sparks that sputtered out from the top and bottom of the tire stack, was drawn to the wires on the pole, and streamed off along them in both directions. She screamed in anger, and then snapped, "This isn't over! Retrieval!" She promptly vanished in a swirl of purple and blue energy. The tires around her dropped to the ground.

Matt turned back to the ruined bank building, knelt down beside it and started carefully picking through the rubble. "Jennifer? Can you hear me? Please be okay." With the help of Panther's scanners he uncovered her and picked her up. She was like a rag doll in the large robotic hands. He opened the cockpit door and placed her inside, then disconnected from the control armature to check on her. "Jennifer, wake up, please wake up," he begged, shaking her gently.

His phone rang. "Shit, not now. Panther, check the Bluetooth, who is it? What? Home? Why would they be…? Alright, answer it. Hello?"

"Son. You can bring her back here."

"Dad. Uh, what?"

"She may need a doctor, but you probably don't want to take her to the hospital dressed like that. You can bring her here and then we'll figure it out," his father said.

"But… how did you…?" Matt asked, unable to form the full question.

"Debbie Woods has you on live TV. We saw what happened."

"Okay, but, how?" Matt repeated.

"Parents aren't generally as ignorant of what their children are up to as it might seem. They just respect their privacy, until and unless it's something where they have to intervene. And I read superhero comics when I was a kid, too."

Matt processed this. Apparently he hadn't been as subtle as he thought. Finally, he said, "Okay. I need to go park and then we'll teleport in to my bedroom. Stay clear until I get there."

"Understood," replied his father.

Matt returned to the armature and got ready to lift off, summoning the hoverwing down. Looking around, he spotted the KHNT 34 Action News van. There was also a helicopter circling overhead, and with Panther's enhanced vision he could see its weaponry. It was not a civilian chopper. "Wonderful," he said.

A few minutes later, Matt dimensional folded into his room, holding Jennifer in his arms. "Holy shit, that's Cheer Raider! You really are the robot pilot?" Neil asked excitedly from the hallway.

"Neil! Language!" scolded his mom.    

"SABRE pilot, and yes, I really am," Matt said, carrying Jennifer to his bed. He laid her in it and gently pulled her helmet off. "I had Panther scan her, there's no broken bones or internal injuries, but she may have a concussion."

"Your mother can change her clothes and we can take her to the hospital right now, or we can give her a few hours first to see if she wakes up on her own," his father offered.

'I don't know. I just don't know," Matt admitted.

- - -

Jennifer groaned and opened her eyes. She saw science fiction posters and toys, that meant the bed she was in was Matt's. In fact he was sitting next to it, slumped over asleep in his chair, with his hand reached out, holding hers. A woman sitting in another chair across the room set her book down. "Mrs. Peterson, I presume?" Jennifer said weakly.

"That's right," she said.

"How much did he tell you?" Jennifer asked.


"Oh God, I hurt everywhere. What the hell happened?"

"You had an unfortunate encounter with a brick wall," Matt's mom said. "He hasn't left your side all night, you know."

Jennifer smiled. "He's a good guy."

"Yes, he is. We were debating over taking you to the hospital. We still can," Mrs. Peterson said.

"Well, let's see something first. This should help. Final score, game over," Jennifer said. The cheer uniform burst into a cloud of golden sparkles that swirled around her and reformed into the charm bracelet as her clothes reappeared. It also woke up Matt.

"Jennifer? Jennifer! How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Better now. Maybe a bit of a headache yet," she said, sitting up.

"I'll get you a pain killer. My husband can drive you home," Mrs. Peterson said, standing up.

"Yes, please, and thank you for everything," Jennifer said.

"You're very welcome, dear, and it's nice to finally meet you," Mrs. Peterson said as she walked out.

Jennifer turned to Matt and asked, "And the Tsarina, did you defeat her?"

"I stopped her, but she escaped," Matt said. Jennifer nodded.

- - -

Jennifer waved good-bye to Mr. Peterson as he drove away, and climbed back into her window. Her unfinished report was still waiting on her computer. "Oh, fuck," she said. There were only a few hours left before school started, and the pain killer hadn't even kicked in yet.

Sure enough, when the class got their papers back the following week, she had a big fat F. Her grades hadn't been the greatest to begin with, and being Cheer Raider had already been causing them to slip. This one would sink her. She waited after school, and confronted the teacher as he was unlocking his car to go home. "Mr. Lipinski, what can I do to save my grade? I'll do anything."

He turned to her and replied, "Miss Monroe, you had ample time to write that paper and what you turned in shows you didn't use any of it. Even if I were in the habit of granting extra credit assignments, you clearly don't deserve one."

"Mr. Lipinski, please," she said, stepping closer, pushing her body against his. Shifting to a sultry tone of voice, she continued, "I said, I'll do anything. I'll let you… do anything." When the look on his face confirmed he understood the implication, she rubbed her breasts against him for emphasis and kept going. "I know your wife left you. It must be so hard being around all these hot young girls all day with nobody at home to satisfy you."

"Miss Monroe, what you're suggesting could get us both in a great deal of trouble," Lipinski said nervously.

"Only if somebody finds out. It'll be just this once, and I'm not going to tell. Are you?" Jennifer responded, still rubbing her body against his seductively.

Lipinski's face twitched with internal struggle, then he said, "This wouldn't give you a free ticket for the rest of the semester. I expect your work to improve immensely from now on."

"Of course," she said.

"You can't be seen getting into my car here. Go, I'll pick you up down the street."

When they arrived at his house, he led her straight to his bedroom. Jennifer asked, "So, how do you want to start?"

Lipinski slapped her across the face hard enough to knock her to the floor. "What the fuck do you think?" he snarled. "Take those skank clothes off. All you Goddamn tramps these days, dressing like skanks and spreading your legs at the drop of a hat. It disgusts me." She couldn't really contradict him as she pulled off her short skirt and her tight shirt that showed both cleavage and midriff, nor as she removed her bra and panties, revealing her pussy that had seen no shortage of cock inside it.

He grabbed her by the hair and roughly pulled her to her feet, then dragged her over to the bed where he sat down and pulled her down over his lap. He pinned her arms behind her back and fastened a pair of fuzzy bondage handcuffs around her wrists, then started spanking her hard. "All your skank classmates deserve to be punished, but you most of all. Is that what you were doing instead of your paper? Fucking around? A different guy every night, I bet." Jennifer grunted with each slap of his hand against her ass. He finally stopped when both cheeks were plenty red and stinging.

He pulled her off his lap and onto the bed, face down with her ass and legs hanging over the side. She heard him stand up behind her and undress, then she yelped as her head was yanked back from him pulling hard on her hair. She felt his cock head against her cunt lips, and then she squealed as he pushed all the way into her pussy with one thrust. He started pounding her from behind, still pulling her hair, and said, "Look at that, what a disgusting skank you are to take it in so easily." She grunted and moaned as his member pounded into her as hard as he could manage. Having her arms trapped behind her, her neck strained, and her scalp in pain wasn't pleasant, but the cock in her wet tunnel was some consolation.

"How about your other skank hole?" he asked, pulling out of her and pushing back in a few inches higher. She screamed as he once again rammed in his entire length in one go. "Just as loose, of course it is," Lipinski sneered while regaining his previous pace. Jennifer panted and moaned as her backdoor indeed quickly loosened for the invader.

Just as her body was finally heating up to the point where she could really enjoy herself, Lipinski disappeared. He was only gone for a minute though, and upon his return he flipped her over, her handcuffed arms pinned painfully under her body. He was holding a permanent marker, and uncapped it and began writing. Across one breast, "skank", and "slut" on the other. Above her pussy, "insert cock" with an arrow pointing down, and then written vertically next to her pussy, "cum" on the right and "dump" on the left. It wasn't anything that would show when she had her clothes on, but that wasn't going to be the case quite yet.

He grabbed her by one arm, pulled her to her feet, and then dragged her with him to the bathroom and into the tub. "On your knees, skank!" he ordered, pushing her downwards, and she obliged. She looked up, finally seeing his naked form. He wasn't especially handsome for his age, nor ugly either, more depressingly average with his severely receding hairline and silly mustache. The rest of him followed suit, right down to his penis, which he aimed at her and unleashed a stream of piss. She clamped her mouth shut and watched as the arc of golden fluid cascaded past her face and down onto her body, the surprising warmth of it flowing over her skin. He sprayed his urine over both of her tits, across her collarbone, and briefly onto her chin, then back down to her tits until his bladder could give no more.

Then he stepped closer, raised his cock with his hand, yanked her head back by pulling on her hair again, and dropped his scrotum onto her lips. "Open up, skank," he commanded. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue over his hairy ball sack. "Wider!" She knew what he was after now. She opened wide and pulled one of his testicles into her mouth, then with some difficulty she managed to get the other one in as well. "That's right, you dirty fucking skank, suck those balls!" he said as she did exactly that.

Finally he pulled free from her mouth, tilted her head back down, and stuffed his cock right back inside. He skullfucked her as hard as he could, grunting while slamming his cock in and out of her mouth, making her gag, and several times holding her head tightly to his crotch with his cock filling her oral fuck hole as far as it possibly could. As soon as he was close to blowing his load, he pulled her face off his dick and held it in place while he stroked with his other hand, then finished by shooting his spunk onto her face, hitting her mostly across her cheeks and nose.

He let her go, stepped out of the bathtub, and barked, "Stand up!" She got to her feet, and looked up to see him aiming his smartphone at her, with the simulated camera shutter sound indicating he had taken a photo. "Now that's what a proper skank is supposed to look like," he said, putting the phone down and grabbing a towel. He stepped back to the bathtub, removed the handcuffs, and handed her the towel. "Wipe yourself off and get dressed so I can take you home, skank."

It wasn't until her front door closed behind her, with Lipinski driving away, that she allowed her eyes to fill with tears. She toggled her phone screen on and pulled up her contact list. She scrolled to Wade, then quickly scrolled away. She paused longer over Theresa's name, but finally selected Matt instead.

- - -

Matt drove quickly to Jennifer's house. A text message saying she needed him urgently was rather ambiguous, but the tone of it did seem different from the other times she'd lured him there for sex. The front door wasn't locked, and he walked right in, calling out, "Jennifer?" He ventured down the hallway where the bedrooms were, but she wasn't in hers. He could hear the shower running in the bathroom, though, and that's where he found her, sitting under the torrent of water and crying.

He grabbed a towel, shut the water off and said, "Hey, hey, what's wrong? What happened?" He put the towel around her, sat down next to her and pulled her close. She told him everything, and showed him the writing on her skin. Privately he wished she'd come to him for help with her reports, but despite his own inexperience with girls he'd picked up enough secondhand wisdom to keep his mouth shut about it. What she needed now was empathy. When she finished, he said, "What an asshole. Do you want me to get Panther and step on his house?"

A brief giggle and small smile escaped her lips. "No, and it's not even about the nasty things he did, it was the spirit behind them," she said. "He never asked if I was submissive or if I liked humiliation, never gave me a chance to say if I curious to try it or not. I know I'd already told him he could do anything, but I think he wanted to do things to make me feel bad, to go beyond what he thought I could handle but with no choice except to endure it." Her voice started wavering as she continued, "The worst part is, I always thought it would be so hot to seduce a teacher, it would be all forbidden love and needing each other so much we'd risk everything to be together. Instead I had to beg him to let me sell myself like a common hooker who couldn't cut it on her own." At that, she began sobbing again.

"What can I do?" Matt asked.

"Hold me, just hold me," she said, leaning into him further. So he did.

[Ending Theme: "Mechanical Love" by In This Moment]

"Debbie Woods here, reporting live from Bensonville. Wow, that one sure was rough on Jennifer. She'll be back in shape next time though, when it's time to perform at the biggest game of the year! Afterwards, she'll be at the center of a more private performance for the entire football team. Join us for Cheer Raider and SABRE Panther, Episode 8: 'Battle on the Football Field! Now I'm the Team's Target?' Go! Fight! Win!"

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