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Clothed only in Clouds

Husband takes his love for his wife to new heights.

“I need my husband to make love to me. And then fuck my brains out. And then I will fuck your brains out. If we have time.”

“Oh, we have time Zoe,” Havian laughed. “For the first time since we reunited, we have all the time we want.” Laughing, he swept her into his arms and kissed her, molding her body to his as he did. He turned, pressing her back to the barracks wall and grinding into her, wrapping her legs around his waist as he explored her mouth with his tongue. Then he stepped back and, still holding tight to her, spread his wings. They beat once, twice, and the two of them were airborne.

“I know how strong you are,” he whispered, taking his hands from her rear as the fortress-temple fell away beneath them. “So hold on. Tight.” His hands slid between their bodies, jerking with each beat of his wings, to work at the buttons of her blouse. When it opened for him he slid his hands inside, stroking and caressing her skin as he helped work each sleeve off in turn.

“Goddess…you are mad,” She exhaled, fingers digging into his back. Her blouse billowed and flittered towards the ground below. Then he kissed the hollow of her throat and gripped her hips, so she could lean back. When she did, he circled her nipple with his tongue.

“Mad?” Havian groaned as his wife writhed in his arms. “Mad with desire, perhaps. With the desperate hunger only your flesh and your love can sate.” He fumbled at her waist, opening the crotch of her pants to his touch. Breath caught in his throat as be found her wet for his fingers, and he groaned with pleasure into her mouth as he kissed her again. “Hold onto me, and kick these off,” he growled, tugging the waist over her hips.

“Goddess…” She exhaled, still not entirely believing it, despite the wind beating off his wings the bobbing of their bodies as he maintained altitude. “Fuck, Havian…”

“I wanted you like this when we escaped the fortress,” he murmured. “Clothed only in the sky, where all heaven and earth can witness.” And then her magnificent nude firm pressed against him, as she tormented him while helping him shed his clothes. Even as his breeches fell away her smooth legs slid around his hips and hooked over his ass, and he gasped with pleasure as she took his length in one smooth, long thrust.

"Zoe,” he groaned, spreading his wings into a stall, feeling her weight drive her deeper onto his meat. One hand explored her at a time, the other arm helping support her. Each lazy beat of his wings propelled them upwards, thrusting him up into her. Havian kissed her fiercely, letting her taste his little sounds of pure pleasure at the motions.

“Goddess,” he groaned, pulling her tight against his chest. “Goddess, how I love you.” Then he grinned, wickedly, and kissed her again. “And I’ll be inventing new ways to show you just how much…”

“You’ll be hard…hard pressed to top…to top this…” Zoe teased, gasping as each beat of his wings caused him to thrust into her. She closed her eyes, forgetting the sky, and the dizzying view, choosing to only focus on the warmth of his skin on hers, and his steel hard rod parting her slit. Enveloped by his love as she enveloped him with her wet heat. As she wrapped her arms around his neck, his feathers tickling her arms with each flap.

“Fuck Havian, I am so close,” She cried, thighs flexing around him to fuck herself on him. To fill herself with his cock, to tease her own clit as his angle brushed against it each time. “Tell me you’re close,” she begged, rasping breaths hotter than the cool air surrounding them, “Tell me that you want to cum inside, that you want to flood me with your pleasure.”

“Goddess, I’m close!” Havian gasped. “Goddess, I want… want to fill… fill you… with my… my cum! His body gave the truth to his words, every thrust of his hips driving his cock into her slick slit, the ache in his loins growing greater and greater. Earth and sky wheeled lazily around them as he filled his hands and mouth with her body, filled her body with his, driving them both closer and closer to their release. And then she clenched around him, her body tightening in orgasm as she screamed his name. Somehow he held out, fucking her through her orgasm, until his own body rebelled against him. His own release was a wordless shout of triumph as he pulsed within her, his seed coating her walls.

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