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Gods of War

I guess I have a thing for hot tempered redheads on the other side of a boundary line.
Covering her face, the thought occurred to Gwen that maybe Falin felt the same about her as she felt about Falin. Gwen had done a lot more than kissing in her day, but never had she felt the electricity pulsating through her like she did with Falin. It was incredible. The little shocks went right to her core. It was all she could do to try and break the kiss. What she really wanted to do was shimmer Falin to her bed chambers and make use of that beautifully carved oak bed.

Turning toward Falin who was wrapping her cloak around her shoulders in an attempt to leave, Gwen stalked toward her. Falin turned quick on her feet. Her eyes accusingly stared into Gwen’s. Taking no heed, Gwen gripped Falin’s hips and pressed them against her own.

“Now tell me,” Gwen breathed, “Does this feel like the right thing to do?” With that Gwen took Falin’s lips without permission, claiming them as her own.

Falin’s arms were trapped between them. She could not have fought off Gwen’s attack even if she wanted. Gwen could feel her struggling to make her arms free. Gwen's mouth did not relent on Falin’s as she backed her into the rough, cold stone wall. Only then did Gwen allow her to free her arms only to grab her wrists and pin them above.

Then, Gwen lifted her head and looked hungrily into Falin’s eyes whose were gazing expectantly back.

“Yes,” Falin breathed heavily with her wrists pinned above her, “This feels incredibly right.” She moved her head to catch Gwen’s mouth with hers.

Laughing, Gwen threw her head backwards. “Did they teach you that in Angel Academy?”

Her eyes looking at Gwen through her lashes, which was quite a sight with her arms pinned above her, Falin whispered, “Believe it or not, Gwen, I am learning as I go.”

Slowly releasing her wrists, Gwen slid her hands down Falin’s arms that still stayed in position on the wall.

“Are you sure you want to continue with this? You could get in a lot of trouble from your Almighty.”

Closing her eyes, Falin looked up and opened them. “This is not lust for me, Gwen. I would give my life for you.” She lowered her arms and placed her hands around Gwen’s neck and looked deeply into her eyes. “I can assure you that I have never felt like this for anyone in my existence and never will for anyone else but you.” She used her thumbs to stroke Gwen’s jaw. “If I were to choose to share everything I am with someone, that someone would be you.”

Gwen’s speechless and stunned expression gave enough time for Falin to come up for a deep kiss. Gwen closed her eyes as her hands rested on Falin’s hips. Falin had practically professed her love. Gwen had never known love before, but if this was love, she did not what to go back. All she knew was lust, but Falin was right. This was not lust. Just because it was not lust, did it automatically mean it was love?

Using Falin’s description of how she felt, Gwen wondered if she could share everything about herself with Falin. Could she really tell this beautiful angel all that had happened to her? Would she be able to share her feelings, even if they were “ungodly”? Falin knew about the victimizing part of her life, but could she handle the rest? Could the spawn of Lucifer actually fall in love? Gwen felt so comfortable with her.

Falin was beginning to run kisses down Gwen’s neck. It was amazing. The electrical pulses had heightened every fiber of Gwen’s being. Gwen was able to reach within Falin’s clothing and find the bare skin of her back. As Gwen ran her finger tips up Falin’s spine she felt goose bumps erupt over her shivering body. Only then did Falin stop necking Gwen to look back up into her eyes.

Gwen knew then that she would never be able to live without this angel again, no matter which side they fought with. It scared Gwen knowing that she was falling hard for the enemy. If Falin were to manifest a knife to plunge it into her heart, Gwen would not have stopped her because she could not bring herself to even hurt a hair on Falin.

“I need you, Fay.” Gwen said as she lowered her head and gently placed a kiss on her swollen lips. With that, Gwen shimmered them back to Falin’s bedchambers at the fort.

Without batting a lash, Falin stepped away from Gwen. It hurt so much to have her out of her arms. It was so cold without her. There she was though, smiling that smile knowing she was about to pull something. Looking straight into Gwen’s eyes, Falin melted her clothing leaving her naked to the cold air within the room.

Gwen took in the sight before her. Her eyes trailed along Falin’s neck to the fist sized mounds of her breasts. Her small dark nipples grew taunt when cold wind blew from the cracked window of her bedchambers. Gwen’s gaze lowered to Falin’s caramel colored stomach. Her stomach was not tight like the females in Hell were. The bottom of her stomach was like a small pouted lip that did not come close to hiding the beautiful thatch of dark curls between her legs. Gwen’s eyes darkened as she watched Falin standing there uncomfortably. She was so confident, but under Gwen’s eyes, she was beginning to squirm.

Attempting to put her mind at ease, Gwen met Falin’s gaze. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon. You cannot begin to imagine the joy I am getting from looking at you, so let me show it.” Gwen began to reach out, but Falin held her hand out.

“You’re next.” Falin’s confidence was coming back and she mischievously smiled. She did a quick glance over Gwen in her clothing and swiped her hand in the air. Gwen’s clothes melted away much like Falin’s did. It left her exposed to all the scrutiny that Gwen had given Falin.

Falin’s gaze took the same time looking at Gwen. Gwen could see her eyes stop at Gwen’s breasts and then her stomach. Her eyes narrowed at Gwen’s belly button. It was proof that she was born rather than created. Falin’s hand reached out to trace the indention. Her eyes then travelled to the bare skin between her legs. Falin had obviously never seen such smooth skin down there given her questioning gaze.

“Sometimes mine get caught at the most inopportune times. So, I just got rid of it.” Gwen did not care that much. She was used to her nakedness and very comfortable in it. She stalked toward Falin who squeaked as she jumped onto the four post oak bed.

Climbing slowly toward Falin, Gwen caught Falin’s legs and slowly began to spread them apart. Falin giggled as Gwen positioned herself between her legs. Gwen hovered over Falin allowing her to get comfortable being in such naked proximity. Falin suddenly stopped giggling and wrapped her legs and arms around Gwen.

“I want to feel all of you Gwen,” she whispered in Gwen’s ear.

She has got to be the most beautiful creature alive, Gwen thought.

“Be careful with that language, Fay. I may think you’re in love with me,” Gwen said as she began kissing and licking Falin’s neck.

“Who says I am not?” Falin whispered as she caught one of Gwen’s nipples between her fingers.

Gwen traced her tongue lashes with kisses and made her way to one nipple. It was still puckered and with Falin’s hands in Gwen’s loose red hair, Gwen had no doubt she had found a sweet spot. Gwen sucked and flicked Falin’s nipple making pop sounds for effect. Falin just squirmed and moved beneath Gwen. She kissed her way to the valley between Falin’s breasts and began to lave it with her tongue and kiss her way to the other breast.

Gwen could tell she was burning to be touched because she could feel Falin rubbing herself against Gwen’s leg. Gwen was not going to let it be that easy and moved both her legs and trapping both of Falin’s in between. Falin whimpered at the loss of contact.

“C’mon, angel, wait for it. It’s definitely better when you wait.”

“I don’t believe you,” Falin scoffed as she playfully smacked Gwen on her arm.

Smiling, Gwen continued sucking her breast. She could feel Falin’s curls tease and tickle her stomach below. She worked her way downward where, if Falin were born, her navel would be. Instead it was a smooth area just like her stomach. Her dark tanned skin was as sweet as a mango and as soft as silk. There was no way Gwen would ever get tired of this.

Making her way down, Gwen placed one of her legs between Falin’s. Gwen kissed and nibbled the spot on her hip right above her thigh. Falin squirmed in pleasure. Gwen smelled the aroma from Falin. She couldn’t have smelled any sweeter, and Gwen loved the way Falin moved underneath her, but she really wanted to taste her.

Spreading Falin’s legs to station herself between them, Gwen blew on the most intimate part of Falin. Falin spread her legs wider for Gwen and her sweet smell surrounded the air around them. Gwen watched as she glistened in the moonlight coming from the window.

“Please…” Falin pleaded.

She couldn’t wait any longer. She opened her folds with both her thumbs and flicked her tongue inside. At that moment the electricity was stifling as it engulfed them both. Blue electrical lights began dancing over them both as Gwen continued to lick and nibble into her. She tasted incredibly sweet and powerful.

Finding the bud nestled inside at the top, Gwen kissed it, sucking it into her mouth and flicking her tongue over it. Falin gasped in delight and began moving her hips and riding Gwen’s mouth. Gwen wrapped her arms under then over Falin’s thigh’s trying to keep her still. She wanted every bit of nectar Falin was going to give. Gwen watched her thrive.

Falin looked down and met Gwen’s eyes. Falin’s golden eyes glowed an astonishing yellow. The blue streaks of electricity flowing over her made her look fierce even as she smiled at the pleasure Gwen was giving her. Gwen felt the sparks of electricity over her and popping at the points of her nipples.

She watched Falin as her head went backwards and her back arched. Falin’s legs clamped around Gwen’s head and Gwen knew she needed to give her as much pleasure as she could. Gwen flicked her tongue faster and held Falin as tight as she could. She could feel Falin’s spasms through the electricity pulses and taste Falin’s juices as she came.

Gwen did not let up though. She kept licking. She slowed her tongue down long enough to slowly insert a slender finger inside Falin’s tight lips.

Falin squealed at the unexpected entrance. Gwen could feel that Falin was telling the truth about never doing this before. Falin was so tight against Gwen’s finger that she didn’t move until Falin became accustomed to it. Only then did Gwen slowly pull it out and push it back in with her mouth still on Falin’s tiny bead.

Falin began to move with Gwen’s actions again. Even in Gwen’s vast experience, she had never felt so close to anyone as she did with Falin. Gwen had never felt the need to know the name of the person she was with. Contrary to her past, Gwen wanted to know everything about Falin. How she grew up or if she just was. Gwen wanted to know how being created differs from being born.

Right now, Gwen’s main goal was to show Falin how much she meant to her. She had never been so generous with other partners in her past granted they had been more aggressive with her. But Gwen did not care nor was she comparing Falin to them. They were nothing and Falin was light incarnate.

Falin was cresting on her second orgasm. Her legs held Gwen’s head in place as she began to spasm. Gwen slid a second finger inside, breaking Falin’s virginity. Falin screamed Gwen’s name in ecstasy as Gwen kept going. The electricity started a fire on the far end of the mattress near Gwen’s feet, but she quickly put it out with her mind before Falin noticed. Gwen was never going to stop. She wanted this to be something Falin remembered on those lonely nights on the Heavenly plain.

Falin approached her third orgasm in no time as her hands were buried in Gwen’s hair. Falin did not breathe for a good ten seconds until the spasms shook her back into place. Gwen slowly pulled out her fingers which were drenched and with the tiniest of blood spots.

Falin caught her breath and sat up. Gwen was almost afraid she was angry at her for taking her virginity. Guiltily, Gwen wiped her hand on the soft sheets.

“Did I hurt you?” Falin asked as she saw the blood.

“That’s my question for you, you know.” Falin’s face showed no knowledge of what happened. “They never told you about making love did they?” Gwen was not about to say sex because it wasn’t sex they just had. It was definitely something more.

Falin shook her head. “I was told it was something humans do when they feel the need to express the love God gives them.” Falin looked at the blood spot on the sheets. “So that must be my innocence.” She ran a finger around the stain. “That’s curious; I did not think it would be blood. I thought it was more of a mental phenomenon.”

“It is. Or it can be. Some use it recreationally.” Gwen looked away. She could not face such a discussion with Falin.

“I know, but making love to someone is like joining souls. Making it recreational is like joining souls then breaking them apart. It is not good for either party.” Falin pulled Gwen’s face to look at hers. “I know this is not recreational for you, Gwen. During that last time, I had a series of thoughts and images from you.”

Gwen was aghast. She didn’t know what to say.

Falin leaned and kissed Gwen’s open mouth. “Just so you know,” she said between kisses down Gwen’s neck, “You’re definitely the most beautiful demon I have ever seen. Inside. And out.”

Falin smiled and took Gwen’s breasts in her hands and examined them. “Were sparks flying off yours as well?”

Gwen threw her head back and laughed and looked back down into Falin’s beautiful golden eyes. “Yes, yours too! I couldn’t believe how great it felt. I’m surprised we didn’t set the whole bed on fire.” Falin looked behind Gwen to see the scorch mark on the bed with burnt feathers still floating in the air.

“Oh, my…”

“Forget about it. We can always get another bed. If not, I have one in my bedchambers.” Falin cocked her head as if an idea struck her. Then she gave the hungriest look that Gwen had ever seen. Falin wrapped her arms around Gwen and orbed.

Gwen closed her eyes because she was unaccustomed to transporting herself in such bright light. When she opened them they were standing on the same planet at the same place that a chip flip decided their paths so many years ago.


Seeing that flash of Gwen during her ecstasy was something so totally unexpected. Then again she had never had such pleasure in her existence. So this was what was reserved for lovers, Falin concluded. Falin remembered how taken Gwen was to this place before. She wanted her time with Gwen to be perfect. Even though she felt Gwen loved her, Gwen was not ready to take a step in such a godly direction.

Falin knew and understood. Gwen had been through so much and it was only natural for Gwen to feel hesitant when it came to committing to anything.

She could see Gwen’s nipples puckering at the slight breeze from the waterfall. They had come when the sun was setting and Gwen’s red hair glowed in the light. If Falin hadn't known she was born half demon, she would have thought Gwen was a full angel.

Falin stood in front of her and ran her hands up from Gwen’s hips to the bottoms of her breasts where she cupped them. She ran her thumbs over the small nipples. Gwen’s were a dark pink that reminded Falin of a small rosebud. In doing what Gwen had done to her, Falin bent down and took a nipple into her mouth and sucked. Wondering what else to do she looked up at Gwen. She felt so awkward and inexperienced now.

Gwen met her gaze. “You could never disappoint me, Fay.”

With that Falin continued to message her breast and began licking the other. She saw Gwen throw her head back and moan. She could feel Gwen’s hands over her back and eventually cupping the back of her head.

Falin made her way down and eventually squatting in front of Gwen. Looking at Gwen’s navel made her seem so human. Falin traced it with her finger again. She was fascinated that a baby, before dislodged from its mother was connected by a cord that was severed after birth and left a hole in the baby until it died of old age. Falin looked down at her own stomach and saw nothing but a smooth surface. How could two beings so completely different crave each other so much?

Falin was now face to face with Gwen’s very smooth core. Even in Heaven where everyone walked freely, she had never seen anyone bare like Gwen. It was odd to see her with no hair. She had never paid much attention to anyone else because she had no idea what could be done to it. Falin had never experienced such pleasure and she assumed no one else on the Heavenly plane had either. This made her question her actions.

As if sensing her thoughts, Gwen slowly knelt in front of Falin.

This is not the time to freeze. Falin thought. You are already in it, just finish it.

“Fay, angel, if you can’t do this, it’s okay.” Gwen was cupping both of Falin’s hands in her own.

Her innocence was already taken by the one she loved. What was wrong with that? This sort of love was not only reserved for humans, was it? Falin had never felt something so powerful consume her. Gwen was making her feel loved, wanted, and needed. She desperately wanted to do the same to Gwen. She certainly felt love for Gwen. Why was she questioning herself now?

Before Falin knew what was happening, Gwen had pulled her into a hug in which Falin curled in Gwen’s lap. Falin went to wipe her face and noticed tears on her finger tips. She was crying.

“Shh…Everything is going to be alright, Fay. You don’t have to worry.” Gwen was rocking her.

They both sat in front of the sun set and watched it fall under the horizon as Falin let the silent tears fall. When the sun disappeared, Gwen had shimmered them back to Falin’s bed chambers.

The blood stain and the scorch mark were still there as if to show that it wasn’t a dream. Gwen waved her hand over the bed making all the discrepancies unseen allowing the bed to be made as if it hadn’t been touched. There, Gwen pulled back the covers to allow Falin to crawl into bed.

“I’m so sorry, Gwen. I don’t know what’s come over me.” Gwen was tucking the comforter around Falin.

“This is your first time, Fay. It’s always the hardest. If you want there to be a next time, your heart will tell you so. If not, don’t worry about it.” Gwen was still tucking the comforter when she paused. “Have you ever slept before?”

“No, I’ve never needed to, but it feels great that you are doing this.”

Stifling a laugh with her hand, Gwen shook her head. “So you don’t know how to fall asleep. And I occasionally need sleep. This relationship had rocks from the start didn’t it?” Gwen began tidying things around the room by hanging Falin’s cloak in the closet. Gwen then summoned a cloak for herself. Falin realized she was going to leave. She came around to Falin and kissed her on the head. “Good night, angel.”

Falin grabbed Gwen’s hand. “Stay with me. I may not be ready for what you want me to do, but I don’t want you to leave.” That reason sound pathetic to Falin’s ears. “Could you teach me how to sleep?” That reason was not as pathetic.

Smiling, Gwen threw the cloak on the nearest chair. “I don’t expect anything from you, Fay. That’s the most bizarre thing.” She climbed onto the other side of the bed and slid under the covers.

Falin felt cool air from the covers being lifted and setting back down. Falin turned on her side with her back facing Gwen. She could feel Gwen’s hesitancy in touching her. Following her heart, Falin reached back for Gwen’s arm and pulled her toward her. She felt Gwen’s arm wrap under her arm around stomach just grazing the bottoms of her breasts.

Falin laid her arm on top of Gwen’s and slowly intertwined their fingers. Her dark skin with Gwen’s was an incredible sight. Maybe Gwen was right. Their relationship did have difficulties from the start. The Almighty had always said that the reason dominion angels were the way they were was because they had to blend into human society. Dominion angels were the most humanistic in appearance but were never human in nature.

As Falin witnessed the different skin pigmentations blended together, she thought how human it is to believe someone is different because of the color of their skin. Gwen had two skin colors, her white alabaster skin in human form and her deep maroon skin in demon form. There was nothing human about their relationship other than their consummation of it.

She was told the reasons humans made love was because they were trying to reconnect their lost community with God. Only Falin was wasn't thinking about the Almighty, she was thinking about how much she loved Gwen.

Falin heard the long soft breaths Gwen was taking. Gwen must already be asleep. Looking straight ahead Falin manifested a mirror to hang on the stone wall before her. She watched herself wrapped in Gwen’s arms. She watched the rise and fall of Gwen as she took deep breaths. Eventually, Falin shut her eyes in an attempt to fall asleep for the first time.

It took less than a minute for the darkness to overtake her.

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