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Jack has an appetite
Jack was hungry. So fucking hungry. Andhe had an appetite for pussy.

He pushed open the door and walked into the room. There before him was his ultimate fantasy. She was laid back, legs apart, with a coy smile on her lips. She beckoned him closer, and opened her legs wider. He slipped out of his suit jacket, and tossed it on the back of the couch. He drank in her fine body. Her rich auburn hair, spread out on the pillow like a halo. Her large, full breasts, encased in an emerald green bra, smooth stomach, right down to her sweet spot, hidden by matching green panties.

He dropped to his knees in front of her, ready to worship her. He loosened his tie and placed it on the bed, where he could find it for later.

He started at her feet, drawing a slow continuous line up the inside of each leg with his tongue. She did well not to move, but he could hear her sigh, as he reached her lower thighs He then started back at her feet and left soft feather-light kisses along the line traced by his tongue. Again, she did not move, but sighed deeper when he reached her thighs. Jack made sure to stop before the top of her thighs, not too close to her honey-pot. He wanted to save that for later.

Again his tongue traced the line up her shapely legs, this time he gently exhaled as he went. The moisture on her skin evaporating with every breath, leaving her tingling.

This time he didn't stop at her thighs. He carried on up, slipping his tongue just under her panties, teasing her until she started to shudder. Her passion built, leaving a damp spot on her panties. As Jack saw this, his hunger got the better of him and he tugged her panties aside, exposing her swollen lips, glistening with her juices. Unable to resist any longer, he started to greedily feast on her. With this she let out a loud moan as her passion was taken to the next level. He slowly ran his tongue between her lips, parting her slightly. Tracing them with his outstretched tongue, he could taste her honey, sweet and sugary. He slowly twirled his tongue around her bud, before gently nibbling, making her scream in ecstasy. She became even wetter, as he traced lower to receive his reward.

Then, reaching for his tie again, he rolled her over onto all fours and tied her hands to the bed post. He slapped her arse, making her let out another gasp. Then Jack tugged her now soaking panties to the side, he penetrated her, just slightly, with the tip of his manhood. Teasing and making her want more, he lent forward allowing her a little more of his length. He reached over and cupped her heaving breasts, and teased her erect nipples out of the bra. Unable to take it any more she pushed back on him hard, so she could finally feel his whole length, and she groaned with pleasure as he slid deep inside of her.....

All of a sudden a booming robotic voice brakes through Jacks ecstasy. 'Booth 2 your time is up. Please remove your helmet, Jack... Jackie, I said time's up!' as the tech taps the top of the helmet. Jackie removes the Virtual Reality helmet, wipes the sweat from her brow, and steps out of the booth. The operator scans her forearm, and the cash register beeps as her payment is downloaded from her microchip. She hated 2064. Sex was much better in 2014.

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