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Long Distance Love…

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Noticing my lover’s face growing tense as a noticeable bulge began forming in his pants.

We first met each other while on vacation with our respected families at a resort on the beach near Jacksonville, Florida many years ago. Homer and I played on the beach while the folks got acquainted. As we all started back home, we discovered that we lived only about thirty-five miles apart so we would all get together now and he and I became friends.

After we started college we kept in touch with each other. When I found out he was going to be at the same outdoor concert I was attending with several of my girlfriends, we bumped into each other so we sat together at the concert then when it ended we went our separate ways.

This is how I look back and think of our time together.

Homer has been my boyfriend for many years now and we are very much in love today. I know now that I will never have another lover that could be as profound, both emotionally and physically. I thought that this would be the perfect place to post some of our amazing experiences together. We lived in separate cities miles apart but met at a social event a few years back and have kept in touch ever since.

It all started one spring. To start with, we were just friends. However, we had a definite attraction for each other despite our platonic status. One spring day changed both of our lives for the better and forever. It was a warm day and we were both attending an outdoor concert (we grew up being nerds and were proud of it). He was donning a Sora cosplay from the video game, ‘Kingdom Hearts’, while I was dressed as Yuna from the video game ‘Final Fantasy X’. On that day, I felt ready to admit my crush on him but decided not to say anything as I thought that he did not feel the same way about me. Man, was I ever so wrong about that?

Every time he and I made a simple physical connection, my body felt as if it was on fire, quickly spreading lower and lower. I often fantasized about what it would feel like to have his hands brush over my skin and his warm lips licking or kissing down my neck. Every time that I stood near him, my face felt flushed and hot because it was becoming harder and harder to stay in control of myself.

It all started as a joke. Just outside a concert, some friends and I were sitting out on a grassy knoll. Somehow, we got onto a topic that I responded to with loud fake moaning sounds. I tilted my head back and arched my body writhing in the grass, moaning and gasping loudly. That is when I noticed my now love's face grew tense as a noticeable erection formed inside his pants. That is when I knew that he wanted me as much as I really truly wanted him right then.

From that moment on, we regularly chatted via webcam and always start talking about how we felt that day back when it was the start that leads up to a wild firing up of our libidos. We talked about how wet I was getting and the way he was swelling up by just listing to me talk about that occasion. I would become aroused just thinking about him and what it would feel like having his cock pushing into my wet cunt while his hands caressed my breasts, and then traveled down to my nether region until his fingertips find my wet pussy and clit, rubbing over them ever so gently.

I will never forget the first few times we saw each other. My pussy would already be soaking wet, my panties filled with my juices as he told me things that he wanted to do to me. How he wanted me up against the wall, writhing beneath him. He took one look at my firm breasts and told me how much he wanted to suck and fondle my hard nipples. How much he just wanted to reach down and rub me until his hand was slick with all my wetness. How he wanted to slide his fingers deep inside me slowly at first, then as things were getting heavy, how he’d wanted to fuck my pussy hard with his rock-hard and throbbing cock.

He would pull out his thick aching cock and never in my life had I wanted to go down on any man as I did right then, sucking him off. My eyes ravished the size of his length as I thought of just how much I would be able to take into my mouth and suck at that very moment. I really wanted to suck him really slowly and very hard while making him squirm as if it would give him much pleasure and last forever.

I would remove all my clothes and let him see my naked body as we watched each other pleasure ourselves. Oh, how I would love watching him cum, shooting his load out all over me! I really loved watching his creamy fluid shot from the tip of his cock’s head; the more he came the better I would feel! It never failed to turn me on.

And now? I really want to ride him so very badly; I want him to touch me everywhere and for his thumbs to run circles around my nipples until they are hard. I wither when I stop to think of him in that way.

I am currently waiting for him to arrive tonight so we can share another session of sheer pleasure together once again, and I long for the day when we can finally spend our life together experiencing each other all the time in the flesh each and every day.

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