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Lost at Sea, book 1: Where There's a Will, chapter 14, part 1

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

This chapter has been split into two parts due to Lush's 10k word limit.

Bella let go of Will’s shoulders and quickly shimmied her long sleep shirt up around her waist. Her fingers found her smooth slit. She wasn’t wet, but Belita giving Will a blowjob was starting to feel really good. She licked her fingers and brought them between her legs. She was glad she didn’t have to focus on trying to get herself turned on. Under the circumstances that might have been hard without the assistance from the link between them.

While Bella adjusted herself and got ready, Captain Vex firmly and steadily bobbed on Will’s cock like her life depended on it. Because it did. Will rocked his hips a bit, and groaned in his throat at the wet, warm pleasure.

Bella  reached over with a finger and traced a faint circle on the inside of the clouded glass, right around the broken pane. If they were going to try to look inside, it would be there. Then she started gathering energy.

The trap door opened with a clatter and a dim shape stuck their head through. “I don’t see nothin’,” a man’s voice called back down the hatch.

Belita stopped her head bobbing, just keeping Will’s cock in her mouth and swirling her tongue around. She firmly licked the underside of his glans and his thighs clenched.

“Keep looking, it’s the only place left,” came a voice from below.

The dim outline of a man climbed up all the way and grunted to his feet. He walked around the perimeter of the outer catwalk, occasionally looking down or over the edge. The light array sat in the center like giant crystal egg. A hand pressed against the glass and then a dim silhouette face got close, trying to see though.

Bella whispered a faint incantation and concentrated on the feeling of Will’s cock in Belita’s mouth. She had to maintain the sexual charge to power the spell. Her fingers moved in small, tight circles across her clit. Little sparks of heat started. Will’s cock jumped in Belitia’s mouth. He grimly set his focus down on the blond and tried to ignore the man outside and not allow himself to move.

The man spit on the glass and rubbed with a sleeve. The grime was too thick. Bella realized she wasn’t breathing and let out a stuttering breath that she hoped was quiet.

Outside, the impending arrival of the sunrise had begun to brighten the eastern sky over the island. Birds had begun to wake up. Their cries started as occasional breaches of the silence of the night, and very quickly became the usual morning cacophony. The palm trees and mangroves were haloed from behind as the dark receded in a riot of purples, blues and deep reds.

The man walked in a circle around the lens array. He didn’t spot the small handle at the bottom of one side that marked the door. “Hell of a view,” he muttered, turning around to watch the sunrise.

“It’s not enough,” Bella said in the quietest possible voice next to Will’s ear. “I can’t build up the energy I need like this.”

Will had his eyes locked on Belita’s. It wasn’t very bright, but they could still mostly make out each other’s faces in the reflected moonlight. “Not enough,” he mouthed silently with a small shake of his head. The man was directly behind Belita. She let Will’s cock out of her mouth and slowly turned her head. Then she turned more, putting a hand on the lens array, bracing herself. Then she slowly stood, turning as she did so, her back just barely brushing Will’s chest. He and Bella both winced as the sensitive burns made their presence known. It was such a tight fit and bad angle that Belita was essentially hand-walking herself up the inside of the brass fixings to brace herself as she stood, putting her hands on the joints where multiple dirty brass angles came together. She felt a few of them begging to give, but she didn’t exert enough pressure that any of them actually broke. She reached back with one hand and tugged her long dress shirt up over her ass, but she wasn’t actually bent over so as soon as she let go to brace on the array again the shirt fell back down.

“Shirt,” she whispered.

There wasn’t enough room for Will to move. Belita’s moving had tipped him off balance a bit and he had grabbed on to the lamp chain in front of his face for support. He shook his head. “Can’t.” He was thankful that the night had a bit of a breeze. Between the faint roar of the water below and the whistling of the wind, he was fairly sure they wouldn’t be heard. It was far more likely that the man outside would catch some silhouetted movement. He wasn’t about to take that risk, so he didn’t move.

Bella looked past his shoulder and reached around to Captain Vex’s hips. She lifted up the shirt and bunched it up in her fist.

Belita backed her hips up, lifting a bit so Will’s erection went between her legs. He could feel her heat resting against the top of his cock. She was smooth like Bella, but he could feel something else too. Delicate, but firm. It dawned on him. More rings.

“Get him wet,” Belita whispered.

Bella brought her other hand to her mouth and got a glob of saliva. She reached around and started rubbing it on Will’s cock, then she slid her hand all the way between Belita’s legs and gently rubbing her sex. Her fingers brushed the thin metal rings. Bella’s eyes went wide and she smiled into Will’s back. Belita’s ass muscles trembled. Bella was surprised to find that the Captain was already impressively wet. Bella brushed her fingers against the Captain’s ornamentation just to feel what they were like. She counted eight of them. Four on each side, piercing her outer labia in two rows.

“Anything up there?” came a voice from below.

“Nothing yet. Still looking,” the man looking out at the ocean yelled down. Will thanked the gods for lazy henchmen.

Bella stroked Will’s cock and rubbed it against Belita’s wet opening. He rocked his hips back just a little. Bella pulled his cockhead up into position and Will gently pushed. Belita pushed back. He slid into her. Neither of them made a sound. Warm pleasure bloomed in Bella’s… well, whatever a phantom cock was. To her it mostly felt like a big, less sensitive clit somewhere in front of her mons that she couldn’t quite place.

Belita’s internal muscles clenched and rippled. Will moved his hips back by inches and then pushed forward again. Belita met his almost imperceptible thrusts with her own. It felt surprisingly good. The tension and fear amplified their sensations.

Bella began to draw more energy and focus on her spell. Her fingers found her clit again. Will’s cock jumped again as he felt her little sparks of pleasure.

Another dim shape came up through the trap door. “What’s taking so long?”

“Nothing, just enjoying the view. They ain’t up here. We done downstairs yet?” the first man asked.

Will’s cock bumped deep into Belita. Bella trembled her pleasure into Will’s back. He could feel her nipples hardening against him. He could feel her nipples hardening inside him.

“You’re a lazy son of a bitch, Royce,” the second man said. “You look in that thing?”

“No way into it,” Royce said.

“Break it. check inside. Look, I can see a broken pane right there,” the second man said.

“Huh. Didn’t see that,” Royce said.

Bella focused and channeled the energies she’d gathered and wove them across the circle she’d drawn. A face appeared in the broken window, looking right at her. She stared right at him. No one moved.

“Gross,” Royce said.

“What?” the man in the trap door asked.

“Birds got in. Just a bunch of nests and bones and bird shit,” Royce said. “Tell Cal they aren’t fucking here so we can leave.”

Bella continued holding her spell just in case he looked in again. Will and Belita didn’t move, but Belita didn’t stop clenching and unclenching her internal muscles.

“Did you check the roof?” the other man said.

“You can’t be fucking serious. This thing’s about to fall apart, and you think three people are hiding on the roof? Jakob would have seen them climbing from down below,” Royce scoffed.

Bella’s spell ran out of energy. It was imperceptible to everyone but her, but if anyone looked through the broken pane again, they’d see quite clearly.

“Check,” the other man said.

“You check,” Royce said. “I’m plenty mad that Cal got his ass beat and that Jakob got stabbed in the mouth, but I’m not broken up enough to climb the outside of a rickety lighthouse forty feat up, near a cliff.”

“You know I don’t like heights. Why do you think you’re up there and not me?” the other man said.

Will flexed his cock making it jump just a little. Belita squeezed again and shuddered slightly, but neither move.

“Oh, fuck you. I’m coming down. They aren’t here, and the longer we waste our time here the less likely it is we’re going to catch them,” Royce said heading for the trap door.

There was some clattering and creaking of the ladder, and some muffled talk. Then they very faintly heard boots going down the stairs.

Finally all three of them let out a relieved breath.

Forty feet below at the base of the lighthouse, they could hear Cal Kidd’s voice. “It’s all clear. They ran.”

They couldn’t make out what was said next, but they heard Janie’s reply. “No. Mister Sterling left me a letter. He didn’t say where he’d gone.” There was another pause as someone spoke too quietly to hear. “The letter said to burn it, so I did. It also said you… people-” Janie sounded like she wanted to use very different words to describe them, “-might be showing up to cause trouble.” There was another pause. “Because I live here! Mister Sterling left me in charge of the business while he is away. I am the caretaker here and you-”

“Hold, by order of the Magistrate!” a loud voice boomed.

“This doesn’t concern you,” Cal sneered.

“Miss Castilian, do you need assistance?” It sounded like the guard that had been around before. Thomas. “The garrison said your ward had been broken.”

“Yes, guardsman,” Janie said firmly. “These ruffians broke my warded lock and entered my home. They’ve ransacked it looking for people who are not here, which I told them before they forced their way in. They held me at gunpoint while they entered unlawfully.”

“You are all bound by law. Stand down,” Thomas said sternly.

“Fuck off, Maggie boy,” Cal said. “There’s a dozen of us and three of you. We’re fucking leaving and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

There were some jeers and laughing and the sound of a large group of men and horses walking away down the street.

Will eased himself out of Belita. “Uh… thanks,” he said.

Belita just sighed and said, “Not what I had’n mind when I was talking in your office.”

Bella managed to reach the array door handle and push the door open. The three of them squeezed out onto the walkway. Captain Vex shook her coat out and pulled it around her shoulders.

“Least romantic first time together ever,” Will shook his head and pulled his pants up.

“I don’t know, it was kinda fun,” Captain Vex shrugged. Bella and Will looked at her like she was crazy. She smirked and shrugged. “Nothing gets me going like danger.”

Will leaned on the sturdy part of the rail and shook his head in disbelief. “You really are out of your mind.”

“Probably,” Captain Vex admitted. She raised an eyebrow. “I could stand to keep going if you want to.”

Bella laughed and gave Belita a hug. “Oh, you really are a treasure.” She let go and started to head for the trapdoor. “You two have fun. I’ll go take care of Janie.”

An upside down furry head poked over the edge of the lighthouse canopy roof and looked at the trio. Will was the only one that saw Jack the monkey inquisitively staring down at them, but Bella still raised her hand up in a dismissive wave. “Shoo,” she said as she started down the ladder. The monkey did not listen. It looked at Will. Will shrugged at it, as though answering an unasked question. It looked back at Bella, who huffed and craned her head around to look up. “Come inside. Will keeps a bag of nuts in his desk.”

Like a fuzzy torpedo, the Jack the Monkey launched from the roof. It springboarded off of Will’s shoulder, to the lamp array, and down to the trapdoor in only a second. Bella just leaned back out of the way and let it use her as a brief ladder. It was gone before Belita really realized it had been there.

“I’d been wondering what could possibly happen tae make this night weirder,” Captain Vex mused after watching the conversation with the unexpected monkey. “Why d’ ye keep a monkey around anyway, an’ why can Bella talk to it?”

“That’s a very good question,” Will said with an amused eye roll.

“He’s my familiar,” Bella said from the trap door. “They’re supposed to boost magic somehow. I haven’t figured that part out yet, but he’s useful in other ways,”

“Like stealing from me?” Will asked.

“Exactly,” Bella smiled.

The answer was good enough for Belita. She didn’t waste another moment’s thought on the monkey. Her coat hit the ground again in a puddle. She stepped out of it and turned around slowly but kept her eyes on Will. She leaned forward onto the rail and arched her back, aiming her toned butt at him, peeking out from beneath the the shirt she was wearing.

Will was just standing there, his brain still recovering and processing. Bella gave him a little smirk, only her head poking out the trap door. “If you don’t go finish what you started, I will.”




Downstairs, Janie was locking every one of the remaining locks. As soon as the last one was latched she leaned her head against the door and exhaled slowly. Her hands were trembling. Someone was coming down the stairs.

“Janie,” Bella’s voice said from behind the bookcase.

“I’m here,“ Janie said quietly. She started walking just as Bella rounded the bookcase and came into the room. She saw Janie and ran the last ten feet, wrapping her arms around the slender brunette.

“You were incredible,” Bella said holding her tightly. Janie was so drained that she just stood there for a moment, then slowly she brought her arms up and returned the embrace. She started shaking and crying quietly.

“It’s over. It’s all done now,” Bella said, petting Janie’s hair. Janie’s tears didn’t last long. A few deep breaths and her shuddering came under control. Bella suddenly shuddered too and rolled her hips, but Janie could tell that it wasn’t from fear or the release of anxiety. “Well they aren’t wasting any time, are they?” Bella muttered to herself.

“What?” Janie asked.

“Nothing,” Bella said. “Nevermind. Are you alright? They didn’t hurt you did they?

“No… well. Not physically. They outsmarted me. I was so sure. I thought my wards would protect us, but they… they were going to shoot me from outside. There’s nothing to protect me from that,” Janie said. “I thought I was going to die.”

“Let’s go upstairs where it’s warmer,” Bella said pulling Janie by the hand. She followed without resistance. She noticed that Bella was walking a little strangely, but her mind was too shocked to think too much about it.

“How did you hide? I thought for sure they would find you,” Janie asked.

“Inside the lighthouse lamp thing,” Bella said.

“The lens array? You all fit in there?” Janie laughed in surprise, in spite of herself. “How?”

“It was a very tight squeeze. Made all the sex very difficult,” Bella smirked over her shoulder.

“Very funny,” Janie rolled her eyes. “I’m glad you didn’t- wait. You aren’t joking. You had sex! In the array!? While they were hunting for you? Why!?”

“Well, Will and Belita did. I had to cast an illusion spell so we didn’t get seen, so they had to provide me with some energy.” Bella pushed open the bedroom door, walked across the berms of clothes and odds and ends scattered everywhere and flopped down on the bed. Janie immediately crawled in next to her and curled up under her arm.

“That’s… clever. Also, a bit crazy,” Janie said. “No offense.”

“Oh, I agree. I don’t think I’d want to do that again. Sex is fun and all, but that was the second or third least fun sex I’ve ever experienced.” Bella stretched and wrapped her arms around Janie. “Belita and Will are still up there finishing what they started. Apparently she really enjoyed it all.”

Janie propped herself up on her elbow. She suddenly looked like she was doing quite a bit better. She could relate to Captain Vex’s reaction. After being assaulted by Timmonds, the rush and release of the fear had left her feeling desperate enough to rish upending her entire life and dragging Will to bed. If fact, now that the shock of nearly dying again had worn off, picturing Will and the beautiful blond sea captain together was having a profound effect on Janie.

“Can we…” she whispered. “Can we watch them?”

Bella’s eyes lit up. “Oh, you… Yes. Yes we can.”

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