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Moving On - Part 2 of 3

As I try to make sense of my experience, fate doubles down.

Sometimes I forget that my daughter likes to meddle. Early the next morning, I got a call from work. Apparently, my daughter had called my boss and told him about my mishap. In spite of the being cleared by the doctor, my boss insisted that I take the day off. I argued, but he insisted, and I relented.

The last thing I wanted to do was sit around all alone in my empty house. It promised to be a beautiful early spring day, so I set about taking care of some spring cleaning. I started inside, and by late afternoon, I was outside picking up branches and other deadfall that the melting snow revealed.

I was carrying a load of sticks and branches out to the curb for pickup when a car I didn't recognize pulled into the drive. As I approached it, Angela's daughter stepped from the car. For some reason, she looked slightly embarrassed as we greeted each other.

"I hope you don't mind that I tracked you down by contacting your daughter through the rescue squad," she apologized.

"I hope she didn't give you too hard of a time," I offered. I knew my daughter would have asked too many hard questions before offering up my address. "I don't suppose you at least gave her your name," I teased.

"Antonia Speckman," she laughed. "At least, that's what my mom would have wanted me to answer. When I'm not putting on airs, I prefer Tonia."

"Nice to meet you then, Tonia," I answered. Something in her answer bothered me. "'Would have wanted'? I'm not sure exactly what happened yesterday, but you mom looked fine to me."

A sad and slightly angry looked flashed across her face, but then she looked like she was worried for me.

"My mother was part of a volunteer group in Puerto Rico last year after the hurricane. She pushed too hard and caught pneumonia. She was too stubborn to admit it, and I'm sorry to tell you that she died."

Suddenly, I had to fight back tears. It was the silliest thing I had ever felt. The whole thing had to have been imagined, but here was her daughter telling me it was real. The whole thing was imagined, but I had fallen in love, and once again, fate had taken love away from me. The whole thing was imagined, but the pain felt very real.

"She seemed so alive," was all I could manage to say.

Inexplicably, Tonia laughed at my comment, but she also pushed her way into my arms and hugged me. She let me hold her until my tears had passed. When I finally was able to take a deep breath to clear my head, she stiffened up and pushed away with a slightly embarrassed look.

"Will you take a ride with me?" she inexplicably asked. She saw the doubtful look on my face, and she added, "My mother left something for you, and you won't believe me unless I explain why. It will help if you see it for yourself."

"Uh, yeah, I guess so," I stalled. "I should probably go clean up first."

The embarrassed look flashed across her face.

"No, just as you are is fine. It won't take long. We're only going down by the lake."

I shrugged, and we got in her car.

The town that I live in is actually two towns that have merged. The half where I live is a small town with a couple of small manufacturing firms that keep us employed. The other half is a resort town on one end of a nice lake. We are just far enough from Chicago to make it a good community for rich Chicagoans to have lake houses and vacation homes. We often laugh, because some of their 'cottages' are mansions that are ten times the size of my house.

The road that Tonia took to leave our part of town was going to swing around toward some of the nicer estates down on the lake itself. I couldn't wait to see where she lived.

"So, can I ask you an odd question?" she started.

"Sure," I laughed.

"I should tell you that my mother never told anyone about your visit, well, anyone but me. Do you have any idea where you were?"

"That is an odd question for a couple of reasons," I answered. "First off, you make it sound like it happened a long time ago, but it just happened yesterday. Second, you make it sound like I was really there. I'm pretty sure I was lying on my back in the grocery store parking lot the whole time. No matter how real it felt, it couldn't have been real.

"To answer your question, I told your mother that I had no idea where I was. I've never lived in a city like that."

She listened to my answer, then took a minute to compose her next words. I waited to see what she had to say.

"What would you say if I told you it was real for my mother, and it wasn't only where you went, but when?"

I tried to answer her, but my brain got gridlocked. Her question created more questions than it answered.

"When?" I heard myself croak.

She was saved from answering when she pulled into a gated driveway. She had to enter numbers on a keypad for the gate to slide open. She drove in silence down the long drive and pulled up in front of a large garage with four doors. There was a covered walk from the garage to a mansion and a sidewalk across a large yard to another huge house.

Both houses were set along the path on the lakeshore. Her eyes begged me to join her as she got out of the car. She walked slowly as she led me toward the mansion.

She laughed and blushed.

"I was married for a while once," she said, which completely confused me. "I was recovering from the divorce when my mom first opened up about the details of that night. Do you know, she actually credited my existence to you?"

I can't even begin to tell you why I was blushing, nor could I explain why I enjoyed how she was teasing me. I am very sure that I couldn't possibly be her father. She looked to be in her mid-thirties. I barely would have been a teenager when she was born. Suddenly, the math jumped out at me.

"Are you saying... Your mother experienced that night before you were born? How is that possible? It was just last night!"

"How is any of this possible?" she retorted as she waved her hand to indicate our surroundings.

She had let us into the house through a side entrance into a mudroom. She kicked off her shoes, so I followed suit, and then she led us through a pantry and into an open kitchen and dining area. You could just start to make out the rest of the lavish home from there.

"In the late seventies and all through the eighties, my parents lived in Wellshire, on the south side of Denver. I was born there in nineteen eighty-two, nine months after their tenth anniversary. They were married on November thirteenth, nineteen seventy-one. My mother said her life changed forever on November fifteenth in nineteen eighty-one."

For no reason at all, she slid her hand into mine and started to pull me through the house. There was something all too comfortable in the way her hand fit in mine, and I felt a certain breathlessness at the way she smiled at me. She led me to a grand staircase, and I enjoyed following her up it as she talked.

"My father had always had a dream of making it in professional sports. He had been on and off the practice squad for the Broncos for several years, and he had hoped that the struggles of their new quarterback would create an opportunity for him. My mother always supported that dream. She supported that dream until that night."

She continued, "She never told him what really changed her mind. He was a realist. He remembered slipping in the snow and falling hard. He didn't wake up until the next morning. He understood that he was getting too old for his dream, and he moved on to his backup plan. He turned out to be one hell of a lawyer, and I will always be proud to be his daughter. He was always a high-intensity person, and no one was surprised when he died of a heart attack ten years ago."

She had led me into the master bedroom suite, where she opened a door into a small closet off the sitting room. She stopped in front of a sizable wall safe, and her face clouded for a moment. She almost stammered as she stopped to compose her words.

"You wouldn't happen to remember the address of the apartment building, would you?"

It was obvious that she was testing me. I'm sure there must have been a number prominently displayed over the entrance, but I couldn't even begin to recall what it was. She saw me start to shake my head.

She started turning the dial on the safe as she continued to frown.

"Can you at least tell me their top-floor apartment number?"

"I'm sorry," I answered. "I know you're testing me, but I don't remember the number. I'm not even sure I know how tall the building was. I remember that she was starting to feel that something was wrong, and she hit the button for six first. That was wrong, but I didn't know it, and we ended up on the fourth floor."

For some reason she smiled, so I must have given her an answer she liked. She made no attempt to hide the numbers as she opened the safe. There were a lot of items in the safe, but she pulled out a tattered old notebook. She smiled as she handed it to me.

"My father never knew about this," she said. "My mother said she was overwhelmed by the things you did to her, but she was even more shocked by some of the things you said. She said she never knew what made her do it, but she spent the next several days writing down everything she could remember about what you said. She was shocked when some of your predictions started to come true."

Her mother's handwriting was very neat and readable. I shook my head in awe as I realized that she had remembered most of my words perfectly, as near as I could recall.

"Do you have any idea what kind of odds you can get when you are willing to make a sizeable bet on who the Superbowl champion will be before the season even starts? Look at the middle of her notes. Do you want to guess how much money you can make if you invest your winnings in tech companies as they rise and fall?"

My mind started to reel as I stared at the notes her mother had made on bets that she had placed. Very prominent at the beginning was a five thousand dollar bet on the '85 Bears to have a record of 15-1 for the season, and another five thousand to win the Superbowl. The odds given and the payouts listed were staggering. I couldn't even imagine where she found a bookie to take the bets she placed on the Broncos for the two years in a row that they were champions.

Tonia either didn't notice my stunned look, or she ignored it.

"Can I tell you a naughty secret?" she teased. She didn't wait for an answer. "My mother would never have told this to my father because she loved him, but she always secretly hoped she would find you. One of the first vacation getaway homes that she bought was up in Door County, and she always spent a lot of time in Green Bay while she was there, hoping that you were from that area."

She carried on, "We only bought this property about ten years ago to be closer to Chicago. Our charities have major offices in the city, and we spend a lot of time there. Don't worry, even after all that we've given away, there's still plenty. You'll die when you see how much dividends our shares of Apple and Google pay each quarter!"

"Good for you," I managed to say.

She seemed to brush off my words as she jumped to a new subject.

"My mom always knew you had come from the future," she said.

She took the notebook from me and put it back in the safe. After spinning the dial, she took both of my hands in hers, and she led me back out into the bedroom.

"She knew we were getting close to whatever time you had come from, and she was sure that we would find you. I'm sad that she isn't here to meet you again, but I also have to laugh at the two things she always made me promise to do."

She had stopped next to the bed, causing a thousand naughty fantasies to race around inside my head. I doubted that she felt the same way, but her hands were very warm in mine, and I was very tempted to kiss her to see what she would do.

I was caught completely off guard when she suddenly pressed forward and kissed me. I gasped and caught her in my arms as I kissed her back. She may have wanted to give me a quick peck, but I couldn't stop from holding her close and kissing her soundly. We were both breathless when I finally let her go.

She smiled and looked expectantly into my eyes.

"You'll give me anything I want?" she teased. We both knew she was repeating something her mother had said.

"Anything you want," I affirmed, because there wasn't any other answer.

"Undress me. Slowly," she commanded in a trembling voice.

I just stared at her as I tried to understand what she was asking. Her words made perfect sense, but I just couldn't believe she as saying them.

She smiled as she stepped close and pulled my t-shirt off. She pressed her nose to my chest and she took a deep whiff as she started kissing and nibbling her way up my neck. She moaned her pleasure as she pulled my lips back to hers.

I moaned in pleasure as I felt her hard nipples and naked breasts press into my chest. My hands must have known what they were doing because I didn't remember removing her shirt. I was very aware of the heat of her skin against the back of my hands as I worked to open the snap and zipper of her jeans.

We both moaned our pleasure as we managed to keep kissing and yet kick our way free of our clothes at the same time. Her body started to tremble like she was having an orgasm when she wrapped her hot fingers around my hard shaft. I think I trembled nearly as much. She pushed away, and I couldn't read the look on her face.

"Do you think she'll forgive me?" she begged. Again, she raced on without waiting. "One of the things she made me promise was to seduce you and make love to you exactly like she described that night. I want that, and I'll do that if you wish, but I think I'm going to die if you don't show me what you did to her the second time you licked her! I know I'm being demanding and I'm racing too fast, but I need to know! Please?"

I almost teased her by saying that I was going to die if I didn't bury my cock inside of her. I certainly felt that way, and I couldn't believe how light-headed I felt in my lust for her. I couldn't even begin to form words.

My answer was to kiss her, and as she wrapped her arms around my neck again, I grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She squealed as she threw her legs around my hips, and we both enjoyed the feeling of my hard cock trapped up against her lower lips. I turned and knee-walked us to the middle of the bed, where I let her fall onto her back.

I followed her down and kept kissing her, but then moved from her lips to her neck and shoulder. She barely let me stop at her breasts. They were larger than her mother's, but she had the same hard nipples. I was dying to stay and taste her flesh, but she was pushing me lower. She rolled her eyes in frustration when I took time to bite across her torso from hip to hip. She knew that the script called for it, but she wanted to jump ahead.

I think it amazed both of us how quickly she came when I plunged my tongue inside her. Her flavors were similar to her mother's, strong and sweet and savory. They intensified as she came, and I was barely able to keep up with the flow as I drank her in. Just like her mother, as soon as her orgasm started to wane, she pulled my face up to hers so she could kiss me and lick her wetness from my face.

I returned her kiss for a bit, but I knew I hadn't given her what she had demanded. I had to pause to tease her about the look on her face when I pushed away.

"Did you think you would taste better?" I asked. "You look a bit disappointed."

She blushed and a guilty look crossed her face.

"What she described..." she started to say, but then found herself at a loss for words.

I winked at her and then turned my attention to her breasts. She gasped in pleasure, both at my look and at the adoration I gave her flesh. She certainly didn't have the biggest breasts, but they were sensitive and appealing to me. As I lavished them with kisses and nibbles, I let my hand start to stroke between her legs. It didn't take long for me to give her another orgasm.

I didn't wait to give her a break after the orgasm ended. She was still trembling as I kissed my way down and settled between her legs again.

I started by licking up all of the flavors that had soaked her lips and thighs. I lifted her legs and plunged down deep to gather the wetness that had soaked her butt cheeks. She gasped and squirmed as I paused to tease around her rosebud. I made a mental note to return there for her, and pushed my way back up to her trembling opening.

I plunged my tongue deep inside her, and she called out in pleasure. I drove my tongue up one side and down the other, and then started nibbling and kissing from side to side. She laughed as she recognized the technique I had used on her mother, and then she cried out for more. I pushed my fingers up inside to tease her g-spot as I attacked her clit with my tongue, and she exploded into another orgasm.

I quickly switched my fingers to her clit so I could get my tongue into the flowing flavors that gushed from her. She drenched my face and shoulders, and nearly drowned me, and I loved it. She was still crying out and trembling when she grabbed my head by my ears, and she dragged my face up to hers.

She was sobbing with joy as she kissed me, but then she cried out in surprise when I pushed my cock inside of her. She was much tighter than I had expected, and we both froze as we shuddered to a stop to let her body get used to my size. At seven and a half inches, I am not exactly huge, but it sure felt that way for both of us.

When she rolled her hips and then smiled, I gave her a naughty smirk, and pushed myself up onto my knees. She gasped as the head of my cock raked across her swollen g-spot. I started thrusting with short jabs to keep the pressure on her pleasure point, and in no time at all, she came again.

She cried out and arched her body to drive herself down onto my cock, and I held still as her trembling did all the work for me. Each twitch of her body pulled her most sensitive point across the head of my cock, and she would explode anew. Each contraction flooded our juncture with wet heat, and she would cry out and try to lift herself again. We kept her coming that way for an eternity, until she finally collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

I took a moment to catch my breath, and then eased forward to lower my lips to hers. She stirred enough to smile and then kiss me as I gently teased her lips. Her eyes flew open and she gasped when I started to slowly grind my cock in and out.

"You're still..." she tried to say, but she lost her thought as her body started to tremble again.

I challenged her with my eyes as I continued to slowly thrust deep inside her. She pulled me down and she nearly giggled as she licked the sweat from my neck. Her laughter was lost in cries of ecstasy as she came again.

We kissed our way through her orgasm. As it ended, she collapsed back into the bed, but I sat back onto my knees again. She shook her head and pleaded with her eyes as she felt my cock pull back up tight against her g-spot.

"This isn't what she described at all," she gasped.

I gave her a self-depreciating smile.

"The whole time that I felt myself fading away from her, I was berating myself for letting her down."

I started slowly pushing in and out, and she was nearly lost in the pleasure.

"What I experienced with her was exquisite, nearly as good as this," I continued to explain.

"This is beyond good," she complimented as she started twitching her hips to add pressure to each thrust against her g-spot.

"This is what I had hoped to give her, and I am honored that you would share this with me."

I'm not sure that she heard me. Her eyes rolled back as I started to speak, and she started to cum in slow motion. Her insides were clamping down on me with gushes of wet heat, just like she had before, but each contraction was lasting several seconds this time. It seemed to go on and on forever.

Suddenly, she took a deep gasping breath and she lunged up to pull my body down on top of hers.

"Fuck me!" she cried out. "Fuck me, John, fuck me until I go insane!"

She kissed me hard, and I started thrusting into her as hard as I could. She shrieked in pleasure and started kicking her heels into my butt to push me harder. She kissed me so hard that I couldn't breathe, but I didn't care. I exploded inside her, and even though she seemed to be lost in her own orgasms, she shuddered and cried with every pulse of my cock. In the end, she let out a long moan that only ended when she ran out of air. Her whole body contracted, and she clutched me with all of her strength.

My pleasure was instantly replaced with concern when she passed out and slumped into the bed. I mutely stared at her for ten long seconds as all the thoughts in my head train-wrecked together, causing me to freeze in panic. I didn't know if I should slap her, or give her mouth-to-mouth, or jump off and call 911, and I couldn't move.

Suddenly, her whole body lurched, and she took a deep gasping breath. She reached for me and pulled me close as she sobbed and kissed me and pleaded for me to hold on. I hoped that I would never have to admit to her that I had frozen. At the same time, I realized that I was developing intense feelings for her, and if I expected her to love me back, I was going to have to talk with her about it.

Her breathing slowed, and she started to purr as she kissed and licked my skin. She rolled her hips against mine, and we could both feel the wetness that soaked our joining. She took a deep breath, and started to open her eyes.

"Cal, that was..." she started to say. Her whole body shuddered as her eyes flew open wide, and her words froze in her mouth as she gaped around the room. "Oh," she gasped as her eyes returned to me, and she pulled me down into a hug again.

I almost teased her for confusing me with the husband she said she had divorced years before, but I let it go. At least now I kind of knew his name.

"Everything okay, Tonia?" I asked softly. "That was pretty intense."

"No, yes," she said, and she almost laughed. "Just wow."

"Yeah," I laughed and I kissed her neck. Her body squirmed under mine.

"Yeah, um, I could use a drink, I think," she suggested.

I took the hint, and I climbed off of her.

"Would you like water, or something a bit stronger?" I asked.

She seemed unable to decide. Her eyes were busy drinking in my nakedness as I stepped into the bathroom and ran warm water onto a washcloth. I returned to her with that and a dry towel.

"I could use a real drink," she finally managed to say. "What do you have?"

"It's your house," I laughed.

She glanced around quickly and laughed with me.

"Of course it is," she agreed. "Let's go see what I have."

She quickly finished cleaning up and then wandered out the door naked. Not to be outdone, I wiped myself off and quickly joined her.

She seemed bemused as she looked around the living room. There looked to be kind of a bar area in the corner, with a short cabinet that stuck out from the wall and glassware in a rack over a mirror. She opened the cabinet, and she seemed startled by the wide array of bottles inside. She set a couple of bottles of fluorescent colored vodka up on the bar as she searched.

Finally, she shrugged and stood up. She poured a couple of fingers of bright blue liquid into a glass, and downed it in one gulp. She shivered and made a face, and then poured again. She was startled when she saw me raise my eyebrows. She half shrugged, and then frowned as she remembered something.

"Da... uh... John, what day is it again?" she asked.

"Thursday," I answered. I started to wonder what her ex-husband's name had been. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"No, yes," she answered again. "It's just that I remembered something I was supposed to write up for work. Would you mind giving me some time to handle that?"

"Uh, sure, I guess," I answered. I was a bit surprised by how quickly her lustful mood had departed. I had no idea what she wanted me to do while she worked. A sudden thought inspired me. "Do you mind if I muddle around in the kitchen and find us something to eat?"

"That would be great," she answered with a beaming smile.

She stood and waited expectantly, so I shrugged and turned to go find the kitchen again. I could feel her eyes on me as I left, and I hoped that was a sign that her lust was still lurking.

I guess I didn't realize how hungry I was until I started digging through her kitchen looking for food. She had a good variety of fresh vegetables, so I could have made a quick salad. As soon as I saw some oriental leftovers, I knew what I was hungry for.

I am slightly famous, mostly among friends and family, for making a fried rice-cake concoction. The base is made of leftover rice and fresh veggies, and she had enough shrimp and chicken to make it interesting. The trick to making it work is the binding agents that I use, and that part of the recipe is secret.

I probably could have whipped up a batch in twenty minutes. It might have gone even faster if Tonia had come to help. Because I had to hunt around to find even simple things like knives and cutting boards, it took me most of an hour to have something I was happy with. I even found a fancy plate to serve it on.

When I carried it out to share with Tonia, I hoped that I wasn't intruding on her work. She was sitting at the dining room table with a paper tablet and a laptop computer. As soon as she heard me coming, she closed the laptop and turned over the pad. She was so nonchalant about her secretiveness that I didn't give it a second thought. Her eyes saw the food and her whole being lit up.

"Oh my god, you love me," she cried out as she jumped up and ran over to me.

She planted a quick kiss on my cheek, but I think that was supposed to cover the fact that she stole one of the cakes from the plate. I had to laugh at her. The cakes were so hot that they were nearly burning her fingers, but she still felt the need to try to take a bite. She had to dance around and suck and blow to try to cool the bite off.

"Don't laugh at me," she laughed. "You know how much I love these, and you don't make them often enough!"

I shook my head and laughed at her nonsense. I had a good feeling that I would be making more of them for her in the future. I put the plate on the table and then pulled out a chair to sit with her.

Her smiling eyes seemed to take in my nakedness as she watched me sit. She tipped her head at an angle as she studied me and the plate for a moment.

Her eyes were bright as she said, "Well, this might be wrong, but it would be wrong to do it any other way."

I was saved from asking what she meant when she used her knee to push my chair out just a bit further, and she sat on my lap. She snuggled in against me and offered me a bite of the cake she was holding. I liked the idea of sharing with her, so I took a bite. It was just starting to cool off enough to enjoy. She finished the cake in one big bite.

Since we were sharing, I picked up the next one and started blowing on it to cool it off. When she finished her bite and swallowed, she turned my wrist and took the first bite of the next cake. Of course, it was still too hot, and she had to make a bunch of funny faces as she tried to cool it off. I waited until the next bite was cool enough, and took a small taste.

No words were spoken as we slowly worked our way through the entire plate. She seemed to enjoy the closeness, but she didn't seem to want to get overly intimate either.

At one point, a bit of rice broke off and fell on her breast. She gasped and enjoyed how I used my teeth and tongue to catch it, but she didn't allow any more to fall either. I almost would have worried, but she was very happy the whole time.

"Thank you, Da... uh, John," she said with a quick kiss on my cheek. "I'm nearly finished with my project," she added. "Do you mind if I stay here and work on it while you clean up the dishes?"

"Of course not," I replied. "Thank you for taking a break to eat with me."

I went to kiss her, and she offered me her cheek. I shrugged off the snub, and planted a gentle kiss on her. Her eyes seemed to sweep over my nakedness again as she stood up. I resisted the urge to pose for her as I stood up and gathered up our mess. Once again, I felt her eyes on my backside as I returned to the kitchen.

It didn't take me long to clean up the kitchen, and I think I returned sooner than she expected. She had been quite industrious on her project. From the looks of things, she had filled almost a dozen pages with neat hand-writing. She also had several documents in progress on the laptop. She was hastily working on a spreadsheet to create a graph as I walked up behind her.

I suppose I should have made a noise to let her know I was there. I figured she wouldn't mind as long as I didn't spy over her shoulder. I chose to kiss her shoulder instead. She gasped and turned her head and lifted her shoulder for more. I nibbled some as I slid my hands down her side. She let out a tortured groan.

"I don't know if you're making it harder or easier," she groaned, but she didn't try to stop me. As I nibbled my way across the back of her neck to attack the other side, she groaned again. "Wait, please," she gasped. "Let me finish."

"Do you want me to leave again?" I asked gently.

She struggled to answer. I saw her fingers dance up and down off the keyboard as she tried to make up her mind. Finally, she simply said, "Stay."

At the same time, she reached out and grabbed her glass of blue vodka. It had been sitting on the table with a couple of shots in it the whole time we were eating and she hadn't touched it. She quickly slammed the contents, and then shuddered with the harshness of the liquid. She turned and kissed my cheek again before turning her attention back to the laptop.

"No peeking," she said in a teasing tone. "This is for later."

I promise that I didn't peak, but I did get a bit of a glance at her work. I don't think it would have made any difference. There were no labels on the graph, and it was just a bunch of random-looking numbers. I'm sure she understood it. I closed my eyes and let my nose and lips get reacquainted with the scents and flavors of her skin.

After a couple of minutes of leaning over to tease her, I was starting to feel it in my back. Just as I was going to quit for a bit, she groaned and jumped to her feet. She pulled me around and sat me in her chair, and then she sat between my legs, still facing the laptop.

She had to have felt my hardness pressed against her backside. She arched her back to press back against me, and she quietly moaned, "Oh no, yes."

I slid my hands onto her ribs and up just below her breasts.

"Don't rush, but you could hurry," I teased.

"What happened to 'Expedience with accuracy'?" she answered as her fingers started pushing data onto the screen.

I had no idea what she meant by that, so my only answer was to kiss her and let my hands slide higher onto her breasts.

She groaned, but kept typing. I started playing a game of seeing just how much I could tease her before her fingers would stop. She stopped right away when I caught her nipples. I murmured for her to keep typing, and slid my hands away. My teeth on her neck had the same result, and I had to remind her again. I rather enjoyed how she managed to resist longer each time, but it took her longer and longer to restart.

I was teasing both hands along the juncture of her legs to her torso when she cried out and slammed the laptop shut.

"Oh fuck, you're impossible," she cried out, "but I'm done!"

I teased my hands along with my fingers running parallel to her lower lips, but not touching them.

"Nothing is impossible, and I don't think we've hardly started," I teased.

"Fuck, no, yes!" she exclaimed as she tried to push the chair back from the table.

The table slid away from us. She leaned on it as she rolled up onto her feet. She reached back between her legs and grabbed my cock to line it up as she fell back and impaled herself on it.

"So wrong! Fuck me!" she cried out.

She leaned her weight onto the edge of the table and started slamming her hips down on me. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting up into her with all that I had. All of the teasing I had been doing to her was going to be my downfall, because I wasn't going to last long at all.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" she cried out, and I knew at least I wouldn't let her down.

"Me too, baby, me too," I couldn't stop from bellowing.

"Fuck, Daddy, do it!" she cried out. "Let me feel you blasting inside!"

I might have lasted longer if she hadn't begged, but she did, and I didn't. Her insides clamped down hard at the same time I exploded inside her. I grunted with the effort, and she screamed in pleasure.

"Fuck, Daddy, I feel it!" she cried as I pulsed inside her again and again.

Her body quivered and shook, and it felt like she started sobbing in her pleasure. As her orgasm ended, she seemed to melt in my arms. I mean that literally. She relaxed completely as she slumped forward onto the table, and she would have slid to the floor if I hadn't caught her around the waist and pulled her back onto my lap.

It took me several minutes to catch my breath. When I finally did, I realized that she was still completely limp in my arms. I nearly freaked out, but then I realized that she was quietly breathing. It took me a moment longer to realize that between the alcohol and the orgasm, she was out like a light.

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