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Nymph In Limbo Pt 2

Brad and Ashea find new delight in each other

The moment Brad's tongue touched her hot spot, sparks flared in Ashea's blood, and coursed throughout her body. Every part of her flesh tensed and slackened in a wild uncertainty. Reaching her divine passage, the sparks burst into a magical flame, a fire that demanded stoking, craved it. Madly, she clutched Brad's man-thing, and pulled him towards her fevered centre.

Ready, but not ready, Brad knew what was about to happen, as he rolled his body between those elegant, heaving thighs. With Ashea's guidance, his erect cock was going to be guided into the wet lusciousness of her secret channel. Should he warn her? Tell her he'd never gone this far? No, she was probably going to find out very soon. Words were pointless, as she placed his cock head at her entrance, and his mouth reached for hers, just as she gasped, "In me, Brad. In me."

One jerk of his hips and her hotness enfolded him. Another, and he was sensing his hardness being wrapped in coils that pulled him on. Oh, that sensation, that wondrous first time delight. He thrust again and found an easy glide right to the hilt. Heat, moisture, and Ashea's heaving of her hips, drove him to the wonder of the experience. He knew he was about to burst.

His so desired man-thing was inside her, and Ashea knew that this one was larger than either of the other two. Her passage was packed with him, totally filled, and as he moved, that very motion was ecstatic for her. The fire that had been started was receiving the stoking it craved. Suddenly his grunts and rapid thrusts told her that his moment was upon him, and his reproductive fluids were pouring into her, just as she wanted. Yet not quite as she required for her climax had not arrived, and she heaved her hips fiercely to catch up. Ablaze, yet wanting that final wondrous spasm.

Brad could not control the moment, as he drove himself deeply into her, and felt his juices pouring through his cock and up into Ashea's deepest parts. He could tell she was trying to respond. The heaving of her hips was an added wildly enthusiastic pleasure, but he knew he had not delivered as a man was supposed to. Sadly, clinging to her, he felt his flaccid cock slipping out of her.

As they caught their breaths, Ashea leaned back on her elbows, while Brad leaned towards her and whispered, "Sorry."

"Why sorry?"

"It wasn't supposed to be like that, was it?" he said plaintively.

"You didn't enjoy it?" Her eyes were bright, and a kindly smile lit her face.

"Oh, yes, I really did."

"So did I."

"You did?" Brad wondered if she was just being kind.

"Why shouldn't I?”

“Well, I was too quick-finished before --"

"Brad, Brad-" Ashea knew he needed reassurance. She also intended to find out what she suspected, "How many women have you done this with?"

There was a lengthy pause, as Brad fought with the truth of this. In the end he had to admit, "You're the first."

"Then I am most honoured. And since I've only known two men, I would say we both have a lot to learn. Maybe we should learn together." She watched keenly to catch his reaction. She knew she wanted to be with him again. "You know I loved your touch, your kiss, and adored having your solid male-thing inside me. I don't think it can always be total for both."

"My what-thing?"

Ashea laughed, "Yes, I'm not very good at labelling what would you call it?"

More relaxed by her words, Brad replied, "It has many names, but ‘cock’ is the one I use most.”

"Oh, good. I'll remember that."

Brad laid his hand on her bare breast, "Can we really meet again?"

"I insist on it. We can meet at the split pine."

Are you really a nymph?"

Ashea thought about her response, "I can prove it, if it won't shock you."

"I'll take the risk."

Ashea immediately thought 'invisible' and chuckled at his looking all around him. She immediately thought herself back.

To say Brad had been just a little staggered was an understatement. "It's true then. Do you like being a nymph?" he asked her.

"Not really. Too many restrictions, yet satyrs have so much freedom."

"Are you—are you—different in that world? I mean, do you look different."

"I wear a white gown, down to my ankles."

"And why are you here?"

She told him, and his next question bothered her, because it had to be an uncertain answer, "Yes, I would like to stay, but---well, it depends on so many things. But tomorrow we'll meet?"

"Oh, definitely, " Brad enthused, for him the world had suddenly become a brighter, a magical place. "So, I'll be here at about half past three."

"I don't do time. I'll just watch for you. If you don't see me, just keep running."

Ashea slept well that night. At some time, Queen Hera came to her, "That one was disappointing, was he?"

"No, it was good. He thought he had failed. But I liked him a lot."

"Hmm," Hera mused. "Is that why you didn't use any of my sexuality?"

That news sent a thrill through Ashea, "I didn't? That was all me?"

Hera chuckled and nodded her head, "I think I can safely leave you with your own abilities with this one. You intend to be with him again?"

"Oh, yes, we have much ground to cover."

Hera was silent for a moment, "Well, you have one more task to perform. And when that is done I'll be drawing you back. But I will not accept too long a delay."

Ashea was happy with that. She had tested her own sexuality on Brad and could continue with that. The destructive part of her task she would have to think about. Suddenly Hera came back to her, "I must warn you, Ashea. I have a fixed measure in my head of how long these tasks should take. If they are not completed within my measure, you will return to invisible nymph mode, to wander for ever."

Ashea did not like the threat in her voice but it could not alter her longing to be in Brad's arms once more.

When Brad got home, his mother said how much brighter he looked. "Did the running go well?"

"Very well," he replied, honestly, and he was already looking ahead eagerly to seeing Ashea. He did have the troubled thought that if she was only a nymph in woman's form, how was he going to be able to hang on to her?

But, next morning, in school, a few people mentioned how bright eyed he looked. Even Clive, in his sarcastic way, sneered, "Found some way of getting it up for more than fifty seconds."

Let him sneer. That afternoon Brad was dashing through the trees. Reaching the Y pine, he found no sign of Ashea, so he kept running as she had asked. Suddenly, there she was, a provocative smile on her face, as she slowly unbuttoned the buttons of her dress, revealing the wild promise underneath. When he reached her, she took his hands, and gently drew him deeper into the shadows of the trees, where a slight rise in the ground provided a neat pine needle bed. Ashea drew him in close and, as they kissed, he felt her hands pushing at his shorts.

Ashea had it all planned. This was going to be her party. She had picked out the site and waited patiently for Brad's arrival. She broke their kiss to kneel and remove his shorts completely, as Brad heaved off his top. She showered kisses on his erect cock as it sprang into view. This was all her own sexuality and she was going to show Brad just what that meant.

She spent a long while kissing and licking over his cock and his scrotum, and all Brad could do was stand there, enjoying her attention, only able to run his fingers through her long brown hair. At one point he thought she might take him into her mouth, but that didn't happen. Instead she lay back on the mound and drew him to lie on top of her, his hardness primed against her belly.

Ashea was already sensing that inner warmth but was determined that they take everything steadily. She looked up into his brown eyes, and whispered, "I want us to find all the things that give us pleasure, Brad. Your hard cock—see, I remember the word—where it is now being good. But it was better under my lips and is so fulfilling when it is inside me. You like what I do to it?"

Brad was still in a haze of wonder that he had found such a woman, or nymph, whatever. "I love what you do. I love every touch of you. My eyes long to feast on your body, and my hands, lips and tongue long to follow, searching all over you, hair, face, shoulders, breasts, thighs -and here." And with that he slid his body down until his face hovered over her bush. Where had he found those words? What was inspiring him to those words, and to these automatic responses? Simple answer? Ashea.

With that, his mind full of the previous day's thrill at this experience, he buried his face between her opened thighs, his tongue searching for that sensuous little spot that he knew he could make erect. His tongue ran along her whole groove. Then he became really daring, he brought both hands down to that area, where he used his thumbs to part those lips.

He drew his head back to gaze at the wondrous pink, rose petal promise in front of him, and, dead centre, there it was, Ashea's clit, still just a nub, but couched there waiting stimulation. Brad leaned forward, stuck out his tongue, and with just the tip, he gently tickled at that tiny spot. It was a joy to feel Ashea's hips buck up at his face, and to hear her murmur of appreciation.

Ashea had enjoyed Brad's words, had been a little shocked at his sudden movement between her legs. Very exciting really, to have this unpractised lover treat her so convincingly. But when his tongue touched at her hot spot, her body spasmed beyond her control, and she had to hang on to her sensibilities. She might have climaxed at that point. Desperately she realised that it might still happen, as his tongue continued favouring her hot spot, but his fingers were becoming busy down there. His touch was going to drive her over the edge, but, even though it wasn't what she'd planned, she didn't want him to stop.

Brad, without having deliberately thought of it before, was realising that he had Ashea at his mercy here. She was already panting, blowing, and puffing like a steam train. From this point he might be able to deliver her into the kind of climax she deserved. His fingers of one hand were probing blindly around her entry, and he was very aware of her increasing wetness. For a quick spell he moved his tongue from her clit to flick at that opening, and trace around its rim. Tremors filled him as she trembled, and he heard her helpless, "Brad. Oh, Brad. Brad." And he knew he had her. He shifted slightly so that his erect cock lay along her leg, letting him know it was maintaining its hardness. That was essential now.

What could he do now? He felt so daring, finding things out as he went along. One finger smoothed inside her, then two. His fingers fluttered around her internal passage walls like trapped butterflies. Her taste, the aroma of her filled his head, and thrilled him.

Then, came extra devilment. His other hand had been scudding around her lower petals and the fingers were nicely lubricated. That hand, he moved, cautiously beyond her crevice towards her unattended anus. At the same time, he listened to her noises. She was almost babbling incomprehensibly. How would she react to this unplanned invasion? What effect would it have?

Tentatively his finger moved to touch the small, tight opening. She grunted something. Now to find the effect of three stimulation points at once. While, very gently, inserting a finger into the gripping ring of her anus, he set the fingers inside her wriggling, and at the same time, he sucked her risen clit into his mouth. Her reaction was joyfully instant.

Ashea had known almost from the moment his tongue had started down there, that she was lost. His every move since then had heightened her longing. With his fingers in her channel of delight she had lost breathing control. His finger touching at her rear passage had her trying to mumble 'No' while her insides were urging her to scream 'Oh, yes.' Her thoughts were leaping about like mad things, from trying not to give way too quickly, to absorbing all the sensations that Brad was invoking in her. But through it all she was telling herself that if this was only Brad's second experience, what would he be like given time. What might they be like over time? Or was he simply using her body to experiment on.

That was the moment that all three sensations he was creating down there came at once, and it was as though everything was aflame. She had to have it all—and now. Her own squeal was as though from some other mouth, as she desperately pulled at his hair to bring him up-'Into me, into me, into me,' screamed in her head but did not sound like that, as Brad's body loomed up over her and his erect cock like some hot poker, thrust deep into her, aiming for her heart. Huge, massive, filling, but giving her thrust on thrust, and lifting her away from the pines to a haze of ecstatic, exultant, euphoric wonder, as, at the last moment of external awareness, she knew that Brad was spurting his seed high into her. Then all thinking was gone in the frenzy of her glorious orgasm.

Brad, just before he gave her that final triple caress, had been admitting to himself that all his actions so far had been experimental, an exploration of Ashea's bodily needs. What did he really know? But the steps so far had reached this tremulous high point. Her excitement had been his excitement, as his erection was urging for release.

 Her mixed vocalisations told him she was almost there, and, as soon as he felt her pulling his hair, he went with it, and the route was direct. Like some guided missile his cock plunged directly into her wide, wetness, full length and back, full length and back. Her hips heaved up to him and his thrusts were pushing up higher. He tried to kiss her mouth. but her head was thrashing too much, and as his ejaculation ran parallel with hers, he threw his head back with a loud snorting grunt, before burying it in the warm softness of her breasts.

Mission accomplished, just as he had wanted. He had shared an orgasm with Ashea. He was sure of that. As calm slowly came to them, Brad, his head still snug against Ashea's breast, whispered, "Together?"

"Oh, yes, together," she replied, and, without even thinking about it, added, "Forever." She laughed as Brad raised his head to look at her face.

"You believe that?" he asked. Recent events gave that notion such appeal.

"I'd like to."

Brad thought about that, and saw university looming to keep them apart. He said nothing. After they'd rested for a while Ashea stood up and urged Brad up beside her. "Come on. I've something for you."


"Leave them It's not far."

God, Brad was thinking as they moved, naked, through the trees. Adam and Eve, wasn't in it. But in just a short distance they came to a small, fresh stream that trickled through the trees. Ashea bent and flicked at the clear water, and as Brad moved to bend beside her, she held up a hand and said, "No, you remain standing."

Puzzled by what her intentions might be, Brad did as he was told, and watched as Ashea cupped up water into her hands, turned and dropped it around his limp cock. Shocked by her action, not to mention the sudden chill of the ice-cold water, Brad staggered back, gasping.

"Come on," Ashea teased, a wry smile on her beautiful face. "Be a brave man."

Giving her a scolding look, Brad stepped towards her. This time, she wet one hand and rubbed it gently over his cock. "It'll shrivel," he declared, feeling his limpness even more pronounced.

"Quite the opposite," Ashea replied, and to his delighted amazement, she leaned forward, opened her mouth, and showed him his flaccid member resting on her tongue like some fat, pale, inert snail.

As her lips came together enclosing him in her mouth, Brad was struck by the incredible warmth that suddenly infused his cock. Could he feel it rising? What was she wanting from this? He soon had no doubts.

Ashea rolled her tongue, so she could lick along his length, and had a warm sense of achievement as she felt it stirring in her mouth. Encouraged she began moving her lips back and forth along it, knowing it was becoming harder with her every move. Delighted, her tongue slithered around the head, and then she was taking it back into her throat. Her hands moved around to Brad's buttocks and pulled him further into her.

Brad was overjoyed, even though slightly stunned by this unexpected touch. How far was she intending to take this? Already amazed that his cock had been brought to almost full erection by her ministrations, Brad wondered how long it would be before he'd have to warn her that he might have to shoot.

Ashea knew exactly what her intentions were. Brad had stolen her earlier plans, now this was to be repayment for the sheer glory he had bestowed on her then. His erection was just about full now and she revelled in the hardness of it as her lips drew forward and back along it. Her tongue didn't have much space for manoeuvre given the size of his erection, but she managed licks and tickles on each back stroke. Holding his buttocks, she knew there was increased trembling there, as she drove her lips faster. She stroked the head, along the inside of her cheek, causing a fascinating bulge there.

Brad was well aware of the effect of that bulging cheek. His cock head tingled with it. More importantly her determined mouthing was producing a familiar pulsing in his scrotum. In so little time, he was ready to shoot his load again. He knew he had to warn her to release him.

"Ashea, it's going to happen—you'd—" Looking down, the sight of the whole length of his rigid cock disappearing between those luscious lips was even more stimulating. But it was those wide, green eyes, looking up at him, which spoke the words that her mouth was too busy to pronounce. And what they told him, without any doubt, was, "This is for you." At the same time, her hands on his buttocks gripped more tightly, pulling him deep to the back of her throat. Brad could no longer hold back, and the sheer pleasure of release took him.

Ashea knew she had reached that point that was totally new to her. About to take his stuff down her throat, she relished in the look of total delight on Brad's face. Then she felt his outpouring and she swallowed and swallowed again, gladly.

Above her, Brad was moaning, "Ashea. Oh, Ashea." His hands ran gratefully through her hair, as his erection softened very quickly, and she let it slide to the edge of her mouth, only to support it with her hand to lick one final salty drop from the tip.

Despite his concerns, Brad had to admit that for two people unused to such activity, this day had been sheer perfection.

For the next few days they continued the physical exploration of each other. Brad discovered exactly what position sixty-nine meant. Such mutual sensuality. They didn't always go to total fulfilment, but it was none the less erotic for that. Brad's mother queried the sensibility of all this extra running but admitted that it was probably doing him good. At school, as their final year ran into the last few days, remarks were made about how cheery Brad seemed. Clive cast him some questioning glances, and even suggested, jokingly, that it could only be the wood nymph that would have anything to do with him.

More seriously during their time together they began to consider the future. They had all but agreed that they wanted to be together forever. Ashea had warned him that she had one more task to perform to keep Hera happy.

"I haven't decided what it will be," she admitted. "But as soon as it's done. I'll be recalled, and that has to be within days."

"Is there nothing we could do?"

Ashea told him how she could request staying and becoming mortal.
Brad started to tell her that it sounded like a great choice, before recalling that he would be going away to university. He tried to explain the timing of that, but she had difficulty with the concept of time. "I won't be away all the time---I'll be back fairly often"

Her face looked as though she might cry, and he saw a moistening in her eyes.

"But I couldn't be mortal if you weren't here. Could I come with you to this—univers-place."

Brad kissed her gently, enraptured by her attempt to say the word. "It's not allowed, Ashea."

Lying naked, they talked it through and through. Clearly, it would just be pointless for Ashea to have mortal form when Brad couldn't be there to ease her into a human way of life. Eventually, Ashea said she would put it to Queen Hera the next time she came to her, but she wasn't too hopeful. "She likes solving problems but can be very awkward when she wants to be."

It was the following night, as Ashea slept, that Hera came to her, rather angry. "This last task is taking too long. I have warned you of the consequences."

Ashea was desperate to keep Hera on her side, so became most obsequious, "Dearest Queen Hera, I have obeyed your wishes and will always revere your godly Majesty, but I have delayed because I have found a human male who so satisfies me."

"But I have told you, if you wish to be mortal that can happen."

"Most precious Majesty, there are complications," Ashea then went on to tell the Queen about Brad having to be away out of her reach.

Hera moaned about Ashea's problematic behaviour, and then said, "Leave this with me. I will let you know if there is a solution when I next visit."

The next time Ashea retired to sleep, Hera was there promptly, and Ashea worried at her early tone. "I have given you much consideration, Ashea. I have even discussed this with the Lord Zeus." That news made Ashea toss in her sleep. "It is a circumstance that we have not had to face. Zeus has no interest in you since you are no longer a virgin, but he enjoys telling me how your banishment was my error. And, because of that, I trust you will appreciate what I have to say to you."

"Thank you, Queen Hera. Anything you decree will be honoured."

"Maybe. First, once you complete your final task, you may remain in the forest-"

Ashea's heart beat faster, "You are a most kindly, Queen."

"Wait! You will remain in the form you had when you first entered. You will be invisible at all times and can only roam the forest."

Ashea now felt as though her heart was being crushed, "But, Majesty—"

"Will you stop interrupting, Ashea" The Queen said snappily. "You are much too impatient. I was about to say that you remain invisible, except when this Brad person enters the forest."

Ashea's emotions were riding a rough sea."But I must remain in the forest?"

"Let me finish! You will be in human form as long as he is in the forest, but you can only roam unseen while he is away." Hera paused to see if Ashea had any comment, so Ashea thought best to keep quiet. "When he is finally able to be with you permanently, then you may sacrifice your immortality and be with him wherever he would take you. You understand all that?"

"Oh, dear Queen, you are so kind."

"Just one last warning. I give you two more sunsets in which to complete your final task, otherwise your banishment as an invisible entity will be permanent."

That was worrying, but Ashea was so delighted that Brad would have access to her she couldn't wait to tell him.

As they lay together the following afternoon, not having bothered to undress, while she excitedly told him the news, Brad was initially overcome with delight. "That means that I can come into this forest at any time and find you. Wonderful." Then his face fell as another thought struck him, "But while I'm away, you will have to roam, invisible, just like you were at the start."

Ashea laughed up at him, as she lay back, "But what faced me then was eon upon eon of drifting. Your absence will be as nothing, as I wait for you."

He leaned over to kiss her, and it was at that moment that a loud voice made him turn around in shock. “You sly bastard. I thought you had something sizzling in here somewhere."

Clive Madding, in running gear, stood there, a sneer creasing his face, as his eyes feasted on Ashea's thighs, and half exposed breasts.

"I knew something was making you come out here more often. I lost you the other day. But here you are. Is this your mysterious wood nymph?"

As Brad climbed to his feet, Clive looked at Ashea again, "I don't know where you come from, but I'll bet you haven't had anything like this." And he lewdly clutched at his groin.

Fists clenched, Brad stepped towards him. "Clive, I'll---" Brad knew they were evenly matched for size. Planting one on that smug face would have been a monster pleasure. But Clive, without his cronies around him, was less prepared to face up to a challenge, and as he backed off into the trees he called, "I'll see you around sometime, sweet girl. You'll enjoy it."

With that he ran off along the trail. Brad reckoned that the whole incident just summed up what a cowardly braggart Clive was. He sat down beside Ashea, who had watched the whole incident with some surprise.

"Is that the Clive who took your girl?"

"That's him."

"She must have no taste," she said, and returned his eager kiss. In no time, Clive was forgotten, as they made slow, languid love, which had just got better and better over their days together.

When it was over Ashea said, "I won't be able to see you tomorrow,"


"I must concentrate on getting this final task done, otherwise all our plans will be for nothing."

Whenever Brad asked about a task, Ashea told him that she wasn't allowed to talk about them. Brad was happy enough with that, and he went home exulting in the thought of the arrangements for the future Ashea had outlined.

The next day Clive Madding took his daily run through the trees. He was feeling randy and wouldn't mind having a stab at that piece that Brad had been with. He didn't believe for one minute that she was some kind of wood nymph, but she had great tits.

The thought of her as he followed his usual trail was making him randy. He was just getting a little tired of Jill's regular attentions. They were without variety. Maybe tonight he could have a couple of his mates in when she was there. Fill her up from all angles. The idea appealed, and he felt his cock give a little rise.

Ducking under a broken branch, he came into a slight clearing, and stopped dead. There, sitting on a low tree stump, was Brad's woman, in the same green dress as yesterday, revealing the promise of her body just as it had on the previous day. Clive couldn't believe his luck.

"I thought you mightn't show," she said huskily.

"You've been waiting for me?"

"You said you had something I would enjoy," she said, and her eyes dropped to his shorts which were already bulging. God, was she in for a big surprise. His excitement at this prospect increased the pressure in his shorts, which were just at her eye level.

Ashea wasn't looking forward to this too much. It was going to be so out of character, but it was going to ensure her time with Brad. As though nervous, she reached out a timid hand to brush over his bulge, before slipping her hands into the waistband of his shorts and pulling down.

Clive watched his rampant cock swing free and up close to her face. He hadn't been sure how he wanted this to go but this position was ideal for starters. He reached to squeeze one of those gorgeous tits, but somehow, they were just out of reach, as her hand closed around his cock, her lips parted, and she looked up at him. For a brief instant he thought he caught a glow of red in those green eyes. A trick of the light?

"Lick it first," he said, almost in the tone of a command.

But Ashea, looking at this swollen cock, which was smaller than Brad's, and didn't smell very attractive, was thinking 'witch', as she took the whole of it in her mouth.

Clive watched eagerly as his hard member disappeared into that hot mouth. And it was hot. As her hands passed down either side of him, his body had a strange numbing sensation. Still impassioned, he went to pull her head to force his cock deeper. He couldn't move his hands. That was the moment that panic took over.

Those eyes were looking up at him, and, God help him, now they really were glowing red, as he felt the first grip of her teeth. These weren't ordinary teeth. They were pointed teeth that dug and tore along the length of his cock, shredding it, it seemed. The agonised scream he had in his throat would not issue at his lips. His body was static, unable to pull away from those chewing, gnawing, grinding teeth. Please God, no, don't bite it off. But his once bold cock was no longer erect. Still, in this harridan's mouth, it was collapsed, useless, and sending waves of excruciating pain through his lower body.

Pain, so severe, that he hardly realised that the mouth had released him. He was still unable to move but her voice rang in his head. "When you leave here, you will have no memory of what has just befallen you, or of how your injuries were obtained."

Clive was able to look down and view the bloody mess of a cock that appeared to be in shreds. When he looked up it was to find that he was completely alone. What had happened to him? He had no idea, but he did know that he had to have this wound attended to. He tore off his vest and balling it over his injury, he hobbled out of the trees to find his car that would get him to hospital. How could he explain it?

Ashea had hated the whole process. She was disgusted at the thoughts that the witch persona had placed in her mind, had loathed the cruelty of her act, even though this Clive person was a dubious character. Invisible now, she flitted to a stream, where she was able to wash the foul taste of blood in her mouth, wishing that it might wash away the memory of the whole incident.

As she knelt by the stream, Queen Hera spoke in her head, "Task of destruction satisfactorily completed, Ashea. The witch persona is no longer available to you and you are now rendered permanently invisible," There was just a momentary teasing pause, before with a royal chuckle Hera went on," until this Brad person enters the forest."

Ashea expressed her gratitude and could not remember if she had ever used the witch persona, that Hera had mentioned. All she knew was she was extremely happy to look forward to a life to be shared with her Brad.

The following morning Brad was also feeling good. The last day of school and Ashea had solved the problem of their future together. But there was much talk about Clive. Apparently, he had been badly injured and was in hospital. A small group, including four of his cronies were talking about it. Sympathy from his mates, ribaldry from others. They all had something to say.

"His cock is all chewed up."

"Doctors have saved it, but don’t know whether it'll function again."

"Caught in a lawnmower, was it." Some sniggers at that idea. More chuckles, as someone added, "No, he tried to screw his own car."

"Doctors said it looked like an animal attack, with definite bite marks.”

One of Clive’s cronies added, "One thing's certain, his love-life's on hold." And Brad saw four pairs of eyes turn to where Jill was standing with a couple of other girls.

Later in the day, as they were all saying their goodbyes and best wishes, Brad was surprised to find Jill standing beside him. She hadn't once spoken to him since taking up with Clive.

"Hello, Brad, I was wondering what you were doing for the Summer? I'd be willing to let bygones be bygones."

Brad regarded her face for a moment. She was suddenly less than pretty, and rather blousy in his eyes, as coldly he said, "Sorry Jill. But it looks like a few of Clive's pals over there will be happy to take his place."

With that, Brad walked contentedly away, looking forward to a run in the forest, where the woman, who would share the rest of his life, would materialise just for him.

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