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Project: Prometheus Ch. 02 - Part 2

Natalya then went on to enter several commands to her arm console, which linked to her in-suit interface. A small pinging alert then sounded on every crew members HUD in their vacc suits. Before anyone could ask what it was, the young woman answered, “It’s the map of the whole engineering section, with the directions to the other reactors!”

Hearing this, each woman opened the file that was sent to each of them. Sure enough, a map showing their current location along with directions on how to get to the next reactor was displayed in each HUD.

“I also managed to find a brief about the Solaris reactors!” Natalya jabbered.

“A brief?” Taal’ani questioned.

“A basic rundown of how the reactors work and the theory on how they can be activated. Hopefully, it’s enough to be able to turn one on!” Natalya jabbered.

“We can only hope,” Inari muttered to herself. Nats all but ran back to her grav sled and started pushing it towards the nearest doorway, which was slightly ajar. Talon quickly packed up her hacking deck, stuffing it back into its case and slinging it over her shoulder.

Wasting no time, each woman stepped back into formation, eager to get the ship back online. Korsa went to the door, using her considerable strength to pry it open further, so the crew of the Darkstrider could walk through. The door gave with minimal effort, this one apparently more well-oiled than the previous ones they had forced their way through.

The crew of women walked into another large and open section of Engineering, tools, and implements scattered across the floor. Dust motes flew away from them in their wake, as they progressed deeper into the ship. “About five hundred meters through that door and we should come to the secondary reactor,” Inari announced, gesturing towards the door on the far side of the room.

When they came to the sealed door, everyone stopped. Except for Natalya, who walked with her sled right into the door, nearly clipping Korsa in the process. Slamming into the sled knocked the wind right out of her, as she nearly went right over the push bar and onto her gear.

Korsa went up to Nats and cuffed her upside her helmet, “Watch where you’re going, young lady!”

“Sorry Mama!” the young woman wheezed. “Just studying up on the reactors so I at least have an idea of how to start them up.”

Crossing her arms, Korsa responded, “Fair enough but watch yourself. You almost hit me.” Feeling abashed, Nats backed up the sled and let Korsa do her work to pry it open. The door was opened in short order, leading to a wide and long corridor.

“Nats, get on the sled. You need to study up on what you found,” Inari commanded. “Korsa, you push the sled; Pree, take rear guard; Talon, with me on point. Let’s hustle ladies!” The whole crew jumped to obey, everyone taking up their new positions.

The crew double timed it through, coming up to another door, which was slightly open. The reactor room was on the other side according to their HUDs, but no light was coming from room beyond. “Think it might be dormant?” Natalya tittered as she waited for the door to be opened.

“We’ll find out in a few seconds,” Korsa said through gritted teeth as she pushed the doors open.

Their suit lights bounced off of the various consoles and beams that made up the command center of the secondary reactor. It was a mirror image of the primary reactor, though the main difference was that where the Solaris reactor should have been, there was nothing. Both halves of the cradle that kept the primary reactor stable, as well as the various support struts, were gone.

“What do you think happened here?” Pree queried, as their lights passed through the empty space where the reactor should have been.

“No idea, but we should head to the Tertiary reactor and pray that it’s still there,” Inari replied as she turned everyone about to head back the way that they came.

With the doors stuck in the open position, the all-female crew had little trouble making it back to the primary reactor room. Before Korsa could step up to pry the doors open, Taal’ani’s arm shot out, stopping the Khontar woman in her tracks. Gesturing to the terminal next to the door, alight with trace amounts of power, the cat-girl unslung her case and pulled out her hacking deck.

“I think I have a quicker way to get there,” the Fel’caan woman declared as she placed her deck next to the console.

Once she had a link established, Taal’ani worked furiously, powering through the ciphers of the Skorean code. After nearly four minutes, the crew was beginning to get worried.

Inari asked, “Are you sure that….” The captain didn’t finish her sentence, as the door and every door down towards the Tertiary reactor opened and locked into place.

Chuckling, Korsa put away her sword. “Saves me the effort, so no complaints here.” The rest of the crew giggled as they marched down the path to where the Tertiary reactor was located. As they arrived, they saw that there were running lights on most of the consoles and the reactor itself appeared to be in a dormant state.

Nats immediately bolted from her seat on the sled to the main panel, eager to get started. Yet again, she ran into the security blocks. “Talon…?”

Walking over, the cat-girl stated, “Don’t worry, I got it.” After placing her hacking deck, she got to work, cracking through the code to give her shipmate the access that she needed. Soon enough, the security blocks disappeared and Nats was finally able to start her work.

“OK, I’m going to need to focus in order to get this done,” Natalya said as she went through the various procedures needed to get the reactor started. As she worked, the main cradles were currently joined together, looking like one giant steel ball of spiderwebs. Slowly, they started to pull apart and widen, encompassing the entire chamber.

Everyone stood deathly still, not understanding the science behind what exactly was happening, but trusting in their ships engineer to get it done. Various gasses and what appeared to be dust slowly started filling the chamber. It all continued to flood in, becoming more and more opaque as the chamber was saturated. The first thing the rest of the women noticed was that the temperature started to climb.

“Nats, what’s with the heat?” Korsa asked, concern in her voice evident.

“Temperatures in the formation of the star will start to rise as it gets closer to a solid formation. Activating heat shields!” Natalya said almost robotically as she hit a separate command sequence from what she was currently doing. “You’re going to want to step it up Nats! This code is starting to evolve! I’m keeping up with it, but just barely!” Talon warned.

“Going as fast as I can! Do what you can, I’m getting close!” the dark skinned woman continued. Her hands moved in rapid succession over the holographic console, each movement quick and precise. The next thing that they all noticed was that the gasses and dust had clumped together to form a sphere roughly the shape of a baseball. More gas and dust flooded the compartment, all of it being drawn towards the sphere.

More and more it drew until the everything being pumped through the hidden vents was then being sucked out at an exponential pace. There was some rattling and shaking in the supports around them, but otherwise, nothing else moved. Slowly, the sphere began to get larger and it started to glow. First, it was a cherry red, then it started brightening to blazing orange.

“Activating solar shield!” Natalya called out behind them, jarring them from the light show. The light began to get dimmer until the glow was muted to a dull reddish orange.

“Nats, I can’t hold it much longer! The system is going to throw me out!” Taal’ani cried out frantically.

“Hold on for just a few more seconds! I’m nearly done!” came the fiery reply.

The light from the sphere continued to get brighter, hitting a bright orange that was nearly yellow. Its mass continued to increase until more than three quarters of the crystal chamber was filled with it.

“I’m getting booted out of the system! Whatever you’re going to do, do it now!” Talon practically shouted, making everyone wince inside their helmets.

Natalya raced through the final commands, entering them just moments before being locked out by the security blocks. Screaming in frustration, she then turned to the newly crafted star that lay before them.

“Come one, come on, come on…please!” Nats whispered and nearly chanted as she watched the star continue its growth.

The supports started to glow as the heat intensified and it seemed that they would melt at any moment. At the rate the star was growing, it would consume the chamber, then them, in a matter of minutes. Just then, a wind blasted into the chamber, swirling around the star in a vortex. The stars’ growth started to slow, then eventually halted, occupying nearly ninety percent of the chamber. The wind continued to lash at the star unabated, and then, the star began to shrink.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Natalya collapsed to the floor, laughing hysterically, “I did it! I actually did it!” She continued laughing as the reactor hummed to life, already drawing energy from the newly formed young star. Lights around them started to turn on, consoles formerly off, now powered up. The entire ship started to hum, as though a sleeping giant had just been awakened.

The laughter that emanated from Nats started to cycle through the crew, each one of them joining the chocolate skinned woman in her mirth. They honestly couldn’t believe that they were here, doing this and everyone still alive! They knelt on the floor with their shipmate, hugging each other as they were all grateful to be alive.

Alarms began to sound from the consoles and podiums, though for the moment, the women ignored them. Most of the alarms that lit up the displays were of a minor nature, as the more serious ones had been attended to by the ships Sentry-Bots. Another type of alarm was activated though. A silent sensory alarm, which had detected intruders on board the Perseus. Once activated, it began its protocol of waking the marines stationed aboard, from cryo-sleep.


The auburn haired woman stared out the Victorian styled archway, a light summer breeze wafting through the open doors. The warm wind kissed her skin, soothing her senses as she closed her eyes and relished in the smells borne in the air. Her pristine white heels clicked on the hardwood floor, as she moved to stand under the sun’s light.

Her purple eyes opened, taking in the clear blue sky and lush green forest that surrounded this ancient house. A smile played along her lips as she enjoyed the sight of her home. Turning to go back indoors, she admired the lavish décor of the room, styled in the fashion of old Victorian England. As she surveyed the splendor around her, she caught a glance of herself in a tall, gilded standing mirror.

Standing at six foot one, her dark red tresses hung in ringlets down past her shoulders, framing her unique face. The blend of her features made her a truly exotic woman among many. The high cheekbones and strong jawline were indicative of her father’s Scottish ancestry while her eyes, chin, and nose were more like her mother’s Japanese bloodlines. Beneath her short and pert nose, her lips were the plump and kissable type that you saw in magazines.

Her figure was lithe and athletic, but it retained all the femininity that would often drive any man into a series of lustful thoughts. Her wide hips and thick, solid legs were encased in sheer white stockings and a garter belt to match. Her womanhood, covered by a white lacy thong, showcased her forty-five inch ass in a way that seemed like it was sculpted by a master artist.

Her bountiful tits, which were classified as a small D cup, were tucked away in a classical white lace corset. Moving her strong arms to cup them, racy thoughts charged through her head. ‘I really hope that he likes this!’ she worried inwardly. Taking a deep breath, she smelled him before she felt him step close to her.

“Mmmmmm!” his thick, masculine voice carried on behind her. “Looks like I found something that needs unwrapping,” his powerful arms encircling her waist. She moaned at his touch, shivers of pleasure coursing through her body.

Her voice took on a sultry, smoky edge, as she spoke, “I sure hope you plan on taking your time unwrapping your gift.”

“Oh, be sure that I will and I’ll make you beg for mercy before we are done,” he whispered into her ear. His warm breath on her neck was too much and she turned to face him. Dark brown hair, cut short in a classical style, outlined his face. A strong and handsome face, marked with a solid nose and a strong jaw, completed with brown eyes, twinkling with both lust and mischief.

His six-foot sixframe towered over hers, wide, solid and hard. Unlike her, his ancestry was purely Slavic, though she had yet to ask exactly where. Tucking that question away for later, she focused on his mouth as she pressed her lips to his, drinking deeply. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, inviting a challenge, which he accepted. His tongue soon joined hers, each one caressing the other as their kiss deepened.

He broke the kiss first, coming up for air and breathing raggedly. Smiling to herself at his apparent excitement, she snaked her arms around his broad shoulders, drawing him down for another kiss. Pressing her supine form against his, she moaned even more excitedly as she felt his rock hard dick, pressing back against her covered pussy.

Grinding against him all that much harder, she pushed her soon to be lover back towards the elegant four poster bed that was centered in the spacious room. Intent on pushing him down to the bed, she squeaked in surprise as she was suddenly hoisted up by her ass. Her legs splayed out as she was pushed further upwards, her throbbing pussy now dead center with his face.

Spinning about, her back was now pressed against one of the bedposts, which she gripped for support. Taking a firmer grip on her ass and legs, he began to lick through her moistened panties. Breathing in shocked, excited gasps, his tongue played across her panties, teasing as much as they touched. Slowly, he continued his assault on her womanhood, eliciting more passionate moans escaping from her throat.

For a moment, she felt his hand slide across her ass. She was confused for a moment until she felt him grip the back of her thong. With a firm pull, her panties tore and dropped away, exposing her to him fully. The large man dove back into her waiting cunt with total abandon, placing his mouth over where her clit was located.

“Oh my God!” she cried out breathily. His tongue swirled and flicked around her inner and outer lips, hitting points that sent fireworks along her nerves. When he finally probed her clit, she exploded, arching forwards and screaming wordlessly as the orgasm hit her.

With her eyes closed, she slowly started to come down from the high she was on, only to find herself riding a small set of mini orgasms. He hadn’t stopped and showed no signs of slowing as he fervently licked her love canal with more intensity than she could believe.

‘Holy shit! This man knows how to eat a pussy!’ she thought as she relished in the staccato bursts of pleasure that ran through her. He continued his assault on her clit, his tongue flicking and darting to it, making her squirm in delight at every touch. He reached up and grabbed her arms, prying them from the post as he balanced her precariously for a moment.

In a split second, she went from balancing on her lover’s shoulders to landing on the pillowy softness of the bed. Giggling in surprise, she gazed at this gorgeous man before her as he slowly removed his shirt. His body was sculpted like that of an Adonis, truly perfected masculinity. Her mouth watered at the sight and she whimpered, aching for his touch. In mere moments he was on her, his pants already loose as his raging cock strained further against the confines of his underwear, begging for release.

Jumping back to her pussy, his tongue quested for her clit again, finding her sensitive pearl with relative ease. Gasping quickly, she rushed to the brink of another colossal orgasm, before deciding to turn the tables on her sexy man. She clamped her legs around his head, catching him fully by surprise and slowly twisting him around until she was effectively sitting on his face.

She then ground her already dripping pussy into his face, her demanding need driving her to take what she wanted. Without missing a beat, his hands gripped her hips like an iron vise, fully burying his face in her hot and steamy cunt. His tongue started alternating between her clit and her love hole, where she was begging to be filled. As it probed deep into her, bliss threatened to overwhelm her, as she stood on the edge of another orgasm.

One of his hands relaxed its grip and started probing up her ass crack. Momentarily, it found the knot of tissue that was her anus, gently probing it with one of his fingers. The combined sensations were far too much for her to withstand. She then exploded in another orgasm, her wails echoing throughout the house.

As she relaxed, she slithered back semi-consciously and started pulling both her man’s pants and underwear down. He started to protest, but she looked at him, wordlessly shutting him up as she freed his cock from its prison. She was astonished at his size, easily being ten inches in length and just over two and a half inches thick. The head was an angry purple, inflamed at being ignored for so long.

Settling the matter in a moment, she engulfed the head in her mouth, liberally coating it saliva, sucking lightly. The moan that escaped his lips as his head thrashed above, let her know that she was doing exactly what he wanted. She continued sucking the head while using her tongue to tease the slit of his dick.

Popping it out of her mouth, she then used her tongue to lick the underside of his shaft, occasionally sucking on the thick vein, drawing out excited gasps from her man. Using her right hand, she started pumping his shaft slowly, smearing her spit all over it. With her left hand, she started playing with his large balls, both of which were the size of tangerines.

As she reached the base of his cock, her tongue darted out, flicking and licking his balls, as he cried out in ecstasy. She continued pumping his dick, using both hands now, as she brought her mouth back to the head and resumed sucking. She slathered his dick, sucking harder than she was earlier, drawing more blood into his tool. The result was that she was making it thicker and harder than she thought possible.

Removing her hands, she then proceeded to attempt to deep throat him. His head popped up, incredulous at what she was trying, but lacking any real will to stop her. She hit a bit of a gag reflex when she was just over halfway, but quashed it and pushed her mouth closer to the base of his cock. Her nose had just reached his pubic hair when she couldn’t take anymore and backed off quickly.

Catching her breath, she smiled, their combined juices dripping from her chin and landing on her tits. Sitting up, he reached for her, grabbing her by the front of her corset. She pulled herself to him just as eagerly as their lips met once again, their passion overriding any concerns, that they may have had.

His hands were on her back, pulling at the catches that held her corset in place. One by one, he undid them, until the last catch sprang free, opening her up like a gift. As the corset fell away, her breasts sprang free, which he latched onto like a man dying of starvation. Closing her eyes at the sensations, she felt him lick and suck at her. First her small areolas, then her more sensitive nipples.

As he played with her, she slowly inched forward, lining up her soaking pussy with his throbbing dick. He was unaware of what was happening, until he felt her grip his angry member with her right hand, guiding him to her slippery cleft. She felt the tip spear her entry, indicating that she was where she needed to be. Looking up into her eyes, he then slowly pressed her down onto himself, the electric sensations dancing between the both of them.

Moaning in passion at the same time, she was slowly filled and stretched by his large cock, feeling deliciously wonderful at the sensation. He encountered resistance as he pushed her down onto himself. He looked at her, an unspoken question in his eyes, to which she saw and nodded, urging him to continue. He pushed himself further into her, the head of his dick just passing her cervix and into her womb.

As he bottomed out in her, his pubic bone meeting hers, they both gasped in unison at the feelings coursing through them. She took a moment to get accommodated to him, not having taken anyone quite so large as him before now. They kissed, their passion now fully engulfing them both, as she began to rock back and forth on him.

Taking his cue from her, he began to thrust into his new lover. Slowly at first but picking up the tempo her body was demanding. Breaking their kiss, they looked into each other’s eyes again, love and lust overflowing from them both.

“You have no idea…. how long……I’ve wanted this,” she said between breaths as he was driving into her.

“You and me…. both,” he replied, concentrating on his rhythmic pounding. Each push into her drove them both mad with desire. She pushed him down, so he was lying flat on the bed, spreading her legs further apart as she gained better purchase on the mattress. Leaning back, she then started riding him to where she was doing a full cowgirl, her arms behind her, giving the woman support as her tits bounced.

The large man grinned as he enjoyed the view she was giving him while relishing the sensations rippling through him. The red-haired woman then leaned forward a bit, balancing herself on her man’s cock. She then reached for her flopping breasts, gripping and caressing them as she continued to ride him. Pushing one up, she bent her head down and gave her nipple a quick lick.

Seeing that was enough to drive her man into a frenzy, which increased the pace of his thrusts drastically. He tried to sit up but found himself pushed down, yet again. His woman then stood, her pussy reluctantly releasing his cock. The puzzled look on his face changed to approval as she turned around and squatted on his cock once more, giving him a perfect view of her beautiful ass.

He held his cock up, making it easier for her to place it back home, into her slit. As she sat back down onto her love’s pelvis, she started bouncing up and down. She regretted the emptiness inside her when she lifted herself upwards but enjoyed the fullness when she brought herself back down. The give and take of their carnal actions, set her alight in total and absolute bliss.

Her man’s hands gripped and caressed the soft, pliant flesh of her rear. He kneaded it, bringing it closer to him every time she pressed downwards. The feelings that cascaded through him, brought out his lust and desire in waves, wanting to do more. Smiling devilishly, he sat up quickly, gripping her tits as he brought his arms around her torso and dragged her down to him.

She squawked indignantly, as her back was pressed to his chest. His dick popped out of her slit and she was about to chastise him, until he flipped over with her, setting her on her chest. He rose up and lifted her by her hips, bringing her ass up into the air. Spreading her legs, he then gripped his cock and pressed the head into her pussy.

Her laugh of delight turned into a scream of pleasure, as he plowed into her in one stroke. His iron grip on her hips tightened as he started to ream her out, each thrust carrying enough force to potentially break her. She cried out, wailing with each slam, as he ravaged her. His balls slapped hard against her pussy lips, the sensuality of their coupling driving her ever closer to another orgasm.

She then felt a sharp sting across her cheeks, hearing the sharp crack of his hand as it slapped her ass. “Oh shit!” she cried out.

“You disapprove?” he growled as he then tanned her other check with another slap.

In response, she shimmied her ass on his cock, begging, “Please sir, I want another!” With a feral grunt, he then slapped her ass again, then again, alternating between each cheek.

After the fourth slap, she pulled herself forward, off of his shaft and turned around onto her back. Grabbing her legs, she pulled them up, presenting her soggy pussy to him in invitation. Not one to hesitate, he drove himself into her hard, mercilessly pounding into her.

A high-pitched keening started in her throat as she was continuously savaged, her slit weeping as her juices gushed forth. It reached a fever pitch, then she bucked, shrieking like a woman possessed, as her third orgasm blasted into her. Her pussy clamped down hard on her lover’s dick, as she rode the tidal wave through her senses.

She was still breathing hard, her chest heaving as her tits still jiggled with the force of his thrusts. She looked at him through hooded eyes, knowing that he was close. Knowing what she wanted and craved, she goaded him towards his release.

“That’s it lover, pound that little pussy, make it yours, make me your little bitch.”

His baritone voice rose, harsh and guttural, “You want this cock, don’t you, you little slut?”

“Yes sir, I want that cock deep inside me, stretching my poor little pussy, filling me up with every inch of your dick!” she breathed lustily, knowing that he was on the verge of release. “Fill that pussy with your cum sir, breed me, make me yours!” she screamed.

Hearing this was almost too much, and he teetered on the brink as he his pounding became more insistent and primal. “You want that cum, my little cock slut?”

“Yes! Give it to me, mark me, use me, BREED ME!” she howled. Roaring in complete ecstasy, he came into his woman, slamming into her with all the force he could muster. His cock erupted, seeding and saturating her pussy and womb with his cum. He shot into her, once, twice, losing count at six times, before his senses were no longer able to cope with the pleasure that coursed through him.

He collapsed onto her, managing to catch himself before he crushed the red-haired seductress with his weight. He grinned as he looked at her, her face etched with pure adulation as she kissed him. Returning the kiss, they both sighed as they enjoyed the afterglow. He pulled out of her as he shifted to lie next to her.

Her nethers were a hot mess from their lovemaking, running down her leg and dripping into the bed. She didn’t care as she buried her face into her man’s chest. Breathing in the scent that was him, had her floating on cloud nine. His left arm came down to bring her closer to him, and she welcomed it.

“Kasumi,” he called to her, sounding like he was far away, “It’s time to wake up.” She shot up and saw his face, which was deadly serious.

“What?” the woman asked, sounding horrified. Her vision blurred, and it looked as though everything around her was fading.

“It’s time to wake up. Wake up Kasumi, wake up!”


The loud hiss of a cryo-pod de-activating sounded in Kasumi’s ears. She felt a slight pinch in the side of her neck, as her body fought against the effects of the adrenaline injection. Her eyes were forcing themselves to open, as her surroundings started to become clear to her.

The pod hatch had reached its end, leaving her plenty of room to step out. Almost mechanically, she stepped out of the curved pod and collapsed onto the metal decking. Breathing in hard, her mouth curled in distaste at the stale, musty air. Shaking the cobwebs from her mind, she recalled her dream with perfect clarity.

“It all felt so real, but it wasn’t,” she growled frustratedly, feeling the heat in her loins. Knowing she could do nothing about it now, she stood, her gait a little wobbly after her confinement in cryo-sleep. Wiping her hands on her black, form-fitting bodysuit, she went to the command console, the palm scanner confirming her identity.

“Welcome back, Commander Kasumi McKenzie. Query?” Straightening and popping her joints and bones around her body, she replied.

“Hello Jaesa. Why was I woken from cryo-sleep and how long have I been out for?”

“An alarm was triggered in the Engineering section of the Perseus. Intruders have been detected aboard and action must be taken. It has five hundred and ninety-seven years, eight months and three weeks since you and the remaining crew of the Perseus went back into cryo-sleep,” Jaesa replied with her chipper, yet dispassionate voice.

Kasumi gripped the console and felt like she was going to be sick. ‘Almost six hundred years?!?!? We were supposed to wake up in sixty!’ she thought in anguish. “Jaesa, is the captain awake?” she asked worriedly.

“Captain Alexander Tomisic is still in cryo-sleep, as the power to wake him is insufficient.”


“The Engineering section has been steadily losing power through a series of failures since the Perseus was attacked. It started with damaged power conduits throughout the ship. Conduit functionality dropped to below forty percent, requiring greater power flows to sustain the necessary systems. Each system throughout the ship had to be shut down, one by one to conserve power in order to continue with our mission,” the computerized voice droned on.

“The captain gave an order for us wake in sixty years! Tell me why it’s been nearly six hundred!” the commander ordered furiously.

“I’m sorry, there is not enough information to answer your query,” Jaesa replied cryptically.

“Damn it!” the redheaded woman swore. “Jaesa, activate the armory.”

Lights illuminated the immediate area and a door on her right opened, light spilling from the adjacent room. Kasumi walked over and couldn’t help but notice the remaining cryo pods. All of them were empty, their occupants having been slaughtered in the boarding action, centuries ago.

Feeling a pang of remorse and sadness, Kasumi stoically walked into the armory, focusing herself on what needed to be done. The entire room was festooned with large sets of mechanical arms, each one wielding either a tool or armor component of some kind. She went to the automated armorer in the center of the room and selected the Phalanx armor chassis.

The panel flagged her with a reject and she called out in frustration, “Jaesa, why am I being denied an armor chassis I am cleared for?”

“Power to the armory has been severed, due to sabotaged power relays throughout the ship. Full replacement of the relays is to be accomplished if power to all systems is to be restored.”

Screaming in agitation, she asked, “Can you at least unlock the armor vault so I can arm myself?” In response, the doors behind the armorer clicked open with a loud clank, the room lighting up. Inside of it were more simplified sets of armor, as well as racks upon racks of weapons.

Running in, she went and fitted herself with a basic set of armor. Slipping into a set of well-armored boots, she latched on a chest plate, a full set of vambraces and a mechanized webbing loaded with extra ammo and grenades. She then grabbed a helmet, equipped with an air filtration unit, fitting it onto her head. She then went and picked up a Spartan auto rifle, a Sentinel class shotgun and tucked a heavy pistol in a holster at the small of her back.

“Jaesa, link me with the other Marines so that we can coordinate our attack,” Kasumi commanded.

“I’m sorry Commander, but there are no other marines aboard this ship,” the AI replied.

“What do you mean?!” the soldier asked, feeling the panic and hysteria grip her.

“You are the only surviving marine on board the Perseus at this time,” came the disconnected reply.

She had known that her entire platoon had been wiped out in the boarding action, centuries ago. Kas went into cryo-sleep mourning her comrades, but she hadn’t thought that the entire company of marines had been killed.

“What about the rest of the crew?” the redheaded woman asked, almost fearing the response.

“Deceased. Killed in action when the unknown aliens boarded the Perseus,” the shipborne AI responded.

“Did anyone else survive?”

“Including yourself, there are currently three surviving members of the Perseus crew,” Jaesa chirped, in her hauntingly echoing voice. Her stomach threatened to heave and eject its contents onto the ground in front of her, but Kasumi managed to suppress the reaction. Taking several deep breaths, she steadied herself, forcing her mind to process this new information.

Once she had calmed down enough, she asked, “I know that Captain Tomisic is still alive. Who is the third?”

“Machinist’s mate, second class, Anita Mariano. Her pod is also still in an active state,” Jaesa said.

Before the AI could go on, Kas interrupted her, “Let me guess. Her pod is suffering a similar lack of power that the Captains is experiencing?”

Unperturbed, the voice simply said, “Correct, Commander.”

After ramming a clip home into the rifle she held, the commander locked her weapon into the mag-holster on her back, before picking up a Hawkeye sniper rifle. She barked out her next question, “How many Sentry-Bots are charged and ready for action?”

A few seconds later came the response, “There are currently nine percent of the compliment of Sentries available for combat, Commander. Shall I transfer them to your command?”

“Affirmative Jaesa. Load the location of these intruders and track them. I don’t want any of them escaping,” Kasumi said out loud. In a voice too quiet to carry, she added, “At least until I have some answers.”

Toggling the switch on her helmet, the onboard HUD came up, giving a full display of the ship and active Sentry-Bot locations. Steeling herself for the fight to come, Commander Kasumi McKenzie marched out of the armory and out into the ship.


The crew of the Darkstrider took a few more moments in their group hug before standing up. As they stood, Nats went over to the main console and took stock of the readouts.

“Main power has been restored! Twenty-one percent and climbing, but we have a problem. Several in fact,” the young engineer said as she scanned through the alerts.

“What exactly?” Korsa asked.

“Simply put, entire sections of the ship aren’t getting enough power, Natalya explained. “There is power flowing out, but it’s merely a trickle to what it should be. Many of the conduits have been damaged and it will take some time before they can be repaired properly.”

“Which one is the most critical?” queried Inari, as she took a guard stance with her XO.

“The central distribution trunk, about seven hundred meters from the entrance to engineering. If I’m reading this correctly, it’s been damaged badly,” Natalya replied.

“How bad?” Priya asked, her posture more relaxed now that the lights were on. In response, Nats hit a button and a holographic representation of the trunk appeared. The entirety of it looked like it had been peppered with metallic slugs and acid.

“It’s been sabotaged, but I think I can work around it,” the caramel-skinned woman said before continuing. “This should be our first priority captain. We get this fixed; we can restore power to the bridge and from there….”

“…we can then take full control of the ship!” Inari exulted. Control of the Perseus would turn their fortunes immensely. The technological wonders alone were easily worth trillions of credits and that was just what they had currently found. Who knew what other treasures were to be found on this ship?

Pree stepped up and took her position with Inari by the doorway leading back to the primary reactor.

“Well? Let’s go!” she tittered impatiently. The rest of the crew scrambled to their positions and they double-timed it down the corridor.  They sped past the primary reactor, ignoring it for the time being. Once they reached the entry point back to cryostorage, Nats stopped them.

“Wait!” she nearly shouted. The crew halted for a moment while she brought out her control tablet and punched in a few commands. A few seconds later, the bulwarks that stood in front of the turrets raised up and were pulled into the mounting post. Once close enough, the shields clunked down onto the bases, locking into place. As the locking mechanisms finished, the treads on the turrets started moving, taking the turrets with them.

Astonishment washed over the rest of the women, as they watched the mobile weapons platforms coast on by them to take point position. All of their heads snapped back to the resident engineer, who she simply shrugged and said, “I did say that I fixed them and made them better, didn’t I?”

Rendered speechless, the team followed the weapons platforms along the now well-lit walkway, to the point where they stopped. It was the security station that they had passed by earlier, encountering the dead human marines. Nats input some additional commands and the turrets moved to opposite corners of the station.

“OK, this is where the central trunk is. Mama, I’m going to need your help to access it,” Natalya gestured to the floor. As quickly and reverently as they could, they cleared away the remains lying at their feet. Once moved, there were grip like indentations that looked like they had been punched into the floor.

Nodding, Korsa stepped forward and bent over to grip the flooring with all four arms. She strained for a moment, the decking clearly much heavier than anticipated. With a cry of defiance, she heaved with everything she had, and the floor finally came loose. The panel creaked upwards on unoiled hinges, stopping at a forty-five-degree angle.

Rushing forward from her grav-sled, Natalya set a largish cylinder to the right of the point where the Khontar woman had first lifted the panel. Setting it into an angled base, she pressed a button it and the cylinder rapidly extended, shooting out to cover the distance between the floor and the panel. Nats then scooted over to the left side and placed another such cylinder, activating it with the same results.

“OK mama, you can let go now,” the chocolate skinned woman said as she patted her adoptive mother’s shoulder. Backing away carefully, Korsa tentatively removed her arms, one by one. Seeing that the portable supports weren’t moving or bending, she turned back to the sled, which Natalya was rummaging around in.

“Got what you need kiddo?” the large woman asked. Yanking a small toolbox with one hand, the young woman slung some various cables onto her shoulder before she replied.

“Not quite. Could you bring the grav sled a bit closer and hand me what I ask for?” Nodding, Korsa got behind the large sled as Nats dropped into the small space beneath the open panel. Leaving herself some space to move about, the Khontar woman moved between the panel opening and the sled.

Her suit lights provided Natalya all the illumination that she would need, as she properly assessed the damage. The hologram that they had seen back in engineering was accurate as she checked the trunk for any additional damage. Electrical arcs sparked outwards from the ravaged lines, but not enough to be a threat to the young woman. The whole room was little bigger than a crawlspace, but it would afford her enough space to maneuver about.

She also noted a large cylindrical object that was perpendicular to the cabling, which was plugged into it. It emitted a slight glow of white light, half of the cylinder seemed to be comprised of clear crystal. Must be a power regulator or conduit of some sort, she thought to herself. Getting a closer look, it almost looked like an old Earth lantern in shape, with a handle near the top and some sort of readout near its base. She saw that there was some sort of debris that was jammed into it, near the top.

“Mama, I need some heavy cabling and solder to go with it, as well as the heavy torch and my toolkit,” Nats called out. Korsa turned to the sled and started rummaging about in it. She quickly found what she was looking for and handed her the materials that she asked for. Turning back, Korsa grabbed the heavy welding torch with her upper arms while grabbing the cumbersome toolbox with her lower arms.

As her adoptive mother was looking for her tools, Natalya took the time to search for a power gate switch. The switch would cut off any energy flow while she repaired the torn cables. After a turning about and searching for a good minute, she found it located about a foot from where the damage began. Reaching the box, she flipped the switch manually, shutting down the power flow. Hearing movement up topside, Natalya moved back to the opening.

Setting the toolbox down, the Khontar woman unlocked the lid, then spun it about, so that faced the opening in the floor where Nats was working. Shifting over, she placed the welding torch with the handle facing the same direction. It was then that Natalya popped up to toss up the smaller cabling she had taken earlier.  Grabbing the torch and a couple of tools from the box, she disappeared back into the dark space beneath.

With the heavy cabling already set out, she activated her las-knife, making the precision cuts needed along the cabling. Once the cuts were made, she shut off her knife and turned on her welding torch. The torch was the size of a small SMG, and actually looked like one, but with a gas canister in place of an ammo clip. Additional fuel rails also ran the length of the tool, ending at the welding tip.

Bringing out the solder she needed, Nats lined up the cabling with the damaged power lines and began melting the lines of metal together. From there, she added the solder to strengthen the bond and add conductivity to the joint. Once finished with the initial link, she ran the cabling to the other side of the melted wiring and welded that together the same way.

The main trunk line was comprised of multiple cables all bundled together and more than half of them were badly torn by the centuries-old sabotage. Focusing on her work, Nats had managed to repair them in a decent amount of time. Fifteen minutes later, she finished the weld on the last line and checked for any mistakes on her part.

Finding none, she then went back to the what she surmised was the power regulator. Carefully, Natalya started prying the debris loose, discarding the shrapnel as it came away. Once cleared, the readout on the bottom went from a muted red to a light yellow, displaying a message: ‘No foreign objects detected. Ready for re-alignment.’

Nats was a little stumped as to what she needed to do next until she looked through the crystalline shield of the regulator. The links between the various connectors in the regulator were misaligned. She then gripped the handle and began turning the top in a counter-clockwise motion. As she did this, she saw that the connectors were starting to move closer together.

Once the connectors were linked, she heard and felt a click. Quickly checking the readout, it indicated that the regulator was properly aligned. Nodding to herself in satisfaction, she went back to the power gate switch and called out, “Repairs are finished. Let’s pray that I did everything right!”

When she flipped it back to the on position, a loud thrumming began coursing through the wires she just repaired, as well as the light in the regulator getting brighter. Seeing that there was no sparking, and nothing had blown up, Nats took this as a good thing.

Out in the ship, the lights started turning back on, slowly, then like a flood, power started coursing back through the Perseus. Every system and light that had been shut down to conserve power was now up and online. As Natalya started gathering her tools from the crawlspace below, Korsa stepped over to help her out as the rest of the crew looked about in wonder.

“Nats, I honestly don’t know where we’d be without you!” Inari said, awestruck by the sheer immensity of the cryo storage, which was now fully visible.

“Well, I did what I could, but I’ll have to come back and do a proper fix on this later. I managed to do an emergency bypass, but it won’t hold for very long,” Natalya said as tossed her tools and materials up at their feet. Once everything was cleared out, she skittered out of the hole in the floor.

“How long do we have?” Korsa asked as she stepped over to the raised floor panel and braced herself against it.

“Four, maybe five months,” Nats replied, as she moved to deactivate the cylindrical supports holding the panel upright. Once the struts were removed, Korsa absorbed the weight of the floor panel and started lowering it carefully. Once it was a few inches from the decking, Korsa let it go and it slammed back into place.

“Still, you’ve done some spectacular work today!” Taal’ani enthused as she hugged her friend. Everyone else came forward to congratulate the chief engineer but were interrupted by the chatter of automatic gunfire. The shots peppered the bulwark of one of the turrets and everyone dove for cover.

“What the fuck?!?” Taal’ani cursed as they huddled behind the defensive barriers of the security station. They heard metallic clanking and servos whining in the distance, but the sound was getting closer. Priya reached over her shoulder and pulled her Night Hammer, then shifted and took a look through the scope.

“We’ve got Sentries!” she warned, seeing the robotic caretakers march towards them unhindered. Cocking her Ravager, Inari crouched into a ready position.

“How many we got?” she cried out.

“Two, maybe three dozen,” the XO reported. Pree then checked the other two walkways and cursed, “Damn it! At least the same number on our three o’clock and our six!” More shots came from the clustered groups of Sentry-Bots, forcing the women into cover once more.

“Nats, program your turrets to fire at our twelve and our six! Pree, you help Talon with keeping them back at our three! Korsa, you and Nats handle our six! Move!” the captain commanded. Scrambling, the crew moved to take up defensive positions. More gunfire blazed their way as the Sentries closed in on the women.

As Natalya crouched behind the armor plate with Korsa, she punched in a few commands to extend the range of the turrets to maximum. Once the command was loaded, the automated gunfire from the turrets started pouring into the Sentries like rain. Several of them toppled over, their systems compromised by the barrage. Inari popped her head out and saw that the turrets were decimating the Sentries. The automatic fire from the Nats’ toys were sweeping through the robotic defenders, tearing them apart.

Inari heard a resounding boom a few meters from her position. She panicked for a moment until she realized that it was just Pree, putting her Night Hammer to work. Looking down the walkway, she saw that several Sentries had been blown apart by from the shots that Priya had made.

Glancing at the rest of her comrades, she saw that they were all holding their own. Both Talon and Nats were unloading their mags into the oncoming Sentries, dropping at least a dozen between the two of them. Korsa was standing back, holding her position should any of the Bots get too close.

Heartened by this, Inari broke cover and opened fire, emptying her clip into the aggressive machines. If this keeps up, we might just be able to get out of this; she thought to herself as the ducked back down to reload. After ejecting the old mag and ramming in a new one, the captain of the Darkstrider stood back up, ready to cut down the remaining Sentries.

What?? She thought as she took stock of the situation. More Sentries had joined the fight and though they were further away, they would soon catch up to their compatriots. She didn’t have time to think on it further, as a high-velocity round screeched into the turret she stood by, forcing her to drop down once again.

“SNIPER!” she shouted. As one, the whole group dropped into cover, hoping that they weren’t the next target.

Another shot boomed out as she looked at the remnants of the first turret. The shot had been precise, as it had hit the machine straight in the center point of the turret housing. It not only destroyed its targeting system and its ability to see but also its power relays, rendering it useless. Glancing over at the second turret, she saw that it was similarly disabled. The Sentries had stopped firing but continued their advance, their clanking getting louder by the second.

Taking a calculated risk, she broke cover and opened fire at the Sentries, putting at least another two down for the count. Another boom sounded, and she found herself flying backwards. Landing hard at Korsa’s feet, Inari grunted at the impact, winded, but alive.

“CAPTAIN!” Pree shouted out and abandoned her post to see to her. Looking down, Inari saw that her right shoulder plate was blown apart, only fragments of it remaining. Breathing a sigh of relief, she sat up, groaning as Priya helped her. Another booming shot rang out, the projectile screaming in, with the intent to kill.

Korsa stood in its path and the impact was enough to stagger her, but the shot was harmlessly deflected. Korsa charged to where the captain and XO had stood, sword whirling and biting into the Sentries that had reached the platform. More shots rang out, but each one of them pinged off of Korsa’s Khontaran armor, none of them getting through.

While Nats and Talon continued firing at the Bots, there were just too many of them and they were closing on them quickly. Pree dragged her captain back into cover as she assessed the damage to her lover.

“Are you OK?” Pree asked worriedly.

Grunting, Inari, moved her arm somewhat slowly and responded, “Feels like I got yanked out of bed by a hover truck, but I should be all right.”

Inari then chanced a quick peek out of cover, to see that the Sentries were almost on top of them her crewmates. Though Korsa was wading through them, like some sort of avenging angel, there were just too many of them to fight off. Priya popped her head out of cover, only to have it nearly blown off, as a chunk of the defensive paneling was blasted apart.

Surrounded, outgunned and outnumbered, Inari did the only thing that she could do. She switched her helmet comms from internal to external.

“I know that there is someone out there because no way could these hunks of junk made that precise a shot. If you’re listening, we surrender!”

At this point, Inari stepped out of cover with her hands held up, her weapon at her feet. The Sentries trained their weapons on her but otherwise held their fire. Korsa had stopped her attack mid-swing, her face turned towards her captain.

“Are you sure that’s wise Captain?” Taal’ani asked as she followed her captains’ example.

“Do you see any other scenario where we keep fighting and walk away from this alive?” Inari responded, resignation heavy in her tone.

“I don’t like it, but the Captain speaks sense,” Korsa said as the Sentries herded her over to where the rest of them were clustered. Dropping her sword reluctantly, she stood in front of her shipmates, intending to protect them, if necessary.

The rest of the crew stood up with their hands in plain sight and weaponless. Stepping over to where their compatriots were, they waited. Whatever decision or judgment that would be meted out by those who commanded the Sentries, they could only hope that they would keep their lives.

The Sentries stopped and held their position, weapons trained on the crew. From the direction that Inari and Priya defended, footsteps echoed through the ship. As they got closer, the mechanical defenders of the ship stepped aside to let their commander through. In moments, a human woman stood before them, carrying an auto rifle like she knew how to use it.

“I am Commander Kasumi McKenzie, Security Chief of the Perseus,” her voice was both commanding and beautiful, as she leveled her rifle toward the crew of the Darkstrider. “Who are you and why are you here?” the woman asked in a tone that would tolerate no deception.


Feeling a pinch at his neck, Captain Alexander Tomisic stumbled out of his cryo pod, blinking his eyes against the lethargy that had overwhelmed him. The cocktail of stimulants had started kicking in and he stood up, his senses returning to him. I’m…. on the…Perseus. My name is…. Alex Tomisic. After closing his eyes for a few minutes, he opened them, to see that bridge was as he remembered it.

Taking a deep breath, he centered himself before starting to move. “Jaesa, run full diagnostics and chart our position,” he croaked out as he stretched and twisted, working out the kinks in his body.

“As you wish Captain,” Jaesa replied automatically.

He looked down and saw that he was still in his bodysuit and decided that he should probably get some clothes on. No way anyone is going to listen to me dressed like this he thought with a chuckle. Alex followed the guiding lights towards the officers’ deck, ambling along until he found his quarters. The door swished aside as he stepped in, looking over his room.

Everything is just the way I left it. I wonder where we are? He thought pensively. The room was decorated with few personal effects, as he wasn’t big on decorations. I hope that the rest of the Prometheus ships received our warning, his thoughts continued as he remembered the savage and brutal attack that left them crippled as they were.

Shaking his head, he cleared away such thoughts, knowing that he’d have an answer soon. Walking over to his closet, he opened the door and pulled out his uniform, laying it out on his bed. Shedding the bodysuit, he quickly dressed, fitting the uniform just as though he’d only worn it yesterday. Stomping into the knee-high boots, he gazed at his reflection with intense scrutiny.

His six-foot-six frame cut an imposing figure in his dark blue uniform, his brown hair cut short but stylishly so. His Croatian ancestry was apparent in his features and they were solid, with a strong jaw, high cheekbones, and intense brown eyes, which were soft yet commanding. The gold trim at the edges of his tunic was a bit faded but still resplendent after all the years. He straightened the insignias and lines that dotted his shirt, ensuring that everything was presentable.

He gave himself a brief once over in the mirror before stopping his fidgeting. Satisfied that his uniform was in order, he walked back out of his quarters and towards the bridge to receive the status updates he requested.


Elsewhere on the ship, someone else woke from cryo-sleep. She felt the similar pinch in her neck that indicated that she was injected with a mixture of stimulants. Designed to wake those emerging from cryo-sleep, the grogginess faded quickly from her conscious mind. Taking her first breaths in hundreds of years, she knelt on the floor, taking a moment to center herself. Once she had done so, she opened her eyes, the iridescent green of them shining like torches in the dark.

Looking down at her hands, freeze dried blood flaked away from black skin. She clenched her hands into fists, remembering her Prince’s final orders, which boomed through her mind. Survive. Take the ship, if you can. Destroy it, if you can’t. Snarling, she ran out into the ship, searching for a way to fulfill her final orders.

Author's Note: This is where it will end for the moment. Much will be happening soon with the crew of both the Darkstrider and the Perseus. And of that black skinned woman who came out of the cryo pod? Well, that will be something that you’ll just have to wait and see what happens with her in the next chapter.

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