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The Ill-Fated expedition of Space Fleet USS Genesis NCC 1000
Log date: 24 June 2139

“Final report.

Space Fleet: Intergalactic-ship, USS Genesis NCC (1000).

Lt Commander Mansfield reporting.

All 175 members of the crew except for Communications Officer Thorvaldsen and me are dead.

Space Fleet: Class-heavy cruiser ship, destroyed.

I should reach Earth in about four months.

This is Mansfield, co-survivor of the USS Genesis NCC (1000).

Signing off.”

Three years earlier...

Log date: 14 October 2136

Planet Earth is rapidly running out of natural resources. Oil and natural gas supplies are dwindling rapidly to accommodate the population of thirty-five billion people. In the past decade, NASA has developed new technology enabling space travel to more remote regions of the galaxy in much quicker time. Einstein’s archaic time-transformation formulae which once limited everything to the speed of light have now been superseded. NASA has developed and tested mega-warp speed, a mechanism enabling spacecraft to travel up to one hundred times the speed of light. Astronomers have also detected time warps and wormholes in space. These can be used to transport objects through space in a matter of hours and arriving in another part of a galaxy.

Over the past twenty years, NASA designed and built a prototype spaceship heralding a new era in space travel. The USS Genesis NCC (1000) is the first of many intended intergalactic ships planned by Space Fleet, an arm of NASA. During the period of construction, NASA gathered and assembled the finest crew consisting of one hundred and nineteen males and fifty-six females from all around the globe. Captain Everett Snowden, an American who works for NASA as an astrophysicist, is in charge of an intergalactic mission to discover oil and natural gas. Commander Hideki Tanaka from Osaka Japan is second in charge, while I, Marilyn Mansfield from Melbourne Australia, am the third highest-ranking officer aboard the USS Genesis. My speciality is in microbiology and my duty is to study any microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi found during the mission.

The components for the USS Genesis are made at the NASA Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The components are then shuttled to the MIR-5 Space Station which was completed in the year, 2118. The fifth generation space station lies some 248 miles above the Earth. Construction and commissioning of the USS Genesis took place adjacent to the space station.

Scientists and astronomers using sophisticated spectrographic equipment aboard the MIR-5 Space Station have deduced that the Vela Cluster would be the most likely place to start searching for the minerals. Putting everything into perspective, our planet, Earth, is in a solar system within the Milky Way galaxy. This barred spiral galaxy contains up to 400 billion stars, with many stars having planets like our Earth. The Milky Way galaxy is just one of many billions of galaxies that comprise the entire universe.

The Milky Way is broken up into eight, (90* degree quadrants); four are north of the equator and four are south of the equator. The Vela Cluster lies in a southern quadrant known as Q2, and positioned at SQ2 in relation to the Milky Way. The Vela Cluster is comprised of sixty-two known stars, with seven of the stars having their own planets or solar system. Our destination is one of these seven stars, namely HD 73526. This yellow dwarf star is a sun-like star of spectral type (G6V) that has two planets around double the mass of Jupiter, each with orbits of 187 and 377 days respectively. The distance from Earth to HD 73526 is approximately 323 light years away. Discovered in the year 2006, the planets are still referred to as planet B (nearest to the sun) and planet C (furthest from the sun).

Log date: 18 October 2136

Over a period of four days, all crewmembers aboard the USS Genesis have been shuttled from the NASA Vandenberg Air Force Base onto the USS Genesis via the MIR-5 Space Station. I am excited at the prospect of travelling through space and searching new solar systems and galaxies. The sheer size of the USS Genesis is enormous, taking all of us much time to orientate ourselves around the nuclear powered space ship.

After three days of circumnavigating the Earth on a trial run, the USS Genesis is now ready to take off and head for planet C in the Vela Cluster. While familiarizing myself with the USS Genesis, I got to meet many new friends there. One person I quite like is our Communications Officer, Erik Thorvaldsen. Erik, a native from Oslo, Norway, is tall with square shoulders, angular features and ruggedly handsome. Erik is a likeable person, witty, and always has a friendly smile on his face. His most striking feature is his flaming red hair and trimmed red beard.

In conversation, I learned that Erik is a descendent from Erik the Viking; also known as Erik the Red. In unofficial conversation, I refer to Erik as ‘my red man’. In his own witty persona, Erik refers to me as Marilyn ‘Monroe’, a once famous American actress who once bedded with John F. Kennedy, a former American President.

Log date: 21 October 2136

The first leg of our long expedition is to fly beyond Pluto and the outer limits of our own solar system. Captain Snowden has signalled orders to the bridge to launch the USS Genesis to begin our journey. Moments later, we were heading towards the Vela Cluster. We covered the 3.67 billion miles between Earth and Pluto in an amazing 11 hours, travelling at half the speed of light. Once beyond our solar system and the gravitational pull of our sun, Captain Snowden ordered the bridge to increase speed to twice light speed.

Log date: 24 October 2136

After three days travelling at warp speed, the USS Genesis arrived at a scheduled wormhole. A wormhole in space is like a time warp where alternate times and dimensions exist. Putting it simply, a wormhole is a shortcut through space, saving many years or even centuries in time travel. Exiting the wormhole took us to Centaurus, which neighbors the Vela Cluster. With the Vela Cluster in sight, Captain Snowden then ordered the bridge to increase warp speed to sixty times the speed of light.

Log date: 19 January 2137

After travelling for nearly three months at the same speed, the USS Genesis entered the solar system of HD 73526. The two planets, planet B and planet C, are now in sight between their sun and us. Planet C has a bluish tinge about it while planet B has a reddish tinge. Making a beeline for planet C, the USS Genesis arrived in its orbit some five hours later. Our spaceship was soon circumnavigating planet C at a distance of around 200 miles above the planet. No immediate signs of life were found to be present from our vantage point, but mountain ranges and large lakes or oceans on the surface were visible. For the following day, Captain Snowden has ordered a reconnaissance mission to planet C via a shuttlecraft with me in charge, along with nine other crewmembers.

Log date: 20 January 2137

At precisely 8:30 am (Earth time), the loading bay aboard the USS Genesis opened and our shuttlecraft descended to a distance of around 2,000 feet above the planet. After searching a rather large area for several hours, we failed to find any trace of human or animal life. While some vegetation was sighted, it appeared to minimal and sporadic.

Wanting to take a closer look at planet C, I ordered our pilot and navigator to cruise at 400 feet above the surface of the planet. The results showed no evidence of any cities or communal settlements. There were some isolated sightings of structures strewn across the countryside. My conclusion was that at some stage, there must have been some form of intelligent life here. I asked myself, are there any creatures still living on the planet; and if so, where are they?

In the afternoon, I had our navigator land of the surface of the planet. Although the surface appearance of the planet appeared to be inhabitable, I ordered an atmospheric analysis of the air to see if we need to use breathing apparatuses. On earth, our atmosphere primarily consists of Nitrogen 78%, Oxygen 21% and other traces at 1%. After taking a sample of air from outside the shuttlecraft, I had a chemist run the sample through a gas analyzer. The results showed a similar composition to Earth with the readings at Nitrogen 81%, Oxygen 17%, Argon 1% and other traces at 1%. The consequences of the lower Oxygen reading would be like having a mountaineer breathing in rarefied air at 11,000 feet altitude. The person would tire a little quicker but would still be able to live and function without too much discomfort.

The next analysis that had to be taken was for latent or background radiation. On Earth, the background radiation reading is measured in milliRems (mRem). The background radiation emitted per year is around 600 (mRem). Earliest onset of radiation sickness is determined at 75,000 (mRem), radiation poisoning at 300,000 (mRem), and expected death at 400,000 (mRem). The analysis taken on planet C showed a reading of 5,000 (mRem) per year. This reading is significantly higher than that on Earth but falls well short of the danger levels causing sickness and death.

The ambient reading outside the shuttlecraft showed a reading of 60* F (degrees Fahrenheit). Night was approaching on the planet although Earth time was only 2:30 pm. Most likely, the temperatures on planet C are very comparable to our own Earth. As for the seasons, there is no immediate way of telling what season it currently is. With night falling upon the surface, I ordered that the shuttlecraft return to the USS Genesis.

I reported to Captain Snowden to inform him of all the readings and observations that were taken through the day. It was agreed that no space suits would be necessary while exploring the new planet. After showering and changing into casual uniform, I left my private room and headed for the mess to have some dinner. Executive officers have their own living quarters, while the remainder of the crew lives in segregated male and female quarters.

Due to briefing Captain Snowden, I was late for dinner. With only a handful of crewmembers present, I chose to sit alone to digest the days findings before eating. While perusing my logbook, I became aware that somebody was approaching my table. Looking up, I noticed Erik Thorvaldsen standing beside me.

“Excuse me Lt Commander Mansfield, would you mind if I joined you for dinner?”

“Sure Erik, I would be delighted. You don’t mind if I call you Erik, do you? Your surname is too hard for me to remember. Please call me Marilyn when we are off duty as it is less informal,” I replied.

Erik sat down opposite me and we started chatting. During the course of the meal, I learned that Erik was thirty-five years old, where he was born, educated and lived before joining this project. I told Erik that I was thirty-two years old, divorced after two years of marriage, and spent a lot of time alone in my field of work. As a microbiologist, I studied bacteria, microbes, viruses and fungi in such remote places as the Himalayas, Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, Sahara Desert, and Lake Eyre in Australia.

Time was getting on and there was a busy schedule prepared for tomorrow, so we bade each other farewell and headed to our sleeping quarters. Lying in bed, I read through the log notes I had taken earlier that day. As I started to doze off, my final moments of consciousness were thinking about ‘Erik the Red’. There was something about Erik that I liked but could not pinpoint. Maybe one day after the mission was complete and we were back home on terra firma, I might look up Erik and see what happens.

Log date: 21 January 2137

The next 4 days were spent exploring as much of the planet as we could. My team located several likely spots to commence drilling some bores deep into the planets crust. Our geologists would in turn determine the composition of the rocks, soil and prospects of finding oil or natural gas. The planet appeared to have no oceans as such, but was spotted with many large inland lakes and river systems. Whereas on Earth, it was the opposite; the oceans occupy the bulk of the surface with islands and continents located within the oceans.

Log date: 25 January 2137

Base One, where we first landed and set up camp, was the first place I selected to explore and start drilling for oil. Starting early in the morning, the shuttlecraft took my team down onto the surface of planet C. The USS Genesis took along five mobile drilling rigs to try to locate any oil or gas. My Base One site was near a vast lake leading to some foothills and high rocky mountains, some of which had some snow on their peaks. While the engineers went about constructing a drilling frame to sink a bore, I went for a walk along the lake with a geologist and a chemist. We continued along the side of the lake, turned right and headed into the foothills.

The foothills were sparsely vegetated with some low stunted trees. There was neither grass evident there, nor any wild flowers; the only life form came in the primitive form of mosses and lichens. The geologist took numerous rock samples; all of which appeared to be of the igneous classification. These included such rocks as basalt, granite, andesite, pumice and scoria. The overwhelming evidence being that the planet is volcanic in nature.

Analysis of the water from the lake, showed the water to be drinkable. Very low sulphur content was present in the lake but negligible in the feeder streams; thus again indicating that the planet is volcanic in nature, and most probably, the lake is a crater lake. Further around the lake there were several stone structures as seen previously from the shuttlecraft between 400-1000 feet. The cube shaped blocks which formed a crude house or dwelling, were cut out of granite, with each side measuring around 4 feet in length. The only logical conclusion being that they were cut by man or creature. The lack of sighting any life form weighed heavily on my mind.

The night was spent aboard the USS Genesis, where I prepared a report for Captain Snowden. Captain Snowden ordered that four other base camps were to be set up the same as Base One. Drilling for oil was to continue at each camp until oil was found or a drilling depth of 3,000 feet was reached.

Log date: 1 March 2137

All five bases have now been established over a 100,000-square mile area. These base camps have been erected for the workers so they don’t have to commute every day from the mother ship. I commute each day from one camp to the next, along with Commander Tanaka and Ensign Phillips. So far, no oil or gas strikes have been reported.

Call it woman’s intuition, a hunch, or just plain paranoia; but for the past week I have had a gut feeling that someone or something has been watching us. Every day I have been going on bivouac, looking for any sign of life and taking samples in specimen jars for a closer analysis back at the camp. Working on a two-degree sector each day from our main camp, I would walk around ten miles from camp before returning. Summer must be approaching, as the days are noticeably getting longer and hotter. For safety and security reasons, I am always accompanied by another crewmember.

Most days I take Erik with me; this provides for long chats along the way to our projected destination. My feelings for Erik are increasing with every walk. These feelings are even starting to become sexual but I cannot not let them be interpreted by him as such, as my actions would not be befitting of a highly ranked officer. I can also sense Erik is drawing closer to me as well; however, he has never opened up to me on a personal note. During March, steady rain has been falling, causing some small rills to form from the mountains. These water flows run towards the lake where we are camping.

Log date: 3 April 2137

The weather is fine again, allowing the drilling to continue. On this particular day, Erik and I headed further south, again towards the mountains. On reaching the foothills, we came across a rill and followed it for some distance until we reached a clear pool filled from a small waterfall. The day was hot and muggy, causing Erik and me to sweat quite profusely. Arriving at the pool, I felt the clear cold water. Cupping my hands, I gathered a handful of water and put it to my lips to drink. The water was refreshing, with no signs of any sulphur contamination. We stopped at the pool for a while to lunch and sate our hunger.

“Do you know what Erik? I would really love to go for a dip in the pool and cool off. It has been months since I have had a fresh water shower and this would be perfect.”

“Go ahead Marilyn, don’t let me stop you. That sounds like a really great idea,” Erik replied.

“I can’t really Erik. I have nothing to wear and I can’t just strip off and go in naked.”

“I promise I won’t look or tell anyone else back at Base One, if you do go for a swim Marilyn.”

I thought momentarily about the situation and teasingly said to Erik, “Please turn around while I strip off and get into the water.”

Erik agreed and turned around, sitting on a rock and faced the other way. After disrobing completely, I took my panties over to Erik and draped them over his shoulder. I then turned around and scuttled back to the pool. The water was freezing in contrast to the ambient temperature outside, which was around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Diving in, I swam across the pool underwater and surfaced beneath the waterfall. The water level was just below my breasts on standing; the coldness of the water starting to harden my nipples that now stood erect like thumbnails.

After playing in the water for a few minutes and having my fun, I beckoned Erik to come in the pool with me. Turning around with a grin as wide as Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat, Erik quickly divested and stood naked before rushing towards the pool. I could see him in his full glory with his magnificent body. His rectus abdominis muscles stood out like the proverbial six-pack and his pectoral muscles were firm and prominent. His body was magnificent! As Erik hastened towards the pool, his cock was bouncing up and down while his balls were bouncing from side to side. My eyes were fixated on his circumcised penis, which was semi-erect. I estimated the length to be an impressive eight inches long with a sizeable girth. Diving into the pool and swimming underwater, Erik surfaced just in front of me with that same wide grin he had before.

“Marilyn, you have the most wonderful body I have ever seen,” said Erik in his broad Nordic accent.

“I could say likewise about your body too Erik. You must have done a lot of gym work in your day to maintain such fitness,” I replied.

Erik took a step towards me, put his arms around me, and embraced me tightly. Bending his knees a little, he lowered his head to the same level as mine, and then proceeded to give me a long firm and sensual kiss. I literally melted in his arms.

“I have wanted to do that for a long while Marilyn. You are attractive, sexy and above all; you are a very intelligent woman,” said Erik.

We played in the pool for around ten to fifteen minutes; like two horny teenagers on their first date. The freedom of not having any clothes on, the setting of the pool and the waterfall, and the coolness of the water on a hot day brought back so many childhood memories. On leaving the pool, side by side with Erik’s arm around my shoulder, I looked down towards his crotch. His cock was quite hard now and standing above the horizontal, with a slight curve to the right.

“I love your cock with all your red pubic hair. It must like me, as it is standing up and saluting me,” I said to Erik with a grin.

“Having the most beautiful woman on this planet with me, and one with such a thick natural pubic bush would get any guy hard. Most women I’ve seen naked shave it off, but to see your natural bush really excites me. To me, pubic hair is a turn-on; it brings out the mystique in a woman, and it also represents a challenge by exploring the unknown,” replied Erik with a grin.

The two of us lay down together on some bare ground. Erik leaned over me and started to very gently nibble on my lips before planting a long but sensuous kiss on me. His mouth then started to explore my neck, my breasts and my nipples. Flicking his tongue around the areolae of my breasts soon got my nipples very hard. Erik then gently nibbled on my nipples making them even harder and they were now fully erect. As he was doing this, I fumbled around to find his cock. Grabbing his cock, I started rubbing his shaft which reacted quickly to my touch.

I was past the point of no return and could not stop what I was doing. It had been years since I had last been with a man and I wasn't about to relinquish this moment. I knew I was breaking all of Space Fleet’s rules and being caught would lead to severe disciplinary action, demotion or losing my job once we got back to Earth. I was falling in love and I was willing to give my all to this Nordic red man.

Erik proceeded to use his tongue down my chest, dart below my navel, and finish up in my pubic hair. Parting my pubic hair and exposing my inner lips enabled Erik to gently nibble on my lips and then suck on them. He then planted his tongue inside me as far as he could, licking and sucking; while all the time stimulating my clitoris with his thumb. I was in ecstasy, and was approaching orgasm when I changed position with Erik.

“Erik, let’s turn around. You lie on your back and I will sit on your face and fellate you while you lick me out.”

Without saying a word, we instinctively got into a sixty-nine position and started to pleasure each other immensely. After some ten to fifteen minutes later, I was starting to approach orgasm again. From the feeling of his hard cock in my mouth, I knew he wasn't too far away either from his own orgasm.

“It’s time to change position again Erik, I want you to cum deep inside me,” I seductively whispered to him.

I turned around, grabbed his rampant penis, and sat astride his muscular body. Placing his cock inside my very wet pussy, I started off in a slow rhythm before gradually increasing the tempo. Leaning a little forward until the shaft of his cock rubbed against my clitoris, I started pumping his cock again. My breasts were swaying across his face as he tried to use them as handlebars. I was about to cum, so I knew I had to act quickly so that we could synchronize our orgasms. Tightening and contracting my vaginal muscles resulted in feeling the first tremors from Erik’s cock. His body went rigid and started to spasm, each spasm getting increasingly stronger. Erik was CUMMING! There was no turning back now. Seconds later, I felt the first powerful spurt of hot white cum splash against my vaginal wall; then another, followed by another. After several more abating contractions, Erik was spent. There was nothing left in his tank.

“Thank you for that Marilyn. That was the best fuck I have ever had in my life with the best woman I have ever been with,” panted out Erik as he was trying to catch his breath.

“You’re a pretty hot commodity yourself Erik. You have pleased me like no other guy ever has before. I really needed that and you didn't disappoint me one little bit,” I replied.

With that, the two of us lay in each other’s arms for quite a while until we recovered our strength. Both of us then had a quick dip in the pool again before getting dressed and returning back to Base One. Drilling had stopped for the day and it was time for some dinner before retiring to bed. That night I dreamed of my interlude with Erik, hoping it would happen again soon.

Log date: 8 April 2137

Drilling had now reached a depth of 1,500 feet, with no sign of any oil or gas. I went to the lake alone to take some more water samples for analysis. Walking along the shore for about 2 miles, I took several samples of water at regular intervals. While scooping down at the water’s edge to take another sample, I heard a very faint humming noise. I looked around and saw nothing. I couldn't figure out from where the noise was coming. Then, before my very eyes, a man materialized from nowhere and stood before me. I was totally perplexed as I knew he wasn't one of the crew aboard the USS Genesis. I stood there in shock, in awe for what seemed an interminable period.

“Who are you? Where did you come from?” I asked.

“Let me introduce myself Lt. Commander Marilyn Mansfield. I am Zorko, the ruler of Planet Vangara. You and your spaceship have been under close surveillance ever since you arrived here around ninety days ago. We know of your plan to drill for fossil fuel here, as the reserves on your Earth are badly depleted. I understand that you are third in charge of your mission and I would like to set up a meeting with your executive officers which is headed by Captain Snowden.”

“Mr. Zorko, if I may call you that; why have you taken so long before making contact with us?” I replied.

“All will be revealed in due course at the meeting. To make things easier for you, I would like to bring a body of elders with me to your meeting. It would be easier that way as we can transport to your spaceship in a matter of seconds,” Zorko replied.

“I will go back to our tent and communicate with the USS Genesis after we finish this conversation. How can I let you know when the meeting time is set?” I replied.

“Once your leader has set a date and time, we will know immediately. Don’t forget, you and your ship are under constant surveillance. We see and hear everything,” Zorko replied.

“Does everyone on your planet have the same human appearance? I find it incredible that you look like us and can speak English,” I replied.

“In short, the answer is no. Our technology is far greater than on your planet. We can morph our appearance to look like any object whether it is a living creature or even a rock. It might come as a complete surprise to you, to learn that your friend Erik was sitting on me when you were naked in the pool under the waterfall,” Zorko replied.

Blushing profusely and wanting dissipate into thin air; I let out an almighty and unwomanly, “Fuck!”

“The fact that we saw you procreate, hastened our decision to make contact with you. I cannot say why at the moment, but you will know our reasons after the meeting. By the way, can you communicate with your leader, Captain Snowden and tell him to stop drilling where you are currently? There are no fossil fuels in these areas. Should you agree to our demands, I will inform you where to drill after our meeting has concluded. I bid you goodbye Lt. Commander Mansfield,” Zorko replied.

The whole context and perception of this mission was now taking a strange twist in that supernatural or paranormal activities were happening around us. Creatures that can morph into any shape or form that they like, become invisible, hear conversations from great distances. I had to ask myself what is real, what is imaginary? Only time could hopefully reveal a myriad of questions racing through my mind. With all that to digest, I headed back to Base One and reported to Captain Snowden. He was as shocked as I was. The Captain ordered an immediate stop to all current drilling and arranged for a meeting at 9:30 am our time the following morning.

“How can we contact this Zorko guy, Mansfield?” Snowden enquired.

“You already have Captain Snowden. Just through our conversation here, they have heard what we have said. Believe me, Zorko knows the time and will be here tomorrow morning,” I replied.

I passed on the order to the crew to stop drilling and then flew back to the USS Genesis with the rest of the crew in the shuttlecraft.

Log date: 9 April 2137

At precisely 9:30 am in the morning, Zorko, accompanied by five elders, materialized without any warning in the conference room. All had a different human appearance, so they weren't all cloned from the same mold. With all present sitting down, the complement of six executive officers from the USS Genesis and six Vangarans, the meeting was ready to start.

“I now open this intergalactic meeting and welcome our hosts from Vangara. I would like to hear from Zorko and the other elders exactly what they want from us?” said Captain Snowden.

Standing up, Zorko addressed those present at the meeting. “We know of your quest to discover oil and gas on our planet, due to your critical supply back on Earth. You have an emergency, and likewise, we have a grave emergency here on Vangara. I hope that we can work something out between us where both worlds will benefit greatly. In short, our world is dying and within fifty of your years, our planet will be extinct.”

“Excuse me for butting in, but how can we save your planet? Why will it become extinct?” enquired Captain Snowden.

“Around thirty years ago, there was a cataclysmic event that took place in our solar system. There was a once-in-a-lifetime solar flare, better known as a prominence. Prominences occur on very regular intervals from our sun without any real consequences. On this occasion, a super huge prominence of some eight million miles long occurred that contained intense solar radiation. While Vangara escaped being burned to a frazzle; our sister planet, Ankara, suffered far worse and all life was destroyed. The solar radiation killed of much of our vegetation and people were suffering from radiation poisoning. While the males of our species were less inconvenienced, they suffered only temporary discomfort. Unfortunately for the females, the radiation killed off all of their reproductive organs. Ovulation ceased and the females became barren. Without reproducing children, we cannot survive,” said Zorko.

“What do you want from us Zorko? How are we able to help your species?” replied captain Snowden.

“We believe that you have fifty-six females aboard your spaceship Captain Snowden. I have personally observed two of your crewmembers having sex, so I know that your species procreate. We are asking that all of your female crewmembers become surrogate mothers to our race and bring in new children to our planet. The children will grow into adults and then the females can have offspring of their own. I believe your gestation time is around nine months. By getting pregnant and having a child, and then getting pregnant a second time, will mean that we need your women for around two years. This will produce around one hundred and twelve babies that have never been affected by radiation. Approximately half of these babies will be female. With these female offspring, we can keep our race alive and multiply,” said Zorko.

“What if our female crew objects to this demand, Zorko?” the Captain asked.

“Then, you will be ordered to leave Vangara to return home or explore somewhere else. There is an abundance of both oil and gas here which you are most welcome to extract, if you agree to our demand,” Zorko replied.

“And then what would happen to you?” Captain Snowden hesitantly enquired.

“We would become extinct. We could keep you here. We have powerful tractor beams which could prevent your spaceship from leaving our orbit, but we would never force you to do something that was a taboo for your species,” Zorko replied.

“I cannot speak on behalf of our female crew, but I will hastily arrange a meeting with our females later on today and let you know of the result. Actually, I believe you have the capability of listening in to anything and everything we say; meaning that whatever is said at the meeting, you will know their feelings,” replied captain Snowden.

With that, the meeting was closed. A meeting for all women and the executive officers convened at 2:30 pm that afternoon. Personally, I was comfortable agreeing to the request. I would put my country and my world’s priorities before my own. Also, it would be criminal to let a whole race die off, especially when we have the means to save the Vangarans from extinction. I also wanted to diffuse any sense of a possible ultimatum; a mutual agreement by the other women would be the ideal solution. The objective of our mission is to get back safely, in one piece, and with the assurance of finding unlimited oil and natural gas reserves.

That afternoon, a three-hour-long meeting took place. Under the unique circumstances of the matter, most women were relatively happy to consent to the Vangarans request, while some had reservations. I chose to be the spokesperson for the women’s group as third in charge of the mission. I felt it my responsibility to all parties that I put my case to the female crew and tell it as I see it.
After going to a vote, all of our female crewmembers consented to the Vangarans request and the resolution passed. I acknowledge that some of the women reluctantly agreed to the request. Situations like this are never written in survival manuals and an impromptu resolution has to be made on the spur of the moment. I felt for the women’s decision to consent, and I let them know I was proud of each and every one of them.

That night, I had my last meal and drink with Erik. I knew I would be gone for around two years, depending on how long it took to get pregnant and the time between pregnancies. I would miss Erik so much but I knew he would be waiting for me at the end. I invited Erik back to my private executive suite for one last fling.

Standing by my bunk, we held each other tight. Tears were welling in my eyes before finally trickling down my face and onto Erik’s shoulder. I stepped back and took off his shirt, looking at his wonderful body. Erik responded by unbuttoning my shirt and taking it off, letting it drop on the floor. Pulling me closer to him, Erik reached behind me and unclipped my bra before removing it. Lowering his head, he bent over and started to tongue around my areolae. Erik progressed to flicking his tongue around my nipples before gently sucking on them. I was getting very aroused and felt my vaginal juices starting to flow.

Stepping back, I unbuckled Erik’s pants, pulled them down along with his underpants, leaving him stark naked in front of me. Bending down, I began to fellate his hardening cock until it became fully erect. In turn, Erik unclipped my belt, let my skirt drop to the ground and finally removed my panties. Lifting me up, Erik carried me to my bunk and laid me on my back before spreading my legs. From the edge of the bunk, Erik went down on me and flicked his tongue over my protruding clitoris, driving me wild with desire. My clitoris was so sensitive that I could feel both pain and pleasure from the stimulation.

“Fuck me Erik, fuck me hard!” I whispered to him.

Straightening me along my bunk, Erik entered my moist and inviting pussy. I could feel his eight-inch cock slipping inside me inch by inch until he was fully inside. Fucking me slowly at first until my lubrication was entirely spread over his cock; he then started increasing his rhythm. Leaning down onto my breasts resulted in his cock rubbing and stimulating my clitoris from a different angle. Over the next fifteen to twenty minutes, we changed position several times using my favorite positions. I love cowgirl style as it gives me complete control. Erik also fucked me doggy style, on our side with our legs crossed in a scissor like grip and more. Our fucking was nearly complete when he fucked me missionary style with him on top. I could feel his orgasm intensify, knowing I would be filled with his hot cum in a matter of seconds. As his first ejaculation spurted deep inside me, I also commenced my own orgasm. After twenty seconds or so, it was all over; we lay exhausted beside each other. After kissing him goodnight, I cuddled up into his strong arms before we both drifted off into peaceful slumber.

Log date: 10 April 2137

At around 9:00 am that morning, Captain Snowden assembled all the women crew and gave a great oration with much feeling. He commended all the women for making their personal sacrifice and promised to return them all safely home in around two years’ time. Captain Snowden said that he and the other executive officers would make regular visits to see how each of us was holding up. His support was most needed in times like this.

Just before 11:00 am, Zorko materialized before us and spoke to both Captain Snowden and the rest of the women. I am not sure of the physics involved in the process, but somehow, we were all ‘beamed’ down onto the planet Vangara. We were in the USS Genesis one moment, everything went black for several seconds and then we materialized on their planet. It was a weird experience and the result of advanced technology.

The area we landed in was well away from anywhere we had mapped over the past three months. Waving his hands as to open a portal, a city materialized before us. Vegetation was quite lush here in contrast to what we had seen previously. The Vangarans must have camouflaged the terrain or created an illusion to appear that the planet was uninhabited on our arrival. I asked myself, what is real? What is supernatural? Are we all hallucinating?

The city ahead looked quite large as we approached it. I was to learn later that there are also vast underground caverns where the Vangarans also dwell. These were built as shelters after the prominence flared thirty years ago; when the planet was left with high radiation levels. Their granite block dwellings were not like our houses on Earth, but more of the style that we had seen when hovering over their planet.

The Vangarans all appeared humanoid but I surmised that it wasn't their true identity. I was dying to find out what their true form really looked like. If they can morph into a rock, what other forms can they take? For all I know, the Vangarans could present themselves in an incubus form; a supernatural form where a demon in male form can descend on a sleeping female and impregnate her.

The inhabitants of the city have gathered at this meeting place to greet and collect each of us as their host family. As no children have been born for some thirty years, all the inhabitants are of mature age. Each of the other fifty-five women were billeted out to their host families and taken away. I enquired to Zorko, who was going to host me?

“Marilyn, if I may call you that; you will be staying with me and my wife, Callopia,” said Zorko.

“Why have you chosen to host me and not any of the other women?” I enquired.

“You are the most attractive female of your species as well as the most intelligent. I will tell you things over the next two years that will help you develop your world when you return to Earth. I can teach you new technology in return for your gracious deed of saving our planet,” Zorko replied.

I was flattered. I thought to myself, wow! Here I am being treated by royalty, like royalty, and given the privilege of giving all earthlings new life and hope through new technology. After a short chat, Zorko beamed the three of us to his home at the foot of the mountains. Their home was quite large and spacious, but not the palatial type as would be expected of royalty on Earth.

Inside their house, furniture was sparse compared to that on Earth. The flooring was made from ornate granite tiles, while the windows were made from some unbreakable plastic polymer yet to be discovered on earth. Large wooden doors at the front and back of their dwelling had no locks of any sort on them; the reason being that there were never any crimes committed on the planet.

I had finished menstruating several days ago and I have always had my period on a twenty-eight day cycle. Eight days had passed since the menstruation began, meaning there were about three days to go before I started ovulating and I could become pregnant. I informed Zorko of my regular cycle and that he should wait three days before having sex with me, as I could not conceive at the moment. I also informed him that the window of my fertile period would only be open for six or seven days.

After eating a tasty meal, the three of us talked about each other’s planet; plans for the future, and many other topics. Zorko and Callopia showed me to my room furnished with a stool, a cupboard to put my clothes in, a table, a thick pile rug on the floor and a large comfortable bed. Over the next couple of days, Zorko showed me around their city and I was amazed to find no vehicles there. All transportation is done by walking or by teleporting.

Log date: 13 April 2137

Today was the first day of my fertile window of my monthly cycle. That evening, Zorko asked me if I would like to have sex with him for those six days, hoping to get me pregnant. Zorko led me by hand to my bedroom. After removing our clothing, we nervously faced each other with some apprehension. Although Zorko’s body was of human form, I was wondering what his native form really looked like. He stood a massive seven foot-two inches tall in his human form with a corresponding cock of around twelve to fourteen inches in length to match. The head of his cock was fully visible with no sign of any foreskin, again something comparable to our own human species. In awe and with much trepidation, I was prepared to accept his cock.

“How do you want to do this Zorko? Do you want me to lie on my back on the bed?” I asked.

“Yes Marilyn! I observed you and your friend Erik doing it that way by the pool with the waterfall, finding it most erotic,” Zorko replied.

Standing by my bed, I leaned over a little and rubbed Zorko’s massive cock with both hands. His stiffening shaft quickly reacting to my stimulation. His cock never really increased in length but just became very hard and erect instead. I proceeded to lie back on my bed, spreading my legs wide open for him. Zorko now had a good view of my hairy pussy and my protruding inner lips. Coming down and towards me, I could feel Zorko’s cock pushing against my pussy, trying to penetrate my folded lips. Taking his erect cock with one hand and prying open my pussy with the other; I gently guided his cock into my pussy. Inch by inch he eased his cock into me until it was fully impaled.

I could feel the head of his cock pressing against the cervix of my womb. With my pussy responding to his insertion, my natural lubrication made my pussy wet and slippery. Gathering speed and rhythm, Zorko began fucking me like a human would. After two or three minutes had passed, I felt a blast of hot cum completely fill my pussy. Zorko stopped pumping his cock as his cum continued to erupt like a volcano. Withdrawing his softening cock from my pussy caused about a pint of thick cum to gush out of my pussy like a back draft. His cum oozed down past my butt hole and onto my bed. Zorko’s cum was slightly green in color and had a consistency of something between that of paint and custard.

“Thank you for that Marilyn. I hope that didn't hurt you and you are alright,” said Zorko.

“I am fine Zorko. Once you were inside me and I was lubricated, there was no pain or displeasure at all,” I replied.

The same procedure followed for the next five nights. To me, the whole exercise was a necessary chore. It was a matter of survival; something that had to be done and better done quickly. Having sex this way is like having a ‘quickie’, its over in a matter of minutes with no love, no affection and no seduction. Zorko left me to join Callopia as I changed my bedding which was covered in cum. After climbing back into my new clean bed, I drifted off into a deep sleep.

Today was the first expected day of my normal period, one that I awaited with much anticipation. Late in the day, I developed a little spotting but nothing like the normal flow that I usually experience. Convinced that I was indeed pregnant, I advised both Zorko and Callopia as such. The following day, Zorko took me to see their ‘oracle’, a revered old woman who sees and knows everything. Touching me and chanting some undecipherable monologue, the oracle confirmed that I was indeed pregnant and would give birth to a female. Who was I to argue, in a supernatural world that is so full of disbelief and wonder? Their world had an aura of mystery and magic about it.

Never having been pregnant before, I didn't really know what lay ahead for me over the next nine months. With my parents back on Earth, over 300 light years away, I could get no help or advice from them. Some four weeks into my pregnancy, I developed mild nausea which I imagined would be a normal ‘morning sickness’ reaction. Zorko took me to a ‘healer’ who prepared a concoction for me that I drank. For the next eight months, I never had any further problems during my pregnancy. Prior to the birth, I was huge, as if I was expecting twins.

Log date: 31 January 2138

Today my waters broke, so I knew that birth was imminent. Callopia went and summonsed the ‘healer’ to act as my midwife in case of any complications. My contractions occurred about every 5 minutes and I was now in early labor. I could feel my cervix dilating to accommodate the imminent birth of my baby daughter. My contractions continued for around six hours.

Although very nervous and afraid, the ‘healer’ was a great comfort to me. She rubbed some ointment over my stomach and back, relieving any pain that I was experiencing. I was very thankful for that and it was a much better option than having an epidural as women have back on Earth. The contractions were now getting stronger and more frequent. For the next five hours, the contractions were down to around two minutes apart. Swattima, the ‘healer’, whispered to me that my cervix was now fully dilated and to now push and keep pushing. My baby was descending very gradually so I had to let nature take its course. Around two hours later the baby’s head appeared. After further pushing, I gave birth.

Looking at my newborn baby gave me the greatest pleasure of my life. My baby was in human form as we would consider on Earth, with a few variations. She had two small horns on top of her head and large elven or pixie like ears. Her eyes were large and set under a slightly corrugated brow, while her nose was slightly extended and pointed. Her legs were relatively short in contrast to her rather large feet. If any comparison could be made from an earthling viewpoint, her rounded face did have a lovely smile and she was very beautiful in my own eyes.

Zorko and Callopia appeared from the next room in their native form, as perhaps a cross between a troglodyte and an elf. They had thought it best that the female crewmembers did not know of their true life form, as their grotesque features would most certainly have turned the women off staying on Vangara. All has now been revealed by the Vangarans and their true identity fully exposed. The time for illusions and perceptions has now passed.

During the childbirth, my perineum was torn due to the oversize of my baby that weighed some 14 pounds. Swattima applied some salve to my perineum and I was told that by tomorrow, the tear would be fully healed with no scar. In the meantime, I was able to breastfeed my baby for the first time. From day one, I was fortunate to be able to breastfeed my baby, enabling her to benefit from the colostrum that is so beneficial to babies. With Zorko’s and Callopia’s consent, I named my baby Wahini. Wahini is a Hawaiian word for beautiful young girl.

Swattima suggested that I wait around four months until I try to get pregnant again, both for my own health and for the health of the newborn child. During that period, Zorko would not have sex with me and I would continue in helping raise Wahini.

Log date: 20 June 2138

Four and a half months have passed since I gave birth to Wahini. My daughter is growing fast and already putting on weight. Today, my fertile period begins again for my monthly cycle. So Zorko will visit me tonight and for the next five nights to try to get me pregnant again. In the meantime, I learned that fifty-two of the fifty-six female crewmembers were able to give birth to healthy ‘children’. Four of the female crewmembers were barren and unable to bear offspring. These women were returned to the USS Genesis until the rest of us gave birth to a second ‘child’.

On going to bed this evening, Zorko came and visited me again. This time he was in his native form. Becoming more familiar with Zorko since my stay, I suggested different sexual positions to have with him for these six nights to spice up our relationship. I even introduced Zorko to oral sex, which he found to be most tasteful. Presumably, he would be able to use these techniques on Callopia once I had left the planet.

Our expansive sexual relationship resulted in me getting pregnant again. As the days and months passed, my tummy got bigger and bigger as the fetus grew bigger and bigger inside me. My time on Vangara was running out as I started to reflect on my time here. I was not disappointed with my experience of having to have a baby to an alien, as I had gained many benefits from other experiences. I sincerely hope that the other female crewmembers were treated as well as me.

Log date: 22 March 2139

At 4:55 pm, I gave birth to another beautiful daughter, with help again from Swattima at Zorko’s home. The birth was a little quicker than the first time and Swattima mended another perineum tear due to the size of the baby. Once again, with permission from Zorko and Callopia, I named my daughter Kaimi; another Hawaiian name meaning, The Seeker. I stayed on at Zorko’s place until what time all the other crewmembers had had their second child. It would be sad leaving my two young children on another planet, but one day I vowed to come back for a visit.

Log date: 18 June 2139

All fifty-two women of the crew who experienced childbirth have now had both children, leaving the Vangarans in a healthy state to regenerate their own species. Today was the day that the Vangarans were to say farewell to all of us women from the USS Genesis after spending two years there. After assembling all the female crew, we were transported back aboard the USS Genesis. The ceremonious occasion was put on for our benefit, to show the gratitude of the Vangarans.

Captain Snowden had planned to circumnavigate Ankara, the other planet in the Vela Cluster, before returning to Earth. Zorko was preparing technological information for me to take back to Earth on our return journey. I asked Captain Snowden if I could stay back on Vangara for a few days with Erik, in order to obtain this information, while the rest of the crew headed for Ankara. My plan was to use the shuttlecraft to rendezvous with the mother ship once I had obtained all of the information from Zorko and then fly back home to Earth aboard the USS Genesis. Captain Snowden granted my request. That afternoon, everyone on Vangara was transported back to the USS Genesis.

After Erik and I returned to Vangara in the shuttlecraft, the USS Genesis headed toward Ankara for a three-day mission. Ankara is approximately sixty million miles from the sun and travels in an elliptical orbit around it. This distance is slightly less than Venus in relation to our sun. In contrast, Vangara is approximately one hundred and fifty million miles from the sun and moves in a circular orbit around it. In comparison, the distance is slightly greater than Mars in relation to our sun.

Log date: 21 June 2139

Over the past two days, Erik and I were gifted the art of levitation. We learned the ‘recipe’ for a salve that completely heals all wounds and learned the DNA cure for cancer. We learned how to molecularize and demolecularize our bodies to enable morphing into other forms and learned how to read people’s minds, mental telepathy, along with other wonderful gifts.

It was also on this day that we saw a great flash in the skies to the east. All the Vangarans looked to the sky in horror.

“What’s happening Zorko?” I enquired.

“There has just been another major sun prominence,” Zorko solemnly replied.

“How bad is it? Will it be as calamitous as the one that struck you thirty years ago?” I enquired.

“No Marilyn! The effects here will not be as bad as the last time, as the prominence is not as powerful as previous. The amount of heat and radiation dissipated from the prominence is proportional to the scale of the power; in other words, the less powerful the size of the prominence, the less destruction occurs here. On the other hand, Ankara has an elliptical orbit and at the moment is the closest to the sun it can ever reach. The force on Ankara is greater in proportion now, compared to the last time when they were much further away,” said Zorko.

“What about the USS Genesis and its crew? Are they still alive,” I stammered out.

“I have taught you about mental telepathy and the perception that it brings. I hate to be the one telling you this Marilyn, but the entire crew is dead. I am so sorry to have to tell you this. It grieves my heart greatly. The prominence virtually engulfed your spaceship and the thousands of degrees heat literally vaporized it. There are no survivors Marilyn, trust me on that,” stated Zorko in a somber tone.

With that, he came over to me and gave me a long consoling hug. I was in tears, uncontrollably weeping; I could sense shock was starting to permeate my body. Erik came over and consoled me, something I was so thankful for. We remained on Vangara for another few days until I had recovered from my grieving over the loss of all my friends and crewmembers.

Although the Vangarans may look hideous to earthlings at first sight, they are a wonderful kind and considerate race. There is an old adage in life, ‘never judge a book by its cover’. How true this is when referring back to the Vangarans. Try to imagine a species that has neither any sickness nor any crime rate. In that way, the Vangarans are a far superior race to us here on Earth. In all our time in Vangara, the natives showed us nothing but love and respect.

Log date: 24 June 2139

Erik and I headed off back to Earth in our shuttlecraft. We were escorted back to the time warp in the cluster that we passed through in quicker time than we could possibly have done by ourselves, without the help from the Vangarans. On passing through the time warp, there was approximately 4 weeks before we arrived back at the Vandenberg base in California. I sent my report back to Starfleet, as written in the Final Report highlighted in my introduction. Given four weeks with not much to do, Erik and me made the most of our time together. Sex was at least a bi-daily occurrence, which served a dual purpose; one to build on our personal relationship, and two, to help forget about the tragic events back on Ankara.


The building of USS Genesis-II is only about three years off completion. Along with the ‘heavy cruiser class’ ship, there is also a ‘heavy cargo class’ ship being built concurrently with USS Genesis-II. The cargo ship will be capable of transporting over a billion tons of crude oil back from Vangara, from the many wells that the Vangarans gifted us.

As for Erik and me, well, we got married six months after returning to Earth. We now have a baby daughter of our own. Her name is Candice; to me she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Her hair is strawberry blond in color, with Erik’s genetic red hair dominating over my dark brunette hair. Erik agrees about Candice’s good looks by saying she gets them from her mother.

NASA has contacted me to inform me that I have been promoted to provisional Captain when the next Starfleet mission begins in around three years’ time. I am looking forward to revisiting Vangara and catching up with Wahini and Kaimi, my two daughters to Zorko. New adventures and new galaxies are bound to happen in the future.


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