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Rainy Night - Part 2

After being transformed, can she escape?

Tina woke from an earth shattering orgasmic dream on the bed where she had been completely overwhelmed the night before.

Looking to the window she could see that the sun was setting again

“Jeez, how long have I been asleep?” she murmered before sitting up.

She felt strangely refreshed bearing in mind the mind blowing dreams she experienced in her slumber. Tina could still feel the creature moving inside her and went to stand up off of the bed.

As soon as she was upright she could feel the awesome sensation of another orgasm about to consume her whole body and had to hold on to the cupboard as her legs started to shake and the pulsing sensation rippled across her body from the epicentre of her soft, smooth fanny. She threw her head back and moaned as the pleasure waves took control and washed over her.

She was still in the midst of the orgasmic pleasure wave when she heard the man coming up the stairs, with each thud of his boot on the steps another rhythmic pulse shattered her being, she was paralysed and couldn’t move, she didn’t want to move.

As she watched the door knob turn and the door open the man peered into the room with a smile. Tina looked back at him while biting her bottom lip with an apologetic look on her face.

“I imagine you would like to take a shower and freshen up?” the man said throwing a towel onto the bed.

“The bathroom is down the hallway. Oh and er don’t worry, the orgasm you are experiencing right now is your body orientating itself because you got up off the bed, it will go when you adapt.”

And with that he left the room. After another 30 seconds or so the orgasm subsided and Tina felt both relief and a desperation for it to carry on. She grabbed the towel and took her naked, glistening body down the hallway to the bathroom. She turned on the light and looked in the mirror, her complexion had completely changed and she looked radiant which made her smile, then the realisation of why she was there hit her.

“Right, lets have this shower and see if we can get out of here!” she whispered to herself and went to turn on the shower.

The water was the perfect temperature and without hesitation she jumped in the shower letting the gorgeous warm water envelop her body.

Out of nowhere she could feel something touch her foot and looked down, from the plug hole were 8 to 10 small black tentacles swirling around in the water and brushing the top of her feet. They pushed between her toes and a smile came across her face, it felt nice and another orgasm was starting to build.

Before she let it get too far Tina stepped back until the feelings subsided and finished her shower. She stepped out and wrapped the towel around her before going back to the bedroom.

Once dry Tina found some clothes to put on and started to get dressed, she sat on the side of the bed and went to put on the pair of socks she had found in the drawer by the bed. Her feet were so soft, she took care of her gorgeous feet but this was a softness she hadn’t felt before, they were still damp so she grabbed the towel and dried them. No sooner had she dried them when they were slightly damp again. It was as if they were sweaty but it wasn’t sweat, it smelt really good.

Tina then considered pulling her foot to her mouth to see what it tasted like. She had kissed, licked and sucked on her feet and toes before but only when she was on her own.

She lifted the soft foot towards her lips and put out her tongue to meet it. The taste was beautiful, it was sweet and extremely more-ish. Her tongue and lips started to tingle and this soon travelled towards the creature inside her.

“OK, keep control, we are meant to be getting out of here,” she said as she stopped licking, it took all of her will power to stop though.

Tina rolled on her socks and put on a pair of trainers she had found in the room. With a new sense of vigour, she left the room and went downstairs to where the man was sitting in the living room.

“Is that better now you’ve had a shower?” he said with that wry smile on his face.

“Yes, a lot better thanks. I really need to get going now, do you know if my car has been fixed?” she replied.

“It’s sitting just outside the window, all ready to go,” he said, “but you won’t go far.”

“Oh really, why?” she replied as she crossed her arms and challenged him.

“Because we have work to do and you won’t want to leave when I say a certain word,” his voice changed as he stood up

All of a sudden Tina was so desperate to know what the word was but couldn’t ask because she wanted to get out.

“You are lying, there isn’t a magic word it’s just your way of keeping me here,” she challenged.

“Very well, have it your way… Ogazumu,” he conceded.

Tina felt a glowing warmth from the whole house, she looked around and just wanted to please the creature inside her and the old man. A state of suspended pleasure overwhelmed her as the glow made her feel amazing. He was right, she wasn’t going anywhere just yet. The man sat back down and beaconed Tina towards him.

“Come over here, have you found out your secret weapon yet, its why I brought you here in the first place,” he said.

“Secret weapon, what do you mean?” she replied.

“I mean those wonderfully beautiful feet at the end of your legs. Now sit down on the floor in front of me and take off those trainers and socks.”

With absolutely no hesitation Tina went to sit on the floor in front of him and started to remove her socks and shoes.

“They are so soft and beautiful, but I can’t seem to dry them, they are always wet,” Tina said puzzled.

“Since you joined us last night your body has undergone a few changes, one being that your feet will secrete a wonderful syrum that enables you to seduce and possess anyone,” he had joy in explaining.

“Anyone, that is, except me!”

And with this, the man took one of Tina’s feet and started to lick and suck her toes. Tina’s head was immediately thrown back and she let out a moan, she felt so good. The other foot rested on the man’s knee until he was finished with the first foot.

The foot worship carried on for another 30 minutes until he ordered her to put her socks and shoes back on. Tina obeyed straight away and got back to her feet.

“Tina, I need more like you. This is why I have recruited you. You have your powerful weapon now and I want you to go out there and use it. Once you have possessed your prey I want you to bring them back here where we will complete their transformation to be just like you,” The old man explained.

“I can’t wait to try it out on someone. Of course master I will start straight away,” Tina replied.

The feeling of wanting to leave was a far distant memory now, all she wanted to do was recruit for her master and please him. Tina grabbed her keys, closed the door and jumped into her car. It started first time!

To be continued…


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