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Scarlett Futa, part 2

The story continues with the Amazons taking every cherry I have to offer them.
“Take this when you are ready,” Azola said and handed me a pill. “It’s meant to help your muscles stretch and allow you to take us into you fully without much pain.”

I grabbed the pill and placed it in my mouth. Lizzy handed me a glass of water and I swallowed it down. It had an immediate effect as I felt my body start to relax. I walked over to the bed and they all followed me.

“Who would you like to be your first?” Lizzy asked.

“Azola, would you do the honors?”

She was stunned but gently nodded her head. The other two turned to leave the room.

“Where are you two going?” I asked and motioned for them to lie down beside me. They smiled and got in bed with me. They told me they had hoped I would allow them to be with me but were afraid to ask.

They started kissing my neck and breasts, while running their hands up and down my body. Azola had gotten her head between my spread legs and was kissing around my pussy. It was making me so wet. I finally reached down and took her head and placed it on my pussy. She got the hint and started to lick my pussy all over. It was well known the Amazons could stretch their tongues to almost six inches long. A fact I had forgotten until Azola slipped her tongue inside me and licked my hymen. God, that felt amazing.

With all the attention I was getting from my three Master s I wasn’t going to last long. Lizzy reached down and started to play with my clit and I lost it.

“I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmm,” I said and came all in Azola’s mouth. She never stopped until I had completely finished. She was wonderful.

Without a word she crawled up over and placed the head of her cock at my entrance. She rubbed the head up and down and with the combination of my juices and her pre-cum she had me very well lubricated.

“Are you ready?”

I nodded my head and she began to push herself inside me. It took a few seconds but eventually the head of her gorgeous cock was inside me. I grunted and she pushed up to my hymen and held it there. I looked up at her and told her to do it. She pushed through my cherry and I bit my lip. Jasmine and Lizzy kept kissing me and giving me words of encouragement. Azola showed incredible restraint by letting me get used to her size.

“I’m about half-way in, Scarlett,” she said.

“Go slow but put the rest of it in me, Master.”

She slowly pushed her way in inch by inch. Every few inches she would have to stop and let me catch my breath. Finally, after god knows how long, I felt her hips against mine and she was fully inside me. I was so full. It felt like she was splitting me in half, but a part of it was starting to feel extremely good.

She held herself in place waiting on my signal. I placed my hands on her arms and started to kiss her breasts, which were eye level to me.

“Fuck me, Master.”

With those words she pulled out, over half way, and thrust back into me. She started out going slow but soon she picked up speed and was fucking me very fast and very hard. I wrapped my legs around her waist and sucked her nipple into my mouth. I could tell she was building to a climax and what surprised me the most was, so was I.

“Oh, Scarlett, baby, I’m about to cum.”

I bit down on her nipple and that was all it took. She tensed up and pushed herself fully into me and I felt her cum pour out of her and fill me up. Her cum is what caused me to cum for the second time. She kept giving me small thrusts and each time she did another spurt of cum would fill me up. I could already fill it oozing out of my stuffed pussy.

After several minutes she lay completely still on top of me. I kept places small kisses on her breasts and chest. When she finally rolled off of me her cock plopped out and a torrent of cum spilled out.

“That was so amazing, Scarlett,” she said. “You are so wonderful.”

“Thank you, Master.” It made me feel good to know I could please them so well.

“You know, you don’t have to call us your Masters,” Lizzy said but I could tell they loved it when I did and if I was being honest with myself; I loved calling them that too.

“Thank you, Master,” I said and winked at Lizzy. “Since that pill is still working, would you like to take my last cherry,” I asked her. Her eyes got big and her smile was huge. She simply nodded and I got on my hands and knees. I looked at Jasmine and told her I would take care of her next.

Lizzy got up on her knees behind me and used her talented tongue on my ass. It was so strange at first, I had never had anything up my ass and now it was being licked. She managed to slide her tongue into my ass and it felt wonderful. I was disappointed when she pulled out but then she placed one finger in my ass and finger fucked me for a while. Soon she placed two fingers, then three in me. Once I could take all three fingers without pain she pulled them out and placed her cock at my asshole.

She gently, but firmly, pushed herself into me. With all the finger fucking her cock slid past my anal ring with ease. Once the head was in she kept pushing, inching her was inside me. It was a little painful but not as bad as I was expecting. It came as a shock to me when I felt her legs on mine and she announced she was fully inside me. Once her cock reached a certain point inside me it started to feel really good.

She wasted no time and pulled out and thrust herself back in. I braced myself against Jasmine and pushed back to meet her strokes. She took ahold of my hips and started to fuck me in earnest. My small tits where swaying back and forth.

Soon her movements became fast and I knew she was close. I wanted to come with her so I looked at Jasmine and asked her if she would finger me. She didn’t hesitate and put two fingers inside my soaking wet pussy. She began to fuck me as Lizzy drove deep into my ass. I was the first to reach orgasm and when I did I tightened my ass around her cock and that drove her over the edge. She bucked her hips hard and came deep inside my bowels. I could feel her cum shooting into me and it was filling me up. Once I had calmed down from my orgasm, she was still behind me putting the last drops in me.

When she was done she too collapsed on top on me with her semi-hard cock still deep in my ass. I knew there was no way I could let Jasmine fuck my pussy or ass tonight. I was too sore but I also knew she had to be taken care of. When Lizzy rolled off of me I asked Azola if that pill worked on all parts of my body and she told me it did.

“I want you to fuck my mouth completely, Master,” I said and looked at Jasmine. She was stunned but from the look of her hard cock I didn’t think she would object.

“Are you sure, Scarlett?”

“Yes, Master,” I said and laid down on my back with my head over the side of the bed. Jasmine reluctantly got on her knees in front of me and I opened my mouth and sucked her huge cock into me. I had read all about deep throating and knew what to do, well, in theory anyway. Jasmine’s cock slid in till it reached my throat. This was it. No going back now. I placed my hands on her hips, took a deep breath through my nose, and pulled her into me. When her cock touched my throat I swallowed and in she went. I stayed calm and let her push herself down my throat. Soon I felt her legs on my head and then I could see her ass as she was now fully inside me.

I couldn’t tell her I was ready for her fucking so I started moaning. The vibrations sent chills up her body and she began to pump her cock in and out of my throat. At first she was going slowly, which was good because I needed to get used to this, but she started to pick up her pace. I remained relaxed and let her do her business. I could feel Lizzy’s and Azola’s hands all over my pussy and ass.

I kept moaning and running my hands up Jasmine’s hips and legs. She picked up the pace even more and suddenly stopped and held herself inside me while she filled my belly with her cum. Eight spurts filled me completely and I began to wonder if I would ever need food again. My only regret was I wasn’t able to taste it this time. Once she was done she pulled out and bent down to ask if I was okay. I answered her by kissing her on the mouth.

The four of us laid on the bed for about half an hour. There was cum everywhere. It was on the bed, on me, leaking out of me. They asked me if it would be okay if they bathed me. I, of course, said that would be wonderful. They took me in the bathing area and a huge tub was filled with hot water and bubbles.

Once inside they all catered to my every need. They were so gentle in washing every part of me. There was nothing sexual about it, but there was something very special in the way they were taking care of me. I loved it. The bath lasted for over an hour. They washed my hair; they did my nails and shaved my legs and pussy. I felt like a queen.

When it was all over they dried me off and we went back to the bedroom. The bed was made fresh and it was covered with clean sheets. I thought they must have a maid but they told me the house had automatic beds, baths, and kitchens. Nice.

They told me this would also be my sleeping chambers and they said there “Goodnights” and turned to leave.

“Wait,” I said shyly. “Am I to sleep by myself?”

“Well we didn’t want to presume you wanted us to sleep with you. We were always told by others who had won an auction that their humans always wanted to sleep by themselves.”

“Oh.” I said. “But I am not like other humans.” Their eyes lit up.

“You want us to sleep with you?” Jasmine asked.

“I would love that, Masters, but only if you want to.”

“We want to very much,” they said.

We crawled into bed together. I was in the middle of Azola and Lizzy and Jasmine was beside Azola on the other side. I didn’t need any covers, the fire and their warm bodies were all the heat I would need. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep. It was the best sleep I ever remember getting. I had never before felt so warm, protected, and loved.

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