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Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land (Chapter 8)

Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land (Chapter 8)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

The bright glow of morning sunshine reflected off the snow-capped western mountains and cascaded through our bedroom window, filling every corner with light. Some part of my sleeping brain registered the change in illumination and curiosity teased my eyes open.

My initial reaction was a momentary disconcerting sense of confusion that we all feel when waking up in a brand new place for the first time.

The mountains dazzled white and magnificent against the brilliant blue sky; Darlene slumbered next to me as naked as a newborn child. Her freckled face had the relaxed innocence of deep sleep.

The fog of confusion lifted within a few moments as I remembered yesterday's journey to the Colony. I became acutely aware of important business requiring my immediate attention; my full bladder and rock solid piss hard-on screamed for relief. I felt like a star of one of those annoying TV commercials featuring old men and their "urgent need to go."

I got out of bed and raced, if you can call a stiff-legged gait racing, toward the bedroom door. I paused for a second to scan the room for a set of underwear to cover my nakedness. Increasing pressure on my bladder warned me not to delay. I exited the bedroom and moved toward the community bathroom as quickly as I could.

As luck would have it, none of the sisters were visible on our side of the balcony. My luck changed the instant I entered the bathroom. Alice was lathering up under the shower, and her nude daughter was brushing her teeth at a complex of sinks under a wall-sized mirror. Mother and daughter turned to stare at my erection and me, as I made a beeline for the toilet.

Standing before the open bowl, I glanced around at my unwanted audience and tried to take a piss. It's an unpleasant fact that urinating with a hardon is challenging, if not impossible.

There is an annoying little valve inside the prostate gland called a sphincter. Its job is to control urine flow in the urethra, and it is directly above the two ejaculatory ducts that bring sperm up from the testicles. The system is part of a man's hard-wiring, designed to prevent sperm and piss from mixing. The shut-off valve remains closed even with a raging boner until the erection subsides.

Maneuvering my erection in a downward direction was painful and awkward. I managed to dribble out a pathetic little dribble .instead of a mighty stream of golden relief. It was just enough to reduce the internal pressure on my bladder, which in turn relaxed the pressure on my prostate gland and allowed my erection to subside. The dribble swelled into a yellow river of pure relief, leaving my toes tingling as my penis returned to a flaccid state.

"That was fascinating, I've never seen a boy urinate before," Star said in a quiet voice.

Modesty wasn't a priority in the design of the bathroom, showers and walls were tiled and open, as were the toilets. Privacy was non-existent.

"He's not a boy, he's a man," Alice said, as she corrected her daughter's choice of nouns.

I turned my head to see Alice behind me toweling her hair dry. Alice's gaze, like her daughter's, fixated on my genitals.

Great! A mother and daughter inspection team - just what I needed.

I decided that I might as well clean up from last night. I stepped under the shower Alice had vacated and turned the water on to the hottest setting that I could stand. Maybe a cloud of steam would offer some privacy.

Crap! I had no soap.

"Alice, could I borrow your soap please?" I asked.

"My pleasure," Alice answered, as she joined me under the shower and started lathering my back.

I tried to figure out a polite way to discourage Alice's hands-on assistance when her daughter joined us and proceeded to lather my legs.

The sensation of two sets of hands caressing my body vanquished whatever objections I had over getting woman-handled. I could probably force myself to get used to pampering with a little bit of effort.

"You need to clean all his body parts, Star," Alice said, as she ran her hand between the cheeks of my ass and scrubbed my anus with her fingers. "Turn around so that we can do your front, Dennis," she said, as her hands turned my body to face them.

Alice soaped up my chest, and Star soaped my legs. I closed my eyes and let them do their thing as hot water rolled off my back. The sensation was incredible and arousing as the mother's hands scrubbed downwards and her daughter's small hands caressed upward. I wondered what would happen when their hands met at private parts in the middle; maybe they would arm wrestle for cleaning privileges.

"Am I supposed to clean his thing?" Star asked her mother.

"It's called a penis and, yes, it also needs to be cleaned," Alice instructed her daughter.

I looked down to see Star kneeling before me. She was at eye level, and only a few inches away from the beginnings of an erection. Star looked at me and back at her mother who nodded her head.

Star reached her hands out, and with a tentative and delicate touch, began to apply soap to my pubic hair. She grew bolder and spread the soapy lather along the length of my growing erection as her fingers created a flurry of lavender scented soapsuds.

I seriously doubt that Star had any idea of how her touch was affecting me. Her mother, on the other hand, knew damn well what was happening as she proceeded to "help" her daughter by circling my erection with her thumb and fingers and stroking me with enthusiasm.

Alice abandoned all pretenses at cleaning after a few minutes of pumping and moved full throttle into giving me a hand job. Alice had locked eyes with mine. She was smiling and unblinking as we made and kept intense eye contact.

"I will ejaculate if you keep this up, Alice," I warned her.

"I know," Alice said, as she rubbed her fingers around the tip of my glans and played with my pee-hole. The tempo of her strokes increased and abruptly ceased.

I looked down to see what was going on - or not going on in this case. Alice was guiding her daughter's hand to a glistening drop of precum which had formed at the opening of my urethra. Mother and daughter both shared the signs of sexual arousal. Nipples stood erect and hard, and a rosy blush added a glow to their faces.

"Notice how slippery it feels, Star. It's precum, and men produce it to help lubricate a woman's vagina to make penetration more enjoyable for both parties," Alice instructed her daughter.

The intense look of serious curiosity and wonder on Star's face almost made me laugh. I wouldn't have been surprised if Star pulled a pad of paper out and started taking notes. I let out a groan of pleasure when her mother touched the drop with her finger and smeared it around the surface.

Star mimicked her mother's actions with Alice's encouragement as she dipped her fingertip into another emerging drop of the colorless fluid and carefully spread it over my gland.

"Dennis will make more pre-cum if you continue to stimulate him," Alice said, as she caressed the length of my erection and, several drops of fluid oozed out of me almost on command. Alice continued to slowly milk me as her daughter used the tips of her fingers to spread clear lubricant over the crown my swollen prick.

I could feel the pressure building in my testicles, and my legs began to shake as my body tensed. I was close to going over the edge.

"Are you in there, Dennis?" Darlene's voice called as the door to the bathroom swung open.

"Come on in, Darlene, the water's fine," I answered with a less than steady voice.

A nude Darlene took a few steps into the bathroom before she stopped and surveyed the situation. Her eyes widened at the sight of the mother and daughter pleasuring me. Darlene's mouth opened in a mischievous grin, and she started to laugh.

"It didn't take you too long to introduce yourself to my friends. It looks like Alice and her daughter have the situation well in hand," Darlene punned with a chuckle.

Darlene walked over to Alice and whispered something into Alice's ear. Alice's only response was to giggle, nod, and stroke even faster.

"I'm going to cum," I moaned, as I passed the point of no return and my toes began to curl. I could feel a hot rushing sensation building up in my groin, and my body went rigid as a surge of sperm began to rush upwards in search of release.

Alice reached behind my body when I let out a long moan, slid her free hand between my buttocks, plunged her index finger deep into my rectum, and wiggled it to and fro. The intense pleasure I was feeling suddenly kicked into overdrive as my brain released an additional surge of endorphins. I exploded in an incredible orgasm of pure ecstasy and gratification while her surprised daughter tried to catch my ejecting sperm in her hands.

"That was interesting. Can you do it again?" Star asked as she cleaned her hands under the stream of water from the shower.

"Err, not likely. I need to recharge," I sympathized with Jack in his box. My little guy was a one-hit wonder. The show is over and the music stops when the monkey pops. 

Small talk after sex with strangers is not my strong suit. Nor is a ‘show and tell' clinical discussion of orgasms and ejaculations. Especially with a naked and casually curious daughter in the company of an equally naked and aroused mother. I was a lab-rat running a maze between awkward and weird. I needed a cup of coffee and a cigarette. 

Darlene and I returned to our bedroom a few minutes later, and Darlene burst out laughing.

"Alice is very proud of her homeschooling skills," she replied when I asked her what was so funny. 

"She told me last night that she was thankful a man showed up at the colony, you arrived just in time to help teach her daughter advanced sex education," my roommate's eyes glistened with glee.

"The curriculum apparently includes lots of hands-on field work, and there is a killer oral exam she'll have to pass if she wants to graduate, from what I understand," Darlene laughed as she patted my bare behind with her hand.


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NOTE: "Secrets of Liberty Mountain" is a work in progress and today stands at 97,650 words. As a new author, I value your feedback. Please take a moment to share your thoughts on my story. Either leave a comment below or PM me and let me know what you think. Thank you.

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