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Someone Was There 4

Flirting with workmate and fantasy sex

I frequently run late on a Friday. Today is no exception. Now that I am finally home, I have time to think. I can regain my space after being on a crowded train. My brain slows, as it eases into a less frantic gear. I decide to make a nice cup of herbal tea and then have a quick shower.

Freshly showered, I sit down to drink the lemon and ginger infusion.
The first sip I take brings a mild nirvana. My moment of bliss though is soon shattered by the shrill ring of the phone.

Answering the call I reluctantly ask, "Hi, may I help you?"

"We shall discuss that later," a seductive voice replies.

"Hello, Karen how are you?" I reply recognizing the speaker.

"Not bad thanks," Karen replies, " I'm just in need of a nice evening in the arms of an energetic man."

 "Are we still meeting at the Dog and Duck?" I ask her.

"Yes, we are, will around eight be ok for you?" Karen asks in her usual businesslike way.

"That's good for me, I look forward to seeing you then," I say to her.

"Mm yes, I like the idea of you being able to see me," Karen purrs down the line, saucily adding, "will you do it when I am in the bath?"

Karen ends the call, leaving me feeling aroused. This is a woman who oozes sexuality and enjoys being a real cock teaser. My prick is so stiff I want to take the pulsing member in hand. I think about the time we chatted by the photocopier, and she stroked my cock through my pants. Before I could speak, she had blown me a kiss and walked away.

I sip my herbal brew and Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing' plays on the radio. A thought in the back of my head tells me 'this could be an omen'. On reflection, the combination of Karen and Marvin Gaye is more like a horror movie.

Karen has fed my imagination, and I picture her preparing for the evening. I imagine her feeling her tits after a bath, but before dressing. The thought of her pushing her breasts upwards until she can suck her nipples sends a shock wave to my groin. Would she finish playing, or would her hands stray further? I visualize her smoothing the skin on her hips with perfumed cream. Would she reach further down? I imagine both her hands running up the insides of her thighs, and meeting at the V of her groin.

My thoughts encourage her to explore her pubic mound. I will her to rub this until wild arousal forces her to slide her finger over her moist labia. She gives out a little gasp as she makes contact with her stiff clitoris. Enjoying the ecstasy Karen slides a finger into her hole. Jaws clench as pleasure overwhelms her. Hot and horny she fucks herself furiously with stiff little fingers. A powerful orgasm causes a tightening of buttocks.

The naked form lies motionless for a time, clutching her warm satisfied pussy. Rolling over and stretching a little, Karen reaches for some clothes.

Aroused as I am I leave my thoughts of her. My clothes are laid out on the bed, and I make haste to put them on. With one eye on the clock, I check that I am presentable and at my ravishing best.

A taxi takes me to the pub where I am meeting Karen. I look around for her and see her at the bar, looking stunning.

Going over to her I say, "You look stunning Karen."

Karen smiles, weighing up the compliment, before replying, “Why thank you handsome stranger.”

The handsome stranger glances at the dress she wears. Deeply slit at the side it shows a teasing flash of thigh and stocking tops. I am dazzled by the sexual messages she radiates, and notice how she attracts stares from the patrons of the bar.

"What will you have to drink dear woman?" I say maintaining the charade.

"I'm just an old-fashioned girl, make it vodka and orange," Karen replies.

"Sure thing, how about finding a quiet table?" I say to her.

I watch as she saunters across the room, leaving a trail of admiring looks in her wake. Noting where she decides to sit, I turn and order drinks. I soon join her, and she shuffles her backside to make room for me on the bench seat. We sit with hips touching and her elbow pressing into me.

Karen makes a phone call, and I hear her say, "Hi this is Mistress Slash, I'm expecting a guest could you show her to a dungeon please?"

I avoid looking directly at her and wonder what game she is playing.

"Tell her she must wait," Karen instructed, "and she might need some help with the restraining straps."

I look at her and she says to me, "Didn't you say you wanted a word about something?"

Pulling a slip of paper from my wallet, I show her the phone number written on it, and say “I did wonder if you might recognize this.”

"No I'm afraid I don't know the number or the writing.” she informs me, adding “So what's the story behind it?”

"Remember when we all went out for a drink at the Blue Moon Club?" I prompted.

"My God yes that was a fun night," she says laughing at the memory.

I explain how I found the number in my pocket the morning after the night before. Karen listens patiently and I talk about my attempts to find out who left it there.

"I do wish it had been me, but I have no need to give you a secret number!" states Karen when I finally finish

Laughing at this, we raise our glasses in a toast.

"I do need to get going, someone is waiting for me," Karen informs me.

She hesitates before saying "If you are feeling adventurous, and discrete, she might like to meet you."

“I would like a wee bite to eat first," I tell Karen.

"Oh, dear are you hungry my poor man?" she mocked.

"A sandwich or similar would suffice," I respond, hanging my head downcastly.

"Do you wish to join me in more carnal pleasures?" She whispers, stroking my face in a very suggestive and feminine way.

"Are these carnal pleasures a la carte or dish of the day?" I demand of her.

"If you are still here when I come back from the loo, you can have me on the table," said Karen as she flounces off to the ladies.

Left alone with my thoughts, they return to being in Paris with Madeline, and what happened after our bout of sensual ecstasy.

Madeline says, "Well my dear man I have a hotel to run. No doubt Andre will telephone you."

"I was not expecting to see him," I reply, uncertain of her meaning.

"Whether to join in his debauchery is for you to decide. There will be no more such adventures in the future, if we are to enjoy a close relationship." states Madeline in a commanding tone before adding, "never."

Needless to say, Andre telephones and invites me to join him in seeing his Paris. Despite my reluctance, he pleads with me until I give in.

He picks me up at the hotel and we speed, by car. There is a blur of the haunts he most wants me to see. Our final port of call is a club called 'Fetish Palace'.

Entering the seated area the array of theatrical costume grabs my attention. Exposed flesh abounds. There is no consistent dress code. In fact, there seems more of an undress code. I see men with uncovered buttocks, and women dressed like peacocks. The amount of latex and leather make my credit card wince.

We find seats near to the stage. A striptease artist disrobes and performs a fire-eating act. The last flame dies as her g-string falls to the floor. The now naked performer exits the darkened stage. The sound of enthusiastic applause follows her footsteps.

A new set is quickly pushed into place, as the master of ceremonies announces the next performance. Two figures cast eerie shadows in the stark white light.

We behold a giant of a man standing before a large anvil. On this is strapped a maiden. She protests her innocence even as the male figure tears away the rough garment she wears. Wriggling frantically and trying to escape the bonds, she screams abuse at her captor. He kisses her, repulsing her with his sweat and filth.

The towering figure grips her breasts and pulls at them. The woman responds to the touch of the towering figure as he manhandles her breasts. Further stimulation follows and her moans of pleasure grow more distinct. Bound as she is, the captive cannot touch her own body or that of her tormentor.

He brings forward a large phallus and positions the crude instrument between her legs. Driven wild by sexual desire the wench begs for someone to fuck her. The barbarian wields a large blade and cuts through the ropes binding her. Even though she displays wild wantonness, he will not allow this woman to touch him.

We watch her masturbate on the anvil while he looks on. The woman is trying to entice him with her actions, but he remains unmoved. In desperation, she makes love to the anvil itself.

"Come," says Andre "I have a surprise yet for you."

I follow him down a corridor, and he stops at a door and beckons me to open it. The knob turns and I push the door open. Inside is a girl chained to a post.

"We have a pet," says Andre "to play with."

Andre bids her kneel and suck his cock. The girl does this contemptuously and casts scornful looks in my direction.

 "Are you good at whoring?" Andre asks her.

She replies in kind, by swallowing his cock so deeply the shaft disappears.

Andre gives her instructions, which brings me into the action. No sense of pleasure or enjoyment is evident in her dark eyes. Her heaving breasts swell within my grasp as I play with them. The whole scene is electrifying and highly erotic.

Kisses to her sweet bald pussy produce small involuntary movements. Her limbs lie in such a way that I cannot easily pull away from her. The girl is passive to the point of disinterest.

"I cannot subject myself to fucking a female," Andre shouts, "You Mon Amie must do that disgusting thing to this dirty slut."

He had by this time fucked her anally and had her suck his stiff throbbing dick.

 I lay her down on cushions before I enter her. Her fanny is tight and squeezes hard on my bulging prick. She stares into my eyes and proceeds to fuck me, using her own body to restrict my movements These erotic actions serve to heighten my sexual arousal.

"Now I show you my love for you," whispers Andre as he kisses my neck.

I feel his finger circling my asshole. He presses his engorged prick against me and enters me without warning. Like a brute, his wild thrusts are accompanied by animal grunts.

He buggers me ferociously. The girl must be able to feel the viciousness of his lovemaking through me. I pull away from her forcing myself further onto his pounding cock.

Andre ejaculates, and with one or two jerks he is spent. He rips his throbbing meat from my insides, groaning as he does so. His warm sticky spunk dribbles down my legs.

The pet pulls me to her, forcing her cunt around my cock. We fuck hard, moaning with pleasure until our frantic shag reaches a climax. We lie still panting in unison.

The noise of a door closing makes me look around. It is clear that Andre has left the room.

I am jerked back to reality by Karen barking, "Attention soldier. Are you ready for some action?"

In reply, I stand up, link her arm and escort her out of the pub.

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