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Strangers In A Strange Place (part one)

Strangers In A Strange Place (part one)

Belinda was my wife for fifteen years. We married when I was twenty-five years old and she was twenty-three. She was the first woman I ever made love to. I started late. She had been married for a year before she married me, from the age of twenty to twenty-one.

Actually, I had known her in college when she was a freshman of eighteen, but I had never made a move. Our paths crossed often at a coffeehouse just off campus that was run by a local church. It was their student out-reach program. The coffeehouse was in the basement and served simple coffee drinks and teas. It was not gourmet at all. Simple stuff for students who came to hear the folk music played virtually every night, if anyone showed up for the open mike sessions.

Belinda came in occasionally. I was working there as a sort of bartender or barista. Anyway, we just called ourselves Cafe-keepers. I did that a couple of nights a week, usually on Fridays and Saturdays. It wasn't as if I had anyone in my life. I was lonely and this gave me a chance to meet people. Any people, not just girls, although that never hurt.

I was a junior at the time. I had never had a girlfriend since high school. Even in high school I dated only three or four times. I don't really recall. They were not memorable dates. In college I had fared even more poorly, never having had a date at all. It was not that I was shy, but that I was not exactly forceful. When any girl I asked out said no thanks I took that as a no and never bothered to ask again. Perhaps she was being coy. Perhaps she expected pursuit. It was beyond me. I just moved on.

One time and one time only I got lucky. Belinda must have been feeling lonely, and she asked me to come back to her apartment for a beer after closing the coffeehouse. I jumped at the chance. We closed at one o'clock in the morning of Saturday, after a Friday evening of folk music, and Belinda took me to her apartment only a block away.

After having a beer we started making out. I was so horny that I had been erect since we walked to her apartment. She couldn't help but feel my hard on as our bodies got closer and I felt her breasts against my chest. She actually rubbed my cock through my pants. It was no surprise to me when I came almost immediately. She was surprised though. She even giggled a little, which didn't help. That was the last time I was alone with Belinda in college.

I finished my degree program and found work there in town. I liked my college town. I heard from mutual friends that Belinda had married and quit school. Her husband turned out to be an alcoholic and she divorced him in less than a year. She was twenty-one and living with a friend.

It was not that large a town when you ran in the same crowds. I still saw Belinda occasionally at parties, and even at the old coffeehouse at times. She never referred to my little contretemps, nor did I. Finally, when I reached twenty-four, I asked her out on a regular date. She hadn't anyone special in her life, so she decided to give it a try. This time I took it slow and we hit it off. In fact, so well did we mesh that we decided to marry after dating for a year.

We married and we moved soon after to Southern California. I had been transferred there by my company. Engineers were in demand at the time. We settled in and grew to love the lifestyle of beaches and mountains within driving distance. Both of us were active and enjoyed both surfing and skiing. It was a good life for fifteen years. Until I found her with Jeffrey. I arrived home early from a conference in Vegas and walked in to find her getting fucked doggy-style by the pool boy. Honest to god. The damned pool boy.

As I was walking out she was moaning loud enough for me to hear her until I passed through the front door. I had no idea where I was going. I was driving my Land Rover. Taking the closest route inland I headed for the Coachella Valley. It was turning dark as I passed through Indio heading east past the Joshua Tree National Park. I hadn't stopped in hours. I needed to piss. Badly. I had neglected to stop at a station or rest stop. Now I was out under the stars and I need to piss. I pulled off the Interstate at the nearest exit, which seemed to have a gas station.

It was closed. Abandoned. Empty and desolate. I got out and went around to the back to take a leak. I did my business and was shaking it off when I heard it. Sort of like a loud wind but with overtones of crying, or something similar. I was turning to get back into my vehicle when I felt the air pulled from my lungs. I thought I would die. The stars above seemed to fade into nothingness and I fell into a well of inky blackness.

A bright light awakened me. Where was I? I couldn't tell. I awoke on a soft pad on a white, plastic-like floor. I was in a box made of a clear material allowing me to look out and around me. There was a sort of corridor passing by the box and all the other boxes lined up on both sides of it. I seemed to be in a box at the end of the corridor. One of my walls was blank, as if there were no other cells to that side. It was just like a prison or county jail, but the cells were clear glass or plastic, or some such material. Each box that I could see contained a naked woman. I was naked myself, but I seemed to be the lone man among about thirty or so women.

I had only been awake a minute or two when something came moving down the corridor. It was covered with a satiny material that covered it completely, and it moved quickly and decisively to my cell. I was unable to make out what it was, or even what it looked like, but it seemed to be the size of a normal human. I suppose that was it's purpose, to hide itself from me. It stopped outside the cell next to mine and touched a pad on the wall with a covered appendage. An opening appeared and the woman inside was somehow herded out of the opening and toward my cell. When she was in front of my cell it opened, as the being touched my cell's pad, and she scurried in. The creature made a noise like a "hwonka." From then on I just called it Wonk. It left us together, alone.

The woman seemed to be about thirty years old. She had long hair. It was raven colored and it was rather matted, but she was otherwise clean looking. Somehow they all appeared clean here, from what I could see. I had to assume they had been here awhile. You don't just gather a group like this in a day or so. She attempted a smile but it was not successful. She might have been prettier if she smiled. But she wasn't unattractive. In fact, her body was quite lovely. Her breasts had not quite begun to sag, but were round and real. Her hips were broad and her legs were long, even though she was shorter than I. I spoke to her and she tilted her head. I tried my Spanish and a few words of French and German, but she clearly could not comprehend me.

Then the clear substance of the walls suddenly turned black, with a light source from above keeping us lit, so that I could still see her but I could not see out. As soon as this occurred she moved toward me and wrapped her arms about me. She laid her head upon my bare chest. I could feel her breasts pressing against me, such that her hardening nipples were causing me to become aroused. I was growing, even in this odd situation. My cock was becoming stiff and touching her tummy.

It seemed incredible to me. Here I was, apparently abducted by someone or something. And I was feeling sexually aroused by a stranger in a strange place. Was I part of some odd experiment that I didn't understand? I couldn't tell. All I knew right then was that I wanted to fuck this woman. I laid her on the sleeping pad and she looked up at me with a bit of wonder. I spread her legs and she seemed to understand. She pulled her legs up and her vulva lips spread apart. My prick was hard, and I entered her. She gasped, as if she was surprised, but she made it clear she didn't mind. She put her hands on my hips and I began fucking her, slowly at first, but then faster. I gained speed and depth as she emitted a moan. Her nipples got even harder and her eyes closed as she experienced the sex with me. I needed this. Belinda had never wanted sex more often that once or twice a month. I now could feel what I had missed as I humped this stranger's pussy.

I couldn't tell if she had an orgasm or not, but she continued breathing heavily and taking my full prick into her cunt. I was about to burst and I did. I filled her with my seed. As I withdrew from her pussy the walls went transparent again, and the being or creature appeared before my cell. The woman quickly arose and exited through the opening it made in my cell. No words had been spoken. Wonk herded her away, not stopping at the cell she had been in before, but down the corridor and out of sight.

At that time it came to me that I needed to evacuate my bowels. I had no idea how one did that here. I arose and, with a lot of embarrassment, went to a corner at random and squatted. Immediately a klaxon rang out and I jumped up. A spotlight appeared and illuminated another corner of the cell. I gathered I should go there. I did and was able to perform my business. It seemed to be absorbed into the floor of the cell. From then on, when I needed to urinate or otherwise, I went to that corner. 

I felt rather dirty at the moment, and I was somewhat gratified to see a shower of water pouring down from the ceiling in a new corner. I went over to it and was happy to find the water was warm and contained a cleaning agent that washed away any residues of dirt or spunk I had on me. It seemed to be draining out through the floor itself. Perhaps a strong sort of osmosis. The water stopped abruptly and I was left to dry off as I was. I sat on my sleeping pad until I saw that something had come up through the floor. It didn't look like food, but I was famished. I went over and stuck a finger in the gelatinous mess on the floor. It tasted of nothing really, but it wasn't too bad. I ate what was there. I had no idea when I might eat again. A spout appeared in the floor and I drank water that tasted distilled. That is, no flavor at all. It shut off as I was gulping what I could.

I had been sitting there on my pad for what seemed like hours, attempting to get some of the other women to communicate with hand signals of sorts, but they all seemed to ignore me. At least, I saw no signs that they recognized my existence. The light suddenly blacked out and I groped to my sleeping pad. It must be time for us to sleep. Nothing for it but to oblige my captors, or sit in the darkness and mull my fate. I finally slept after a long battle against fear and anxiety.

The light again woke me up. I didn't really feel rested. I had no idea how long I slept, or even if they knew how long we ought to sleep. I only know I was still in my transparent cell. In the next cell was a woman, naked as I was, with long blond hair. Again, it was slightly matted, but she seemed clean from what I could see. Her breasts were small, but her nipples were large and swollen looking. She was thinner than the stranger from the past day. Was it a day? I didn't really know. But this woman was also rather attractive in her own way.

We all seemed to be sitting on our sleeping pads and awaiting something. After what seemed like hours Wonk, or its twin, came into the corridor and stopped before the woman's cell next to mine. Just as before, it herded her out and to my cell, which opened as she was made to enter. Again I tried to speak to her, and again she didn't understand. At least, she showed no signs of comprehension. I'm not sure if there were any pheromones in the air. I had thought about it, and I suspected that Wonk was running an experiment of sorts. Anyway, I felt myself becoming aroused again as I looked at the woman. Again, she appeared to be about thirty.

My penis was becoming engorged and pointing toward the transparent ceiling. Just as suddenly as before the walls turned black and a source of light allowed us to see each other. I felt myself approaching the blond woman and she was also coming toward me. I took her shoulders and tried to place her on my sleeping pad, but she had something else in mind. She knelt on the pad and drew me closer by grabbing my cock and pulling me to her mouth.

I was not averse to a blow job. But she seemed quite inexperienced at what she was attempting. Slowly, with gestures and movements of her head and face, I showed her what to do. As she got the hang of it she started licking my pecker all over. I forced her head down to my balls and she licked them. When she took them in her mouth I felt some pain when she used her teeth, but I showed her how to be gentler. She was learning quickly. Her hand began stroking my cock as she licked the head, and sucked upon it. Her strokes became more forceful and her sucking more intense.

My hips were starting to hump her mouth, as I attempted to fuck her face. She took my cock into her mouth farther than I thought she could. It was actually going into her throat and she was gagging as she struggled to breathe. I pulled out and she gasped, but began sucking even harder. Her hand strokes were more intense as she tightened her grip. As she jacked me off I got nearer to coming in her mouth. I could hold it no longer, and I didn't want to try. My jizz shot out and filled her mouth. She had a mouthful as she looked up to me. I made a gulping sound and acted out swallowing. She followed my example and took all my sperm down her throat. As the woman before her, she tried to smile, but failed at that. She did suck cock rather well, though.

With that, the walls became transparent once more. There was Wonk, waiting for the blond woman to come to it and exit out the opening. Again, they went down the corridor, not returning her to the cell next to mine. I was beginning to see a pattern. I was being used to give some sort of sexual experience to a woman, and then she was escorted out of our prison, of sorts. Perhaps to be tested in some way. But I hadn't been tested. Or had I? Really, I had no way of knowing what went on the first night I had blacked out. In fact, they might be testing me somehow at that very moment.

In any case, the day proceeded as the one before. I received my shower and got sanitized again. And, as before, I received my portion of "food" along with water. I was feeling hunger and thirst more and more. I don't believe that Wonk and its ilk knew how much a grown man needed to stay healthy. Not yet, anyway. If I was held much longer perhaps they would learn.

Sitting on my sleeping pad I considered my options. I came up with virtually nothing that I might do to escape my cell, and if I tried when the opening occurred again I had no idea where I would go, or whether Wonk would have some way to control me and force me back, or even destroy me. It was a quandary.

I watched the other women sitting silently in their transparent cells. None looked at me at all, nor at each other. It was as if they had an off switch and were shutdown. I was left to my own thoughts for the rest of the "day" until the lights again went out and I was forced to attempt sleeping once more. I did so at last.

Like before, in a oddly comforting way, I awakened again. I was still alive, after all. After some time Wonk appeared down the corridor. 

It went to the cell next to mine, as before, and herded the woman there out and into my cell. I had noticed her when I awoke. She had long, wavy, red hair. As always, it was matted, but she appeared clean. Her breasts were conical with pink nipples. Across her nose and on her cheeks she had freckles. As with all the women I had seen, her pubic hair was intact. It matched her hair, being ginger and curly.

When the walls turned black and the light was suspended above us she took the initiative. My prick had started rising as she entered the cell, and now it was hard and ready for what ever was needed. I had little control of it, except through fear, and I had basically lost my fear. I was still anxious, but I could perform sexually.

This time she immediately went to my pad and presented her backside to me. I knelt down and was about to fuck her pussy. She would have none of that. She reached under and placed my cock head at the entry of her ass. She clearly wanted me to fuck her there. Okay, I thought. Easy enough. I had never been allowed to fuck Belinda's rear, but I always wanted to. Now was my chance. I spit on my hand, rubbed it on my prick, and slowly entered her. She groaned, and perhaps complained non-verbally, but held still and took me as I sank my cock into her. It did fill her whole anus.

I tried to be gentle. I wasn't an animal. With slow thrusts I began to fuck her ass. With each stroke of my shaft she moaned, and then put her face down on her forearms, so that she could take me even deeper. I kept fucking and increased the tempo. If I was to come I needed to fuck her faster and harder. I did that and she took it all. I could hear her gasping for breath and I knew I needed to come quickly before she passed out. I started spurting my come into her hole and I filled it. So much so that as I withdrew much of my milk leaked back out her asshole. When I was completely out of her she rose abruptly, perhaps knowing the opening would be there soon. It was and Wonk hustled her out and down the corridor.

Going to my shower corner I felt the warm water cascade down and clean my body. Especially my prick. I was still lost as to what was occurring, but I had not been harmed yet. Far from it. I was a prisoner, for sure, but one with certain benefits. I wondered what they were learning from me.

The next day was different from the past three. Wonk came down the corridor, about the middle of the lighted period, and stopped at my cell. It opened and I knew I was to exit. Walking before Wonk down the corridor I let my curiosity overcome good sense, perhaps. I turned quickly and grabbed the substance covering it. I drew it away. It was a wonderment. There before me was another woman, apparently about thirty years of age, but completely hairless. Nothing on its head and nothing below. Completely hairless. With that I was thrust forward and almost fell. A metallic object was bounced off of my rear end and I was forced to proceed.

We came to a small room that contained an even smaller room. I thought it was a room. I found out differently when I was forced into it and the door was sealed shut. I smelt something coming from vents in the walls and I soon sank into that well of darkness again.

When I awoke I was lying beside my Land Rover. It took me some time to get my head to stop spinning. When I did I tried to espy anything around me that would tell me what had occurred. I couldn't. I climbed into my vehicle, started the engine, and then just sat there trying to make sense of it. It was apparent that some creatures had taken me captive to learn about various forms of sexual acts that we humans performed upon each other. The "women" I had been with sexually were clearly aliens of some sort in a human form. A form that had fooled me. They were still working on it though. For one thing they had been unable to manifest human emotions.

I checked my cell phone there in the caddy beside my seat. I looked and saw that several calls had come in. With wonderment I noted that it had actually been more that a week since I parked here that lonely desert night.

I needed to get home. After this experience I was not telling anyone what happened. I was no fool. And being no fool I was planning to teach my wife how to be a true wife. We had fifteen years together. Most had been good. Perhaps I had failed. We would talk about it and we would see if it could be mended. If I could make love to aliens from another strange land, then I could learn to love my human wife once more.

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