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Strangers In A Strange Place (part two)

Strangers In A Strange Place (part two)

Returning home from my...well...adventure in the Mojave Desert I found my wife, Belinda, alone and frightened. She had called the police when I had not returned from my conference in Vegas at the expected time. My business had also called her. I had returned, but she had not realized that I saw her fucking the pool boy. And then I had left abruptly, finally encountering my aliens in the Joshua Tree National Park. At a deserted gas station, to be exact. My story has been told earlier. This is a new chapter.

Belinda seemed truly glad to see me come home. Our first order of business was to inform the authorities that I had returned. They were certainly curious about where I had been, but I told them a story about needing to get away for awhile to feed my inner child. They understood such nonsense in California, and that was enough for them. They just told me it would be a good idea to tell someone the next time. It wasn't enough for Belinda. She knew me better. I thought I had known her. In any case, I wanted to speak to her about her frolicking with the pool boy.

When confronted with my knowledge she broke down and seemed to be released from some inner turmoil. At least, it seemed so, as she began sobbing and shaking as she sat by herself in a chair. My first inclination was to let her stew, but my sense of right and wrong was too strong. I took pity on her and knelt down before her and held her hands. With that she fell into my arms and cried her heart out, as her nose ran and soaked my shirt.

We certainly needed to talk about our lives together, and this had to be the time. Now, when she was opening up, and maybe I was doing the same. I had thought our life together was fine. I must have been mistaken. I knew it wasn't perfect, because we had sex so seldom. I was lucky to make love to my wife twice in a month. I had always thought that was strange, but otherwise our marriage was perfect. I was obviously wrong.

First I needed to know about Jeffrey. And whether he was the first or if there had been others. I told her she needed to be honest with me or I was ready to end the marriage, then and there.

"Johnny. You don't know. You can't feel the way I feel. Did you know, ever since that first time we were together alone I have had mixed feelings about sex with you? You came just from a touch. You were an adult and you seemed almost a child when it came to sex. I've never since seen you really blossom into a sexual being. I can take the blame if you want, but it has always affected how I approach sex with you."

"I never knew any of this, Belinda. You never said anything. How was I to know? You have to talk to me. I want the truth, please. Is Jeffrey the only one? Tell me that. I deserve to know that, at least."

"Oh god, no. No. Jeffrey's not the only one. I've had lovers ever since we married. I need sex. Can you understand that Johnny? I need it. I crave it every day. And I never thought you wanted me that way. Hell, you only ask for sex every month or so. I thought you did it out of duty or something. I love sex, Johnny, and I can't live without it often. I need it often and I need it rough. You're such a wimp, Johnny."

That was too much. Dammit! I'd always wanted to make love to my wife. It'd always seemed that she was cold and distant. I truly thought she was frigid, and now I found that she was actually a slut. That was what I'd always wanted. Fuck me! Talk about not communicating in a relationship.

I grabbed her up and held her in my arms. I thought I saw fear in her eyes, but she put her arms around my neck as I carried her into our bedroom. If she liked it rough she was going to get it rough. Hell, I had fucked aliens for crissake! I was going to fuck her until she begged for me to stop. No. I was going to fuck her until she begged for more, and then I was going to give it to her.

I set her on the edge of the bed. When I jerked her blouse open her buttons went flying. The bra was next, and then the pants and panties were torn off. When she was naked I picked her up by the waist and flung her onto the bed. My clothes were off in seconds and I was displaying a raging hard on. Her eyes were glued to my prick as I crawled between her legs. She was spreading them apart and pulling her legs up. I pressed my chest against her knees and I held my cock at the opening of her wet pussy. I rammed it in and she groaned. I was completely inside her and I began thrusting as fast as I could.

"Jesus, Johnny! Gahhhhh! Fuck my pussy, fuck it baby."

I'd fuck it alright. Jamming my hardness into her again and again I felt like her whole body was being shaken apart, but I kept fucking and she kept moaning and whimpering with pleasure.

"Deeper, harder, fuck Johnny!"

I was twisting the hell out of her hard nipples and she had her hands on my wrists holding me there, wanting more pain and more passion. I fucked my prick so hard I thought I would impale her but she took it and kept begging for more. I was about to come, but not yet. Oh no. This slut of mine needed to see who was Master here. I pulled out as she groaned in frustration. I grabbed the back of her neck, pulled her up, and thrust my prick into her face.

"Suck it you slut. Suck it and take it all, dammit. Eat me bitch!"

She eagerly gripped my prick and began stroking it, with her lips glued to the head. Her suction was bringing even more blood into my cock and I wanted to fuck her face now. I did. I rammed it into her mouth and she struggled to take it all, but she did. She wanted this. She wanted it badly. She was getting what I should have been giving her for the past fifteen years. Hard fucking and sucking. I could eat her pussy later, but first she needed to take all of her man's cock and adore it. I was fucking her face and she was sticking a finger into my ass as I exploded into her mouth. I held her head so she was forced to take it all in. She sucked it down and kept her lips tight around my cock. Spurt after spurt of come filled her mouth and she never complained. She wanted this as much as I did.

At last it was over, and it was quiet. I looked down into her eyes as she looked up at me. She smiled. Actually, I had not really seen that smile in so long I had forgotten how beautiful she really was. I lay down on the bed and she cuddled into my side as I put an arm around her. This was good. I had not forgotten all the men she had been screwing, but this was good. I'm not a vindictive man. I had clarity now. I could make this marriage work, if she was willing to ride along with me.

"Johnny, that was so bad, and so good. I needed that. I needed it a lot. If you can give it to me like that I think I'll understand why I married you in the first place. I needed stability, but I need the sex too. Can you understand? I just need it so much."

"Well, you can have it. You're going to be treated like the slut you are and you're going to enjoy it. That's settled."

She sighed and relaxed deeply into my arms. I thought she was going to sleep, but she finally spoke.

"Where were you Johnny? Were you going to leave me? Why did you come back?"

"Okay. This is going to sound crazy. But I'm perfectly sane. You have to believe me, Belinda. I know exactly what happened to me. Just listen and I'll tell where I was for over a week."

Then I recounted my abduction to somewhere by aliens. I suppose they were aliens. They certainly didn't seem human or from this world. I don't really know where I was taken. But I told Belinda all I could. Everything. I'm not sure, but I think the recounting actually turned her on. When I told of having sex with the strange "women" on what I supposed was an alien ship she shivered. I fucked one woman in her pussy, was blown by another sucking my prick, and finally, fucked a third until I came in her ass. While I told the tale Belinda was stroking my cock. As I finished she jumped up and ran into the bathroom to shower. I wasn't sure if she believed me or not. I went to the second bathroom and got cleaned up myself.

I had left a message with my business partners that I was taking time off to work on my marriage. By this time I was no longer an employee. I was a full partner in an engineering firm. I had no projects pending. I had been to the conference in Vegas to try to gain some new clients. Now I just wanted to take time to think about life.

Belinda came out dressed in the clothes she wore for hiking and camping. She told me to get ready because we were going out to the desert and look at where I had been abducted. She wanted to see it. She wanted to know. With a lot of conflicting thoughts I decided to do what she wanted. We were soon in the Rover and heading east. It was late afternoon. I would again be arriving at the spot during the darkness of night. And the moon was waning. There would be little light out there under the stars.

Taking the Interstate for most of the way, we arrived in about three hours. You are never far from the desert in Southern California. Hell, Los Angeles is basically built on desert land. When we got there it was still light out and I built a small fire with the dry pieces of dead shrubs I found behind the abandoned station. We were camping out for awhile. We had talked all the way here and Belinda wanted to spend the night and see what she could see. She didn't seem to have any fear. Perhaps because I had not been hurt, and had only been given the chance to have sex with beautiful creatures.

I had not forgotten about her straying to all the other men she told me about, but I still wanted her. I had for so many years in our youth. And even now I lusted for my wife. We sat close together on a large boulder and shared our warmth as the desert began its change from hot to cool. The desert at night can be chilling. This time I had taken time to stop and get some food that could be eaten cold when we were hungry. The night fell over us as vehicles passed occasionally out on the interstate about half a mile away.

Not knowing whether we would be sleeping there that night, I got some blankets and pillows out of the back or the Rover. I made a bed on the softest ground I could find, tossing aside the stones and gravel, and clearing a space. It was close enough to the fire for some heat. Belinda joined me. But unlike so many times in the past, now she was affectionate. She had begun to aggressively start making out with me. I took charge, laying her down and touching and caressing her in all the right spots. Her nipples were definitely hard, and I could feel a wetness forming in her crotch. I was certainly hard by now. I wanted some more of my wife, right here and now.

This time I didn't rip her clothes off. But I was quick to remove mine and she just as quickly followed suit. Her naked body was beginning to glisten in the firelight as her lust sweat was forming. Her pussy was really wet, with drops of liquid forming on her swollen labia. My cock was leaking pre-cum which she eagerly licked off. I wanted to eat that pussy. She had so seldom seemed to want it. Well this was my time. I would make her love it from her husband. I was prone on the blankets with my head between her legs. She spread them wide and tousled my hair as I began to suck on her clit. Her moans were lost in the vastness of the desert night.

My fingers were probing her cunt and I found her G-spot as she squealed and came. Then I licked each labium thoroughly and gave each a nibble. I looked up and saw her eyes were closed, and her face was grimacing with lust. Her nipples she pinched and pulled out, giving herself both pleasure and pain. I continued licking and nibbling. Then I got more aggressive and spread her labia so I could suck her cunt juices and ram my stiff tongue into her honey pot. She made more groaning sounds as she had another orgasm.

"Do you want my cock? Beg for it you cunt! Beg me to fuck you slut."

"Yes Johnny, yes. Screw me babes. Fuck me hard again. Oh shit, I want it so fucking bad."

That was all I needed to know. I got onto my knees and pulled her to my prick with her legs. I placed them on my shoulders and guided my meat into her slit. It was so fucking slick with spit and juices, and it sucked my cock right in. She wanted it hard, of course. I would give it as hard as I could. I rammed it fully into that greasy cunt and she cried out, and the night absorbed the scream of passion. My fucking was rapid and rough. In I would ram, to the depths of her pussy, and withdraw, almost pulling out, but back into the cunt. I was fucking as I spread her legs widely apart with my hands continuing to hump into my pussy. My fucking cunt, dammit!

She was panting as if she would pass out from the fucking she was getting but I continued working her pussy for all it was worth. I fucked her until my need to come was upon me and I could not hold off any longer. Strings of spunk filled her cunt and she moaned as she felt the hot seed burning in her pussy. I gave her several more thrusts to send more sperm into her and then I had to withdraw. I was tired, spent. My come was leaking slowly out of her pussy as she reached down. Her fingers lifted some come up to her lips and she tasted herself and me. She licked her fingers clean.

I had just started to move up to join her when I heard the wind pick up and the weird whining noise began again. I had heard it before. I grabbed Belinda and she held me. We were closer than we had ever been as I began losing consciousness. The last I heard was her voice calling out, "Johnny!" I spun into blackness.

Who knows how much later it was when I awoke. My head was aching slightly and I had an odd taste in my mouth. I rose up and found myself once more in the transparent cell. It was different this time. Belinda was in the cell next to me. We were both naked. But the difference was that I could see none of the alien women in the other cells. What I did see was my wife engaged in sex with three men. They looked like men. I had no way of knowing yet. One had black hair, while another was blond, and the third was a ginger. They looked like brothers because they were so similar. These three seemed to be made from the same mold.

I was on my feet and yelling but my voice was obviously not heard, or ignored by them. They continued their sexual activities, and my wife, my slut of a wife, was taking all they had to give, and did not seem distressed at all. The blond was feeding her his prick as she sat on his lap. It was stuck up her ass. The dark haired one was ramming his cock into her pussy. She was being penetrated in both holes. Actually, she had three holes full, because the red head was fucking her face as he stood beside the ones fucking her ass and pussy.

They seemed to be thrusting in unison. I could hear nothing, but I could see her body trembling as she came and her hand was stroking the cock she was eating. She was enjoying herself. I had too, when I had been here with the women. I could not blame her for that. I just wondered what the hell these creatures were trying to learn from us. Or whether they were actually learning anything at all. Maybe this was just a sex vacation for some weird creatures from another world or dimension.

As I watched from the other side of the transparent wall each man began to give indications that he was sending out his fluids. Whatever they had to ejaculate, they did now. And my wife took it all and seemed to enjoy it, like the slut she was. I wasn't jealous. Not much. Anyway, it was done and we both had shared the experience now. She knew I was not crazy or making it up. It had happened.

Now we would see what would happen next. Were they going to release us as they had me, or was something else going to occur?

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