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Sweet Little Red Riding Hood

This was the day Red Riding Hood had wanted all her life...
Sweet little Red Riding Hood…

Through the darkness broken occasionally by the moonlight stabbing between the trees, the little Red Minx was stepping with a confidence along the winding path.

Her petite figure was barely concealed with the short, plaid skirt flitting up and down, revealing glimpses of the sheer, white cloth that could hardly be called panties, contrasting against her glowing, brown skin.

This was merely a peek into her inherent nature.

Look along the lines of her toned legs peering out from under her flimsy cover down to the ankle-high, black boots and one could be forgiven for tripping over his – or her – tongue. As she kicked the stones of the path her hips swayed and her trim waist twisted in a rhythm that hypnotised the prying eyes of her followers.

She was a temptress, a danger to any mortal who might approach her.

But I was not just any mortal. I could gaze upon her face and look into those huge green eyes with pools of exotic ponds that swallowed many a man before me. And it was not only her eyes that swallowed men; her mouth shrouded with thick, luscious red lips had brought many a man to his knees and left them drained, sullen and dirty.

I had watched her devour men and women, leaving little of their sanity intact. But she had not met me – yet.

On this day, on her way to her Grandma’s house deep in the woods where she would be completely alone, she was in very high spirits.

She had just quenched her lust on the local woodsman. She had stripped him down to what God had blessed him with, for which he was well known in these forests by the wenches and wives of other woodsmen. She was too much woman for him, she had ridden him hard, milked him dry and left him a crumpled shell of a man.

Then on her way, her lips still moist from her conquest, her loins merely warmed, ready for her next encounter….

On this day, the scent of her opulent perfume and decadent sex wafted through the forest and a trail of suitors were attracted and forewarned at the same time of her presence.

I was waiting at Grandma’s house for her arrival, from where Grandma had fled knowing what was to come. I was aroused in anticipation. My muscles were warm and tight, my cock was hard and thick, bulging in my torn jeans. My black eyes sucked in all light and the vision of Red’s divine figure as she bounced gracefully up the path to the door.

‘knock, knock!’

I hesitated to provide some level of suspense. I was hot for this dirty girl, I wanted to punish her badly, so badly that she would never crave for another. My mane-like greasy hair, for which I was named the Wolf of the Forest, was slumped across my face, my skin on fire, standing to attention as she waited for my response.

“Who is there, at the door of Grandma’s?” I asked in my husky, dark voice. My sex dripping in anticipation.

“It is I, your Red Riding Hood, I have come to visit and satisfy my hunger,” was her sheepish reply. She knew I was there, that I would be waiting for her.

I opened the door and she merely slid her body against the frame, her hand extended towards my crotch. “I see you have been waiting for me,” she snaked with a sly smile.

Her hand reached forward to touch me, but I stepped aside and opened the door inviting her inside. “Welcome to Grandma’s house young Minx. Grandma apologises she was unable to greet you in person. But I am here to make you feel at home.”

She waded in, her aroma such a turn on as she passed me and sat on the edge of Grandma’s bed. I closed the door and moved towards her. I could see the white of her panties beneath her skirt, the floral lace of her bra busting out of her loosely buttoned top, bare waist and taught midriff shining in the lamp’s glow.

Her teeth smiled at me as her lips parted, “my oh my, Mr Wolf, what huge eyes you have?”
“All the better to soak in your gorgeous presence, dear Minx,” I replied with confidence.

“And what luscious lips and a thick tongue you have, Mr Wolf,” she beckoned me.
“All the better to drink the juices from your swollen pussy, young Minx,” I called back, moving closer to her. By now I was standing above her heaving breasts, my hand having slipped inside her top and gently squeezing her, sliding my fingers around her hardened nipple.

Gasping, she spoke, “And my oh my, Mr Wolf, what a huge cock you must have inside your tight pants!” and tore open the button on my buckle, extracting me and running her hand up and down my swollen shaft.

“All the better to fuck your arse, you dirty Minx!” I yelled at her as I pushed her back onto the bed and stripped the fabric from her body.

My mouth swallowed hers as my hands worked their charms over her aroused body. I sucked her firm nipples and sent her into a frenzy, while she stroked my leaking cock and massaged my shiny balls.

My fingers dragged their way down her torso, my nails scratching gashes into her skin sending her over the edge, thrashing and throwing her hips towards me.

“Take me Wolf, you fuck!” she screamed. “Take me NOW, you whore dog!”

My fingers were buried inside her, probing and sliding, sending shivers up her spine. One finger was lathered in her cum and that of her previous conquest and I slid that inside her anus, deep, deep, where it rubbed against the back of her womb.

“Please Wolf! Fuck me hard now! I have been such a bad, bad girl!” she pleaded with me.

And that I did. I pushed my long, thick cock in between her throbbing, sloppy labia and plunged as long as I was big.

She screamed and screamed, she came and came. With each climax her screams shook the pictures on the walls and the cups on the table. She humped and thrust as I banged and pushed myself deeper inside of her.

She raised herself and wrapped her arm around me, banging on my back, “you hairy cunt!” she screamed as I picked up her body on my hips and thrust her against a wall.

I fucked Little Red Riding Hood like she had never been fucked before, her wetness running down our bodies, her teeth buried in my shoulder and her arms tight around my back.

And finally I exploded into her, a burst of my own seed forced deep inside as I held her hard against me, filling her loins with my sperm, until she collapsed, motionless, exhausted and for once fucked by a master.

Later, I wrapped her body in the blankets from Grandma’s bed and carried her body in my arms heading towards my home. Her murmurs soft now, quiet, her lips mouthing “I love you, Mr Wolf,” and her hands tight around my neck. She was tamed.

The Red Minx rested for a while in my cave, then nestled herself in my lap.“I am yours now,” she spoke, “I am no longer Red Riding Hood, as now and forever I belong to the Wolf.”

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