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So many masked men, so little time
Natalie turned the padded brown envelope in her hands, the one that had arrived by mail that day. There was no sender on it, but her name was printed on the plain white label on the front. Somehow she sensed it was weird.

“Just open it,” her sister, Jeanette, told her. “It’s hardly likely to be a bomb, is it?”

So Natalie tore open the packaging, sticking her hand inside and bringing out a small figurine in a sealed plastic bag. “I hope it’s not some con,” she said, staring at the figure; two people intertwined. “It’s not like I’ve sent away for anything.”

“Is there anything else?” her sister said.

“There’s a note, I think,” Natalie said, pushing her hand back inside the envelope and pulling out a sheet of paper.

“What does it say?” the sister asked, looking over Natalie’s shoulder as she read out loud.

Dear recipient,

A well-wisher has chosen you to receive this exceptional gift. Enclosed, you will find a special figurine. This figurine will enable you to experience your deepest sexual desires. All you have to do is kiss it, and recite the incantation below. After that, place the figurine in a prominent place in your home and wait for your desires to be fulfilled.


Natalie giggled. “This is just silly,” she said. “Someone’s idea of a practical joke.”

“It’s not much of a practical joke if you can’t see the outcome.”

Natalie gave a little twitch of the mouth. “I see your point. This is weird.”

“Do you think we should, like, take it to the police or something?” Jeanette asked.

“Why?” Natalie said. “It’s not as if any harm has been done, is it? I mean if someone wants to send a cheap ornament and a stupid bit of paper. I mean, it’s obviously nonsense, isn’t it?”

“Could be a stalker about to stalk,” her sister said, but Natalie could tell she hardly believed that herself. Jeanette was just naturally protective of her little sister.

“It’s just stupid,” Natalie said. “What’s supposed to happen anyway? Magic?” She ripped open the plastic bag.

“You’re not going to do anything silly, are you?” Jeanette said, her voice more hope than question.

A flicker of amusement glistened in Natalie’s eye. Jeanette tried to pretend like she wasn’t superstitious, but Natalie knew that deep down her sister wasn’t so sure. And she liked to wind her big sister up. “Come off it,” she said. “You don’t believe there’s anything in this, do you?”

Jeanette bit her lip. “Of course not.” She paused. “But why risk it. Think of Elliott.”

“Exactly,” Natalie said. “I’m very happy with Elliott. Why would I have any hidden desires about to erupt?”

“All the same,” Jeanette cautioned.

“There’s nothing in any of it,” Natalie decided. “And I’ll prove it.” With that she swiftly pushed her lips up against the plaster figure and read the text at the bottom of the sheet out loud.

“What are you doing?” her sister exclaimed.

“It’s just a bit of a giggle,” Natalie said. “It’s obviously complete rubbish. Absolutely nothing will happen.” She went to her room, placed the figurine on the window sill in her bedroom and promptly forgot all about it.

The next day gave her plenty to do at work, and she didn’t arrive home until about seven, having stopped off for a quick drink to unwind a bit. Elliott was supposed to be picking her up at seven, but she’d texted him, putting him off for an hour so that she’d have time to get cleaned up. He’d understand if she didn’t, but she liked to make the effort.

Natalie had been going out with Elliott for a year now, and they still couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Even though she was feeling a bit tired, Natalie knew that once they met all that would evaporate. They’d go for a drive in his Merc, and maybe he’d screw her in some inappropriate place. Natalie liked that, the risk of being caught in the act, and Elliot liked indulging her.

With these thoughts running through her head, Natalie unlocked the door to the flat. The geeky guy from across the hall chose that exact moment to emerge from his own abode. Chances were, Natalie decided, that he’d been waiting, wanting to ogle her like he always did. Fucking perv.

The minute she entered the flat, she sensed that something was wrong. Slamming the door behind her, Natalie called out to her sister. “Jeanette!”

There was no reply. That was a bit weird. Jeanette should be home by now, and whenever she wasn’t, she always texted to let Natalie know. Maybe she’d just popped down to the shop.

Peering into the kitchen, the living room and Jeanette’s room, Natalie decided she was imagining things. Everything was exactly as it should be. She must still be a bit out of kilter after everything that had happened at work. She pushed down the door handle to her own room and stopped dead in the doorway, staring in shock.

“Hello, Natalie,” the woman inside said. She was wearing a glossy, black one-piece outfit and balancing on stiletto heels. Her dark hair was bunched up on top of her head. Carefully designed make-up gave her face a dramatic aspect.

Finding herself, Natalie enquired, “Who the fuck are you? And what have you done to my room?”

The question was justified. Aside from the wardrobes, every item of furniture had been removed. Where the bed had stood, there was now a huge mattress on the floor, covered in plastic sheeting.

The woman just smiled. “Excuse us for taking a few liberties,” the woman said. “Things could get a bit messy. Welcome to your fantasy, Natalie.”

Natalie just stared. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” she said. “Who the fuck are you? What the fuck is this sick fucking joke? And where the fuck is my sister?”

“Natalie,” the woman said, wearing a grin as wicked as her heels. “You did kiss the figurine and recite the incantation. That has to mean something.”

Natalie just gaped.

“But in answer to your question, your sister’s fine. She’ll be back when this is all done. You wouldn’t really want her here while it was all going on, would you?”

“While what’s going on?”

“Your fantasy, Natalie.”

Natalie shook her head. This was fucking nuts. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” she tried again. “I only kissed that stupid thing,” her eyes went to the figurine, which was still resting on the window sill, “to wind my sister up. I’m seeing my boyfriend in an hour. More like forty-five minutes now.”

“Don’t worry,” the woman said. “Time was suspended the moment you entered the flat.”

“Time was what? That doesn’t make any sense. You can’t stop time! What is this?”

“It’s your deepest sexual fantasy, Natalie. And you have all the time in the world to indulge. So why don’t you take a little time to think about it?”

Natalie shook her head again. “You can’t be serious!” she said.

The woman just smiled. “Oh, I think I can.”

For some reason that she couldn’t quite put her finger on, Natalie felt herself calming down. “Give me a minute,” she said.

“Of course,” the woman smiled.

Back in the living room, Natalie got out her mobile. The idea was to call Jeanette, to find out if she’d noticed anything weird today. But there was no signal. Even stranger, it was showing the time as 19:04, when at least ten minutes must have passed since then.

That freaked Natalie out. She walked round in circles trying to work things out. This was crazy, absolutely fucking, double-jointed, screw-topped, stir-fried crazy. It was like she’d ended up in some weird, alternative reality. And what had she done? Kissed that stupid figurine and recited some stupid words, that’s what.

So could it be true? That she was able to live her deepest sexual desires? Did she want to?

Natalie knew very well what her desires consisted of. Before she’d met Elliott, she’d been a bit of a wild child. With Elliott she got all the sex she could possibly want, but there were times when she remembered, and kind of missed certain things. In particular she missed the times when she’d had three guys at once. It had happened on four separate occasions, and those four occasions were the best sex of her life, regardless of how great things were with Elliott. But reliving it, well that would mean cheating on Elliott, wouldn’t it?

Staring down at the street, it didn’t look as if time was standing still. People were walking around, cars were making their way down the street. Soon Elliott would pull up to take her for a drive. She should be content with whatever sex was in the offing – and it would be great; it always was. But her mind was wandering. Remembering had sent a little tingle through her. Without making a conscious decision, Natalie headed back to her room.

“Is there any way anyone else gets to know about this?” she asked.

“None whatsoever,” the woman said. “Unless you tell them.”

Who’d believe me? Natalie wondered. Out loud she said, “Seriously?”

The woman gave an enigmatic smile. “I think you’ve come to a decision, haven’t you?”

Natalie felt herself nod, starting when the woman clapped her hands, and the sound was unexpectedly like the crack of a whip. “In here!”

Before she had any time to collect her thoughts, men were filing past Natalie into the room, lining up along the walls; a seemingly endless stream of men, all of them naked except for the black masks they were wearing, all with huge, full erections.

“Where the fuck have they come from?” Natalie asked, eyeing the stilettoed woman. “Why are there so many of them?”

“We’re talking about your deepest fantasy,” the woman said. “Most often that is kept so deeply buried we don’t access it consciously.”

Natalie could almost feel the floor move beneath her feet. She became aware that the woman was leading her gently by the arm towards the big, plastic covered mattress, and that she felt powerless to resist. Then, as the woman asked her to kneel in the middle of the mattress, Natalie realised that she wasn’t resisting because she didn’t want to. As if her ears were stuffed full of cotton wool, she heard the woman as a remote, supernatural voice.

“Go ahead, guys! She’s all yours! Deep down Natalie is a huge, fucking slut, and she’ll obey your every whim!”

What was the woman saying? But before Natalie had time to think about it, a man was stepping forward, onto the mattress, stopping directly in front of her, holding his erect cock, a big hunk of meat right before her eyes.

Natalie felt her lips part. She wasn’t quite sure if she’d leaned in voluntarily, or if the man had fed her his cock, but she was suddenly sucking on his meat. There was movement behind her, she felt hands on her, fondling her buttocks through her skirt. Natalie always wore tight skirts, even to work.

“That’s one fine arse,” a coarse voice said.

There were other hands, reaching round from behind, unbuttoning her blouse before groping her, squeezing her breasts through her bra.

“Great tits too,” another voice said.

The man in front of her had his hand on her head, making sure she was in the right position for him to move the big lump of sausage meat in her mouth. Her skirt was being pulled up; there was no fondling before her knickers were pulled to one side. There were fingers, doing exactly as they wanted, shooting in between her labia, straight up into her.

Natalie was shocked to discover just how ready she was for them. Shit, what was happening to her? This was completely crazy. Where had all these men come from? Would Elliott really never know?

Of course such questions could not be voiced or answered now. There were fingers pushing up inside her, other fingers pulling her blouse off, tinkering with her bra, unhooking it so that her tits tumbled out, exposed to the onlookers. Natalie’s breasts weren’t terribly big, but they were nice and pert, and Natalie was proud of that.

The cock in her mouth was probing every deeper, as were the fingers in her cunt. Natalie felt herself shift, parting her legs a little more. There was a voice; the woman.

“Is she nice and wet?”

“You betcha,” the coarse voice replied.

Natalie became aware that the woman was standing right next to her. “Open your mouth and stick your tongue out,” she said.

Natalie understood. She was allowed the leeway to shift her head, tilting her face upwards, extending her tongue and keeping her mouth open. Her pussy was being fingered hard, her nipples pinched as the man in front of her wanked his cock briskly. She remained there, completely passive on her knees, letting the men use her, not moving a muscle until there was a grunt, a hoarse, masculine cry, and huge strings of ejaculate were jetting out on her tongue and onto the area surrounding her mouth.

This seemed to serve as some kind of signal. She was pushed from behind, falling forward and catching herself on her hands. Fresh cum dripped from her mouth onto the plastic sheeting. Her skirt was unzipped, pulled down along with her knickers. Before Natalie had time to collect her thoughts, to prepare, she felt herself being penetrated from behind. Figures were closing in, one in particular. He grabbed her hair, pulling her freshly spunked lips towards his big cock. Somehow it came naturally to her to open her mouth.

The memories flooded over her, of her experiences with three men at once. She’d loved being spitroast. She hadn’t been familiar with that term before, but that’s what they’d called it; her. She’d loved being sandwiched between them; loved the feeling of being unable to do anything except submit to their cocks; one from behind, one from the front. The three of them had been friends, and they’d been like a well-oiled machine.

The sensation now was much the same. No one cock occupied its hole for long, but every time one was withdrawn it was quickly replaced with another. Occasionally she could taste her own juices and knew she was sucking on a cock which had not long before been in her pussy. She stood on all fours, completely immobile, letting the men thrust their cocks into her, letting them fuck her face, fuck her cunt; fuck her relentlessly, from the front and the back.

Was this really her deepest desire? All these masked men with their stiff cocks? These men who she had no idea who they were or how many of them there were. Herself no more than a vessel for their depraved urges? Then she heard the woman’s voice.

“Are you having fun, Natalie?”

There was no way of answering, not with a rampant cock moving back and forth in her mouth. Natalie could have made some sound, but the woman was talking before she had time.

“Of course you are. You love being spitroast, don’t you Natalie? Love having those cocks ravage you. Right little cock whore, aren’t you, Natalie? A right little spitroasted cock whore who just wants to be taken and used.”

Some chord within Natalie was struck. The same way it had been when the friends had called her spitroast. There was something delicious about the term. Something delicious and at the same time disgusting, perhaps slightly degrading even. But it had excited her. The woman was right. She loved being taken and used. She loved having more than one cock to play with, and here she had tons. Perhaps the woman was right. Perhaps deep down she was a little cock whore.

The thought liberated her a little. Elliott was supposed to be picking her up soon, but the woman had ensured her that time would stand still. Would it? The little trickle down the inside of her thigh alerted her to the fact that it suddenly didn’t seem that important. She gave a little moan at the back of her throat. Cocks were still moving in her, changing all the time. The cocks in her were never the same, but her mouth and her pussy were never empty. She gave another groan, and this time the stilettoed woman responded.

“Just listen to the little cock whore! She loves being spitroast. You could roast her for hours and she still wouldn’t be satisfied. So turn up the heat, boys. Shove your cocks as deep as you can in her willing holes. Roast the little cock whore!”

What was she saying? Natalie thought. Then the realisation dawned on her as she gave a new groan, that everything the woman was saying about her was true. It was the kind of thing that wasn’t supposed to be true, but it was.

The men were obeying the woman, too, driving their granite-like organs into her as hard as they could. The cock in her mouth was doing its best to force itself halfway down her throat. It wasn’t a problem; Natalie routinely deep-throated her boyfriend, but she felt grateful to her earlier friends, who had let her practise the art until she had perfected the suppression of her gag reflex.

Shit, they were fucking her so hard now she felt sure their cocks were trying to meet in the middle of her body. She groaned out loud again, feeling trickles down the insides of both thighs. This was completely mad, and quite wonderful. And very wrong of course. She’d be seeing Elliott soon, once this was done. She loved Elliott. She thought she’d put her wild days behind her. But just this once, just for old time’s sake. Anyway, there was nothing she could do about it now.

“Are you having fun, Natalie?” the woman asked again.

This time Natalie grunted at the back of her throat.

“Of course you are,” the woman said. “Enjoying being the centre of attraction, the little cock whore who likes nothing better than to be used as spitroast. The little slut who can’t get enough cock.”

“Uh-uh-uh!” Natalie responded as her mouth continued to be ravaged. It felt like her pussy was being punished as she was shafted hard, but then again it was so delicious it was hardly a punishment.

“But you’re not just a depraved cock whore, are you, Natalie? You’re a dirty cumslut too. Always ready for cum, aren’t you, Natalie?”

“Uh-uh-uh!” Natalie managed. Was she a cumslut? She hardly knew. It wasn’t exactly something she’d asked herself. She liked having sperm on her, more than inside her. Maybe she was a cumslut. She’d loved it when the friends had showered her body with cum after using her. Did that make her a cumslut?

“What do you say, boys? Do you want to treat the spitroasted little cock whore like the raving cumslut she is deep down?”

Nobody answered the woman, but Natalie found herself suddenly being unceremoniously tipped over on her back. She didn’t want for a cock for long. Her legs were pushed back and a man was on top of her, his cock penetrating her as his eyes stared at her through the holes in the mask. Harsh eyes that told her she was only fit for one thing.

There were bodies all around her as the man on top of her thrust his cock into her. Her head was yanked up from the mattress, her mouth forced down over a big cock. Hands were on her body now, rubbing her tits. Someone was teasing just above her clit, but not quite touching it. Other hands grabbed her wrists, bringing her hands up to other cocks, showing her that she was to wank them. She closed her fingers round them, tugging on the cocks, letting her mouth and cunt be assailed by other cocks, letting untold hands grope her, stroke her; hearing and seeing other men stroke their cocks as they looked on.

One of the cocks in her hand expanded. She continued moving her hand as her pussy was pounded and her face fucked. There was a grunt as from a lusty pig. Sperm landed on her shoulder, on her neck, on one of her breasts. Her head was yanked round, her mouth liberated.

“Tell the men what you are, what you want,” the stilettoed woman commanded.

Natalie didn’t hesitate. As she spoke she felt it was the absolute truth. “I’m a dirty whore,” she breathed. “I want all of your cocks, everywhere in me. I want all of your cum all over my body.”

She’d probably had all of their cocks already, she thought. The men were laughing, making ribald noises. She noticed that the remaining cocks disappeared, and she was left with her head being held by the stilettoed woman and cum on her face and body. Sticky cum, creamy cum, runny cum, making her feel debauched and delicious all at once. She remembered the feeling, those sessions with her friends. After they’d fucked her for ages and finally cum on her, only to leave her wanting more.

The woman dumped Natalie’s head back down on the mattress. Her gloved hand came out, rubbing the fresh cum into Natalie’s skin. “You heard the little whore,” the woman cried. “Fuck her as hard as you can everywhere; cum all over her slutty skin!”

Somehow the woman’s words corresponded with whatever was going on inside Natalie. “Yes, fuck me!” she breathed.

Her wish was attended to instantly. She couldn’t know if it was the same man who had just fucked her, only that it was the same kind of cold eyes piercing her through the holes in the mask, as his cock penetrated her cunt.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Natalie cried.

“Shut the bitch up!” someone said.

Her head was yanked round, a cock shoved into her mouth. Almost immediately she could taste the strong, salty tang and realised that he was cumming without really doing anything. The cock came back out of her mouth. A thick load of cum oozed out onto her top lip and round her mouth.

“Yeah! Cum on her slutty face!” someone encouraged.

“Like that, doncha, you little cumslut?”

“Yes!” Natalie breathed. “I love it! I’m loving every moment of it!” Her words came out all in a tumble thanks to the right royal humping she was being given.

Another cock entered her mouth, moving swiftly between her spunk-coated lips. Further down, the cock was pulled out of her. Hands grabbed her legs, pulling hard, forcing her body to fold back on itself, her buttocks to lift from the mattress. Fingers were touching her, sliding across her pussy and in between her buttocks.

Someone slapped a buttock. “Think she wants it up the arse?” someone said.

“She did say everywhere, the little whore,” a gruff voice replied.

With her mouth full, Natalie couldn’t say yay or nay. Not that she was any stranger to anal sex, not by a long shot. She let Elliott stick his cock up her bum on a regular basis. Elliott, who she was supposed to meeting soon, if not right now. Her attention was diverted immediately. Her head was twisted round so that she couldn’t see, but she could hear and feel. Hear the sound of men expectorating, feel their saliva strike her anus, or when the aim was out, her labia and buttocks.

She had a full length in her mouth as she felt a knob head up against her tight anus. The position wasn’t the most comfortable, and as the cock snaked its way into her back passage she tried to cry out. The cock in her mouth stopped anything but a “Mmmmuughhhmmmmm” from being heard. The men laughed and Natalie felt herself relax. She wanted this more than she could remember wanting anything else in her entire life.

Another man was up by her head now, demanding that she pay attention to him too. Natalie found it hard to concentrate on the two cocks. It wasn’t just the cock that was picking up speed in her arsehole, it was the hands once again groping her tits, fingers that suddenly pushed into her pussy, other fingers now rubbing her clit. It was the most insane sex Natalie had ever had.

She’d had it rough before, but never quite like this. The men vying for her mouth began slapping their cocks across her face instead.

“Oooooowwww Yeah!” Natalie cried out involuntarily. Her nipples were pulled and pinched, her arsehole stretched, her pussy excavated by rough fingers. She didn’t need the experience sweetened by the fingers on her clit, but they were a definite bonus.

Actually they were more than a bonus. There was definite orgasmic potential there. Once again Natalie’s attention was diverted. The woman grabbed her by the hair, one of the men holding his cock in front of her face.

“Make fucking sure that cock disappears in your mouth, slut!” the woman said. She shoved Natalie’s head towards the cock and all Natalie had to do was open her mouth, closing her lips when she knew she could clench them round the root of the cock.

“Just fucking listen to that,” a male voice was saying. “Listen to her cunt! I reckon we’ve got a gusher here. Right fucking dam waiting to burst.”

The fingers pulled out of her cunt, but the cock in her arse refused to stop. The fingers that had been rubbing her clit suddenly slapped it. Other hands slapped her breasts. Her body took her by surprise. Slapped and trapped as it was, it reacted violently, with one huge spasm. She tried to cry out, but the cock still shoved right the way into her mouth prevented her. Instead it felt as if her vagina was twisting in on itself as an enormous spurt erupted from her pussy.

“See, I was right!” the male voice said triumphantly. “A right fucking squirting slut we’ve got on our hands!”

Natalie couldn’t be quite sure what happened after that, only that her body suddenly felt stickier than before and the stilettoed woman was barking, “Sit on that cock, slut!”

Glancing to her left, Natalie saw one of the men laying on his back holding his rigid cock straight up. Without a second thought she rolled over, then forced herself to straddle him. Her body felt exhausted, but the moment she lowered herself onto the man, his big cock, she felt renewed vigour. “Oh fuck, yeah!” she gasped.

No sooner was she sitting on the cock, then she was pushed forwards. They were on her in an instant, one cock pushing at her mouth, another at her anus.

“Little slut!” the woman barked. “Cock whore! This is what you really want, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” Natalie gasped, and as soon as she’d said the word, they were inside her.

They were inside her, and they were like wild animals, pushing their cocks into her like sex-starved beasts, but still like that well-oiled machine. A more well-oiled machine than her old friends had been, and this was what she had enjoyed most of all. However much great sex she and Elliott had, this was the thing she missed, having all of her holes spoken for at once, being at the mercy of three men who just wanted her as their sex toy, a lump of fuck meat. Nothing else could rival that feeling of being completely occupied.

She loved Elliott, of course she did. Elliott who she was supposed to be meeting now or shortly. But, with a slight shock, Natalie realised that she loved this more. How could she have ever imagined that she would ever be content with just one cock? However little these men cared about her, they still gave her more pleasure than she would ever experience with Elliott.

She would have to deal with that later. For now her body was nothing but territory fallen victim to an invading force, but one she welcomed, as she did the things that were being said of her. “She really is a little cock whore, isn’t she?” “A total cock whore, I’d say.” “Sluttiest fucking whore it’s ever been my pleasure to fuck!” “Fucking slut can’t get enough.” “Little cock slut needs to be fucked until she can’t take any more!” “Dirty cumslut!”

The last word was accompanied by a growl and splashes on Natalies back. As sticky cum ran down her spine, the cock in her mouth was yanked out. “Are you a cumslut?” the man growled.

“Yes!” Natalie replied without a moment’s hesitation.

Right in front of her the man was pumping his cock with his hand. “You want cum, slut, you fucking beg for it!”

“Please,” Natalie began. She understood that there was a changeover in her rectum, but it all went so smoothly it felt like her arse was continuously pounded, just like her pussy.

“Fuck, that is one tight, fucking arse of whore!” a man grunted.

Natalie tried to concentrate. “Please, please!” she begged. “Give me your cum!”

“Again, slut!”

“Please, please! I’m a cumslut! I need cum desperately! Please give me…”

Now the cum came, in huge spurts, hosing her face, making her splutter when she inadvertently caught some in her mouth. Behind and beneath her the pounding continued unabated. Her hugely soiled mouth was invaded by a new cock.

She was supposed to be meeting Elliott now, or shortly. But how could she after this insane orgy? Surely the traces would be there on her body? She shouldn’t have agreed to it. But how could she resist? This was what she’d missed, this sensation of being occupied territory, every entry plugged, her whole body vibrating in time to the cock that plugged her arse, the one that pushed up into her pussy, the one that was doing its damndest to find its way down her throat. Would Elliot be willing to share her like this? And if not, was he really the man for her?

The cock came out of her mouth. Jets of sperm were flying out of it, striking her hard in the face, all over her face. “Ah-aaarggh!” Natalie exclaimed, closing her eyes. She was aware of cocks withdrawing at the other end. There were huge grunts. Male flesh was pushed against her buttock, emitting its sticky load. The man beneath her was moving his hand, and she felt his seed shoot out over her labia.

She received a slap right where the cum had been delivered on her buttock, making the liquid splash. “Turn around, slut!”

Natalie manoeuvred her body, hardly sure if she was exhausted or raring to go. She straddled the man who had just come over her labia, this time facing his shrinking dick, but feeling him open her newly spunked pussy lips. Then he began to lick her, his tongue roaming the area where he’d just delivered his cum.

This was a new one on Natalie, so unbelievably filthy and depraved that she felt body and soul go into overdrive. She said the first thing that came into her head. “Spitroast! I’m spitroast, nothing but spitroast! Use me, please! Use me!”

No sooner the word than the deed. In no time she had cocks back in her, one shafting her arse, another fucking her face. She had no idea what was happening to her pussy, except that it felt like her newly spunked twat was being seen to by innumerable fingers and tongues. She didn’t even know how that was possible. Fingers, tongues in her, on her clit. How were they doing that? Briefly she wondered if it was possible, getting Elliott to cum on her pussy and then clean her up with his tongue. Probably not, but it would be so hot! Then the pounding in her arse and the cock force feeding her reasserted their hold on her attention.

“That’s it,” a gruff voice said. “Cum for us, dirty fucking lump of spitroast!”

The men had realised it before she had, that she was on the verge of cumming. There was no tongue now, just fingers, digging their way into her tight, damp tunnel, rubbing and slapping her clit. That and the ever present cocks ravaging her mouth and arse.

“Dirty slut! Dirty cock whore! Show us how much you love being a lump of fucking spitroast! Cum for us!”

Natalie was dimly aware that her pussy was drooling, slobbering. Then she seized. She screamed, a flood of wet gushing out of her. The men were laughing and cheering. She collapsed to one side, not quite present, but still dimly aware of hands pulling her round, getting her on her back.

She saw them as if through a mist, the five men who gathered round her, holding, working their stiff cocks. The woman was speaking now, her voice little more than a ghostly echo. “Do it boys! She’s not slippery enough. Give her some more cum! She’s just a little cumslut, after all!”

Natalie’s head was swimming as the men grunted beneath their masks, unreality and reality merging. She saw their hands work, heard them, but still couldn’t quite move. As if on command, the five cocks started pumping, emitting semen; sperm jetting out over her face, neck, breasts and stomach. There was a stinging in her eye which brought her to.

“That’s my kind of cumslut,” one of the men said. There was laughter.

“Think she’s up for more?” someone else said.

“She’d better be. I haven’t shot my load yet,” a third said.

How many of them were there? She was supposed to be meeting Elliott now, wasn’t she? And even if what the stilettoed woman had said was true, about time being put on hold, could she be sure that what happened in her room stayed in her room? She was swamped in cum. How would she ever get it out of her skin before she met Elliott?

There was no time to consider this, as Natalie was rolled over, once, twice, then grabbed and dragged across the sheet, round the mattress. Her body slipped all over the plastic sheeting, which was messy and oily with sexual fluids. She could feel the liquid seeping into her skin; cum and drool and her own gushings.

As if she could read Natalie’s mind, the stilettoed woman said, “Well, this is a right mess.” She kneeled down next to Natalie, rubbing her gloved hand across the clotted cum on Natalie’s face. “You need to help us clean it up, Natalie.”

Still reeling from her previous climax, Natalie wasn’t sure she understood. Not until several masked men rolled her over on her stomach and the woman pushed hard on the back of her head, forcing her face down into the plastic.

“Start licking, slut!” she said. “Help us get cleaned up here! After all, half of it’s your own mess, isn’t it?”

The pressure eased, but Natalie had no doubts now about what she must do. She lifted her head, extended her tongue and began drawing it across the plastic, the strong odour of sexual fluids rising up like a vapour. It was impossible to tell from the taste if the liquid was her own or the men’s. Everything had blended. She found a large blob of white which had to be sperm and sucked it up between her lips, swallowing it without having to be told. Earlier in the evening she’d fancied there was a good chance she’d be swallowing down Elliot’s cum, not sucking up the cum of untold strangers. Nor had she imagined anything like the harsh treatment, or her own excitement when the stilettoed woman shoved her face down on the plastic again.

"Dirty cum eater!” she sneered. “Clean that mess up!”

As Natalie crawled across the sheet, dragging her tongue through the orgiastic fluids, disbelief threatened to overwhelm her. Even if all that guff about the figurine and the incantation was true – and there certainly seemed to be something in it – how could it be that this was somehow her deepest sexual fantasy? A nice foursome she would have understood, but not this. Nevertheless, the truth was that she was enjoying it, completely lost in all this depravity. The fact was, she wouldn’t mind a cock or more than one cock in her again.

Again, it was as if these people could read her mind. There was movement, her rear was lifted. In no time her anus was being stretched.

“Keep eating that cum, slut!” the woman barked.

Natalie dragged her tongue across the plastic as a cock burrowed deep into her arse before pulling back and out. The smell was overpowering, as if all that sperm and pussy juice was a mind-altering substance. The taste on her tongue was beyond anything she might have imagined, the taste of herself and of the men. Her mouth tasted like a pussy that had been spunked several times over. And still she licked and licked at the plastic sheet as the cock re-entered her.

She took its full length gladly, feeling it burrow into her up to the hilt before pulling out again. Natalie knew she had staying power in an orgy, but this went way beyond anything she’d ever imagined herself capable of. Her arse was stretched and emptied at more regular intervals. Somehow her anus seemed able to take any amount of punishment. Her arse was being slapped too, as she licked and licked, lapping up the fluids that had spilled onto the plastic. What was she but their sex object, their toy? She gasped out loud as her anus was penetrated yet again.

“Aaaaahhhhh! I’m an insatiable whore! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Natalie cried, unable to stop herself, hardly aware of the words she was using.

“Keep eating that cum, slut!” the woman barked as the cock filling her back passage began to shift and back and forth with intent.

As her tongue worked, a masked man appeared in front of her. She didn’t look up, but was only too well aware of his cum splashing down on the plastic, some of it going in her hair – not that her hair had escaped up to now. The woman was on her in a flash.

“Eat that fucking cum, you whore!” she commanded, shoving Natalie’s face into the fresh emission as Natalie was banged hard up the bum.

She gobbled up the fresh semen, but even before she was finished, another man ejaculated in the same way. She chased after the sticky goo with her tongue, her arse subjected to the incessant banging all the while. A third load appeared, then a fourth. Natalie was far beyond willing anything herself, subject only to the whims of the people in the room. She could feel it in her arse, the expansion. There was a huge bellow, the cock pulling out, only to splatter her anal opening with fresh, hot, sticky cum.

She was instantly bundled over on her back.

“Spread your legs!” the woman barked.

Natalie complied, staring down in amazement when she felt the woman’s gloved hands on her. Four men gathered round her head.

“Go on!” the woman urged. “Splatter the little cum whore’s face. Hose her down!” Somehow the woman managed to get a hand underneath Natalie. Two gloved fingers pushed up into her anus, the woman using the fingers on her other hand to probe Natalie’s cunt.

Natalie didn’t know where to look: at the four stiff cocks being wanked above her face, or down at the woman to see how many fingers were stretching her snatch. In the end, she closed her eyes, hearing the beating of meat above her, hearing her own pussy respond to the vicious fingering. Her mouth opened and she let out a moan, which took on a life of its own; loud, long continuous, like an animal howling at the moon.

“Cum on the dirty whore!” the woman barked. “Splatter her face with cum!”

Suddenly the men were doing just that, their sperm raining down on Natalie who just moaned and moaned, feeling the woman’s fingers dig into her other holes. She spluttered when some of the cum went into her mouth, but then opened it again to moan and moan and moan, feeling the cum on her skin, as if her face was melting.

“Cum for me, dirty whore!” the woman shouted, and Natalie felt her body respond to the command instantly. “Cum for me, dirty little cum-eating, cock whore!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Natalie cried. “I’ll cum for you! I’ll cum for you!”

The sound of her pussy was echoing in her ears as the woman fingered her two holes to the point of extinction. Natalie felt her whole body turn in on itself, seize. She had a vague idea she was gushing again, that her cunt was shooting out bucketloads of female sex juice, but really she was just one screaming, raging heap of cum-soaked, and now finally satiated flesh.

She became aware of the woman standing over her, slightly blurred. The soiled plastic was sticking to her skin, but she understood that the men had all vanished. The woman was smiling. “There, Natalie. Was that to your liking?”

Natalie blinked, trying to raise her body. The plastic moved with her, but the stilettoed woman bent forward to peel it gently from her skin. She had enjoyed it, far too much, and she could hardly bring herself to admit to herself how much, let alone this strange woman.

“I had fun,” she allowed herself to say.

The woman smiled, having the unnerving appearance about her of a woman who knows everything. “You know, Natalie, it can be quite difficult finding out things about oneself.”

You could say that again, Natalie thought. She needed time to get her head around all this. Especially since it was all completely beyond all bounds of acceptable behaviour – especially for a woman with a boyfriend she loved very much indeed.

“Has Elliott called?” she asked.

The woman smiled indulgently. “Don’t you worry about that. You’ve got plenty of time to get cleaned up ahead of your date.”

“But how? How long…?”

The woman became more businesslike. “Here’s the thing, Natalie. Although what you’ve just experienced was entirely real, shortly you will resume your normal life. You will retain the memory of what happened, and no doubt you will remember it fondly.”

Natalie tried not to crack a smile. The truth was that there would be fall-out from this from a personal point of view, but that was for the future to determine.

The woman continued, “Shortly your sister will return home. Everything in the flat will be exactly as it was. There will be no sign of what has happened. But before you go and take a shower, Natalie, I want you to do one thing. I want you to kiss the figurine while you decide who you wish to receive it next. Can you do that?”

Natalie nodded. The woman fetched the figurine and handed it to Natalie, who kissed it. Before she’d even formulated the thought in her head, the woman nodded back.

“Your sister,” she said. “Very well.”

Natalie just stared. It really was like they were mind-readers. “How do you do that?” she said.

The woman just smiled. “There seems to be little point in sending it,” she said. “I’m sure you can persuade Jeanette to kiss it and recite the incantation.”

She’d put up a fair bit of resistance, Natalie thought, but she’d do it in the end.

“Very well,” the woman said. “Time for a well-deserved shower, don’t you think?”

Natalie rose and wobbled into the bathroom. When she’d finished scrubbing the cum from her body and shampooing the sperm from her hair, she emerged to find Jeanette home. Checking the time, she saw she had just under thirty minutes until Elliott was due to pick her up. Everything might almost have been a dream, except that she knew it hadn’t been. She went to her room to dress in one of the skimpy outfits her boyfriend liked seeing her in. Everything was exactly as it had been before all this started.

Once she’d dressed, Natalie took the figurine from the window sill and located the letter that had come with it. Jeanette was sitting in front of the TV when Natalie approached her.

“Will you do something for me?” Natalie said, in the way she always had about her when she wanted something. Her older sister always found it hard to refuse her wishes, given time.

“Sure,” Jeanette said. Then, when Natalie had told her what she wanted her to do, she said, “You must be joking!”

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