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The crystal

In the future, there won't be any need to swipe.


The alarm was never very loud, nor did it last very long. It didn't even have a particular sound. But it was effective. Karen never slept through it. In fact, she never heard of anyone sleeping through it.

She sat up and opened her eyes. Her field of view landed on the window of her bedroom, but the status updates were what captured her first attention. The right-hand side of her peripheral vision listed the day's events. It was Tuesday, February 11th, 2042, 7:01 AM. She had a full day of classes at the university starting at 8. The left-hand side had her social media update counts. She dismissed those and called up the weather. It was going to be chilly - normal for Northern California at this time of year.

She got up out of bed and headed for the bathroom. As she reached for her toothbrush, a reminder popped up for her to take her birth control. She chuckled at that. The world was so advanced, but she still had to take a pill every day to keep from getting pregnant. Her friends chided her for being so old-fashioned. After all, modern sex wasn’t risky anymore. But she wanted to be prepared anyway. She grabbed the card with the pills, punched out the Tuesday one, took it and dismissed the reminder.

She finished getting ready for the day and headed back into the bedroom to get dressed. She picked her standard outfit for class - jeans and a simple blouse, with a hoodie to keep her warm. The last step to getting dressed was to grab the Crystal from its charging stand and shove it in her pocket.

"The Crystal" was an odd name for it. Her father told her stories about how when he was her age he had what they called a "smart phone" that he had to actually look at and even sometimes put up to his ear to listen to. She always thought it sounded incredibly primitive. The Crystal company popularized sensory implants for what was termed augmented reality. The Crystal device was just a small box that tied the implants to the Internet. She was so accustomed to carrying it around that it was almost a part of her. Well, in fact, the implants really were a part of her, after all.

She walked down the hall to the kitchen. She shared her apartment with two other girls, but they didn’t have early classes like Karen did, so she made herself a bowl of cereal. As she sat down, she commanded the BlueBird social media app up to run through her notifications. A bunch of people had given “+1” to the pictures from the birthday party for her roommate she attended last night. Most of the comments said it was nice to see things through her eyes, which was par for the course. She checked her private messages - only one from her Dad. He wasn’t really up on a lot of the modern social media, since most of that had shifted to AR and he always said he was too old to get implants. She appreciated his messages, though since she knew they were more effort. She replied with a quick thought as she shoveled another spoonful of cereal and milk into her mouth.

The clock in the bottom corner of her view told her it was time to go. She put her bowl and spoon in the dishwasher and looked around at the apartment’s front room. The walls were bare for her, as she hadn’t bothered to call up any decorations for them this morning. She thought about projecting a quick video cast of the news for herself, but there wasn’t time. She opened the door and stepped out into the morning light, letting the door shut behind her. 

Her first class in the morning was a physics lab. Most of her classes were hands-on, as there wasn’t really much need for old fashioned lectures anymore. Just about every class had a virtual tutor that taught the basics, and that could be done anywhere. The new methods weren’t really any quicker for Karen, though.

And so it went for the rest of the morning. After three different labs and a study session with a tutor, Karen headed to the cafeteria for some lunch. She put a small salad on her tray. A little bubble with “$45” floated over it in her vision and she acknowledged it. When the bubble changed to “Paid. Thank you!” She turned around and headed for a table.

As she sat down, she looked around. Several of the other people in the room had little bubbles floating above their heads. Some were just a name, some had social media handles. One of them was her friend Sara with a huge scrolling list of attributes and folders. Karen called up a wave and heart emoji and sent it to her. Sara looked up from her lunch and towards Karen and smiled briefly. A second later, Karen got a reply with a thumbs-up and a goofy grin. Karen chuckled to herself.

She scanned the crowd some more and noticed one of the faces had a red devil symbol above it. She focused in and saw it was a boy around her age. The icon was his membership in KinkCircus. KinkCircus was a closed social media system, so only members saw each other. There were lots of them, and many were built around bringing people together for quick hookups, but Karen eschewed most of them. KinkCircus was an exception. What turned Karen on most of all was being dominated. She longed, in fact, to be completely helpless at the hands of a sadist, but of course, that sort of thing was out of the question in reality. KinkCircus, however, could make that happen virtually.

Karen selected the red devil icon floating there and commanded “peek.” The icon expanded into the full public profile of the boy sitting under it. She scanned it. His name was William and he was straight and enjoyed spanking girls and school scenes. She smiled to herself and thought that sounded like fun. She composed a message, “Hey, ‘teach,’” and sent it to him.

He looked up and smiled in her direction. She gave him a moment to examine her profile and then a reply arrived, “Hey. Have you been naughty?”

She quickly answered, “Yeah. Let’s do this before my next class.”

She closed her eyes brought forward the KinkCircus app. William’s icon was already on the menu and she picked it and brought up the “classroom” scene kit. She selected the “costume” function and found herself in a white space with a mirror in front of her. Her nude body looked back, a perfect reflection of what she looked like. She had red, shoulder length hair, C cup breasts that had puffy areolas, and had a thatch of red pubic hair that covered her crotch. She though to herself that she needed to look a little younger to be in character, but didn’t want to not be herself. So she changed her hair to a pony tail and got rid of the pubic hair. That was better.

Now to the outfit. The app had a wide selection of school themed outfits. She flicked them by in front of her and suddenly caught sight of a cheerleader outfit and chose it. Instantly her nude body was replaced with dance pants under an extremely short skirt, a halter top with a bare midriff and big letters “KCHS” on the front, athletic shoes and short socks. She smiled and nodded to herself. She exited wardrobe and entered the scene room.

Instantly she was in a classroom among the desk seats in front of a large teacher’s desk. A man was standing between the desk and the chalkboard on the wall. He was writing “Detention” in large letters. He turned around to face Karen. She could see that it was the same guy, but had made himself look older. He was wearing a brown suit jacket, a tie and corduroy pants - every bit the picture of her high school math teacher. Just for the briefest moment he smiled when he saw Karen, but then made his visage stern. 

He said, “Karen, your behavior in class has been unbecoming of a cheerleader. You’re supposed to be an example of leadership to the rest of the students. If you keep up this kind of behavior, I’m going to have to recommend you be removed from the squad!”

Karen smiled and thought to herself, “Wow, he’s pretty good at this character. This should be fun.”

She played along, opening her eyes wide and pleading, “I’m sorry, Mr. William. I promise I’ll do better. Please don’t kick me off the squad!”

“I’m inclined to give you one more chance, Karen, but I need to make sure you learn a lesson from this. I’m afraid that means a session with the school paddle. Come here.”

Karen’s face felt flush. She took small, halting steps forward toward the desk, holding her hands in front of her nervously. She thought to herself that this was starting to get hot, and she could feel warmth radiating outward from her pussy.

Karen arrived in front of the desk. William commanded, “Now bend over and grab the opposite side of the desk. If your hands move, then your punishment will restart. Is that clear?”

Karen’s voice was a bit shaky as she replied, “Yes, sir.”

She felt her skirt being flipped up over her back and then two fingers reaching into the waistband of her dance pants and then with no pause they were yanked down to just above her knees. She felt a cool breeze waft over her pussy to illustrate her exposure.

William came around the desk into her field of view and opened one of the desk drawers and removed a large wooden paddle. Karen’s eyes grew wide as she got a good look at it. It was at least a foot and a half long and had a dozen holes in it. The dark stain made it look even more foreboding.

William walked back out of sight and presently she felt the cool wood as it gently patted her ass cheeks. William said, “Are you ready, Karen?”

Karen grabbed the edge of the desk harder and half-whimpered, “Yes, sir.”

A second went by and then the gunshot-loud sound of the first stroke hit her brain followed almost instantly by the pain of the impact and the heat of its aftermath. Her head shot up and her voice emitted a loud high pitched “ooooowwwwwww!”

Before her first exclamation ended the second stroke landed and her voice repeated its urgent exclamation. The third stroke landed before she could catch her breath, and she screamed again, “Owwwwe! God! Oh my GOOOOOOOD!”

On the last word, another stroke landed. It was just too much. Karen had been spanked plenty of times before, but this was too hard too fast. The fiery pain that normally made her pussy wet and excited wasn’t there this time it was just too intense. She opened her eyes...

She took a strong sharp breath in, but her emotions cleared up almost instantly with the scene gone. The pain she had felt moments ago vanished instantly. The cafeteria had a different mix of people in it, but it was still crowded during the lunch hour. She looked around nervously, but if anyone had seen that she was “shelled out,” they took no notice. In fact, as she looked around, Karen spotted a couple of other people motionless with their eyes closed.

“Too much?” The message startled Karen. It was from William.

Karen took stock of what she had just experienced and scowled to herself, “Yeah. I mean, don’t you ever warm someone up first?”

“Well, would a real teacher if he was punishing a student?”

“Maybe, but would he pull her pants down too?”

“Well, I’m sorry. You want to try again?”

Karen rolled her eyes to herself. “No, I have to finish my lunch and get back to studying.”

William didn’t reply to that. Karen issued another command and an “X” appeared in the corner of William’s profile. He wouldn’t know explicitly that she had blocked him, but she wouldn’t be alerted by KinkCircus to his presence anymore and neither would he.

Karen sighed. She wondered if she was being too picky. It wasn’t as if he had actually hurt her. She shook the thought away. He may not have hurt her, but it wasn’t any fun. If he had been just a little gentler, she would have gotten into it and... well...

She sighed and turned back to her lunch. 


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