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The Good Fairy

Who said fairy tales couldn't be erotic

Lisa was beautiful. Just 23, married for six months, she was slim, with full high breasts, a delightful bottom and long legs. She had married her dream man, James; darkly handsome, strong and virile. They were deeply in love and made love every night.

This Friday it was the same as every night:

They switched off the lights and James immediately turned and took Lisa in his arms and kissed her lips and her  breasts and stroked her pussy with his hand. Then he mounted her and entered her, thrust inside her seventeen times and ejaculated. Kissed her deeply, told her how much he loved her, rolled over and went to sleep.

Lisa lay awake for a long time. She loved James so much and he was so good in every way except the one that mattered so much to her since they married. But Lisa was a shy girl and she did not know how to tell James what she needed.

In truth she wasn’t sure what she needed because she had married as a virgin and her inate modesty prevented her from exploring the world of sensuality.

So she lay awake on her side and a tear slowly formed and plopped onto her pillow.




“SHIT” snapped Tinkerbell on a planet far, far away, known as Fairyland.

Tinkerbell was the duty fairy for planet earth that night and her job was to handle any unhappiness that needed fairy skills and her magic wand.

Tinkerbell had hoped it would be a quiet night for she had half promised some goblins that she would join them in a poker game. This suited Tinkerbell as the goblins were lousy poker players and invariably contributed to the hoard of stardust she was gathering in the chest under her bed. They also always brought lots of beer and once they had lost all their money were fond of having a gang bang with a willing female fellow player.

As goblins invariable have large cocks, pleasantly studded with warts which produced all sorts of interesting feelings within Tinkerbell’s eager sex channel, it was going to be a great evening … until the vibrations of a distant tear flew through the eternity of space and landed on her ultra-sensitive antennae.

It was an unmistakable cry for help and Tinkerbell was a good fairy – a VERY good fairy the goblins would snigger in their locker room – and when the cry for help came she was all action even though she muttered a few curses.

Trotting to the teleport room, she dialled in the address, reduced herself to the size of a photon, entered the chamber and pressed the button. It was a massively long journey so five minutes later she was deposited on the steps of a large New York apartment block.

Eyeing the entrance, Tinkerbell dusted herself down, adjusted her size to a centimetre high and slipped under the entrance doors. A security guard was immersed in a porn magazine and Tinkerbell fluttered by him, pausing only to glance at a picture and say to herself “not a bad cock for a human” before flying up the stairs to the tenth floor.

She fluttered along the corridor, slid under the door of 1088 and made her way to the bedroom. Sure enough a young couple were asleep and Tinkerbell perched on the window ledge to assess the situation and tuned her antennae into the man’s brain waves.

It did not take her long to spot the problem and she muttered “the silly fucking bastard” as she pointed her antennae at the sleeping woman.

Two  minutes later the datum was complete. “The cow is a stupid as he is”, she muttered, fluttering to the bed where she parked herself next to James’s sleeping ear and began whispering urgently into it. The instructions she fed into James’ sub conscious were clear and precise and Tinkerbell had no doubt that they were registering. She smirked as she saw a tent appear in the sheet and, after feeding in a few extra suggestions based on her personal preferences, she gently slid the sheet down and surveyed the erect cock thoughtfully.

There is definitely room for improvement, she thought, and tapped the organ lightly with her wand causing it to lengthen some two inches. Immediately she saw a certain lack of symmetry and another tap thickened the organ until the proportions were perfect.

Remembering what she had learned from Lisa’s brainwaves, Tinkerbell decided that the couple had a lot of fucking to make up and a final tap caused James’ testicles to grow to a highly satisfactory size.

Pleased with her handiwork, Tinkerbell fluttered over to Lisa’s side and again began whispering urgently. The sleeping woman began to moan quietly and Tinkerbell was pleased to see her nipples harden.

The good fairy eased down the sheet and surveyed the sleeping body. “Wouldn’t mind a bit of that myself”, she thought and quickly fed some thoughts of delicious bisexual experimentation into Lisa’s sub conscious. “Should match the bits about swinging I’ve stuck in lover boy’s brain,” she smirked.

Muttering one of the strongest fairy spells, she tapped Lisa gently between the legs and ordered her clitoris to grow. It immediately did and Tinkerbell gently removed a few clitoral cells and tapped each of Lisa’s nipples, transferring the cells and giving the fortunate woman the ability to reach orgasms as soon as her breasts were aroused.

Normally Tinkerbell would have hung around to observe the results of her handiwork but the thought of six goblins, their cocks erect and eager, waiting for her on planet far, far away, was too much for her and she fluttered back to the street, shrank herself to a photon, tuned in to the teleporter and began the long journey home.

As the journey was now all uphill, it took a long half hour before Tinkerbell landed.

But moments before she started the journey, James awoke, turned, saw Lisa’s naked body and was hit by a wave of lust such as he had never experienced.

He grabbed Lisa and pulled her to him, kissing her with passion such as she had never known before and then moving his mouth to a breast that seemed larger and firmer than he had ever known. The effect was near instantaneous. Lisa was hit by an orgasm that coursed through her body and she heard her voice shout, “James I love you and I want you and I want you to fuck and fuck me until I can’t take any more. I want to take that lovely cock in me and I want you to stay in me until I cum and cum, you lovely fucking man.”

She was somewhat shocked at her language, but soon didn’t care, for James, also shocked for a moment, found himself responding in kind and telling her how much he loved her, how much he desired her and how much he wanted to fuck her to exhausted satisfaction.

He was delighted when his wife’s response was to slide down the bed and for the first time in his life he felt the warm wetness of a mouth sliding up and down his cock. After five minutes of that he was close to cuming and he pulled free and, without knowing quite why, wriggled down the bed and slid between Lisa’s open legs. He had never seen her pussy close up before but he thought it looked wonderful and his tongue snaked out and caressed it.

It tasted wonderful too and there was a fascinating little lump and when he touched it with his tongue Lisa wriggled delightfully and he heard her moaning “Oh James that so fucking good, you are  such a brilliant lover, make me cum hun, make me cum and I’ll be so fucking wet and ready for you.”

The word excited James even more and he set to work with a will, teasing the little bump, sucking it and revelling in his first taste of a pussy that was flooding with juices. They were, he thought, divine and he wondered why he had never thought of this before.

But he ceased to think of anything when he felt his beloved’s body convulse and her pelvis thrust urgently against his mouth and heard her croon “oh my love, I’m cuming, I’m really cuming, I love you so much, so fucking much and I want you inside me, now, now, now, Give me that lovely cock  of yours.”

And so James slid up her body and his cock slid into his wife’s wet and eager pussy, stretching the cuntal muscles and filling her as she had never been filled before. Lisa was momentarily startled by the size and length of James’ cock but the thought was fleeting as she found herself, for the first time in her life, being fucked with power, confidence and stamina.

She knew instinctively that this time James would go far beyond his usual 17 thrusts and pitiful ejaculation and that she was going to be taken as a woman should be taken, long and hard until she exploded, begging her husband to fill her with his seed.

And so it happened. For a full fifteen minutes minutes, James revelled in his new manhood, whispering words of love and lust until their love-making, as good love-making should, suddenly became a humping, thumping, no holds barred, cum spurting, screaming fuck and the earth moved for them both.




Meanwhile, on a planet far, far away, Tinkerbell hopped out of the Teleporter, dusted herself down and grew herself to exactly three and a half feet high as she knew that was the ideal height to be fucked standing up by a horny goblin and she enjoyed stand up fucks.

She was checking herself in a handy mirror when a vibration roared through space with such force it knocked her antennae sideways and nearly toppled her over.

Readjusting her sensory organs, she smirked and said: “Mission accomplished, strike one more for the good fairy.”

Breast thrusting, hips swinging she set off to the goblin’s locker room and peered through the window.

What she saw brought a smile to her lips. The goblins had got bored with impoverishing each other and were sprawled naked round the room stroking their warty cocks. AND there was still a six pack of beer left ….

Tinkerbell strode through the door and demanded: ”Which of you bastards is going to fuck me first?”






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