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The Microbrew 2 - Zylen's Family (Part 2)

The Microbrew 2 - Zylen's Family (Part 2)

Phoebe learns more about her new family before a big surprise changes everything.
I woke up in a strange room on a bed I didn’t recognize. I started to panic when I heard, “Relax my love.”

I looked up to see the gentle green eyes of my loving husband. “Zylen?”

He stroked my hair and smiled. “Welcome to my bedroom.”

I looked around and realized this strange room was his. It had Zylen’s essence all around. “How did I get here?”

“I carried you in after you fainted.”

I closed my eyes and tried to remember all that had happened. “I don’t remember fainting.”

“What do you remember?”

I took a deep breath, then shared with Zylen everything I could remember including what occurred in the interrogation room with Uri. Zylen’s eyes darkened, anger filled his face, and he darted out of the room before I could stop him.

Zyana and Kizzy rushed in and helped me up. I was weak and had difficulty standing. I could hear Zylen yelling, but I couldn’t make out his words. Zyana and Kizzy put their arms around me and escorted me out of Zylen’s room. We entered the sitting area where Zylen and Uri were fighting.

“How the hell was I to know who she was?” screamed Uri.

“Maybe if you had let her talk you might have known!” yelled Zylen.

“I did talk with her!”

“No!” I shouted getting both men’s attention. “You accused me of theft.” My words were directed at Uri. “You never asked me why I was a member of the crew. You assumed I had stolen my uniform and hurt someone.”

“Because two of my children were members of that crew!” snapped Uri.

“But you didn’t believe me. I know you were pissed when Vlad came to my defense.”

“He came for Arti,” said Uri. “She told him about you.”

“Because she knew I was in trouble,” I said.

“Enough!” shouted Luna. “Uri, Phoebe is Zylen’s mate. Like it or not, she’s here to stay. Zy, you know how your father has felt about creatures from other worlds. You chose to keep this a secret from us both so you shouldn’t be surprised at how your father reacted. And poor Phoebe,” her voice softened, “poor Phoebe has done nothing but love our son. Uri, why don’t you try to get to know the newest member of our family while Zyana and I finish dinner?”

“Me?” squeaked Zyana.

“Yes you,” said Luna. “You already know Phoebe, so you can let Kizzy and Dax get to know her. In fact, Zylen, you come help me as well. Uri, you behave, or else.”

Zylen looked at me and mouthed, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I mouthed back, then watched them both leave the room with Luna.

Kizzy escorted me to where I was sitting before and sat next to me. Dax and Uri sat across. There was a tiredness in Uri’s face I hadn’t noticed before. If the mind connection made me faint and left me feeling weak, how did affect him? Did he faint? Was he surprised at what he saw? One thing I did know for certain, things between Uri and I would never be the same again.

There was an awkward silence, when finally Kizzy asked, “So Phoebe, what did you do on Earth before you joined the ship’s crew?”

“I was a teacher,” I said, softly.

Kizzy’s eyes grew wide. “So is Dax!”

I looked over at Dax who said, “Mother always said follow your heart.”

Suddenly we had common ground and Dax and I started sharing teacher stories. Kizzy is a scientist working on more efficient fuel for the ships to visit other planets. The three of us chatted away happily, but Uri sat quietly and listened. I almost forgot he was there, but then I’d see him out of the corner of my eye, almost smiling. The tiredness I noticed in him earlier seemed to be passing.

Perhaps it was more of a surprise to him than it was to me. I knew I had connected with him because of my relationship with Zylen, but I had never experienced something so powerful before, except when Zylen and I were making love. Part of me wanted to talk with Zyana about what had happened, but part of me wanted to talk with someone who wasn’t related to me by marriage or blood.

Luna called us all in for dinner. I sat between Zylen and Zyana, and across from Dax and Kizzy. Luna and Uri were at the two heads of the table. The meal was delicious and little was said about what transpired between Uri and me, to which I was glad. Zylen and Dax sat near Luna, Kizzy and Zyana sat near Uri. I was the first one to finish my food, and I had two servings of everything. Once the meal was done, and all was cleaned up, I used the restroom. I had washed up and was heading out when Uri intercepted me and asked for a word. I followed him outside, behind the house.

Uri paced around then said, “I’ve never had such a connection with someone like I did with you who wasn’t my wife or one of my children. It makes me wish I had touched you sooner.”

“Oh?” I asked. I wasn’t sure being alone with Uri was a good idea, but being he was my father-in-law, I did need to give him a second chance.

Uri nodded. “Zylen and Zyana are special. Did you know that?”

“Because they are twins?”

Uri gave me a strange look. “Twins?”

“It’s what we call two children who were born at or near the same time. They both grow within the mother at the same time.”

“Ah yes. Did you know this about them?”

“No, not until today. I didn’t even know about Dax or Kizzy until just before we landed.”

“I knew you were coming. I just didn’t know you were with Zylen.”

“Your thugs were terrifying.”

“Good,” said Uri, with a sly smile. “That is their job. Just know, if I knew who you really were, they would have never touched you.”

On some level, it made me feel better. Yet, it upset me that he was this way with creatures from other worlds. “So, because I married your son, that makes me all right? What if I wasn’t married to Zylen? What if it had been Rhys? Or Vlad? Or anyone else on the ship? You don’t know me. You haven’t even tried to get to know me.”

“You’re right. But I’d like to try now.”

I bit my lower lip. “Okay. That would be nice.”

“And I promise to treat our alien guests better.”

“Okay. What about me do you want to know?”

“I know I saw images from your mind earlier, but please, tell me… what was it about my son that made you want to spend your life with him?”

Uri and I began to walk around the yard as I told him what kind and loving man Zylen is, and how he’s never been anything but wonderful toward me. We rounded the front of the house, past the beautiful flower garden, and walked down the street. I continued sharing stories about how we met in the bar, how Zyana has been teaching me their culture, (I left out the mind connection as it was kinda personal and creepy to share with my father-in-law), and anything else I could think of. It wasn’t long before we were so far I could no longer see their home, and I got nervous. I wanted to trust Uri, but I was still having issues because of what had occurred with us before.

“Uri, shouldn’t we head back?”

Uri looked around, then said, “Not yet, I want to show you something.”

I wasn’t comfortable with this, but me and my big mouth didn’t pay attention to where we were going and without Uri, I’d never find my way back.

“Okay,” I said.

We continued on until we reached what looked like a park with a playground. There were a few families with children on different pieces of equipment. It took me a moment to recognize it from Uri’s memories, and the family pictures I had seen earlier.

“This is where I took all my children to play when they were young. Zylen and Zyana would never leave the other’s side. It’s why they are both medical officers. It’s just funny to me that they differed slightly. Zylen can heal the body, Zyana can heal the mind. Together, they are an amazing team. You’re the first thing they haven’t shared that I know of.”

“Excuse me?”

“They shared their toys, their clothes until Zyana got older, their friends, everything two children could. It does concern me that Zyana hasn’t found a mate, but she is a bit pickier than her brother.”

I smiled. I was glad they didn’t try to share me more than they did. I’m not sure I would have gone for that. “They are a pair.”

“Agreed. I hope one day when you bear Zylen’s children I might bring them here as well. That is, if you will allow me to do so.”

I thought about the pictures I had seen, and how happy the children were. I looked at Uri and thought about my dad. “I think that sounds like an amazing idea, Uri. And I think our children will love having you for a grandfather.”

Uri smiled gently and stroked my cheek. I felt a warm, loving sensation, and I knew we had reached a peace between us. “Shall we go? I’m sure by now they are starting to worry.”

We made the trek back to the house. A few vehicles passed us causing me to jump, but none stopped. I was still fearful, though my level of fear had gone down. I wasn’t worried about Uri sending me away, but I knew others felt the way he did. We continued to talk about an assortment of topics including how soon he could expect my having a child. I used Zylen’s line about how it would happen when the time was right.

Uri told me that once I was with child, Zylen and I would participate in the traditional joining ceremony. Vlad’s words about why they mate echoed through my mind. At least Uri wasn’t demanding Zylen and I separate. I know that would have hurt worse than any pain I could possibly experience. Just knowing he was accepting me for who I am was enough. It allowed me to look forward to what might be coming next.

Uri was right, the family was starting to worry. Zylen held me tight for the longest time, telling me how much he loved me, and how worried he was. I assured him, I was fine and Uri and I had a nice, long talk. Luna was thrilled to hear we had bonded. Zylen and I stayed with his parents in his old bedroom, as did Zyana, Dax, and Kizzy (in their respective bedrooms though.) Luna said she couldn’t remember the last time all the kids slept in their old rooms.

As Zylen and I got ready for bed, he said smiling, “You know, you’re the first girl I’ve ever brought into my bed.”


“Yeah,” he said, pulling me into a hug. “I just wish the first time wasn’t because you fainted.”

“It was because your father touched me.”

“I don’t understand.”

“We connected mentally. He read my mind, and I could see his thoughts and fears. He thought I was there to hurt you.”


“You, your sisters, your brother, and your mom. Your father loves you. He was just so emotional that he couldn’t help how he felt.”

“It’s odd that you picked up on it like you did.”

“It’s probably because of the work Zyana had done with me. It seems I’m getting better at picking up emotions.”


There was something about Zylen’s response that didn’t sound right to me, but I didn’t want to cause a fight. What was worse, I did agree that it didn’t make sense.

“Zylen, your father was rather emotional. He saw me a threat, a danger. To be fair, I was terrified too. He had called for a unit to take me away, wouldn’t let me talk, and when he pulled out that weapon-”

“What weapon?” interrupted Zylen.

“I don’t know,” I said. “It looked like a gun, but it wasn’t either. He didn’t hurt me.”

Zylen tried to leave but I stopped him. “Let me go, Phoebe.”


He struggled against my grip. “I said, let me go, Phoebe.”

“NO!” I exclaimed, holding him tighter. “I saw when we connected he had no intention of using it unless I attacked him or one of you. He was only trying to scare me so I wouldn’t hurt you or your family. He had no idea that we would connect like we did, but he knew, he knew when we connected… I would never hurt you… or them.”

Tears fell from my eyes. Zylen reached down, wiped my tears, and stroked my cheek. As always, his touch made me feel so loved. “You know tomorrow he and I will talk about this.”

“Fine! Tomorrow, after you’ve calmed down.”

“Fine,” he said.

Zylen hugged me tight until I stopped crying. Then he said, “You know the worst part was watching your body shake and convulse, then hearing your screams as if you were in pain. I was sure you were injured until Zyana was able to touch you.”

That explained why my body ached like it did. “Did your father react the same way?”

“No, not as violently as you.”

“How did we separate?”

“Mother and Dax took Father, Zyana and I went for you. Zyana wouldn’t let me touch you at first. She wanted to make sure the connection between you two was pure. I could have jeopardized that. Then, you fell and I caught you in my arms. I called your name, but your body was limp and you were unconscious. Zyana said she put you into a state of rest to help you recover, and Mother told me to take you to my room. I never left your side. Kizzy and Zyana would come in to check on you for Mother. Zyana told me you’d wake soon, but it seemed you never would.”

I reached up and touched Zylen’s face. “But I did.”

“Yes,” he said, smiling, “you did. The rest you know.”

“What I know is you’ve got an amazing family, and I’m proud to be a member.”

We climbed into his bed, snuggled together, and started to kiss. We had talked about not making love in his parent’s home, but it was clear that idea was lost as our kisses became more passionate. What few clothes we still had on were tossed aside and soon he was on top of me. Zylen’s cock was rock hard and penetrated my pussy. A moment later the appendage entered my ass.

“Connect with me,” I whispered. I wanted my last mind connection for the day to be a positive one.

“Yes, my love.”

The connection wasn’t a powerful as our lunch date or other connections we shared, but it was no less erotic. To keep me quiet, Zylen kissed me the entire time. There was such a thrill to be having sex in his childhood bedroom without being caught by his parents or siblings that for me, the sex was even hotter. Zylen pounded me with a fury, fucking me harder than he had in a while. The bed squeaked, our skin slapped and squished, and still we made no attempt to stop. His kisses silenced me as my orgasms struck, squeezing his cock and making me sweat even more than normal. Then I heard his tell-tale growl from his throat as he filled me with his sweet, sticky cum.

We kissed for several minutes until his cock slid out. I rolled onto my side and spooned into Zylen. He slid his cock back into me, but not his other appendage into my ass. A few times I squeezed his cock, then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning we dressed and stumbled out for breakfast. Uri pulled Zylen aside as I sat down. Luna handed me a warm drink and said, “Uri is just sharing some advice with Zylen he thought he’d share with Dax first. He’s really happy Zy found you.”

“Really?” I asked, and sipped my drink. “Oh my god! This is delicious!”

Luna smiled. “I’ll teach you how to make it. It’s Zy’s favorite. And yes, Uri is really pleased.”

Dax, Kizzy, and Zyana stepped in and greeted us. Then I heard Kizzy say, “What’s wrong with your arm Phoebe?”

I looked over at my right arm and saw the finger bruises from where Uri had grabbed me. Luna handed Dax, Kizzy, and Zyana the warm drink that reminded me of creamy hot chocolate mixed with fine coffee.

“Oh,” I said, as casually as I could, “I guess that happened when Uri grabbed my arm.”

Uri and Zylen came back and joined us as Luna refilled my cup. “What happened when I grabbed your arm?” asked Uri.

“This bruise on my arm,” I said, showing him and Zylen my bruised arm.

“Oh Phoebe!” exclaimed Uri. “I had no idea.”

“It’s fine,” I said. “It probably happened when we connected. I doubt you did it on purpose.”

“I’ll take care of it Father,” said Zylen. “After all, it’s what I do best.”

Zylen wrapped his hands around my arm as Luna handed Uri a cup of the warm drink. I felt the warmth of Zylen’s healing power throughout my entire body, but specifically in my arm. All too soon he released my bruise-free arm, and sat down next to me. Luna handed him the drink and smiled saying, “I doubt Phoebe would say your healing powers are what you do best.”

I started to giggle, then laugh. Soon, we were all laughing. We ate breakfast then Uri stole Zylen and Dax for the day, leaving me to get to know Luna and Kizzy a bit better. Zyana stayed with me, whispering in my ear that she was acting as my body guard. Personally, I think she didn’t want to hear what all Uri had to say to the boys.

Luna taught me how to fix some of Zylen’s favorite meals. Everyone shared with stories of the family. Later I met some of Luna’s friends where she bragged to them about my being the mate of her youngest child. Not a single creature I met was even close to my height. Some touched my hair, or made comments about my not being pregnant, but Luna assured them it would happen soon and that Zylen would make an amazing father. That was one thing Luna and I completely agreed on.

We all stayed with his parents another day, then Zylen took us to our new home. Turns out it was the apartment Vlad took me to after my release from jail, or whatever they call it here. We shared the place with Zyana, and talked about how after this next mission we would need to acquire a new place just for us, especially if we wish to grow our family. We weren’t there long before we received word that Vlad was getting ready for another mission. Part of the requirement was a full physical for everyone, including me.

It was on the third or fourth day of physicals, that I got the news that explained everything weird that had happened to me. Because I was Zylen’s mate, I was required to see Rhys to prevent my passing my physical when I shouldn’t. Vlad said he would do this with any crew member and I wasn’t surprised. I begged Rhys to let me tell Zylen what we learned, and he agreed.

I knew we were going to have dinner at his parents’ house that night so I kept my newly learned information to myself. The hard part was not letting Zyana touch me. Just keeping it from Zylen was hard enough, but since he was tied up with physicals, it wasn’t that difficult and mine was Rhys’s last one for the day.

That night at dinner, Uri asked Zylen, “When are you kids scheduled to leave?”

“Not sure,” he said. “There have been some delays already. I can’t get any answers but the rumor is a few key crew members have failed their physicals. What’s weird is none of the crew I’ve seen have been the failures. I think Rhys is being a bit too strict. I’ll probably have to talk with Vlad again.”

I bit my lower lip. I was one of those failures Rhys had, and knew neither my status nor Rhys’s decision about my failure was going to change any time soon.

“And what have you heard Zyana?” asked Dax.

“It’s odd. We have mostly the same crew and they all knew this trip was coming. Now I know two of our engineers have a mate with child, but that was learned after we left so we knew we were losing them. I only see crew members who have passed so I don’t know who has failed yet. Zy and Rhys take so dang long it’s about a day or two later before I see them.”

“That’s too bad,” said Kizzy. “My fuel was to be tested on this journey.”

Now I wanted to cry. I knew I was grounded, but if Zylen and Zyana wanted to go without me to test Kizzy’s fuel that was to be tested, it was fine with me. Like before, Luna’s meal was perfect, but this time I picked at my food as everyone talked. My stomach clenched at the thought of what my news might bring. I stared to think I had made a mistake about not telling Zylen sooner.

“Phoebe,” said Luna, snapping me out of my thoughts, “is the food not to your liking?”

I shook my head. “It’s not that.”

“What is it child?” asked Luna. I could hear the concern in her voice. “Are you not well?”

“I’m one of the grounded crew members,” I said.

“What?” exclaimed Zylen.

“Why?” asked Zyana.

I swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and said softly, “Because… I… I’m… I’m pregnant.”

The silence was deafening. I began to tremble. Tears escaped my eyes. Why wasn’t anyone happy? Isn’t this what we wanted? Isn’t this what everyone wanted? I hung my head and felt hot tears roll down my cheeks. Then I felt an arm wrap around my shoulders.

“Say that again, please?” asked Zylen.

I choked back a sob and whispered, “I’m… pregnant.”

I felt his hands grab my face, turning it toward him. The smile I was greeted with was huge. Tears filled his green eyes.

“Really?” he asked.

I nodded. “I found out at my physical. It’s why I failed. I begged Rhys to not tell you.”

Zylen’s eyes soften and glowed. There was a joy in them that I didn’t even see on our wedding day. Then he asked, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I really wasn’t able. You were doing physicals all day, I was Rhys’s last one, and then it was straight here. I haven’t had a moment alone with you. Plus, I wanted to surprise you and I knew we were coming here tonight so I thought… save some time and tell you all.”

Zylen kissed me so hard that any doubt I might have been feeling was gone. “She’s with child!” he exclaimed.

That’s when I heard the cheers from the table. Everyone hugged me and Zylen, and kissed my cheeks. I couldn’t hold back my tears, nor did I try. Luna wept. Uri pulled Zylen aside and had a few words with him. Kizzy and Zyana teased me about their envy at my being the first to bring the next generation into the family. Dax said he couldn’t wait to tell his friends. Zyana told me later it was probably the reason when Uri had touched me I reacted the way I did. I was sharing the baby’s ability to connect mentally.

Zylen and I were joined in an amazing marriage ceremony. Uri and Luna spared no expense, and I swear half the planet was there. We invited the entire ship’s crew, plus all their family and friends. I wore a fine gown that shone like gold, felt like silk and flowed like water. Over my left breast, near my heart, I wore the Culus broach Zylen had given me when we were still on the ship. Zylen wore his dress uniform, and looked so amazingly handsome.

Like on Earth, we exchanged vows and ate fine foods. For me, the hardest part was the mind connection Zylen had to perform on me. Thanks to Zyana, and our baby, it went without a hitch. The whole day was overwhelming to say the least, but memorable. Plus, we had video to share with my parents and our child.

We contacted my parents a few days later and shared the good news with them. They were so excited, and we promised that once the baby was old enough to travel we’d come out for a visit. We sent them a copy of the video for them to watch later. I was assigned a new doctor, like an OB/GYN who will follow my pregnancy. Happily, this new doctor is a woman who’s worked secretly with other aliens like myself in such situations. Besides, Vlad needed Rhys since he was losing Zylen.

Zyana decided to join the crew because she wanted to see Kizzy’s fuel tested. Zylen stayed behind with me. He said there was no way he was missing any part of my pregnancy, even if it meant he missed seeing his sister’s fuel tested. Zylen and I figured our success had to do with our lunch date as it was the best sex we had enjoyed. Plus, it was near the window when Rhys said I was ovulating. Rhys said it was possible he miscalculated my ovulation window, and knew that we would be fine.

Oh yeah, one last thing. We just found out that Rhys was wrong. I wasn’t with child, but with children. Yeah… it seems that Zylen and I are continuing the family tradition; I’m pregnant with twins. I can’t wait to tell his family when we meet for dinner next. 

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