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The sacred rite of Litha

“Women spin your circle right, weave the web of dark and light…”

The chant of the women rose higher and higher as they were dancing around a roaring fire deep inside a dark forest. They had gathered in their sacred clearing at midnight, celebrating one of the most magical nights of the year, Litha, or Midsummer as it is more commonly known. They had feasted on the offerings of the earth, drank mead and been merry, but now the most important part of their celebrations had started, The sacred rite of Litha.

Twelve women were dancing and chanting, naked, except for masks covering their faces. Every mask was of an animal, all different. The dancing and chanting grew faster and louder, more frantic by the moment. They were raising a cone of power between them, the energy thick and heavy as everything came to a sudden halt. All that could be heard was the sparks from the fire, still burning bright in their midst.

One of the women, wearing a fox mask, picked up a dagger at her feet. With it she drew a line in the ground between her and the woman next to her, then continued to draw an arch in the air above the line.

“I draw a sacred gate in our circle of power so our High Priestess may enter without breaking its energy. Be welcomed, My Lady, our most holy of sisters.”

A woman wearing a dark, hooded cloak and an owl mask stepped through the arch and turned to face the woman holding a dagger.

“Thank you for the welcome, my dear sister Fox. I see you and our sisters have done a fine job racing energy for us to work with this special night.”

The High Priestess stepped into the middle of the circle, in front of the fire, picking up a chalice and a decanter, pouring some liquid into the chalice. Placing the decanter back on the ground, she picked up a dagger. Holding the dagger and chalice high, she started speaking with a hypnotic voice.

“Sisters, we have gathered here tonight as women have through all ages. We are here to honour and thank Mother Earth and to preform The sacred rite of Litha. This ancient tradition is of utmost importance, insuring the fertility of the earth we all live off. We also ask that the power of fertility will be taken into every one of our sisters.”

With that, sister Fox stepped forward, taking the chalice and holding it in front of the High Priestess. The cloaked woman used the dagger to prick her finger, letting a single drop of blood drip into the chalice. Sister Fox joined the circle of women, handing the chalice to sister Hare to her left. Doing as the High Priestess, sister Fox used her own dagger, letting a drop of her blood fall into the chalice. The sacred cup was passed from woman to woman, every one repeating the act. As the chalice made its way back to sister Fox, she stepped forward and handed it back to the High Priestess with a graceful bow.

“This sacred chalice holds our essence within. The cup, symbol of woman, the dagger, symbol of man.”

The High Priestess dipped the dagger into the cup.

“The dagger enters the cup as man enters woman. I ask now that our offering on this holy night of Litha steps forward into our circle.”

A young woman, dressed in a white cloak, walked into the circle through the arch previously drawn, her long hair flowing down her back, a crown of wild flowers on her head. Her face had no make up, her eyes big and innocent. Her whole presence was an image of youth and purity.

“Be welcomed, virgin Lydia. Are you here with us out of free will, wanting to partake in The sacred rite of Litha, giving your most precious of gifts?”

The young woman cleared her voice, then spoke a firm yes. Her face seemed calm, but a light tremble to her hands gave away her nerves as she took the chalice handed to her by the High Priestess.

“Drink this, virgin Lydia, take our essence within, become the vessel of us all, the representation of all womanhood and our sacrifice to the great Pan, god of the forest, love and fertility.”

Lydia slowly drank the content of the chalice. All around her, the twelve women started dancing and chanting, their voices starting out as a quiet whisper, growing louder and louder. Loudest of all, the voice of the High Priestess, calling forth Pan to honour them with his presence, come to accept their offering.

All of a sudden, a shadow appeared at the edge of the clearing between the trees. It slowly stepped forward, walking towards them. The shadow turned into a tall man, a regal expression on his face. He was an epiphany of male beauty, nude, with a strong, powerful build. An aura of sexuality lay thick around him, his manhood erect and proud, making the women gasp at its size and perfection. He entered the circle of women, stopping right in front of Lydia. The High Priestess removed Lydia’s cloak, leaving her naked, then joined the circle of women, letting Lydia be alone at the centre with Pan.

Pan took a long look at the young woman in front of him. Her blue eyes shone with a mix of nerves and excitement. She had skin like the finest porcelain, glowing in the light from the fire, perky, full breasts, her stomach flat, hips going out in a seductive curve. Her bottom was round and firm, legs long and shapely. There was no denying her beauty and Pan nodded as a sign of approval.

He closed the gap between himself and Lydia, taking her mouth forcefully. Lydia felt totally overwhelmed. She had never been with a man, never even kissed one, as she had been raced with the intent to one day become the Litha sacrifice. Faced with this figure of pure masculinity, she was lost, no idea how to conduct herself. Pan seemed to sense her nerves, breaking the kiss and slowly caressing her cheek. His eyes were filled with calm, power, desire and playfulness. Gently he laid her down on the ground, covering her body with his.

He took her mouth again, his hands finding her breasts. Squeezing and massaging, her nipples started to firm under his palms. Kissing down her jaw, to her neck, he started to suck gently, leaving a mark behind. Continuing down, taking one nipple at the time into his mouth, licking, sucking, his hands caressed and started to awaken the rest of her body. Lydia moaned softly, she never had the faintest idea it would be like this. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, longing, needing more of his touch, more of his hungry mouth. Her mind felt blank, she couldn’t think, only feel every sensation flooding her.

Pan could hardly believe the passion he felt for the woman beneath him. He had been offered countless sacrifices in the past and enjoyed them, but the deep desire to possess, to take, to have this woman was far beyond what he had ever experienced before. Her moans and whimpers drove him crazy with hunger, her scent intoxicating. Licking down her belly, his mouth watered knowing what would come next. Parting her soft, creamy thighs, her pink womanhood glistened towards him, and with a growl, his mouth covered her pure, little flower.

Lydia gasped as Pan’s tongue found her pussy, the pleasure radiating through her indescribable. He licked and explored her every fold, her entrance and finally circling and flicking her clit. For a moment it was like the world froze. The next second, she screamed. Her whole body spasmed under Pan, an earthshattering orgasm overtaking her. She couldn’t say if it lasted seconds, minutes or hours, she was totally lost in ecstasy. In the middle of a wave of pleasure, a sharp pain shot through her, and for a moment she felt like she would split in two. There was no way she could take this, take his huge cock into her tight, unused core. With all her strength she tried to push him away, make the pain stop, but he held her still, her strength no match to his.

“Shhhh…” he whispered in a deep voice. “Stay still, the pain will subside soon.”

Her eyes met his, and she was overcome with all the emotion she could read in them. There was passion and desire, but also a sense of sadness. He didn’t want to hurt her she realized. It pained him to do so just as much as the physical pain she felt. It surprised her, but most of all it shocked her when she saw the love radiating towards her. She didn’t understand how or why, but there was no mistaking it, this god of love and passion had fallen in love with her.

As promised, the sharp pain soon faded, only a dull ache remaining. Wrapped up in his arms, he slowly started to move in her, deeper and deeper, finally his whole cock sheeted in her. He moaned, picking up pace and her hips started to move with his. The pain had disappeared, a deep hunger driving her movements. Clinging to him, his thrusts fast, hard and his cock stroked something inside her she had no idea was there. With a final thrust she started milking his cock with her inner walls, coating him in her juices as he shot his sperm deep into her core. Though lost in her own pleasure, she heard moans all around. It was clear she was not the only woman having an orgasm. Every woman in the circle came forcefully as Pan’s seed of fertility filled the vessel of womanhood.

Eventually a calm filled the clearing. Pan rose to his feet, holding Lydia in his arms. Walking up to the High Priestess, he spoke.

“This one is mine. I will take her with me to my realm. I will never return again, I have found my mate. I will however make sure your earth stays forever fertile as thanks for my perfect offering.”

With that, he walked off, carrying Lydia close to himself and disappeared through the threes.

Thirteen women were left behind in awe, not sure what to think. Never before had Pan kept his offering.

This was the last anyone ever saw of Pan and his Lydia. He stayed true to his word, their land was more fertile than ever before and each year, on Litha, a female child was born and named Lydia, after the woman that stole the heart of a god and blessed the earth.

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