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Through Immortal Eyes: Chapter 1 The Familiar Things, Part I

Finding love in a dangerous world.

Stepping from the bathroom, I stand in the doorway of the bedroom, covered only by the towel wrapped around my waist.

Glancing around, the room is precisely neat as always… save a few mysterious and foreign things. The black strappy high heeled shoes left strides apart on the floor. A blood red button down coat slung half over my ornate hand carved wooden dresser. The torn fabric of a grey-black blouse resting on the floor near the leg of my matching wood desk, and the lacy red panties hanging precariously from a detail of the chair.

Not to mention the petite supple young woman kneeling on the edge of the bed. Her porcelain skin made ever more striking by the deep crimson of the fine bedding, the black and red plaid of her skirt, and the black of my A-cut undershirt she’s requisitioned.

I watch her trace the silhouette of my long powerful gymnast-like form in the dim glow of candlelight. She coyly meets my piercing blue eyes with the earthly brown of hers from beneath her soft brown bangs.

I shift my weight, and her eyes follow my subtle movement. I run my hands through my dark muddy brown almost black hair, which is closely trimmed on the sides yet the top has length enough to fall just past my brow, in an effort to tame the still-damp strands.

With bitten lip, she grasps the bottom of the shirt and stretches her arms down between her thighs, pulling the fabric taut against her form as the neck line strains to cover her nipples.

My otherworldly senses hear, no feel, the faint rise in the tempo of her beating heart, causing her breasts to swell with desire.

Her subtly sweet scent finds me, compelling a savagery within, and forcing me to move towards her. Drawing near, she loses herself in the blue depths of my gaze…breaking away, she looks down to hide the red that fills her cheeks.

Setting upon her, I run the back of my hand down her cheek, gently caressing her, before tilting her chin up for a kiss. I steal a few moments with her luscious lips before pulling mere inches away.

Her body sings a sirens song, she gives me a doe-eyed look, and I bite my lip before pushing her back down onto the bed. The surprise elicits a giggle from her, allowing the bed to cradle her fall before she coyly looks up the lines of my finely etched muscles.

She rolls over in an attempt to crawl away, but I swiftly grab her by the ankles to pull her silky-smooth legs out from under her. “Where might you be going?” I playful ask.

I feel her heart surge, setting her thighs on fire as I slowly drag her towards me.

“Away from you…dork!” she replies with a sultry tone that would make even the most stoic of men smile.

The friction catches her skirt forcing it to slide up over her voluptuous ass, and allowing me a glimpse of her delicate slit before she flips over.

She twists her legs to cover herself, causing me to release one, as she playfully exclaims. “Jerk!” Pushing her toes into the thick soft hair of my chest, she sends me back a step.

I stick out my tongue in playful jest, and still holding her other leg tenderly pull her until her butt rests fully on the edge of the bed, causing her to sit up.

Releasing her leg, I move in for a kiss, only to have her slip off the bed to meet me. I feel her grasp around the back of my neck, her lust beckons, drawing me closer with each sensual meeting of our lips.

I slowly lift her shirt exposing her toned belly, drawing shuttered breaths from her quivering lips, as her breasts ripen with anticipation. The cloth bunches upon reaching her full perky tits before rolling up over her nipples.

She struggles with her need for breath and the want of my lips.

Pressing on, I bring the shirt up, separating our lips, and forcing her arms up over her head. I yank down on the shirt, when the neckline passes her pink moist lips, trapping her arms and leaving her blind within it.

Pulling the cloth taut against her back, she squirms for a moment realizing her absolute and complete vulnerability.

I apply tender mindful strength to comfort her, causing her to round her back, exposing her supple bosom.

She licks and bites her lip as she mumbles, “Logan,” from within the constraints of the shirt.

I move close allowing the breath of my words to caress her soft glistening lips, “Claire, it seems you’ve fallen into quite a predicament here.”

She tilts in for a kiss, but I retreat from her lips, letting her follow up onto her toes, before meeting her lips with mine.

With our lips locked she wiggles again, hoping to find me distracted, seeking to free her arms.

I flex my muscles against her body, just enough to let her know the futility of her efforts.

I then allow the fingers of my free hand to glide across her creamy skin, down her side, and to her thigh where they linger for a moment.

Pulling us breast to breast forces her hip to turn into my hand. Tracing up her inner thigh, lifts her skirt, elicits a faint moan when my fingers come to rest on her clit. Pressing two fingers together, sees her lip quiver, as we share shallow breaths.

Claire begins to writhe in a feigned effort to cross her legs but finds she is unable to escape the pressure of my touch.

Succumbing to the ecstasy, her moans fall gently on our ears.

Drawing her even closer, I keep her on raised toes, to feel her heart thunder like a storm over head. My darkness senses her body flush with blood, stirring within her a sinful longing, as her legs start to tremble and the wetness of her pleasure drips down her thigh.

I set her back on the edge of the bed, her legs quiver tightly around my hand, as though forbidding me from leaving though not allowing me to continue either.

Easing my grip on the shirt, allows her arms to straighten before I lift it up and toss it aside.

She places her soft feminine hands on my chest, to twirl her fingers in the hair.

I tug her skirt down to her knees and let it fall upon the ornate rug. I then slide my hand over her shoulder and along the tear drop edge of her exquisite breast. Drawing my hand up to its finger tips to trace a spiral ever closer to her nipple. Pausing, I note the unique way the tip of her nipple sits indented slightly into the roundness of her breast, as though it were hiding.

She looks at me with curiosity before realizing I’ve noticed such a slight imperfection.

Smiling at her, I tenderly squeeze her breast to kiss her shy nipple.

Shifting my body into her, I suck her nipple into my mouth, flicking my tongue until it is hard pressed and drawn out. I do the same to the other before meeting her eyes with mine.

We hold a moment, pondering each other’s thoughts before I chase her down flat against the bed with a kiss.

Caressing her neck, I lure her close by the chin, allowing our noses to nudge.

She turns her head to the side when my lips venture down her neck before wandering onto her breasts, across her stomach, and down her thigh.

I stop to kiss the small dime-sized birthmark midway down her thigh, before my tongue follows the path of her sweet taste up her now trembling inner thigh.

Fade to a few hours later… Claire is cuddled in between my ribs and arm. Her head rises and falls with each echo of breath.

It is strange to feel a connection to someone, finding her has been like an oasis in a desert, for it has been some time since I’ve felt such a thing. She is an honest friend, a friend we can trust, and one that I care for deeply… there is comfort in that. A glimmer of hope for the future, I suppose, when my heart might heal to whole again.

I should voice fondness for her, carefully though, for she grows nervous from affection. Such emotions weigh on her young mind. I caress her face, sweeping her flowing hair behind petite, delicate ear.

With faint sweetness I whisper, “I enjoy you, you know.”

She lifts heavy eyes to look at me, blows me a kiss, and then snuggles herself back in the nook she’s made.

She slowly drifts off to sleep, while the orange glow of light seeps in from the edges of the expensive heavy curtains draped over the glass wall.




I recently started writing a romance novel, but have never really done any creative writing before so any feedback would be nice.


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