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To Boldly Come, Where No Girl Has Come Before

It's Sci-Fi, but not as we know it. Girl gets picked up in bar for an out-of-this-world experience.

He was gorgeous, Angie decided. Over six foot, blonde hair, wide shoulders that trimmed down to a flat stomach and slim waist, a butt that made her hands itch to feel if it was as firm as it looked. As for the smile, it not only invited her to come to bed, but turned back the sheets, and fluffed up the pillows for her. Oh Wow!

She could feel the dampness already starting between her legs. He was perfect, apart from one thing. He was taking absolutely no notice of her at all. This really annoyed Angie, she was not used to being ignored. She was twenty-five, five foot three, brunette, slim, sexy, or so she had been told, and used to men, and girls, making it very clear they wanted her. Yet this overgrown Adonis was acting like she was part of the furniture.

She collected the drinks from the bartender, and took them over to where her three girlfriends were sitting.

"What's the matter, Angie?" Lynn asked bitchily, "losing your touch? Finally found a man who doesn't want you?"

"Lynn, darling," Angie replied, "some of us don't need every man we see, just to prove we are not yet past it."

She smiled at me, but her eyes were saying, "Die, bitch."

Angie saw the other girls smiling at the quarrel, then their look turned to what? Shock? Surprise? Lust? Angie looked round to see what they were looking at, just as he arrived at their table.

"I am so sorry to disturb you ladies," he said to the group, "but I wonder if I might have a few words with you, Miss?" The last with a look directed at Angie.

Oh God, even his voice was sexy, liquid brown velvet, Angie's mind filed it under. He held out an arm to help her stand, and they walked away to a nearby table.

"This is hard to explain," he began, "but there is something about you. Would it offend you, if I told you I want to take you out of here to my car, then to somewhere much more suitable for what I have in mind?"

Angie started to refuse, politely of course. There was no way she was leaving with a total stranger, after only meeting him seconds ago, but there was, to use his words, something about him. She had no idea what, but something.

"Of course," she heard herself saying, "I will just get my coat."

Minutes later she was in his car, and being driven along to God knows where.

After a while, the car pulled in to a parking area, and the Adonis turned to her.

"We need to talk," he told her. "things are not as they seem, and I need you to be receptive to new ideas which may shock you, okay?"

Angie nodded, wondering what kind of nut she had landed herself with.

"No, I am not a nut, as you put it," he denied.

"What? Wait, I did not say that, did I? I only thought it," Angie babbled, growing confused, "are you telling me you know what I am thinking?"

"Yes. And no, it is not a trick," he explained, "I am from somewhere very far away, and I was looking for an Earth female, who fitted our psychological profile, to help us with our research. I believe you are the one."

"An Earth female?" she queried, "from Earth, as in the planet? This planet?"

"Yes, of course," he said, "that is why we are here. Will you help us?"

"Who is this "us" you keep talking about? And who are you, anyway?" she asked.

He sighed. "I am named Sul-pak, explorer and researcher, from the planet Grythor, in the Quadrallion sector, and that means absolutely nothing to you, does it?" he sighed again, "just call me Sul, and accept I am what you would call an alien. Will you come to my ship with me?"

"What happens if I refuse?" Angie asked, "do I get mind-wiped or something?"

Sul-pak laughed, "Of course not," he told her, "If you refuse, I take you back to your friends, say goodnight, and leave."

"But what if I tell people about you?" Angie insisted.

"Would anyone believe it?" Sul-pak countered.

"Okay, why not," Angie conceded, after a few seconds thought, "Let's go see your ship. Just don't, please, make with the 'beam me up, Scotty' bit."

Sul-pak looked confused for a second, then relaxed, "Ah, popular culture reference, noted."

He pressed a button on the car's dashboard, and there was a bright light lasting a few seconds. When sight returned, Angie looked around at the interior of....somewhere. Like the biggest aircraft hanger ever made. Other cars and small aircraft were visible, and a helicopter, and over there were....were they spaceships? Small two man ships?

"Oh My God!" Angie exclaimed, "it is true, You are a spaceman, someone from another world. Either that, or you got the best special effects people in the world working for..."

Her words tailed off, as she saw Sul-pak, out of the car, and stripping off his clothing, until he was naked. Whatever else he was, Angie thought, he was most definitely a man. Wow!.

Before she could comment, a female entered the hanger, a natural blonde, also naked, and built like a top porn actress, with legs that went on forever, and tits to die for, Angie was already wet from seeing Sul-pak naked. The sight of the new arrival did not help. The female turned to her.

"Ah, you are bisexual, that is perfect," she stated, smiling broadly, "I am Jor-lyn, researcher on this project. Thank you for agreeing to help." 

She went over to Angie, putting her arms around her, and kissing her in a most welcoming way. Angie responded without thinking about it, feeling her nipples harden and the warmth between her legs increase.

Jor-lyn stood back slightly.

"You are most sexually receptive," she announced, "you will be perfect, and I promise you, you will enjoy it."

Sul-pak came over to join them, putting an arm round each of them. He turned Angie towards him, leaning down to kiss her, while letting his hand wander down over her back to her bottom. A look to Jor-lyn and Angie knew a message had been exchanged.

"Why do you wear these things?" Jor-lyn asked, "are they not uncomfortable?"

"Well, yes," Angie started to explain, "it is just our way, our custom."

"Would you mind removing them while you are here, so we can enjoy seeing you properly?" Sul-pak asked.

Angie thought for a second, but could not find any argument. Besides she had always loved nude sunbathing, so what was the difference? She smiled at them, and started to undress, but Jor-lyn was there already. Her dress was unzipped and slid off her, while Sul-pak tried to unfasten her bra, but moved away to let Jor-lyn do it, while he contented himself sliding Angie's panties down.

As he stood, his cock brushed against Angie's bottom. She felt herself starting to blush, but Jor-lyn touched her shoulder to turn her, then gently caressed her tits, teasing a nipple to hardness.

"Angie, you are very beautiful, just looking at you makes me want you," she told Angie, "and you can see the effect that you have on Sul-pak".

Angie looked. She had thought Sul-pak was well endowed before, but now, his manhood stood erect, and Angie felt herself go weak at the knees. It was huge. She gazed in wonder, jumping as Jor-lyn smacked her playfully on the bum.

"Later, Angie, my sexy Earth girl," Jor-lyn said, smiling at her, "we will both enjoy him later. First we wish to show you around."

"What exactly is it that you do here?" Angie asked, "and are there just the two of you?"

"Oh no," Jor-lyn told her, "we have one hundred and forty researchers, plus the crew of the ship. We are looking at sexual similarities and differences of our two races, ready for the day when we make official contact with your planet."

"We already have a project we wish you to undertake with us," Sul-pak went on, "but if you see something else you would prefer when we show you round, please tell us. We want you to enjoy yourself."

Angie's mind reeled, Sexual research? Mmm, the very thought of it made her wet. Even as the thought entered her mind, she felt Jor-lyn brush her hand along Angie's wet slit, then look at her wet fingers. She put one of them in her mouth, sucking off the fluid, then, seeing Angie watching, offered the other finger to her. Angie smiled, sucking her own juices, and then kissing Jor-lyn softly on the lips.

"Most receptive," murmured Jor-lyn, her nipples hardening with anticipation, "it will be so enjoyable, experiencing you."

"Each group of researchers is looking at different sexual mores, different....what you would call 'perversions' I think, or 'deviations' maybe?" explained Jor-lyn, "half of our team are female, so we can test both genders, from both sides, and of course, all our people are bisexual."

They stopped at an observation window.

"One-way glass," explained Sul-pak, "we can see them, they cannot see us, so we are not disturbing them at all."

Angie looked in fascination. If these were typical of the rest, all the aliens were as sexy as Jor-lyn, and as gorgeously well-hung as Sul-pak. The room was divided by a wall. On one side was an Earth female with a Grythorian male, the other side was a Grythorian female with a human male.

Both females were strapped face up over a low padded bench, arms hooked over their heads, and with legs wide apart, tied firmly in place with some kind of plastic straps, so they were totally helpless, and totally open to anything their partner wished to do.

Even as she watched, the human male squatted over his female, slipping his erect cock into the female's mouth, while at the same time bending his head, so he could tongue-fuck the woman, while using his fingers and thumbs to tease her clit. Seconds later, the Grythonian followed suit.

"We have limited imagination, sex-wise," explained Jor-lyn, "we need humans to show their techniques, which we can then emulate. Then our researcher can try the same thing, and we can guage the success by the effect it has on the human female."

By now, the alien female was coming, bottom bouncing wildly, and screaming as she hit the top. From her smile as the male stood up, it seemed the female researcher was enjoying her work. Just then more screaming announced the human female was coming.

After a few moments, the alien female had stopped twitching, and the man moved between her tied-open legs, thrusting his erection deep into her soaking slit, making her gasp at the first lunge, then she was rocking helplessly back and forth, as she was fucked hard and fast, the man holding her hips to pull himself harder into her.

Again she climaxed, but this time the male was too far along to stop, and he continued plunging into her, ignoring her coming. As he got higher, she started growling, and thrusting wildly up at him, then he came, exploding violently, and pulling out, to let a jet of warm sticky cum spurt over her, from cunt to tits. He walked around the bench, pushing his cock into the female's mouth for her to suck the cum from it.

"How long will that go on?" asked Angie, more to take her mind off her own growing need, than for the information.

"As long as the male feels able. They will all four have a drink shortly," Jor-lyn told her, her own voice somewhat shaky, "the drink is specially formulated to promote sexual vigour, so they can continue. When they tire, we have rooms for them to sleep, and to eat in, until the next session. We wish to see every variation known by the human male. In return we are allowing him to indulge his every sexual fantasy involving a helpless female."

"As for the human female," Sul-pak went on, "she is enjoying the best sex she has ever had, as well as having all her fantasies involving being helpless and ravished fulfilled. Plus of course, we will give each human helper some decorative baubles, common on our world, as a souvenir of their experience."

They strolled along to the next observation window, Jor-lyn brushing against Angie, with her hand stroking Angie's bottom.

This room had an upright frame erected, with a male tied spread-eagle on it, his cock erect, while a female with thigh boots walked round him, poking and prodding. Again, the same scene was repeated in the other half of the room.

"Our people pick up the human thoughts, and then can copy exactly the actions," explained Jor-Lyn, even as Angie started to frame the question. "Thoughts, as well as actions, are all recorded for future teaching."

The female in the room went to a table, and picked up a cane, then commenced to use it on the male's backside, forcing cries of pain from him, yet the erection did not diminish. Quite the opposite, it grew larger. As she saw this, the woman grasped the erection, squeezing it, and then pumping the cock hard, then stopping before the man came.

"Knowing his thoughts gives our females an advantage, they can stop, even as he thinks he is near climax," Sul-pak told Angie, "she will keep him struggling to come, for as long as she wishes."

In the other half of the room, the alien was spurting spunk over the human woman's hand. She did not seem to mind. She knelt, sucking the cock, and seeming to enjoy the cum dribbling onto her chin. Once she was sure the climax had ended, she collected wet cloths from the table to clean herself and her captive, then started again, soon having him back to fully erect.

This time, as they walked along, Angie came up behind Jor-lyn, arm around her to cup a firm tit, teasing the nipple and causing Jor-Lyn to back her bum into Angie's crotch.

"Will my project involve me having you?" Angie whispered to Jor-lyn.

A smile, and a shiver of anticipation, was her answer.

Next was the gangbang room, twelve men and one female, all naked. At that moment, the female was being held in the air by several men while a cock was in her mouth, and she was being hard fucked from behind her. Even as Angie watched, she could see the woman coming, a cock pulling out of her, with cum spurting from it.

Quickly she was lowered, and impaled on the cock of one of the males lying on the floor, then bent forward so another cock could be thrust into her bum, the two men double-fucking her to yet another climax, while cocks in both hands and her mouth were being thrust at her.

Jor-lyn leaned back against Angie, stroking Angie's thigh. Angie teased a hard nipple in unspoken reply.

Another room, this one with women strapped on sybians, fucking machines pumping their artificial cocks into sensitive slits, forcing climax after climax from their willing riders. On and on, never tiring, never relenting, as the women were dildo-fucked without respite, love juices flooding from their soaking pussies. Angie felt her own cunt spasm in sympathy, as another female screamed at the height of her climax.

How long do they stay on the machines?" Angie asked.

"As long as they can," Jor-lyn told her. "so far the longest lasted forty-two minutes with the machine on full, although on a lower setting, they can last up to almost three hours."

"Oh God!" Angie exclaimed, "three hours of being fucked continuously?"

"They are strapped on, but there is a button on each machine," Sul-pak explained, "hitting it kills the power, and the woman is taken to rest and recover."

Angie and Jor-lyn looked at each other, and smiled, both feeling the attraction to the other.

The next window, two men, with another tied male between them. One using the tied male's mouth for satisfaction, the other deep in the tied man's backside, fucking it, his hand reaching around to grasp the captive's cock and pump it unmercifully, to the obvious pleasure of the captive.

By now Angie was ready to take Jor-lyn right then and there, a sentiment obviously shared and welcomed by Jor-lyn, but Sul-pak pushed between them.

"Later, both of you," he ordered, and led them to the next room. This one was similar to the last, only containing females. One with hands tied behind her back, the other two positioning her, and making her use mouth and tongue on one of them, while the other was between the captive's legs, taking her to climax after climax. Then they changed position, so both the captors got enough attention from their willing sub.

This was something Angie would have no problem indulging in. She could feel her need growing, room by room. Next was one-on-one lesbians, with a selection of toys in evidence, and one of the women kneeling and bent forward, while another wearing a huge strap on was fucking her from behind, plunging the imitation cock hard into the gaping cunt, until both players were screaming in ecstasy as they came.

Before Sul-pak could continue the tour, Angie spoke.

"No, enough! I want Jor-lyn, and she has made it clear she wants me," Angie announced, " so before we go any further, I want to know what project you have me down for?"

Jor-lyn looked at Sul-pak, and Sul-pak looked embarrassed.

"I am sorry, Angie, I had forgotten to tell you, or ask you, rather." he amended, "we would like you to take part in a mixed threesome, with Jor-lyn and myself, if that is acceptable to you? If either of us is not acceptable, we have others who would be pleased to take our places."

A broad grin flooded over Angie's face as she heard this, and Jor-lyn was smiling widely, as Angie nodded happily.

"Angie says we are perfectly acceptable," Jor-lyn told him, as she slipped an arm round Angie's waist. "By the way, Angie, we do not need the empaths for this, Sul and I will take our lead direct from you."

They entered an empty room. Angie was puzzled, seeing no bed in the room, but three paces in she almost fell, as her feet encountered soft, yielding fabric, as soft as any bed. It was only Jor-lyn grabbing her, that saved her from falling.

Then again, it was soft as any bed. She held Jor-lyn's shoulders, and tumbled them both over, to fall on the floor, laughing as they bounced slightly. Jor-lyn rolled on top of her, kissing lips and neck, and teasing nipples.

Sul-pak came over with more dignity, until he was tripped to fall between the girls. After that, he had his hands full, as both were on him, kissing face and chest, hands grabbing his impressive manhood.

Somehow, Angie ended up on her back, legs open, with Jor-lyn kissing her face, and teasing her tits, and Sul-pak sliding smoothly into her wet slit. His huge cock filled her, then started to slide in and out, rocking her whole body, forcing her legs even wider. Jor-lyn quickly straddled Angie's head, offering her wet pussy, for Angie to explore with her tongue.

As Angie teased and nibbled Jor-lyn's luscious clit, Jor-lyn leaned further back, grabbing Angie's nipples, and teasing them hard. Angie gripped Jor-lyn's hips, pulling on them to increase pressure against the clit, trying to stay focussed while all the time, Sul-pak was fucking her. The giant cock spreading her open, and forcing her higher, until she exploded in a massive climax, pulling Jor-lyn hard into her mouth, and forcing her to come over Angie's upturned face.

They all collapsed down, arms and legs tangled, breathing hard. Jor-lyn pressed something on the wall and a slot opened, from which she took wet cloths for them to wipe themselves with. That done, the girls noticed that Sul-pak still had an impressive erection. A look at each other, and understanding passed between them.

Rolling over, Jor-lyn straddled the massive cock, sliding down ono it, while Angie straddled Sul-pak's head, for him to tongue-fuck her. Each leaning forward, the girls embraced each other, kissing, while hands teased nipples, and fingers found and rubbed clits.

Jor-lyn was starting to lose control already, with that huge cock splitting her cunt open, and thrusting up into her, while Angie knew every sensitive spot to tease and tweak, so she gave in to the climax, feeling it build and build until she came screaming. At the end, she clamped down with every muscle in her tight pussy, and Sul-pak exploded inside her, flooding her slit with his thick creamy cum.

Even when she fell forward off his cock, the gooey liquid continued to pump out in spurts. Angie grabbed the spittng monster, devouring it with her mouth, sucking it clean, then teasing the tip with her tongue, and pumping the shaft until it recovered it's rigidity.

Before Sul-pak could object, Angie was astride him, and sliding that beast into her tight bum, then forcing herself deeper and deeper, until she was fully impaled on it. As soon as she started bouncing up and down on it, she could feel it starting to twitch, Clearly not used to such a tight fit, Angie thought, as she fucked Sul-pak mercilessly, until she felt the warm wetness of his release.

She rolled off him, spunk dripping from her arse, and whispered to Jor-lyn, who started teasing Sul-pak's organ back to life, ignoring his protests. Angie sat astride his chest, so that Jor-lyn could continue without interruption. When it was engorged enough for her purpose, Jor-lyn followed Angie's example, and forced it up into her bum, squeezing the cock as she pumped up and down on it. Sul-pak was starting to suffer now, and as Jor-lyn pumped harder, his head went back in a silent scream, as yet another climax was forced from him.

Angie and Jor-lyn cleaned each other off as best they could, then Jor-lyn helped Angie to her feet and showed her a shower, hidden behind a screen which blended so well into the wall, it was almost invisible. The girls fitted in the shower easily, and were soon washing each other.

Soft hands and firm fingers found soapy nipples and wet slits, teasing and arousing. Bottoms were stroked, and inner thighs caressed, while rich lather ran down their bodies. Small squeezy bulbs of warm water were used to flush out spunk-filled pussies, and bum-holes. Then, warm air-jets dried them.

On their return to the bed area, they lay down together, hands wandering over each other's bodies, stroking warm wet slits and teasing sensitive nipples. Sul-pak was lying half asleep over to one side, watching with only slight interest, so they could concentrate on each other. As their hands wandered, they moved around until they were lying with Angie's head near Jor-lyn's moist pussy. Angie reached out to grab Jor-lyns bum, pulling her towards Angie, even as Jor-lyn had the same idea.

Two heads bent forward, tongues probing, while two hands each teased a clit, rubbing and teasing. Legs opened wider, and tongues probed deeper, and two girls, from two distant planets, brought each other to a screaming climax that went on and on, neither wanting to be the one to end it, until their arousal reached the ultimate level, and both came at last, before collapsing in each other's embrace.

After a few minutes, Jor-lyn roused herself, and went to a hidden niche, returning to Angie with two small bottles of clear liquid.

"Here, drink this," she told her, handing her one of the bottles, "I have not done with you yet, sexy Earth girl," she said, smiling at Angie.

Angie drank the offered liquid, feeling fresh energy pulsing through her body. She looked at Jor-lyn, smiling as the luscious alien girl pressed another button, and revealed a massive strap-on, with what looked like a double-ended vibe. Angie looked at the size of it. It had to be twelve inches at least, ribbed, and were those plastic nodules all along the shaft?

She looked at Jor-lyn, a disbelieving look.

"You expect to get that into me?" she gasped, "Oh no, you wouldn't?"

"Really?" asked Jor-lyn, "You want me to get Sul-pak fully awake, to hold you down for me?"

"You would, too," Angie laughed, "sadistic alien cow. How do you want me?"

"Every way you can possibly imagine, my sexy Earth girl," Jor-lyn replied, laughing happily, "but for now, on your knees, with legs open."

Angie positioned herself. Jor-lyn slid her own end of the massive vibe into her own slit, gasping as it filled her. Then gasping again, as she turned the power on. It took an effort to keep control, until she got into position, and plunged into Angie, burying it to the hilt in Angie's quivering cunt. Holding Angie's hips tightly, she started pumping it in and out of Angie.

Angie had her head on the floor, hands gripping the soft fabric as she was ravished by the giant fake cock, feeling every ridge, every nodule, as it slid in and out of her, hearing Jor-lyn gasping, as her end of the vibe fucked her just as powerfully. Both girls fought for control, while the fucking took them beyond their limits.

Jor-lyn was first to yield, giving one final massive lunge into Angie as she came, screaming her pleasure. That last heave was enough to send Angie over the top, love juices squirting out of her blocked pussy. As Jor-lyn fell off her, the vibe slid free, and Angie reached over to turn it off, then wrapped herself around her sexy alien ravisher. Both girls almost unconscious, pussies twitching, and legs trembling.

Angie woke, eyes still bleary with sleep, pussy twitching, as if from a recent climax. She reached out a hand to her bedside cabinet, fingers grabbing the vibe from its usual spot, and sliding it into her already soaking slit, pumping quickly on full power, until she came, gasping as the love juices flooded out, waking her fully.

Oh wow, nothing like a quick vibe-fucking to wake her up. What had she been drinking last night.? Memories of a very vivid, erotic dream came back to her. Jor-lyn, Sul-pak, fucking, tasting sweet pussy and salty cock. Vibe-fucking, squirting, the taste of Jor-lyn's love juices on her lips. What a dream.

She reached out to replace her vibe where it lived, and it was then she saw the pouch. Very tentatively, she lifted it. What was it Sul-pak had said in the dream? Rewarded, baubles as souvenirs, commonplace on their world? No, that had been just a dream. She opened the pouch, a strange plastic kind of material. A small disc, with the words, "Not done with you yet, sexy Earth girl. JL", made her realise with shock that it was no dream.

A night fucking with space travellers? A whole ship of fuck researchers? Laughter bubbled up inside her, at the thought of more fun with Jor-lyn to look forward to. Only stopping as she tipped the contents of the pouch onto the bed, watching, as a good-sized handful of diamonds spilled onto the quilt.







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