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Zeus on a Sunbeam

I sat in my room after a shower, the warm sun caressing my skin as I smoothed lotion over my body. It was my day off, so I had the flat to myself. My hands caressed the lotion in long, languorous strokes with intense, massaging pressures over the particularly rough patches, and with a lighter touch over particularly sensitive ones. Perhaps that was why, after I spread my thighs to massage the lotion between them, the glorious heat of the sunlight kindled an answering heat between my legs, and incited a moisture that had nothing to do with sweat.

Sighing, I leaned back, enjoying the golden light sparkle on my very moist inner lips and the warmth between them. A sudden thought entered my mind- didn't Zeus seduce one of his women with a shower of light? Spread-eagled on the bed, secure in the knowledge that I was alone, I cried out in a confident, calm voice, “Zeus, I am here and I am willing. You need not use your tricks on me! I eagerly offer myself to you in your true form. Materialize for me!”

As my silly little speech finished, the sun flashed, as if it had hit a passing car at just the right angle, and was suddenly not as warm. At about the same time, I suddenly realized that I was not alone.

I rolled over on my bed, and saw the tall bearded man leaning casually against my door frame, his face wreathed in a lustful and knowing smile. His eyes were an intense blue, the shade of the Mediterranean on a sunny day. His hair and beard were a deep chestnut brown, just tousled enough to beg for hands to run through them. His skin had a sun-kissed glow about it, as if he spent a lot of time outdoors. I took in all his male perfection in a moment, before twigging to the fact that there was a strange man in my apartment.

Scrambling to get under the covers, behind the bed, somewhere to hide my nakedness, I screeched “What are you doing here?!?” Or tried to screech-- the words caught in my throat and came out at just over a whisper.

“You invited me in on a passing sunbeam,” he smiled, as he leered at what he could see of me. Embarrassed, I cowered further. He responded by walking deeper into my room, ultimately standing between me and the window, simultaneously shading me and infusing me with the warmth of his smile.

Our eyes met, and it was like the wind had been knocked out of me. I licked my lips and my gaze shifted down to the curve of his lips. I suddenly had to know what they felt like. My eyes traveled further downward, taking in his short tunic with the peak in the front where his cock lay, erect.

Zeus slowly leaned forward while I was examining his body, so when my eyes returned to his face, it was right there and I had to lean my head back to see him. He reached a hand forward to brush a lock of my hair gently off my cheek, then slowly shifted his fingers in an electrifying path to the back of my neck. “Let's just start slowly, shall we? We can stop at any point.”

At that, he closed the distance between us and gave me the smallest kiss, a bare moment of his lips against mine, then pulled back a fraction so our breath mingled and my lips tingled from the erotically charged atmosphere.

I had enough time to feel more than see his lips curve into an anticipatory smile before his lips met mine again and he slowly pushed me back onto the bed with his mouth. As my back reached the mattress, he pierced me with his penis. The pleasant sensation of the sun on me resumed, with my cunt glowing as if near but not too close to the fire, or as if I'd stepped from an air conditioned room into a hot day. He started to pull back slowly and I panicked, suddenly afraid that he would pull out, that I would not be able to worship this god as he truly deserved. I wrapped my legs around his hips, hoping to trap him inside of me. “Greedy girl,” he said with humor as he felt and knew my keen-ness, “I am accustomed to calling the shots, so it is a novelty to have a young mortal take charge. I wonder where you'll go with this?” His little speech was punctuated by small thrusts that nearly drove the ability to think from my mind. As he finished talking, he rolled us over, placing me on top and in the driving position.

Taking my cue, I sat up and straddled him. I rocked my hips back and forth in the swift irregular rhythm that I find best for coming, my entire being focused on getting off. Zeus's hips matched and mirrored mine, his hands spread on my breasts, fingers on my nipples, following in the same rhythm to encourage my enjoyment.

I started losing control in a way I had never done before, riding him with all my might, not a single thought spared for his pleasure. My body tensed, all attention focused on three dense hot points of my anatomy. Legs and back arching, whole body stiffening, I came with a shakily shouted groan.

Uterus still twitching, he pulled me down for a kiss, then deftly flipped me onto my back. His pace speeded up and his thrusting became faster, until he was slamming into my cervix. His hands found my breasts again, holding and squeezing them as he arched his back and started to cum.

His legs and arms tightened their grip around me as he shouted his own pleasure, releasing his seed into me. His weight was pleasant, pinning me down while I slowly gathered my thoughts. I had just fucked a stranger. Someone who was either a god or else an opportunistic intruder. Without a condom.

Sensing the shift in my mood, he propped himself up on one arm to look into my eyes again. In the rosy afterglow of orgasm, the smile lines around his eyes and mouth were well pronounced, as if he were world-weary or else far older than my initial, lust-fueled glance indicated. “What's done is done, my little mortal.” he said, shifting off and out but still holding me for a moment before his hands started to wander and caress my hair, my breasts, my belly, soothing me to sleep. When I awoke, I was alone in the twilight.

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