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1st time visit

my 1st visit to a mistress
Although I have been happily married for over 20 years now, there has always been something missing in the bedroom. Apart from this, I couldn´t wish for a more loving, honest and better wife. At the beginning the sex was good, but as the years have passed it has really gone downhill. I have a much higher sex drive than my wife and would have sex every night if possible, where as my wife could go without sex for months at a time.

This is why I started looking through the personal ads in our local free papers, firstly out of curiousity then more with the intention of visiting one of the many massage parlours advertising.

From the first time I called one to find out the address, prices and services provided I was hooked. They said that they had 3 girls available, all providing massages in erotic lingerie. Now with my job involving van driving, I would easily have the opportunity to find the time for a visit.

I eventually found the address and approached the door very nervously as it was situated in a row of shops, and I thought that every eye in the street was watching me thinking, I know whatyour doing. When inside I was shown the 3 girls available and picked a gorgeous looking blonde in her mid 20´s wearing a white thong with matching bra, which showed off her athletic tanned body called Angel, although this wasn´t difficult as the other 2 girls were the wrong side of 50 and the underwear that they were wearing didn´t do them any favours.

I went into the room with Angel and after taking off my clothes she got down to giving me a massage. The massage itself was very nice and after 15 minutes Angel asked if I required any other service. I decided on a blowjob to start, followed by full sex. However much to my embarrassment, no sooner had she had put a condom on and put my cock in her mouth, I started to cum. I didn´t hang around too long after that and made a quick exit. After that I tried a few more massage parlours, and found that the more visits that I made, my performance improved, which I put down to being less nervous each time. Also as my job took me all over the country, I often on the spur of the moment picked up a few girls that hung around the roadside for a quickie. Ithink it was just for the excitement, because the sex was never anything special. The most memorable being one girl who after agreeing and paying for a blowjob didn´t place a condom on my cock as the others usually did, but proceeded to suck it whilst pumping the shaft with her hand and took all my spunk deep in her mouth. As this was the first time I had ever cum in a girls mouth without a condom it felt unbelievable.

After a while though this started to get boring and I found myself wanting more to feed my desires. It was then whilst looking through the paper that I saw an ad that caught my eye. It was a mature lady wanting a male slave for training. There was an e-mail address and after lots of thought, I sent one asking for more details. Within a few days I got a reply with some pictures of the lady wearing a dominatrix outfit consisting of leather basque with matching knickers, thigh high leather boots and a whip.The woman in the pictures wasn´t exactly the prettiest woman that I had ever saw, but the outfit more than made up for it. After a few more e-mails I plucked up the courage to call her and make an appointment to visit her at her dungeon for 2 hours. She told me that I would be met at the door by her assistant and to do as instructed.

On the day of the meeting I was shaking with nervousness and excitement.I rang the bell to her apartment and a male voice answered,opened the door and told me to come up to apartment 3B. This really shocked me, because I don´t know why, but I had been expecting her assistant to be a woman. However I had come too far now to back out and nervously knocked on the door. When it was opened I was met by a balding man in his fifties, wearing only leather shorts and a leather collar arond his neck.He told me to enter and follow him upstairs, where we entered a small bedroom consisting of a st. andrews cross on one wall and a leather bench situated in the middle with a variety of winches coming from the ceiling.

After paying my fee I was told to undress and stand with my face and hands palms up against the wall and that the mistress would be with me within a few minutes and that I was not to turn around until instructed to do so. Five minutes later I felt a person enter the room and had trouble fighting the urge to turn around and take my first real look at the woman who for the next 2 hours would have me completely in her control.
"You can turn around and face me now" a voice said.
I turned around and was met by a strict looking woman standing in a vision of leather and pvc.

"The first thing we have to do is get you properly attired" she said. At which she produced a small leather object which she proceeded to place around my neck.

"This is to be your slave collar, and will be worn at all times when your are here to show you that you belong to me". She then went over to a chest of draws and pulled out a pair of ladies knickers to which she told me to put on and then stand up so that she could inspect me.

"The collar is to emphasize my power over you and the knickers are to humiliate you and let you know that you have no say in whatever happens here today". I must admit, I liked the feel of the knickers against my skin and secretly wouldn´t have minded being dressed up a bit more, and I wasn´t to be disappointed. She then produced a pair or ladies high heel shoes and instructed me to put them on along with a suspender belt and stockings and a matching basque to the knickers that I was already wearing. Then the male assistant entered the room and I was instucted to face the wall and he attached some leather cuffs to each wrist and fastened them tightly to the st. andrews cross on the wall. He then did exactly the same with my ankles, which meant I wasn´t going anywhere until they decided. My mistress then produced a long cane with which she said she was going to show me what happens to slaves who don´t do as they are told. She then pulled down my knickers around my ankles and started to whack my arse with the cane, starting off slowly then leaving less time between strokes as she went on. The first few strokes felt quite nice, but as she went on 10, 20 after which I lost count, the pain started to go through my whole body. Eventually she stopped and I was told that my arse healed quite well, which wasn´t good news for me, as I would be able to take more beatings if required.

I was then released from the cross and made to kneal at her feet. I was then told that I was to lick every inch of her thigh high boots and not to miss an inch or I would be made to suffer. I started at the bottom and slowly worked my way up to the top, making sure not to miss any. However when I reached the top I couldn´t resist the lovely smell of the leather thong she was wearing and carried on licking up over the boot and towards her crotch. At this point she was livid and jumped up, attached a lead to my collar and dragged me to the bench and bent me over, at which her assistant again entered and started fastening my wrists tightly behind my back and my ankles to the bottom of the bench. He then pulled on the lead and attached it to the top of the bench, and left the room.

While this was going on I hadn´t noticed my mistress had left the room and returned a few minutes later saying that I should never touch her unless she has given me permission to. As I had behaved so badly, she was going to have to teach me a lesson. She can around to the front of the bench to where my head was positioned, and I saw that she was wearing a strap on dildo of about 7 inches. I tried to protest, but this was met with the dildo being thrust into my mouth.
"I want you to suck hard and put plenty of lubricant on the dildo, as it was soon going to being stuck up your virgin arse" she said, still sounding very angry.
She then removed it, and started to peel off her used panties. I started to protest again, but this time she stuck the panties into my mouth and tied them at the back, using them as a very effective gag.

She then walked behind me and started to brush the dildo near to my arse. Then to my surprise I found myself pushing my arse toward the strap on. I had never been fucked up the arse before but have been very turned on when watching 2 girls using a strap on in the porn films that I have seen.
"You want my cock inside you, don´t you, you slut?" she said.
"This is going to hurt you more than me, but it´s the most effective way of teaching a new slave how to behave".

Then with my panties still around my ankles she slowly forced her cock inside me, pulling my cheeks apart to get it in as far as she could. At the beginning it felt like my ass was on fire, as the bitch had been true to her word and not added any more lubricant. As she got farther in the pain increased and I had tears running down my cheeks, although my cries were stiffled by the panties stuffed in my mouth. Eventually she was all the way in and I could feel her moist pussy rubbing against my arse cheeks and to my surprise even though the pain was unbearable, my cock was standing as hard as it had ever done. I don´t know if it was the sweet smell of the panties in my mouth or the fact that I was being completely dominated by this woman or a mixture of the both.

After what seemed like hours, although it was probably about 15 minutes she stopped and ordered her assistant into the room. She told him to go to the top of the bench and remove his leather shorts, then he was told to lift up my gag and place his cock into my mouth. Again I tried to protest, but didn´t have time before I was sucking on a man´s cock. The mistress told me to suck him off well, as she continued to fuck my arse. I couldn´t believe what this woman was making me do, and wondered  how far she would go to humiliate me. All the time this was going on, my cock was still standing harder than it had ever done before. Was I really deep down inside enjoying this?

My mistress then withdrew her 7 inches and ordered her assistant to move around to the back. She then said that now she had took my viginity, she was going to let her assistant fuck my arse. She said that as my arse looked really sore, she was going to rub some lubricant on his now erect penis, which she proceeded to do. She then came around to the top of the bench and removed her strap on whilst her assistant proceeded to put his cock inside me. Although it was still painfull, the lubricant and the fact that he was a little bit smaller than the strap on was making it a bit easier to take.

My mistress then positioned her crotch next to my face and ordered me to stick my tongue inside her and bring her to orgasm. Her pussy tasted so good, it was already moist and it wasn´t long before she was moaning with pleasure. Obviously fucking my arse had turned her on and after only a few minutes she started to cum all over my face. In the meantime, her assistant had carried on fucking me and I could tell by his moans that he was getting ready to cum as well. I must admit it felt quite nice when he finally shot his load inside me, and he pulled out his cock and was ordered to leave the room.

My mistress then returned to the bottom of the bench and started to fasten the strap on back onto her person. "Not again", I said, but she just laughed and said "you know you enjoyed it the last time you pain slut". Then with hot spunk still dripping out of my arse, she slowly slid her 7 inches inside me. It seemed to slip in alot easier with the spunk acting as a lubricant and it wasn´t long before she had a steady rhythm going. She leant over me and pulled the sweet smelling panties over my mouth again acting as a gag to stiffle my moans. She continued moving in and out of me, but then reached down with one hand to my groan and placed it around my still rock hard cock. She then started rubbing her hand up and down the shaft all with the same movement of her dildo going in and out of my arse. The mixture of pain and pleasure was too much for me and I soon shot my load all over the floor. She continued fucking my arse, but was obviously close to cumming herself, as her moans were getting more and more intense. Then I felt hot cum squirt all over my backside and she pulled out with one final almighty moan.

My mistress unbuckled my shackles and made me rest my head against her lap whilst stroking my hair. "You have performed well today my slave" she said, "i bet you didn´t realise that you liked to suck cocks or be fucked up your arse by men, did you?" "No mistress" I replied. "Now go and get undressed and showered and then my assistant will show you out". "Next time I will try and push you even further to see what your pain threshold is" she added, at which she got up and left the room.

On my way home I thought back to the days events and how much I had seemed to enjoy it. My mistress had done things to me that I would have never thought that I would ever let anyone do to me, I was the sort of mqn who would turn the tv off if it was showing 2 men kissing. She had said next time, but I had only gone this once out of curiousity to see what it would be like. I tried to convince myself that it was a one off time,however I was now hooked, and I knew already that there definitely would be a next time, I knew that for sure. I was already trembling with fear and excitement at the thought, and wondered what other plans my mistress had in store for me and how much more could she push me. She sent me an e-mail a few days later, asking how I was and containing a few pictures of herself in her leather and pvc basque. I was still trying to convince myself that I wouldn´t be returning to see her again, but as she seemed to know, it was only a matter of time.

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